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      • Best Romantic Films Music Video for Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings!!!
        Alright y'all, I was inspired by We the Kings' "Check Yes Juliet" to create this -- a compilation of my fave romantic films. I did this overnight through the morning, that's how I'm spending my labor day weekend :) Hope you like it :happy


      • Watch Spielberg's Heartfelt Video for the Democratic National Convention (DNC) Honoring Veterans

      • Meet "Voltron" Director

        As we reported last week, Voltron is moving forward!

        Now, our friend El Mayimbe from LatinoReview has an exclusive story about the planned director of the movie!

        Ladies and gentlemen, we now present to you MAX MAKOWSKI!

        His involvement is kin

      • "Star Trek" Plot Revealed!!!

        The writers of the upcoming "Star Trek" reboot, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman ("Transformers"), have been talking about the film's plot!

        The duo was spotted talking it up in the Fox Movie Channel show, Life After Film School.

        According t

      • Director Brett Ratner is Strumming "Guitar Hero" Movie!!!

        Say what you want about Brett Ratner, but at least, that dude is consistent! And he keeps himself busy.

        Currently, he's in talks to direct "God of War" and a possible "Beverly Hills Cop 4" movie. Now, Ratner is saying he wants to strum a "Guitar

      • Are You Tired of Movie Logos?

        You know the drill. You sit down, armed with buttery popcorn, and you're assaulted with mega trailers first (don't get me wrong, I love watching trailers, sometimes, it's the best part of your movie-watching experience), then fade to black.

        You see the familiar

      • John Lennon -- The Movie!!!

        According to The Hollywood Reporter, the John Lennon biopic is coming together nicely, thank you very much!

        From the production company that brought us "Becoming Jane" and "Brideshead Revisited," comes "Nowhere Boy," a film that will focus on the

      • Top 10 Best Movies of the Summer -- Watch the Video!!!

      • "Facebook" the Movie?

        (pictured: Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder)

        The fantastic Aaron Sorkin ("West Wing" creator), one of Hollywood's biggest writers, is about to write a film about the founders of Facebook!

        I've always known there's drama behind the scenes. Hav

      • Director Christopher Nolan Talks about "Batman 3"

        There are many rumors surrounding a possible "Batman 3." Is Angelina Jolie going to be Catwoman? What about Cher? Oh, what about Johnny Depp as the Riddler?

        Well, The Hollywood Reporter has caught up with Director Christopher Nolan, and here's what the artic

      • The Top 10 Best Movies of Summer '08

        Judging by the quality of the blockbuster films that came out this summer, Hollywood finally got it right! Sequels are better (“Hellboy 2: The Golden Army”), musicals are in tune (“Mamma Mia!”), and Oscar buzz surrounds comic book films (“The Dark Knight”). It was a great summer at the

      • Spielberg Film at the Democratic National Convention

        Steven Spielberg has directed a short film about our military veterans that unspooled at tonight's Democratic National Convention.

        The film is narrated by Tom Hanks and was produced by Bruce Cohen and Dan Jinks.

        According to Variety,

        the Democratic

      • Why "Twilight" Cast is Reshooting New Scenes!!!

        Normally, reshoots are needed when studios are not happy with the final cut. But with "Twilight," supposedly, it's to beef up some story elements.

        I'm a big fan of the book, so this is a good news!

        Summit Entertainment is making sure that their

      • Woody Harrelson -- Zombie Slayer

        Mister Woody has signed on to star in the horror comedy, "Zombieland," to be directed by Ruden Fleischer.

        The script? Written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick ("The Joe Schmo Show" -- see, reality shows have WRITERS!!!!).

        According to the Hollywo

      • "Babylon A.D." Director Unhappy with the Movie

        Director Mathieu Kassovitz is VERY unhappy with the final cut of his flick, "Babylon A.D."

        He's blaming Twentieth Century Fox!

        Kassovitz is pretty much blaming everyone but himself, on why the film turned out crappy!

        The film is set to open

      • New "Chanel" Movie Moves Forward

        The biopic about the iconic Coco Chanel is moving forward, with Warner Bros. coming aboard!

        The production, with the working title of "Coco Avant Chanel," is set to begin Sept. 15 in Paris, and "Amelie's" Audrey Tautou is to play the fashion legend.
      • Watch "No End in Sight" in its Entirety in YouTube

        Between Sept. 1 and Nov. 4, you'll be able to see the Oscar nominee and Sundance winner (special jury prize) "No End in Sight" in YouTube!

        Uncut, commercial free, and in its full entirety, "No End in Sight" is the first widely released feature film to

      • "Doctor Who" The Movie?

        Steven Moffat, the award-winning scriptwriter and is the current driving force of the TV show, is saying that he's keen to see "Doctor Who" made into a feature film.

        According to the Hollywood Reporter, Moffat is heard saying:

        "It would be good t

      • Cher as the Catwoman? Johnny Depp as the Riddler? What?

        Okay y'all, this may be just pure fantasy right now, but according to the Telegraph, Cher is in talks to play Catwoman opposite Christian Bale in the third Batman film from Christopher Nolan.


        Look, Cher is a good actress ("Mask," "Silkwood,&

      • I'm Very Curious about "Benjamin Button"
        Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, and Tilda Swinton star in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." Based on a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the film tells the story of a man who ages backwards.

        Everyone around him is getting older and dying, while he reverses the aging process!

      • MGM Not For Sale!!!

        It's the rumor of the week -- MGM is for sale! According to Business Week, its backers are getting ready to unload the studio.

        But wait, MGM said they're not for sale!

        "Contrary to recent media reports, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. is not for s

      • "The Dark Knight" Director Celebrates Slamdance!!!

        The Slamdance Film Festival's mission is "to nurture, support and showcase truly independent works, is celebrating a milestone." In celebration of their 15th anniversary, Slamdance will commemorate its watershed year with a series of special events and happenings from now

      • "Gone With the Wind" Actor Passed Away

        Fred Crane, one of the Tarleton twins in "Gone With the Wind," has passed away. He was 90. TV's Superman, George Reeves, played the other half of the Tarletons.

        Crane provided the opening line to the iconic film!

        Click here to read all about Crane

      • The Latest "Toy Story 3" News!!!

        As we told you back in January, Walt Disney Pictures is preparing the third installment of their "Toy Story" franchise in 3-D! It's slated to open on June 18, 2010.

        Here's more new info for y'all:

        *** Barbie and Ken will co-star

      • Who is "Hari Puttar" and Why is Warner Bros. Upset?

        Warner Bros. feels the upcoming Mumbai film "Hari Puttar -- A Comedy of Terrors" is a tad too similar to its "Harry Potter" franchise that the studio has filed a lawsuit!

        According to Variety, the case is being heard in the Bombay High Court and comes up fo

      • The Voice of Astro Girl!!!

        As we reported back in February, "Astro Boy" is set to fly to the big screen with Freddie Highmore ("Finding Neverland") as the voice of the title character.

        So who will voice the female lead? Click Read More to find out! [more]

        No other than S

      • "Juno," "Lars" Among Humanitas Prize Film Category Finalists

        The HUMANITAS Prize is an "annual screenwriter's award founded in 1974 to encourage, stimulate and sustain the nation's screenwriters in their humanizing task, and to give them the recognition they deserve."

        They honor excellent writing that "explores

      • Oh Look! I Got Quoted!!!

        I give studios quotes right after watching an upcoming film. Some of my quotes are half-hearted but they're all coming from my heart -- I stand by each and everyone of them!

        So last Friday, a friend of mine was reading the Los Angeles Times, and lo and behold, he saw my

      • "Tropic Thunder" Remains Box-Office King

        "Tropic Thunder" survived an onslaught of new films to come out on top for the second week in a row! 5 new movies tried but failed to grab the box-office crown from the current box-office king. Among them, "Death Race," "Hamlet 2," "The Rocker,"

      • "Superman" -- the Other "Dark Knight?"

        So, "The Dark Knight" made a gazillion bucks for Warner Bros., so the studio is revamping their other famous DC Comics franchise, "Superman."

        Warner Bros. Pictures Group President Jeff Robinov apparently thinks that turning our favorite flying friend into a

      • Tom Cruise, a "Sleeper" in the Comic Book Bandwagon!!!

        Tom Cruise, in his never-ending quest to find the next chapter of his career, is joining the comic book bandwagon and is said to be interested in the Ed Brubaker masterpiece, "Sleeper."

        Oh, and he's tagging along with "Spider-Man's" Sam Raimi in h

      • Hurray Jean-Claude Van Damme Fans! "JCVD" is Coming to Theaters Near You!!!

        Back in March, we were talking about how Jean-Claude Van Damme is poking fun at himself in the new parody, "JCVD."

        The trailer is pretty freaking funny.

        Now, Canadian producer Peace Arch Entertainment is unveiling the film at the Toronto International Film

      • Teen Sleuth! "Veronica Mars" The Movie?

        Apparently, Rob Thomas (no, not the Matchbox Twenty lead singer), the creator of the cult-hit "Veronica Mars," has been mulling a big screen version of the TV show.

        And Apparently No. 2, show's star, Miss Sarah Marshall herself, Kristin Bell is very involved!
      • The Voice of Chucky! "Child's Play" Remake!!!

        Don Mancini, who spent the last two decades bleeding the "Child's Play" franchise into its last remaining drop (yes, he wrote the original "Child's Play" in 1988), is back to rewrite his own creation, and he's also directing the upcoming "Child

      • They're Heeere! "Poltergeist" Remake, But Who's Going to Direct?

        The unnecessary remake of "The Birds" is not out yet, but the writing duo responsible for that crime is set to write another rehash, this time, it's the super-creepy "Poltergeist."

        MGM has hired Stiles White and Juliet Snowden to rip "Poltergeist&

      • Nicolas Cage is "Kick-Ass"

        Nicolas Cage is set to star in the film version of the Mark Millar ("Wanted") comic book called "Kick-Ass."

        The graphic novel's plot is intriguing. A high school loser named Dave Lizewski decides to become a superhero even though he doesn't have

      • Brains and Brawn! Guy Ritchie Talks About "Sherlock Holmes"

        Director Guy Ritchie (yes, Madonna's hubby who's famous for "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" and "Snatch", and the upcoming flick "RocknRolla" starring Gerald Butler) reveals his plans for his upcoming film version of Arthur Conan Doyle'

      • Will Ahnuld Appear in "Terminator: Salvation"?

        Rumors are swirling around that the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is set to appear in the latest installment of "The Terminator" franchise via voiceover!

        Moritz Borman, the film's producer, was somewhat coy when asked by All he said was, "S

      • Coen Brothers Gets "Serious." What They're Planning To Do Next!

        The Coen Brothers are ditching A-listers and going with relatively lesser-known actors to star in their new film, "A Serious Man."

        Tony-nominated actor Michael Stuhlbarg and character actor Richard Kind will play brothers in the period black comedy.


      • "Death Race" vs. "Hamlet 2" -- Watch My Movie Reviews

      • Mr. Holland's Booty! Steve Coogan Talks about "Hamlet 2"
        Steve Coogan is the star and heart of the new super-fuuny comedy, "Hamlet 2." He was such a sweetheart in person.

        We talked about:

        *** NOT YOUR TYP

      • "Hamlet 2" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Does the Film Get?

        “Hamlet 2” started a bidding war at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Focus Features eventually bought the rights to distribute the movie for a cool $10 million. Who can blame them? The film received uproarious reaction from crowds. [more]

        Audiences reacted positivel

      • Jason Statham "Death Race" Interview
        Jason Statham is one cool guy, and it was a pleasure meeting him in person. We talked about:

        *** What drove him to make this film.
        *** His character
        *** Preparing for the role (he went to a real prison for research)
        *** Doing his own stunts
        *** Why he feels blessed as

      • A Possible "Death Race" Sequel? What Director Paul W.S. Anderson Revealed!!!
        When I interviewed Mister Paul, we talked about:

        *** Why it took "Death Race" 14 years to make
        *** Roger Corman's (the original creator of 'Death Race 2000' starring Keith Carradine and Sylvester Stallone) blessings
        *** Why he dropped the "killing t

      • "Deadwood's" Ian Mcshane Talks About "Death Race"
        Mister Ian is such a cool dude! He's very down-to-earth and I think you can feel that by watching this interview.

        He plays Coach in the film, and he's the heart of the movie.

        We talked about:

        *** His involvement
        *** Money money money
        *** He hasn&

      • Joan Allen "Death Race" Interview

        She was a pleasure to interview! And it was an honor to finally meet Miss Joan Allen. She plays Warden Hennessey, the villain in the movie.

        We talked about:

        *** Her involvement with the film
        *** The satirical take of the movie
        *** Her villain role, a b

      • Tyrese Gibson "Death Race" Interview
        Singer/Actor Tyrese Gibson plays Machine Gun Joe in "Death Race." He's the nemesis of Jensen (Jason Statham) on the race track.

        We talked about:

        *** His involvement with the movie
        *** Preparing for his role
        *** Doing his own stunts
        *** Why the f

      • Natalie Martinez "Death Race" Interview
        "Death Race" is Natalie Martinez' first full-feature film! In the film, she plays Case, the hot, female sidekick of Frankenstein/Jensen Ames (Jason Statham).

        We talked about:

        *** Her experience in his first major motion picture
        *** Her involvement with the

      • Kevin Costner and "Swing Vote" Folks Sued!

        See why Kevin Costner and "Swing Vote" folks are being sued by a former Republican operative. Click here.

      • Influential Film Critic, Manny Farber, Dies at 91

        The other Manny the Movie Guy, the real Manny the Movie Guy, Manny Farber, passed away at the age of 91.

        His film criticism has appeared at The New Republic and The Nation among others. When I was studying film criticism, I read all his film criticisms for guidance. Manny

      • Everything You Want to Know about "Fame" the Remake!

        All together now, FAME! I'M GONNA MAKE IT TO HEAVEN!

        Lakeshore is serious about rebooting "Fame." And I'm happy as a clam! I used to love this movie as a kid. It even got me into dancing and singing :happy

        But the big question -- is Ir

      • "Voltron" Moving Forward

        Remember this 80s treasure? "Voltron: Defender of the Universe" is now going to be a feature film, and is being put on fast track.

        It's being produced by Fox-based New Regency.

        According to Variety , New Regency picked up the rights to the

      • Universal Pictures' Shining Summer

        From "Wanted" to "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor," Universal Pictures made box-office gold! "Wanted," "Mamma Mia!," "The Incredible Hulk," and "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" all passed the $100 million mark.
      • "Tropic Thunder" Wins, "The Dark Knight" Stumbles

        Nothing can last forever, certainly not on top of the box-office charts. After 4 weeks atop and $472 million and counting, "The Dark Knight" falls down to No. 2, giving way to "Tropic Thunder" as the new king of the box-office.

        The comedy debuted at No. 1

      • The Latest Movie News Round Up
        Who wants to play The Riddler? The latest Batman news!

        Quentin Tarantino Recruits Mike Myers.

        "Evil Dead 4"? What Bruce Campbell is saying about the project.

        Can the upcoming "He-Man" movie be realistic?

        "Twilight" moves int

      • Watch My "Tropic Thunder" Movie Review
        Watch me explode!

        And thanks for watching :happy

      • "Tropic Thunder" Movie Review! How Many Kisses Does the Film Get?

        The Hollywood machine and the archetypal characters that run it are skewered in “Tropic Thunder.” From loud-mouthed producers to pampered mega stars, no one is sacred in this new film being hyped as “the best comedy of the year.”

        If you’re going to believe the propaganda behi

      • Willem Dafoe "Antichrist"

        Willem Dafoe will star with Charlotte Gainsbourg ("I'm Not There") in "Antichrist," which will be directed by Lars von Trier ("Dogville," "Manderlay").

        Anders Thomas Jensen wrote the script with von Trier, and production is set to b

      • Clooney to "Challenge" Osama Bin Laden's Driver

        George Clooney and his production company, Smoke House, have bought the rights to Jonathan Mahler's legal thriller "The Challenge."

        The book chronicles the long campaign waged by U.S. Navy lawyer Charles Swift and Georgetown law professor Neal Katyal to ensure a

      • Goodbye Cruise, Hello Jolie! Sex-Change at the Movies!

        "Edwin A. Salt" may now be called "Edwina A. Salt."

        Once upon a time, Edwin was a male and Tom Cruise was slated to star. Now, the espionage thriller is being re-tailored and retrofitted for the very female, Angelina Jolie.

        Philip Noyce ("

      • It's Toga Time! From "Argonauts" to "Hercules"

        Thanks to "Gladiator" and "300," Hollywood is having a love affair with the toga! Just take a look at these upcoming projects:

        *** Zak Penn ("The Incredible Hulk") is writing and will produce "The Argonauts" for 20th Century Fox.

      • Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time" Series to be a Movie Franchise

        The fantasy series, "The Wheel of Time," by the late Robert Jordan is going to be adapted for the big screen by Universal Pictures.

        The film versions will begin with the first book in the cycle, "The Eye of the World."

        "The Wheel of Time&q

      • Tennessee Williams, the Movie

        Taylor Hackford ("Ray") is planning to direct "Tenn," a drama about the life and times of playwright Tennessee Williams. Robin Shushan has written the screenplay.

        According to Variety:

        Pic focuses on how Williams' tumultuous upbringi

      • Hillary Swank to Adapt "French Women Don't Get Fat"

        Hilary Swank and her producing partner Molly Smith have acquired the rights to adapt the bestselling book "French Women Don’t Get Fat."

        For now, Swank is just producing but she may star in the film being envisioned as a romantic comedy.

        Written by Mireil

      • New "Star Trek" Posters

        Take a look at the new posters from our friends at TrekMovie.

      • Oscar-winning Isaac Hayes Dies at 65

        Like his Chef character in "South Park," Isaac Hayes has passed away. Hayes, who won Grammy and Academy awards for the the theme to the 1971 film "Shaft" is a true soul legend.

        Read the full report here.

        And what's up with all these death

      • "The Dark Knight" Stays on Top for 4th Week

        Holy smoke Batman! "The Dark Knight" beat "Pineapple Express" to remain as the the No. 1 film this past weekend!

        Batman grossed $26 million putting the stoner-comedy, "Pineapple Express" behind with $22.4 million.

        "The Dark Knight

      • Reasons Why I Love "Hamlet 2"

        And why you have to watch this film when it comes out August 22nd.

        I had to drive all the way from Palm Springs to Los Angeles to watch Hamlet 2." Traffic drama notwithstanding, the 2-hour trek is all worth it! I laughed out loud watching this film, which is really a paro

      • Bernie Mac Dies at 50

        This is sad :sad

        Bernie Mac, one of the greatest contemporary comedians, died this morning in a Chicago hospital.

        Read a heartwarming article about Mac's legacy, from his hometown newspaper, The Chicago Tribune.

      • Brad Pitt to Work with Quentin Tarantino

        According to Variety, Brad Pitt has closed his deal to star in "Inglorious Bastards," the WWII drama that Quentin Tarantino will direct.

        Pitt hasn't worked with Tarantino before, but you may remember his scene-stealing role in "True Romance" as a mem


        Getting ready to watch the film, and interview Steve Coogan tomorrow!

        Will keep you posted as always!



        George Lucas is talking Indy again! And this time, he says that "Indiana Jones 5" is a possibility, but it will NOT center on Shia LaBeouf's character, Mutt.

        After all, "Indiana Jones" is not "Indiana Jones" without the character Indiana J


        From the author who gave us the Oscar-winning 2007 film "No Country for Old Men" comes "The Road," Cormac McCarthy's blistery look at a father-son relationship amidst a post-apocalyptic backdrop.

        Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron star in this film di


        I’m a big fan of the stoner comedy films specially the Cheech and Chong movies. They’re mostly silly and laugh-out-loud funny. The new entry into this wicked world of weed genre is “Pineapple Express” – an action comedy buddy film that’s high on laughs. [more]


        "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"

        "Max Payne"

        "Quantum of Solace"

        "Terminator Salvation"


        "High School Musical 3"



        As you may know, yours truly is from the super cool, well, right now, super hot city of Palm Springs. I love the valley, and one of the reasons I enjoy my stay here is the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, or ShortFest!

        You can see many great films at the


        As we first reported back in May, "Pirate" director Gore Verbinksi was in talks to helm the film adaptation of the hit videogame "Bioshock."

        Now, it's confirmed, and Verbinksi has a first look deal at Universal Pictures! Read the article here!


        This report from Variety about the opening box-office weekend last Friday said:

        Universal's "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" bowed to an estimated $15.3 million on Friday, putting it ahead of the estimated $12.6 million earned by Warner Bros.' "


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