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      • "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" Interview -- George Lopez
        The funny George Lopez explains why he chose to work on "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" as the voice of Papi, the loveable Chihuahua who saves Chloe (Drew Barrymore), the pampered Beverly Hills pooch.

      • "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" Interviews -- Piper Perabo and Manolo Cardona
        Piper Perabo (Rachel) and Manolo Cardona (Sam) paired up to talk about "Beverly Hills Chihuahua." They talked about their characters, and why neither one owns a dog!

      • "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" Interview -- Director Raja Gosnell
        Director Raja Gosnell ("Scooby Doo" films) explains his attachment with "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" and why it's a love letter to Mexico!

      • Double Role for Russell Crowe in New Robin Hood Film

        Director Ridley Scott (pictured right), revealed to MTV that Russell Crowe is set to play, get ready, BOTH the Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood in Scott's upcoming flick, "Nottingham."

        Wow, Crowe will be one busy dude!

        Remember the 90s "Robin

      • Kenneth Branagh to Direct "Thor?"

        British thesp Kenneth Branagh is in talks to direct "Thor."

        What? What happened to Matthew Vaughn ("Stardust")?

        Branagh is having some career resurgence of sorts. He's current project, the title role in "Ivanov" for the London st

      • "Flash of Genius" Interview -- Greg Kinnear
        I interviewed Greg Kinnear before for Disney's "Invincible." He was nice and cordial then, but he was nicer and friendlier this time around.

        We talked about his role (Bob Kearns), the movie's many life lessons, and why he thinks a film about the inventor of the interm

      • "Flash of Genius" Interview -- Lauren Graham
        Miss Lauren Graham was sweet and bubbly in person. Known from her stint in "Gilmore Girls," Graham is quickly filling up her resume with movie roles.

        In "Flash of Genius," she plays Phyllis Kearn, Bob's (Greg Kinnear) long-suffering wife.

        Take a look

      • "Flash of Genius" Interview -- Director Marc Abraham
        Watch my interview with Director Marc Abraham. We talked about his passion to get the movie made, working with Greg Kinnear, and the source material.

      • "Eagle Eye" Flies High At Box-Office

        "Eagle Eye," the techno-thriller starring Shia LaBeouf debuted at the top spot at the box office with $29.2 million!


        Opening at No. 2 is the romantic drama "Nights in Rodanthe" starring Richard Ge

      • Who Should Play the Lone Ranger?

        We now know Johnny Depp is set to star as Tonto, the Lone Ranger's sidekick, but who should play the title role?

        I've been hearing rumors naming Nicolas Cage, but then, I heard the best thing ever -- GEORGE CLOONEY!

        I AGREE A LOT!

        Take a look at

      • Screen Legend Paul Newman Dies at 83

        He's a film icon, an activist, an entrepreneur. Paul Newman played one of the coolest anti-heroes in Hollywood, and now, the screen legend has passed away at 83.

        Newman died Friday after a long battle with cancer at his farmhouse near Westport, publicist Jeff Sanderson s

      • Watch My "Nights in Rodanthe" and "Eagle Eye" Movie Reviews

      • Johnny Depp To Return for "Pirates 4"

        As we told you yesterday, Disney chairman Mister Dick Cook unveiled exciting plans for the studio! Now, we're hearing Depp has agreed to reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in a fourth installment of "Pirates of the Caribbean."

        Not only that, he'll al

      • Shia LaBeouf Interview for "Eagle Eye"
        And Mister Shia, the one-time boy wonder fits nicely into his first adult leading man role!

        Take a look at my interview.

      • Michelle Monaghan Interview for "Eagle Eye"
        I just absolutely love Miss Michelle. And she and Shia have great chemistry in the film. Take a look at my interview with the beautiful Michelle Monaghan.

      • Billy Bob Thornton Interview for "Eagle Eye"
        Mister Billy Bob is as cool in person as on the big screen! Take a look at my interview with the great Billy Bob :happy

      • Michael Chiklis Interview for "Eagle Eye"
        "The Shield's" Michael Chiklis is the heart of "Eagle Eye." His quiet performance is the exact opposite of the ultra-noisy film.

        Take a look at my interview with Mister Michael :happy

      • Rosario Dawson Interview for "Eagle Eye"
        It was a pleasure meeting Miss Rosario. She's such a sweetheart!

        We talked about her:

        Involvement with the movie
        How she prepared for her role as Zoe Perez
        The plot of the film
        Big Sister

        Here you go, have fun! :happy

      • From Oprah to Johnny Depp to "Cars 2" -- Disney Unveils Exciting Plans!!!

        Before a full screening of Disney's upcoming animated flick, "Bolt, studio chairman Mister Dick Cook revealed some exciting news!

        Some of the highlights:

        *** "Cars 2" will be released Summer 2011
        *** Johnny Depp is confirmed to be the Mad Ha

      • "American Psycho" the Musical? Why?

        What's up with all these musicals lately? It seems like every imaginable film has been turned into showstopping musicals!

        From "The Fly" to "Evil Dead," Broadway is going Hollywood, or is it the other way around?

        Now, I'm hearing that

      • Download New Michael Moore Movie Legally and For FREE RIGHT NOW!!!

        According to the press release:

        After 20 years of making groundbreaking films and setting box office records -- from "Roger & Me" to "Bowling for Columbine" to "Sicko" – Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore has decided to thank his many fans

      • "Eagle Eye" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Does Shia LaBeouf Get?

        The “technology is everywhere” idea for “Eagle Eye” was hatched several years ago from the brilliant mind of executive producer Steven Spielberg. He wanted to do for electronic devices what he successfully did for sharks in “Jaws.” People feared going to the water after watching

      • "Nights in Rodanthe" Interviews -- Richard Gere and Diane Lane

        The screen was ablaze with the third teaming of Richard Gere and Diane Lane. The couple first lit up the screen with "The Cotton Club" and then, "Unfaithful."

        With "Nights in Rodanthe," let me tell 'ya, you won't be able to hold back yo

      • "Nights in Rodanthe" Interview -- Director George C. Wolfe

        Director George C. Wolfe reveals some secrets about "Nights in Rodanthe." Take a look and have fun :happy

      • "Choke" Interviews -- Author Chuck Palahniuk and Director Clark Gregg

        From the brilliant mind of Chuck Palahniuk ("Fight Club"), "Choke" is one of the most original films this year! Winner of the Special Jury Prize at this year's Sundance, actor-director Clark Gregg created a thought-provoking, gripping film that's really a r

      • "Choke" Interviews -- Sam Rockwell and Brad William Henke

        Sam Rockwell (Victor Mancini) and Brad William Henke (Denny) have chemistry on and off the screen. They play best pals in the film, and you can see their great camaraderie.

        We talked about:

        Their involvement with "Choke"
        Their characters

      • "Choke" Interview -- Anjelica Huston

        The great Anjelica Huston is mesmerizing in the film as Ida J. Mancini, the delusional mother of Victor (Sam Rockwell).

        We talked about:

        Involvement with the film
        Attraction to the role
        Working with Chuck Palahniuk (author) and director Clark Gregg

      • Who's Directing "The Green Hornet?"

        Seth Rogen is set to star as the masked crime fighter in "The Green Hornet." He also co-wrote the script with Evan Goldberg.

        Now, director-star Stephen Chow has signed on to direct and play Rogen's sidekick Kato (played in the original TV show by Bruce Lee)!
      • Samuel L. Jackson Film Dominates Box-Office

        As predicted, "Lakeview Terrace," the thriller starring Samuel L. Jackson as a neighborhood bully in blue debuted at the top spot with $15.6 million in ticket sales.

        "Burn After Reading," the number one film last week was bumped down to No. 2 with $11.3 mil

      • "XXX" the Return of Vin Diesel

        Xander Cage is set to return!

        Actor Vin Diesel and director Rob Cohen are both in talks for a third version of "XXX" to be called, "XXX: The Return of Xander Cage."

        So Diesel, once bowed out of sequels of both "XXX" and "The Fast

      • "Unbreakable" Sequel? What M. Night Shyamalan is Saying!

        Unlike other critics, I actually enjoyed "Unbreakable!" But since then, M. Night's track record has been steadily declining. His last two films were horrendous, specially "Lady in the Water." "The Happening" wasn't as bad, but come on, Mister M.

      • Guy Ritchie May Have Found His Watson!!!

        Variety is reporting that Jude Law is in talks to join Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes to be directed by Guy Ritchie.

        Law is supposed to play Holmes' sidekick, Watson.

        Production is set to begin early next month in London, but there's no word yet on w

      • "Lakeview Terrace" and "Ghost Town" Movie Reviews

      • Want to See the Oscars Up Close and Personal? Join the Lottery!

        Movie fans eager to see their idols up close will be able to enter a lottery for seats along the red carpet on Oscar night, it was announced today.

        Beginning Sept. 22 at 9 a.m. Pacific Time, movie buffs and star-gazers can enter an online lottery conducted by the Academy of Mo

      • New "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" Poster -- Approved by the MPAA
        We first told you about the BANNED "ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO" POSTER.

        Now, here's the new, not quite improved, but still creative poster, approved by the MPAA.

        Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks have been reduced to stick figures!

        Click Read

      • Clip: When "W" Met Laura
        The film is shaping up to be a very interesting movie! This scene shows how W met Laura -- a simple but smart woman who SMOKES! Wow :happy

      • "Ghost Town" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Do Greg Kinnear and Ricky Gervais Get?

        Romantic movies featuring ghosts are either hit or miss. For every memorable film such as “Ghost,” we get disappointing flicks like “High Spirits.” In “Ghost Town,” the filmmakers are lucky to have British import Ricky Gervais. He provided the soul of the movie. [more]


      • Latest "Spider-Man" News

        According to the U.K. Times, Tobey Maguire has agreed to work on both "Spider-Man 4" and "Spider-Man 5" back-to-back if he is allowed to take early mornings and evenings off to play with his 22-month old daughter, Ruby Sweetheart.

        That's a valid excuse

      • What's Going On with "Wonder Woman" the Movie?

        Oh my goddess! I was perusing the internet today and I found out about this exciting news story.

        Though Warner Bros. is not going full-speed ahead yet, "Wonder Woman" the movie seems to be heading in the green light direction!

        "Wonder Woman" was

      • Who's Rumored to be Playing Wasp?

        Well, Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria was photographed leaving Marvel Studios clutching a bunch of comics, and one of them was the Avengers.

        So that shot sparked an internet fanboy frenzy about Longoria possibly co-starring in the upcoming "Avengers" film.

      • Rumors -- Why Robert De Niro Left "Edge of Darkness?"

        It's been more than a week since Robert DeNiro left the set of "Edge of Darkness." It's supposed to be Mel Gibson's big comeback as an actor.

        Why did De Niro leave? Some say because:

        1) The actor was forced to re-shoot a simple scene over

      • Forbes -- the Most Overpaid Celebrities in Hollywood


        You'll be surprised to find out! But you'll be more surprise to discover just how much some of these folks are being paid.

        Click here to see the article!

      • Ozzy Osbourne -- the Documentary

        Ozzy Osbourne is going to be a subject of his own documentary very soon! The producer? His son Jack Osbourne!

        Why does Jack want his father's story told? Click here to find out!

      • Cellphone as Plot Device

        Remember a time at the movies when cellphones were not used as means to move the plot forward? Now, it seems that every film we watch we get to see a cell phone make a cameo appearance.

        From "Sex and the City" to "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle," read

      • "Burn After Reading" Blazes Atop Box-Office

        I'm glad "Burn After Reading" took the No. 1 spot at the box-office, raking in $19.4 million in ticket sales!

        I enjoyed the movie, even though it's not as powerful as "No Country for Old Men." But I'm glad that the film helped end a seven-we

      • One Word Description of the Latest Films I Saw this Weekend
        "Flash of Genius" -- IMPRESSIVE
        "Choke" -- RIVETING
        "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" -- CUTE
        "Nights in Rodanthe" -- TEARJERKER
        "Eagle Eye" -- FRENETIC

      • "Slumdog Millionaire" Big Winner at Toronto Fest

        "Slumdog Millionaire," Danny Boyle's ("Trainspotting") fantastic film, won big at the 33rd annual Toronto International Film Festival. The movie nabbed the People's Choice award.

        The film tells the tale of Jamal Malik (Dev Patel), an impoverished

      • My Crazy Movie Weekend!
        Alright, I started my weekend interviewing the cast and director of "Flash of Genius," then, I'm off to watching and interviewing the cast and director of "Beverly Hills Chihuahua." I'm looking forward to this fun film!

        Last night, I saw "

      • Coming Up: Interviews with the "Flash of Genius" Folks

        I just got done interviewing the cast and director of Universal's "Flash of Genius." I spoke with:

        Greg Kinnear
        Lauren Graham
        Marc Abraham

        We talked about their involvement with the film, and who knew that a story about a guy who invented i

      • Watch My "Burn After Reading" Movie Review

      • "Burn After Reading" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Does Brad Pitt Get?

        Watching a new Coen Brothers (“No Country for Old Men”) movie is a treat. You know you will see a truly original film and meet interesting characters along the way.

        From the psychotic Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem) in “No Country for Old Men” to the smart, pregnant cop Marge G

      • "Borat" Lawsuits Thrown Out!

        Borat will be very happy!

        A New York judge has tossed out a lawsuit filed by this driving instructor, remember him?

        Judge Loretta Preska also tossed out lawsuits brought by two etiquette schoolteachers.

        Both the driving instructor and the scho

      • Johnny Depp Reteams with "Pirates" Director

        Johnny Depp is reuniting with his "Pirates of the Caribbean" director Gore Verbinksi for the animated film, "Rango."

        According to Variety:

        Depp will voice the lead character, a household pet that goes on an adventure to discover its true self.
      • "Evil Dead" the Musical -- the Movie Version!

        First it was a really great horror/comedy, then it became a Canadian-off-Broadway musical, now, "Evil Dead: The Musical" may be headed back to the big screen with songs from the original stage production!

        This is intriguing. How will the dead sing?


      • Be an Extra on "Iron Man 2"! Go to Ebay!

        There's an Ebay auction for Stand Up to Cancer revolving around Iron Man 2. The auction ends on Sept. 15th, and the winner will enjoy:

        * A visit to the set of Iron Man 2 (one shooting day)
        o Location of visit will be determined by Marvel based on sched

      • "Inside Man 2"? Director Spike Lee Says YES!

        A sequel to "Inside Man" is being planned, and director Spike Lee is excited about it!

        Lee talked about the Clive Owen and Denzel Washington characters, but what about Jodie Foster's?

        Click here to read the full article.

      • More "Ghosbusters 3" Goodness!

        This time, it's Harold Ramis chiming in!

        Read his email about "Ghostbusters 3" here.

      • Why "Max Payne" Director Hates the MPAA

        Don't mention MPAA in front of "Max Payne" director John Moore.

        Find out why in this intriguing interview!

      • I'm Loving "Frozen River"

        So last weekend, I played catch-up at the movies! Having seen all blockbuster films, I opted to celebrate the smaller flicks, often the ones with emotionally-laden stories.

        I saw "Vicky Christina Barcelona" and "Frozen River" back to back.


      • "Pharaoh" Will Smith

        Will Smith has long wanted to play the pharaoh Taharqa -- he battled Assyrian invaders in ancient Egypt.

        So Smith brought "Braveheart" scriptwriter Randall Wallace the Taharqa story, and now, the scribe will write the script with a working title, "The Last Phara

      • Slowest Box-Office Weekend in Years!

        "Bangkok Dangerous" just needed $7.8 million bucks to take the top spot at the box-office!

        According to Media by Numbers:

        The total weekend box office gross was expected to reach just $66 million, the lowest figure since the $59.5 million reported for the

      • "The Wrestler" Wins Top Honors at Venice Film Festival

        Darren Aronofsky bounced back from the failure known as "The Fountain" to nab the Golden Lion at this year's Venice Film Festival.

        "The Wrestler" stars Mickey Rourke as Randy "the Ram" Robinson, a former pro-wrestler looking for a comeback.

      • "Bangkok Dangerous" Movie Review
        Should you watch it or eat Thai food instead? Take a look!

      • It's Confirmed! New "Ghostbusters" Movie!!!

        This morning, we posted the eonline interview with Dan Aykroyd talking about a possible new "Ghostbusters" movie!

        This evening? Variety is reporting that Columbia Pictures is calling for a new "Ghostbusters" flick!

        But the big question -- will t

      • "Ghostbusters 3?" Dan Aykroyd Speaks Out!


      • New "Green Lantern" Concept Art

        Greg Berlanti is attached to direct Warner Bros.' production of "Green Lantern." It's supposed to open 2010.

        But for now, take a look at the concept art that illustrator Brian Murray has created for Berlanti.

        Click here, go ahead, you know you

      • "Voltron" Director -- Rumors Confirmed! Also Directing "Kung Fu"

        As we reported last week, rumors abound that Max Makowski, the guy who birthed "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" is in talks to direct "Voltron: Defender of the Universe."

        Now, trade publication, Variety is confirming those rumors!

        Makowski is in

      • Harry Potter Wants to be a Drag Queen!!!

        Say it isn't so!

        But Daniel Radcliffe wants to play a drag queen in his next movie.

        Why? For the simple pleasure of dressing as a woman and wear make-up!!!

        He said: "I think part of me would love to play a drag queen, just because it would be a

      • The "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" BANNED POSTER!

        Kevin Smith's upcoming film, "Zack and Miri Make a Porno," is not even showing until Oct. 31st, but the buzz is loud.

        First, Smith battled with the MPAA to overturn the film's initial NC-17 rating. Now, the director is fighting for the movie's poster!

      • The Magical World of Don LaFontaine
        The "in a world" voice died Monday of complications after treatment for an illness at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He was 68.

        But his iconic voice lives on!

        Take a look at this video, LaFontaine's legendary story, told by the legend himself.
      • Russell Crowe is Not My Dr. Watson!!!

        There was a loud rumor that Russell Crowe will play Dr. Watson opposite Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock Holmes in director Guy Ritchie's retelling of the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle classic.

        Well, according to Ritchie, it's um...NO!

        But honestly, it wou

      • Yet Another "Tarzan"

        Stephen Sommers, director of the first two "Mummy" films, the upcoming "G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra," and "The Jungle Book," is in talks to direct a big screen version of "Tarzan."

        Sommers will also co-write the script with Stuart Beattie (&

      • A New Vision for "Superman"

        Comic book author, Mark Millar, fresh from the success of "Wanted," has a new vision to reboot "Superman." He said:

        "I've had this plan for like 10 years for a big three-picture Superman thing, like a Lord of the Rings epic, starting over from sc

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