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      • Happy New Year! My Special Look Back at 2008!

        Happy New Year, may all your hopes, dreams, and wishes come true in 2009!

        I was blessed in 2008! I had such a wonderful time in the world of cinema! Why? I met most of my favorite directors, interviewed most of my favorite actors, and even had fun with some, who were not th

      • My Special One-on-One Interview with Mickey Rourke for "The Wrestler"
        Mickey Rourke is sure to get a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his heartbreaking performance as the aging wrestler, Randy "the Ram" Robinson, in "The Wrestler."

        In our interview, we talked about:

        *** why he chose to work with Darren Aronofksy for "The W

      • Director Darren Aronosfky Interview for "The Wrestler"
        Director Darren Aronofsky created a brazen and thought-provoking movie with "The Wrestler."

        In our interview, we talked about:

        *** why make a movie about an aging wrestler?
        *** why did he choose to work with Mickey Rourke
        *** his directing style
        *** the

      • My One-on-One Interview with Marisa Tomei for "The Wrestler"

        Marisa Tomei stars as Cassidy/Pam in the powerful flick, "The Wrestler."

        In my one-on-one interview with her, she explains:

        *** why she picked "The Wrester" as her project
        *** working with Darren Aronofsky and Mickey Rourke
        *** how she

      • My One-on-One Interview with Evan Rachel Wood for "The Wrestler"

        Evan Rachel Wood stars as Stephanie Robinson, Mickey Rourke's daughter, in "The Wrestler."

        Watch my interview with her and find out:

        *** why she chose to appear in the film
        *** working with director Darren Aronofsky
        *** meeting Mickey Rourke

      • OUTTAKES: "The Wrestler" Interviews

        I decided to make an outtake of the interview bits that didn't quite fit into my full package.

        Call them my deleted scenes if you will.

        So here, for your viewing pleasure:

        Director Darren Aronofsky talks about his Filipino Director of Photography Mat

      • New "Transformers 2" Pictures and Plot Revealed!

        I enjoyed "Transformers" when it came out last year! It's probably the first Michael Bay-directed flick that I liked without being guilty about it.

        Well now, embrace yourself for "Transformers 2."

        Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox return as Sam an

      • "Slumdog Millionaire's" Freida Pinto to be Honored

        Miss Freida Pinto is the source of love and humility in the bittersweet flick, "Slumdog Millionaire." And now, the 20th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival will honor the actress with the Breakthrough Performance Award for her performance in the movie.


      • Oprah Duped Again!

        It sounded like a great love story! A man meeting his future wife at a Nazi concentration camp.

        The undying love between Herman Rosenblat and Roma Radzicky was poised to become a national bestselling book, and an Oscar-contender; Oprah even blessed the couple with the line

      • "Marley & Me" Barks Atop Crowded Box-Office Christmas Weekend

        The oh-so cute "Marley & Me" debuted on top of a very busy Christmas weekend with $37 million in ticket sales and a total of $51.7 million since opening Christmas Day.

        In fact, all the new movies enjoyed a huge happy holiday Christmas weekend.

        Adam San

      • Sean Penn to be Honored at the Palm Springs International Film Festival

        Wow, the 20th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala is shaping up to be a star-studded extravaganza! Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ron Howard, and Gus Van Sant are just some of the creative folks being honored.

        Now, Van Sant's brilliant actor in

      • FOX Wins "Watchmen" Case

        It was a battle between Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox. The issue? Which studio has the right to distribute "Watchmen" the movie.

        According to Variety,

        Fox filed the suit in February, contending it retains distribution rights to the graphic novel penn

      • MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! Watch My Top 10 Best Holiday Films...Ever!

      • FOUR BIG MOVIE REVIEWS! "Bedtime Stories," "Marley & Me," "Valkyrie," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"
        Hi y'all, here you go! My movie reviews of:

        "MARLEY & ME"

        So many movies, so little time!

      • Sorry "Narnia" Fans -- Disney Says No to "Dawn Treader"

        Oh No! Disney is not going to make the third book in the C.S. Lewis masterpiece.

        "The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader" may have to migrate to FOX under their FOX/WALDEN banner.

        Walden Media owns the rights to the franchise, but it's

      • "Gilligan's Island" the Movie Sailing Forward?

        According to/Film, "Gilligan's Island" creator, Sherwood Schwartz, and his son Lloyd signed on to bring the TV classic to the big screen!

        But wait, there's more!

        Apparently, the Schwartz's wants Michael Cera ("Superbad,"

      • See "Land of the Lost" Poster!

        I saw bits and pieces of this film at this year's Comic-Con. And I'm kinda, sorta excited.

        I grew up with the original Sid & Marty Krofft series, so this has a special place in my heart.

        The film opens June 5th, but for now, take a look at the poster

      • "The Green Hornet" News: Stephen Chow to Say Goodbye Altogether?

        Last weekend, we said Stephen Chow will NOT be directing "The Green Hornet" but will still co-star with Seth Rogen as Kato.

        Now, the Associated Press is reporting that Chow:

        ...may not star as Kato, a character made famous by Bruce Lee in the short-lived T

      • Director JJ Abrams Says "Star Trek" to Finish Shooting Next Week

        Director JJ Abrams is brimming with joy to tell Trek fans that:

        We're just making final tweaks to the movie -- we should be totally locked next week. Then we're going to flash-freeze it so it's totally fresh for you in May. I can't wait for you to see the m

      • "H2" News: Is Laurie Strode Returning to "Halloween 2"

        As we reported last week, director Rob Zombie is returning for the second installment of his "Halloween" re-imagination.

        Simply called "H2," the sequel is on schedule to be released next year!

        Now, Zombie is dropping hints that the Laurie Strode

      • You May Have Heard it! Eddie Murphy as Riddler, Shia LaBeouf As Robin? Oh yeah, Who's Going to be Catwoman?

        These "Dark Knight" rumors are just too good to be true!

        The internet was abuzz with an "exclusive" report from a certain U.K.-based tabloid reporter. According to Gordon Smart of The Sun:

        1. Eddie Murphy will be the Riddler
        2. Shia LaBeo

      • What do Oscar Publicists Really Do?

        You've heard it before mentioned many times, FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION.

        Chances are, behind that plea, is a brilliant publicist hoping a nod from an Academy voter.

        So what do Oscar publicist really do?

        The marketing person behind "The Curious Cas

      • My New BFF! The PUMP Blogspot!

        The folks behind Pump Blogspot approached yours truly to write and contribute on their blog, and of course, I said Yes!

        It's a great blog that captures politics, as well as popular culture, and movies!

        Check it out right here!

        You'll be able to

      • "Milk's" Gus Van Sant to be Honored at Palm Springs International Film Festival

        The great Gus Van Sant is being honored by my hometown film festival, the Palm Springs International Film Festival!

        This is great! This year's list of honorees capture the cream of the crop of 2008's best films of the year!

        From Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate

      • "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Does Brad Pitt Get?

        Brad Pitt returns to the loving arms of director David Fincher in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” The film is their third and best collaboration following “Se7en” and “The Fight Club.” [more]

        Based on the dark short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Curious Case

      • DVD Kisses: The Latest DVD Release for Tuesday, 12/23/08

        First, we have "BURN AFTER READING." Not the best Coen Brothers' film, but it still entertains!

        We also have "THE WOMEN" starring Meg Ryan and Anette Benning. Just a so-so flick that's inferior to the original George Cukor 1939 classic.
      • Get Ready for "Judge Dredd" -- The Sequel!

        13 years after Sylvester Stallone starred as the judge, jury, and executioner "Judge Dredd," the comic book film is set to return for a sequel!

        The news was announced on the official 2000AD website.

        But the big question -- Is Stallone going to return?
      • The "Rosemary's Baby" Remake? DEAD!

        As we told you back in March, Michael Bay and company were planning a remake of "Rosemary's Baby."

        Well, good news!

        According to WENN, the movie producers behind a planned remake of the 1968 horror classic have dropped plans for a new film.


        There are way too many great films in 2008! It was hard for me to pinpoint the TOP 10. But before we talk about my Top 10 list, let's talk about the runner-ups, and here they are:

        "FROZEN RIVER" -- Melissa Leo is superb!

        "THE VISITOR" -- R

      • I Implore you Dear Readers -- Watch "Let the Right One In"

        I love this film! I've seen this movie twice now!

        "Let the Right One In" is the BEST FOREIGN FILM OF 2008 (I'll post my TOP 10 later).

        The story of Oskar, a 12-year old human boy who falls in love with Eli, a vampire who's been 12-year old

      • Audiences Say Yes to Jim Carrey's "Yes Man"

        "Yes Man" or should we call it, "Liar, Liar Part Deux" reigned on top of the box office even though movie audiences just greeted it with a mere whisper!

        The Jim Carrey flick debuted at No. 1 with $18.2 million in ticket sales which wasn't that huge for

      • Kate Winslet Says I'm Not Vivienne Westwood!

        Kate Winslet was supposed to be in talks to star as fashion icon, Dame Vivienne Westwood.

        But the actress dropped out!

        According to WENN:

        The Titanic star was allegedly in talks to play the fashion mogul in an upcoming biopic planned by Universal movies.<

      • Frank Miller to Direct Again! This Time? "BUCK ROGERS"!!!

        Confession Time! I'm a comic-book geek, and I adore Frank Miller! BUT, I adore him as a writer and NOT as a director! "The Spirit" coming out this Christmas is a mess of a movie, and for all the great creative vision known as Miller, the film has no SOUL!


      • "The Green Hornet" News: So Long Director Stephen Chow, But Wait, You Can Still Act!

        As we reported back in September, "Kung Fu Hustle's" Stephen Chow was attached to direct the revamped film version of the TV classic "The Green Hornet."

        Chow was also set to co-star as Kato the sidekick with Seth Rogen as the masked crime fighter. Rog

      • I Won, I Won! Says the Lovely "Wall *E" to Chicago Film Critics!

        "Wall *E" is certainly one of the best pictures of 2008, and the Chicago Film Critics Association agreed! The Disney-Pixar collaboration won Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Original Score and Best Animated Film at their awards ceremony.


      • Watch My "Frost/Nixon" Movie Review

      • Filipino Classic Voted Best Asia-Pacific Film of All Time!

        "Himala," a film about a faith healer who claims to have seen the Virgin Mary and then proceeds to heal sick people, has been voted the CNN APSA Viewers Choice Award for Best Asia-Pacific Film of All Time, pushing Akira Kurosawa's classic "Seven Samurai" into sec

      • London Film Circle Critics Announce Nominees!

        As predicted, director Danny Boyle's "Slumdog Millionaire" received the most nominations for the London Film Circle Critics' Awards.

        The Mumbai-set flick was honored with six nominations including best director and best British director (hhhhmmm, I guess th

      • Screen Actors Guild Loves "Doubt" -- See the SAG Awards Nominees

        The Screen Actors Guild awards gave "Doubt" five nominations, while "Milk" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" each received three.

        For Best Acting Ensemble category, "Doubt," "Milk," "Benjamin Button," "Fr

      • "FROST/NIXON" Movie Review! How Many Kisses Does the Film Deserve?

        When I first heard that director Ron Howard was planning a big screen adaptation of the hit Broadway play “Frost/Nixon,” doubts came to mind. How could a two-character study translate into the cinematic world? Wouldn’t the film be boring?

        But all my doubts were erased upon

      • Finally, "The Dark Knight" Nabs Top Spot in Critics Award!

        As I've said before, I love "The Dark Knight." And I'm voting with my heart, that the Batman flick is THE BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR, not "so far," but OF THE YEAR!

        So I was happy that the Austin Film Critics Association named "The Dark Knight&q

      • Who Should Play Jacob in "New Moon?"
        More drama in the "Twilight" paradise.

        Taylor Lautner, who played Jacob Black in "Twilight" is said to be fighting to get his role back in the sequel, "New Moon."

        The contender? Michael Copon! And apparently, Copon is feeling very confident

      • Film Directors to Honor Roger Ebert

        I've said this so many times! Roger Ebert was and is my inspiration! When I was in college, I perused his books to learn film criticism. He has a unique way of criticizing a movie without being condescending. He never talks down to his audience!

        Now, as the old saying

      • Toronto Film Critics Love "Wendy and Lucy"

        "Wendy and Lucy," about a transient woman and her dog won the Best Picture award from the Toronto Film Critics Association.

        Michelle Williams won Best Actress from the film, and Mickey Rourke took home the Best Actor award!

        Click here to see the full list

      • San Diego and Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Choose "Slumdog Millionaire"

        Critics are falling mighty hard for director Danny Boyle's "Slumdog Millionaire." Just recently, San Diego Film Critics and Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics bestowed their top prize to the film!

        Honestly, I enjoyed "Slumdog Millionaire" but not that muc

      • The SF Film Critics Say "Milk" -- it Does a Body Good!

        Another victory for "Milk."

        The San Francisco Film Critics Circle honored the film as the Best Picture of 2008.

        Meanwhile, Sean Penn's performance tied with "The Wrestler's" Mickey Rourke for Best Actor honors.


      • Women Film Critics Circle Reveals the Most Offensive Male Characters in 2008!

        This is interesting! Looking at the best films of the year through a woman's eye. So the Best Movie About Women? The Women Film Critic Circle chose "Changeling." And the Best Movie By a Woman? The lovely "Frozen River."

        But the two most interestin

      • "Frost/Nixon's" Writer, Peter Morgan, to Direct!

        Peter Morgan, the genius screenwriter behind "The Queen" and "Frost/Nixon" is getting ready to direct!

        His film of choice?

        Another movie about British Prime Minister Tony Blair!

        Morgan is obviously working on a trilogy about Blair begi

      • It's Confirmed! Rob Zombie is Returning for "Halloween" Sequel

        We reported a couple of weeks back, that Rob Zombie may return to direct the sequel to his "Halloween" flick!

        Now, it's confirmed! The rocker/director is teaming up with Dimension Films again for the next "Halloween."

        The sequel will be cal

      • Smoke This! Cheech and Chong Cartoon!

        Cheech and Chong are smokin' hot right now! Their reunion stand-up tour, "Cheech & Chong Light Up America" blazes through, well, America!

        Now, Big Vision Entertainment said they will be partnering with Chambers Bros. Entertainment to produce an animated fil

      • "Twilight's" Sequel, "New Moon" Gets Opening Date

        As we reported earlier, Chris Weitz is getting ready to take the helm from director Catherine Hardwicke for the "Twilight" sequel called "New Moon."

        The second installment of the popular book franchise from author Stephenie Meyer will be released on...
      • Building a Frank Lloyd Wright Film

        Lionsgate Films has purchased the rights to the book "Loving Frank" by Nancy Horan.

        The film is going to be written by John Burnham Schwartz who wrote 2007's "Reservation Road."

        "Loving Frank" tells the story of the love affair bet

      • DVD Kisses: The Latest DVD Release for Tuesday, 12/16/08

        Two big films arrive on DVD this week!

        First, "Mamma Mia!" I enjoyed this film, it was the feel good movie of the summer! And now, you can singalong with the movie and put your Broadway on!

        The DVD has fun outtakes, as well as singalong features for folk

      • "X-Men: Origins: Wolverine" Trailer!
        You don't have to watch "The Day the Earth Stood Still" to see the "Wolverine" trailer.

        Here it is!

      • "Terminator 5" Already? Really?

        "Terminator: Salvation" has not been released yet, but there are plans to move forward with the fifth "Terminator" installment!

        Producers Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek made the announcement at the Dubai International Film Festival!

        Read the f

      • Reinventing "The Crow"

        "The Crow" is set for a makeover!

        Director Stephen Norrington, who gave us "Blade," and the horrible "The League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen."

        Incidentally, Norrington and the main star of "Gentlemen," Sean Connery, has not

      • "The Phantom" Sequel to be Filmed in Australia!

        I didn't know "The Phantom" has a huge cult following!

        The 1996 film starring Billy Zane wasn't as great as it could have been, but now, the purple skintight-wearing superhero will return!

        Here are some fun factoids:

        *** it's a fo

      • Another Big Win for "Slumdog Millionaire" -- This Time? Satellite Awards!!!

        As we reported the first week of December, both "Milk" and "Slumdog Millionaire" received multiple nominations from the International Press Academy's annual awards gala, the Satellite Awards.

        Well, only "Slumdog Millionaire" emerged victoriou

      • American Film Institute Unveils Top 10 Best Movies of 2008

        "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" is one of the Top 10 Best Films of the year, according to the American Film Institute (AFI).

        The creative folks behind these movies will be honored at a luncheon Jan. 9 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.


      • Boston Film Critics Say Yes to "Wall-E" and "Slumdog Millionaire"

        "Wall-E" shared the top honor with "Slumdog Millionaire" for the Boston Society of Film Critics Awards!

        Sean Penn for "Milk" is also sharing the Best Actor trophy with Mickey Rourke for "The Wrestler."

        I heard it was an intens

      • Online Film Critics Choose "Slumdog Millionaire"

        Another win for "Slumdog Millionaire!" This time, the New York Film Critics Online awards gave the movie its Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Cinematography, and Score!


        Meanwhile, Sean Penn won Best Actor for "Milk" and Sally Hawkins to

      • Klaatu Barada Nikto! "The Day the Earth Stood Still" Invades Box-Office!

        "The Day the Earth Stood Still" overcame negative reviews, and conquered box-office worldwide, making audiences stood still, and raking in $31 million in ticket sales in the U.S., and $39 million in 90 overseas markets! Needless to say, the film debut at No. 1.


      • Chris Weitz to direct "Twilight" Sequel, "New Moon"

        I first heard about this a week back from the wonderful Nikki Finke and her blog, Deadline Hollywood.

        But it was a rumor then, and the only thing tying Chris Weitz to the film is his friendship with Summit president of production Eric Feig.

        But now, it's confir

      • Wolverine Invades the Oscars

        Yes, the adorable Hugh Jackman is set to host the 81st annual Academy Awards in February. The announcement was made today by executive producer Bill Condon and producer Laurence Mark.

        Jackman is following the footsteps of previous Oscar host, Jon Stewart, who acted as the O

      • Sex Goddess Bettie Page Dies at 85

        Miss Bettie Page conquered pop culture! Dozens of books and academic articles have been written about the most popular pin-up girl in the world!

        There's also the film version of Miss Bettie's life called "The Notorious Bettie Page" starring Gretchen Mol.
      • "The Day the Earth Stood Still" Movie Review
        We've been blogging about this movie, gosh, since last January!

        Well now, it's finally here. "The Day the Earth Stood Still," the remake of the 1951 sci-fi classic.

        But is the remake better than the original?

        Find out, by clicking our video playe

      • Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, "Revolutionary Road" to be Honored at the Palm Springs International Film Festival

        "Revolutionary Road" is a powerful drama about two suburban couple looking for happiness. Yes, I cried again, and again, and again.

        And I'm glad, my hometown film festival, the Palm Springs International Film Festival is honoring the leads, Kate Winslet and Leo

      • What Colin Farrell Thinks of His Golden Globe Nomination for "In Bruges"

        Colin Farrell (pictured with writer-director Martin McDonagh) received a Golden Globe nomination for his performance in "In Bruges."

        I love this movie, and both Farrell and co-star Brendan Gleeson deserve their Best Actor (Musical/Comedy) for "In Bruges."

      • The Coen Brothers Speak Out About their Golden Globe Nominations

        The Coen Brothers' flick, "Burn After Reading" received 2 nominations from the Golden Globe awards. Their film is nominated for nominated for Best Picture (Musical/Comedy) and Best Actress (Musical/Comedy) for Frances McDormand.

        Here's the Coen Brothers�

      • "Button," "Doubt," "Frost/Nixon" Lead Golden Globe Nominees

        The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced its 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards and in the film category, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "Doubt," and "Frost/Nixon" led with 5 nominations each.

        Curiously missing in the Best Film categ

      • New York Film Critics Applaud "Milk" Loudly!!!

        I am very happy one of my favorite films of the year, "Milk," is getting all these fantastic awards from various organizations.

        This time, the New York Film Critics Circle gave their highest film honor, the film of the year award to "Milk."


      • Kate Winslet, Jerry Lewis, Clint Eastwood to be Honored at Various Fests
        Various award-giving bodies are honoring luminous stars for reasons ranging from contribution to the world of cinema to humanitarian efforts.

        First, the lovely and talented Kate Winslet who's excellent in two upcoming films, "Revolutionary Road" and "The Re

      • Coming Up? "The Wrestler" Interviews

        Alright y'all, I'm getting ready to interview Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood, and director Darren Aronofsky for "The Wrestler."

        This is one of the best movies of this year, and Rourke is sure to get a Best Acting Oscar nomination!

      • "Alvin and the Chipmunks" Sequel Gets New Director and Plot, Sort Of

        As we revealed back in May of this year, "Alvin and the Chipmunks" sequel will return to the big screen in 2010!

        Now, we learned that the original director, Tim Hill, is not returning. Filling his position is Betty Thomas who's going to direct the sequel called

      • Los Angeles Film Critics Love "Wall-E" and Sean Penn

        The Los Angeles Film Critics Association truly love "Wall-E." The Pixar/Disney animated flick took home the Best Picture of the year award.

        This was the first time the LA Film Critics gave its top award to an animated film!

        Meanwhile, Sean Penn took home

      • "Milk," "Benjamin Button" Lead Nominations for the 14th Annual Critics Choice Awards

        Yay! "Milk" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," two of my favorite films this year lead the pack with eight nominations for the 14th Annual Critics Choice Awards!

        Yours truly is a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association, which is the award-

      • DVD Kisses: The Latest DVD Release for Tuesday, 12/09/08

        "The Dark Knight" -- Run and grab your DVD or Blu-Ray copy of this Christopher Nolan film! One of the year's best!

        "Horton Hears a Who" -- Another great animated film. The simple message still rings true -- a person's a person no matter how sm

      • Catherine Hardwicke Says Goodbye to "Twilight" Franchise!

        OMG X 10! Director Catherine Hardwicke better get use to helming cardboard cutups of his "Twilight" leads like the one shown above because she's no longer attached to the franchise!

        After being crowned the first female director to have a film open huge at the b

      • Washington DC Critics Salute "Slumdog Millionaire"

        Uh-oh, it's shaping up to be an unpredictable Oscar season!

        Last year, "No Country for Old Men" took the top prize from most Critics award-giving bodies. On the road to Oscar 2008, we all could predict, easily I might add, that the Coen Brothers' masterpie

      • My Favorite Films This Year...So Far!!!

        Okay, for all those hyper-negative talks about 2008 as not a good year for movies? Think again! This year is full of films with hope (“Milk”), passion (“The Wrestler”), heroism (“The Dark Knight”) and undying love (“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”).

        2008 is almost over,

      • "Four Christmases" Rings in Box-Office Cheer...Again!

        Call "Four Christmases" whatever you want -- predictable, cliched, boring, pedantic -- but American moviegoers are trying to laugh, and wanting to bring in the Holidays by putting the Vince Vaughn/Reese Witherspoon starrer back to No. 1 for the second week in a row!

      • Ron Howard Interview for "Frost/Nixon"
        Director Ron Howard crafted one of the best films of the year with "Frost/Nixon." A humanizing portrait of the fallen president, loaded with great performances!

      • Frank Langella Interview for "Frost/Nixon"
        Frank Langella gave one of the best performances of the year playing Richard Nixon in Frost/Nixon. He's captivating, mesmerizing, and his performance humanizes the fallen president.

      • Michael Sheen Interview for "Frost/Nixon"
        Michael Sheen is fantastic as the featherweight journalist, David Frost, in the new film Frost/Nixon. He matches Frank Langella's fireworks and intensity.

      • Sam Rockwell, Matthew MacFayden, Oliver Platt Interviews for "Frost/Nixon"
        This was a fun, and giggle-filled interview.

        The three folks, Sam Rockwell, Matthew Macfayden, and Oliver Platt, just got back from their lunch, and filled with giggles...

        I had a blast talking to them...and they apologize toward the end...which honestly, no apologies needed :

      • Watch My "MILK" Movie Review

      • "Dark Shadows" Remake Sees the Light of Day

        Back in June, you first heard about the possible "Dark Shadows" project right here.

        Johnny Depp was rumored to star, and his favorite director, Tim Burton, was rumored to direct.

        Well, it seems like the rumor is getting closer and closer to reality.

      • Oh No! Another Remake Alert! "They Live!!!!"

        Remember the flick "They Live?" The cult flick from John Carpenter is getting a redo makeover from Universal Pictures.

        The premise? Wrestler Roddy Piper stars as a down-in-the-dumps construction worker who finds a pair of glasses that lets him see aliens among us

      • Remake Alert -- "Arthur"

        British Comedian, Russell Brand ("Forgetting Sarah Marshall"), is developing a remake of "Arthur," the lovely 1981 classic starring Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli, and John Gielgud who won Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role as the valet.

        Brand is current

      • "Slumdog Millionaire" Named Best Picture by National Board of Review

        Fox Searchlight's "Slumdog Millionaire" received the Best Film honor from the National Board of Review!

        David Fincher won Best Director for "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," one of my favorite films this year.

        Clint Eastwood received Be

      • "Milk" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Does Sean Penn Get?

        I first heard about Harvey Milk from the powerful Academy Award-winning documentary “The Times of Harvey Milk” by director Rob Epstein. That was 1984 and I was a very young film buff. 23 years later, director Gus Van Sant brings Milk’s story back to the big screen. I’m still a film bu

      • "Twilight's" Kristen Stewart Ready to Rock and Roll as Joan Jett

        Miss Kristen Stewart is having a mighty good year! Fresh from the super success of "Twilight," she will be portraying rocker Joan Jett in "The Runaways," a biopic of the 1970s all-girl band!

        Set to direct is Floria Sigismondi who also wrote the screenplay,

      • "Frozen River" -- Big Winner at Gotham Awards!!!

        I hate to say "I Told You So" but I've been hyping about the film "Frozen River" starring the wonderful Melissa Leo!

        And now, the Sundance darling was the big winner at the Gotham Awards!

        "Frozen River" won the Best Feature award a

      • It's Confirmed! "Zoolander 2" is Going to Sashay to Theaters Near You
        The ever-busy Ben Stiller has confirmed that he is working on a sequel to his 2001 comedy, "Zoolander."

        Stiller who co-wrote, directed, and starred in the movie is ready to revisit the dim-witted model character he lovingly portrayed.

        The funnyman is cur

      • George Clooney -- "I Could Have Directed 'Frost/Nixon'"

        Well now, the truth can be revealed!

        Apparently, George Clooney really wanted to direct "Frost/Nixon" but was snubbed in favor of director Ron Howard (seen in the picture with Clooney).

        Screenwriter Peter Morgan ("The Queen") who wrote the film b

      • Wow! 17 Annie Awards Nominations for "Kung Fu Panda"

        Dreamworks Animations must be happy as a cuddly Panda!

        Their masterpiece, "Kung Fu Panda," led the way, all the way to the 2009 Annie Awards, landing 17 nominations, beating out "Wall-E" and "Bolt."

        Yeah, "Kung Fu Panda" bea

      • The Latest on the "Green Lantern" Film

        "Green Lantern" co-screenwriter Marc Guggenheim reveals some exciting news about the planned superhero movie!

        Click here to read the exciting news!

      • Rob Zombie to Return for "Halloween 2?"

        I did enjoy director Rob Zombie's foray into Michael Myers' territory in "Halloween" -- Zombie's homage to the original John Carpenter classic.

        Zombie did a great job reinvigorating the franchise, that now, word is getting around that a sequel is being

      • 24th Annual Spirit Awards Nominees Announced!

        Three films led the nominees for Film Independent's 24th Annual Spirit Awards. "Ballast," "Frozen River," and "Rachel Getting Married" each received six nominations.

        All three movies are nominated for best picture along with "Wendy and

      • The Razzies Salivating Over "Valkyrie"

        Normally, studios would have shown their Academy contenders to voters and critics, oh, right about now. But MGM, the production studio behind Tom Cruise's "Valkyrie" (see photo above courtesy of LA Times) has been unbelievably quiet.

        But there were some folks w

      • "Twilight" Sequel A Go, But What About Director Catherine Hardwicke?

        Director Catherine Hardwicke (seen here with "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson") is already making plans for the sequel to "Twilight" called "New Moon" even though Summit Entertainment hasn't offered her the job...yet.

        Summit said that &q

      • "Wall-E" Triumphed at Children's BAFTA

        The lovable "Wall-E" captured the hearts and minds of British kids, emerging as Feature Film winner at this year's Children's Awards for British Academy Film and Television Arts.

        "Wall-E" triumphed over fierce competition from films such as "

      • DVD Kisses: The Latest DVD Release for Tuesday, 12/02/08

        Get ready for an exciting week for DVD buying and renting. This past summer's biggest hits come to DVD this week, and an all-time classic is debuting on BLU-RAY.

        First, we have "Wanted." Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy star in this comic book thriller -- One o

      • "Fame" Supporting Cast Announced!

        We have been tracking down the progress of the "Fame" production on its road to the big screen.

        Now, Debbie Allen, Charles S. Dutton, Kelsey Grammer, Megan Mullally, and Bebe Neuwirth have been cast for the roles of instructors and supervisors in the upcoming "F

      • "Milk," "Slumdog Millionaire" Receive Multiple Nominations at the 13th Satellite Awards

        "Milk" and "Slumdog Millionaire" lead the nominees pack for the 13th Satellite Awards. Both films received six nominations each including best motion picture, drama.

        Meryl Streep grabbed two nominations for "Mamma Mia!" and "Doubt."
      • A Big Win for "Slumdog Millionaire" at British Independent Film Awards

        Director Danny Boyle's masterpiece, "Slumdog Millionaire," is the big winner at the 11th Annual British Independent Film Awards (BIFAs).

        Johanna von Fischer and Tessa Collinson, BIFA co-directors say: "It's been another stellar year for independent fil

      • "Four Christmases" Nabs Holiday Weekend Top Spot

        American moviegoers ignored negative reviews for "Four Christmases" and put it on top the crowded holiday weekend. The Vince Vaughn-Reese Witherspoon romantic trifle debuted at No. 1 with $31.7 million. Since opening last Wednesday, the Warner Bros. release scored a total of

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