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  • 2017
    • November
      • Movie Reviews: “Justice League” and “Mudbound”

        We all know it’s “Justice League” weekend at the box-office but besides the superhero saga, we also have the Netflix film “Mudbound.” It’s blockbusters versus Oscar contenders at the box-office. Which one is my pick of the week? Take a look!

        Official Synopsis of

      • Mary J. Blige and Carey Mulligan Talk About MUDBOUND

        I was equally nervous and happy to meet Mary J. Blige, the Queen of Hip Hop Soul! And if you’re a fan, you’ll be happy to know that she is fantastic as a strong matriarch in Dee Rees’ “Mudbound.” Carey Mulligan is also memorable as a fellow strong matriarch Laura McAllan. I sat down w

      • Garrett Hedlund Talks About MUDBOUND

        Garrett Hedlund is far, far away from “TRON: Legacy.” The actor has been slowly proving to everyone that he has some acting chops and they’re on full display in Dee Rees’ “Mudbound” where the actor stars as the bruised Jamie McAllan. The picture above was taken during the film’s after-

      • Director Dee Rees Talks About MUDBOUND

        In “Mudbound,” Dee Rees (“Pariah”) created a movie that’s emotionally rich with well-drawn characters. It is definitely Oscar-worthy! I sat down with Rees and met her the night before at an after-premiere party and we talked about her interest in making the movie, adapting Hillary Jord

      • “Murder on the Orient Express” (2017) Movie Review

        Yet another “Murder on the Orient Express” is upon us. Based on Agatha Christie’s iconic novel, this one stars Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot who also moonlights as the film’s director. The star-studded cast includes Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench, Johnny Depp, Josh Gad, De

      • "Ang Larawan" Movie Review -- Why You Have to See This Powerful Filipino Musical

        From the award-winning director, Loy Arcenas, comes the beautiful elegy of a movie, "Ang Larawan." The star-studded cast is headed by Joanna Ampil (Candida) and Rachel Alejandro (Paula). The film will be the opening night movie of the upcoming CINEMATOGRAFO INTERNATIONAL FILM

      • Minority as Majority: The First Ever Cinematografo International Film Festival

        I am so excited about this upcoming film festival! It's a film exhibition series "and networking event designed to elevate and showcase emerging Filipino and Filipino-American talent, films and television content to the world stage."

        Take a look at what you can

      • Movie Reviews: "A Bad Moms Christmas" & "Thor: Ragnarok"

        It’s bad moms versus Thor at the box-office with the sequels “A Bad Moms Christmas” and “Thor: Ragnarok” opening in the U.S. this weekend! Which one is my pick of the week? Take a look!

        Here's the official synopsis for "A Bad Moms Christmas"

    • October
      • GEOSTORM Interview with Gerard Butler

        Gerard Butler is back in action mode for the new disaster flick “Geostorm.” He plays Jake Lawson, the architect behind the national defense system known as “Dutch Boy.” I sat down with the actor to talk about his interest in making the film, the movie’s multi-genre aspect, and can the

      • GEOSTORM Interview with Jim Sturgess & Abbie Cornish

        You know why I love talking to stars? Because I laugh, they laugh, we laugh, and it’s like therapy! That is evident when I talked to Jim Sturgess and Abbie Cornish for their action-adventure “Geostorm” from director Dean Devlin. They play a couple in the film, he is the head of the na

      • GEOSTORM Interview with Dean Devlin

        Dean Devlin has Filipino blood that’s why I love him HA! The producer tries his hand at directing the new global disaster flick “Geostorm.” The director shares his thoughts on why he wanted to make the film, if “Geostorm” could happen, and why the president in the film is Latino as pla

      • BREATHE Interview with Andrew Garfield & Claire Foy

        I love, love, love talking to Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy! Their chemistry off-screen is as palpable on-screen. The two are starring in the new romance biopic “Breathe” from director Andy Serkis. Garfield is Robin and Foy is Diana, they’re an adventurous couple who refuses to give

      • BREATHE Interview with Andy Serkis

        We all love Andy Serkis as an actor having breathed life into characters such as Gollum in “the Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” and Caesar in the “Planet of the Apes” trilogy. In “Breathe,” Serkis is making his first big jump directing a full feature film with help from Andrew Garf

      • "Professor Marston & the Wonder Women" vs "Marshall"

      • See "Walking Out" for a Great Cause

        The fantastic drama-adventure "Walking Out" makes its Palm Springs debut tonight, Oct. 12th at 7 p.m. at Camelot Theatres. Tonight's premiere is to benefit Desert AIDS Project and it's quite fitting since the film is about redemption and resilience! The movie stars

      • Free "Geostorm" Advance Screening in Palm Springs

        Hi Palm Springs friends! If you want to see the new sci-fi action adventure "Geostorm" in advance and for free, go to the studios of MIX 100.5 in Palm Springs (1321 N. Gene Autry) weekdays from 11 am to 1 pm and pick up your tickets! Our exclusive screening is on Wednesday at

      • “Marshall” Interview: Josh Gad

        Josh Gad brings the light touch as Sam Friedman in the new biopic “Marshall.” He plays an insurance lawyer who is forced to defend Joseph Spell (Sterling K. Brown) in order to help Thurgood Marshall (Chadwick Boseman). The film works wonderfully because of the engaging chemistry betwee

      • “Marshall” Interview: Chadwick Boseman

        Chadwick Boseman (“Black Panther,” “Avengers: Infinity War”) stars as Thurgood Marshall in the biopic “Marshall.” Much like his real-life counterpart, Boseman is thoughtful and smart and gave us interesting insight about the making of the movie. Take a look!

      • “Marshall” Interview: Sterling K. Brown

        NBC’s “This is Us” made us fall in love with Sterling K. Brown and now, you’ll be mesmerized by the actor in the new biopic “Marshall.” Brown is at once thoughtful and insightful. I sat down with the actor to talk about his interest in starring as Joseph Spell in Reginald Hudlin’s “Mar

      • “Marshall” Interview: Director Reginald Hudlin

        Reginald Hudlin (“House Party”) creates a biopic in “Marshall” that is simultaneously gripping and funny. Very funny! Much like the director in person. I sat down with Hudlin to talk about his inspiration behind the making of “Marshall” starring Josh Gad, Chadwick Boseman, Kate Hudson

      • “Blade Runner 2049” Movie Review (No Spoilers!)

        “Blade Runner 2049,” It’s finally here, one of the most anticipated movies of 2017! But is the sequel worth the wait? I’m not revealing any major plot point or cameos, it’s better for you to enjoy the film with a clean slate. So check out my spoiler-free movie review of “Blade Runner

      • “Professor Marston & The Wonder Women” Interview: Luke Evans

        Luke Evans is dashing and well, hot, in the new biopic “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women.” He plays the title role, the college educator and inventor of the lie detector test who eventually created Wonder Woman. The film maps the creation of our favorite superhero, Wonder Woman!

      • “Professor Marston & The Wonder Women” Interview: Bella Heathcote

        Bella Heathcote (“Fifty Shades Darker,” “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” “The Neon Demon”) stars as Olive Byrne in “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women.” She’s a seemingly naïve college student who falls for the charms of Professor Marston (Luke Evans) and his wife Elizabeth (Rebec

      • “Professor Marston & The Wonder Women” Interview: Director Angela Robinson

        Angela Robinson (“D.E.B.S.,” “The L Word,” “True Blood”) wrote and created a beautiful movie that celebrates the intrinsic nature of Wonder Woman. I sat down with Robinson at TIFF for this one-on-one interview about the making of “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women.”

    • September
      • “Victoria & Abdul” Movie Review

        “Victoria & Abdul” is getting major Oscar buzz for Dame Judi Dench’s performance. She returns to the role of Queen Victoria she previously played in 1997’s “Mrs. Brown.” So how is the rest of this Stephen Frears-directed production? Take a look at my movie review of “Victoria &

      • “Victoria and Abdul” Interview: Eddie Izzard

        Eddie Izzard is barely recognizable in his role as Bertie, Prince of Wales aka King Edward VII in Stephen Frears’ “Victoria and Abdul.” The actor put on twelve stones (168 pounds) for the role, yet you can feel every bit of empathy and hatred coming out of his pores. A fine performance

      • “Victoria and Abdul” Interview: Ali Fazal

        Meet Mr. Abdul himself, Ali Fazal. The actor is much like his screen persona, they’re both bright-eyed, full of wonderment and joie de vivre! Fazal is both giddy and humble to share on-screen moments with the great Judi Dench. Check out my interview with the actor for “Victoria and Ab

      • “Victoria and Abdul” Interview: Director Stephen Frears

        I adore Stephen Frears! From “My Beautiful Laundrette” to “Victoria and Abdul,” Frears truly is a great storyteller and a prolific director. I sat down with the director at TIFF for this one-on-one interview on the making of “Victoria and Abdul.”

      • Movie Reviews: “The Lego Ninjago Movie” & “Brad’s Status”

        It’s Lego versus Ben Stiller versus a slew of other new releases this weekend. First, we have “The Lego Ninjago Movie” but is it better than the other Lego films? What about Stiller’s new dramedy from writer/director Mike White who made us laugh with “School of Rock” and fall in love w

      • BRAD’S STATUS Interview: Ben Stiller & Austin Abrams

        Ben Stiller shines as a husband and father (Brad Sloan) envious of his college friends’ social status. His anxiety escalates when he takes his son, Troy Sloan (Austin Abrams), to tour colleges in the East Coast. The film works greatly because of the actors’ palpable chemistry.
      • BRAD’S STATUS Interview: Jenna Fischer

        I adore Jenna Fischer! She’s just plain sweet and fun! I interviewed the actress at the Toronto International Film Festival for Mike White’s “Brad’s Status” and as soon as I walked into the room, she stood up and said, “I know him!” Awwwwww. I interviewed the actress once before for

      • BRAD’S STATUS Interview: Luke Wilson

        I love Luke Wilson! He’s a gentlemen (he picked my notes that fell on the floor, awwwww), and a great interviewee. In Mike White’s “Brad’s Status,” Wilson is Jason Hatfield, one of Ben Stiller’s character’s college friends and a source of his envy. I sat down with the actor at the Tor

      • BRAD’S STATUS Interview: Writer/Director Mike White

        I enjoyed talking to writer/director Mike White! I’ve been a major fan since “Chuck and Buck,” and of course, his sweet relationship with his dad as shown on the “Amazing Race.” Speaking of his relationship with his dad, White wrote and directed “Brad’s Status” for his father. Check o

      • "Mother!" Movie Review

        Darren Aronofsky’s “mother!” visits theaters near you but should you love this film? All I can say is you’ll either love or hate it! See my “mother!” movie review.

      • Why I Love "IT"
        The wait is over! The big screen version of “It” is finally here! And it worthy of the beloved Stephen King source material! Check out my movie review and see why I love "IT."

      • “IT” Movie Interview: Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis,Jack Dylan Grazer,Jaeden Lieberher

        I love “It!” And you know why? It’s because of the talented cast of young actors! I sat down with some of the members of the Losers Club such as (from left to right) Jeremy Ray Taylor (Ben), Sophia Lillis (Beverly), Jack Dylan Grazer (Eddie), and Jaeden Lieberher (Bill). The movie is

      • “IT” Movie Interview: Wyatt Oleff, Finn Wolfhard, Chosen Jacobs

        It was fantastic to sit down with these three young actors. From left we have Wyatt Oleff (Stanley), Finn Wolfhard (Richie), and Chosen Jacobs (Mike). They play the members of the Losers Club in Andy Muschietti’s big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. It was fun to talk to the ca

      • “IT” Movie Interview: The Muschiettis Talk about Making the Stephen King Classic

        I was so excited to finally see “It,” and to talk to director Andrés Muschietti and his sister, producer Barbara Muschietti. From the many themes (bullying, confronting your greatest fears), politics (social injustice and yes, the Donald, Trump that is), to why they wanted to make the d

      • Virtual Q & A: Best Movies of 2017 So Far
        Let's chat, virtually, and talk about the Best Movies of the far!

    • August
      • Fall 2017 Movie Preview – Oscar Edition

        From Venice to Toronto, film festivals signal the beginning of the movie award season. Here are the upcoming movies we’ll be talking about come Oscar time:


        “mother!” – A couple's relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disr

      • Free "It" Screening in Palm Springs

        I enjoyed the new "It" (review and interviews coming soon) and if you want to see one of the most anticipated movies of the year, pick up your free tickets at MIX 100.5 in Palm Springs (1321 N. Gene Autry) weekdays between 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Our screening is on Wednesday, Sept.

      • Best Movies of 2017…So Far! Oh, and the Worst!

        As we march toward awards season, let’s take a look back at the best movies of 2017 so far. Guess what? Thrillers take the cake! Take a look at my favorite films of the year…so far.

        Here are the runners-up (in no particular order):

        The B

      • Why I Love "Logan Lucky"

        Steven Soderbergh leaves retirement to direct the NASCAR heist action-comedy “Logan Lucky.” Is it worth your time and money? You better believe it! Check out my review of “Logan Lucky.”

      • "Annabelle: Creation" is a Scary, Smart Shriek-Quel!

        “Annabelle: Creation,” the prequel to the first “Annabelle” plays a part in the ever-expanding “The Conjuring” universe. We now know how the doll became demonic. But, is this worth your time and money? Check out my movie review of “Annabelle: Creation.”

      • Anthony LaPaglia, Miranda Otto Talk About “ANNABELLE: CREATION”
        Anthony LaPaglia (Samuel Mullins) and Miranda Otto (Esther Mullins) elevate the horror genre by starring as a married couple in “Annabelle: Creation.” He is a dollmaker and she is a housewife and both are grieving the sudden loss of their daughter Bee (Samara Lee). I sat down with the actors to ta

      • Stephanie Sigman, Director David F. Sandberg Talk About “ANNABELLE: CREATION”
        With “Lights Out” and now “Annabelle: Creation,” David F. Sandberg is fast becoming a master of mood and suspense. He terrified us in the dark with “Lights Out,” and now, he tells the story of Annabelle, the demonic doll. Together with his star in the film, Stephanie Sigman plays Sister Charlotte,

      • Talitha Bateman, Lulu Wilson Interview for “ANNABELLE: CREATION”
        Talitha Bateman (Janice) and Lulu Wilson (Linda) star in the scary, smart shriek-quel “Annabelle: Creation.” They star as orphans and besties who must escape the wrath of Annabelle. I sat down with the talented young ladies and we talked about their interest in making the film, meeting Annabelle f

      • "Detroit" Movie Revew -- Why You Have to See This Film Right Now

        I traveled to Detroit for the world premiere of Kathryn Bigelow’s “Detroit.” It was unnerving to see the film on the same day, fifty years apart, of the 12th Street Riot that formed the narrative of the movie. Is “Detroit” as affecting as Bigelow’s “The Hurt Locker” and “Zero Dark Thir

    • July
      • John Boyega Talks About “Detroit” and Teases “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”
        John Boyega's most popular performance to date is Finn in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” But he was also fantastic in 2011’s “Attack the Block.” In Kathryn Bigelow’s “Detroit,” Boyega stars as Melvin Dismukes, a security guard that was both hailed as a hero and demonized as a villain. Watch

      • Will Poulter Talks About “Detroit” and Why He Cried Making the Movie
        Is it too early to campaign for the Oscars? Because Will Poulter is fantastic as the racist police officer Phillip Krauss in Kathryn Bigelow’s “Detroit.” You’ll walk away from the film remembering his vindictively evil performance. Yet, the actor is very opposite from his character. He even crie

      • Hannah Murray, Kaitlyn Dever Interview for “Detroit”
        Their characters can be labeled as the Ohio party girls who were in the wrong place at the wrong time in “Detroit.” Hannah Murray (Gilly in “Game of Thrones”) is Julie Ann and Kaitlyn Dever (“The Spectacular Now,” “Bad Teacher”) is Karen, the only white people in the group corralled by the cops dur

      • Algee Smith, Jason Mitchell Talk About “Detroit”
        We see “Detroit” through the eyes of Algee Smith (“Earth to Echo,” “The New Edition Story”) who stars as Larry Reed, the lead singer of the upcoming Motown group “The Dramatics.” Meanwhile, Jason Mitchell (“Straight Outta Compton,” “Keanu,” “Kong: Skull Island”) steals most of his scenes as Carl Co

      • Malcolm David Kelley, Leon Thomas III Interview for “Detroit”
        Malcolm David Kelley is all grown up! You may remember him as Walt in the ABC series “Lost,” and now, he is part of the ensemble in Kathryn Bigelow’s “Detroit.” With him is Leon Thomas III (Nickelodeon’s Victorious) and both actors narrate their experiences working in the film. “Detroit” opens na

      • Ben O’Toole, Laz Alonso Talk About “Detroit”
        I spoke to the actors who played our men of the law in the new Kathryn Bigelow film “Detroit.” Ben O’Toole is one of the cops in this real-life drama and Laz Alonzo stars as Congressman Conyers. I sat down with the actors to talk about their involvement with the film.

      • Exclusive "Annabelle: Creation" Screening in Palm Springs!
        Hi guys! Fresh from the press junket of #AnnabelleCreation, I can now say you'll enjoy this film! If you love horror movies, David F. Sandberg ("Lights Out") follows horror conventions to come up with a fresh new take on the demonic doll! Pick up your free tickets at the MIX 100.5

      • "Dunkirk" Movie Review

        Christopher Nolan, one of the greatest contemporary storytellers, returns for the WWII drama “Dunkirk.” But is it worth your time and money? Check out my “Dunkirk” movie review.

        Here's the film's official synopsis:

        Acclaimed auteur Christophe

      • Free "Dunkirk" Screening in Palm Springs

        If you live in Palm Springs and want to see Christopher Nolan's new "Dunkirk" in our advance, exclusive screening, then you're in luck! My home station, KMIR, teams up with Warner Bros. to bring you one of the most anticipated movies of the year! Here's the inf

      • "War for the Planet of the Apes" is a Must-See!

        It’s the big movie of the week, “War for the Planet of the Apes.” But is the third (probably the last) chapter of the reboot worth your time and money? Take a look at my movie review:

        Here’s the official synopsis:

        In War for the Planet of the Apes, the

      • "Spider-Man: Homecoming" Movie Review

        It’s finally here, the latest reboot of the “Spider-Man” franchise! But is “Homecoming” worth your time and money? Check out my movie review of “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

        Official “Spider-Man: Homecoming” synopsis:

        A young Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tom H

    • June
      • My Favorite Movies of 2017...So Far...

        Here are my favorite movies of the year, so far! What’s yours? Here’s my list (in no particular order):

        Wonder Woman
        Get Out
        The Beguiled
        It Comes at Night
        Baby Driver
        Spider-Man: Homecoming
        War for the Planet of the Ape

      • “Baby Driver” & “The Beguiled (2017)” Movie Reviews

        “Despicable Me 3” is predicted to dominate global box-office this weekend, but if I were you, I’ll stick with thought-provoking films such as “The Beguiled” and “Baby Driver.” Here’s why…

      • Sofia Coppola Reveals “The Beguiled” Secrets
        I adore Sofia Coppola, she’s a true auteur in the strictest sense of the word as evident in “The Beguiled.” The adaptation is aesthetically rich and emotionally resonant with Coppola’s assured hands guiding the film. I sat down with the director to talk about her interest in making “The Beguiled,”

      • Elle Fanning Talks About Kissing Colin Farrell in “The Beguiled”
        I love Elle Fanning, and I quite admire her character (Alicia) and the actress’ performance in “The Beguiled.” I sat down with the actress to talk about kissing Colin Farrell, her rebellious character, and the Southern Gothic mood of the film.

      • Kirsten Dunst Talks About “The Beguiled”
        Playing against type, Kirsten Dunst stars as the hopeful Edwina in Sofia Coppola’s “The Beguiled.” I sat down with the actress for this behind-the-scenes look at the movie.

      • A Stinking Pile of Scrap of Metal! See My "Transformers: The Last Knight" Movie Review

        And we have yet another “Transformers” movie from director Michael Bay. Bayhem ensues! Definitely! But should you see “Transformers: The Last Knight?” Check out my movie review of the fifth installment of the series.

      • “Cars 3” Movie Review

        Lighting McQueen (Owen Wilson) returns for the third installment of Disney/Pixar’s “Cars.” But is it worth your time and money? Check out my movie review of “Cars 3.”

        Here's the film's official synopsis:

        Blindsided by a new generation of blaz

      • “It Comes at Night” & “Megan Leavey” Movie Reviews

        “The Mummy” starring Tom Cruise is the biggest movie to open this weekend but if I were you, I’d ignore that one (stale idea, lifeless) and focus on two other, and much better movies. We have the thriller “It Comes at Night” and the true-life drama “Megan Leavey.” Both are good, and bo

      • What the Real Megan Leavey Thinks of "Megan Leavey"
        The real Megan Leavey talks about the movie! Does she like it? What about Kate Mara's portrayal of her? Take a look:

      • "Megan Leavey" Interview with Kate Mara and Director Gabriela Cowperthwaite
        I balled my eyes out watching “Megan Leavey.” Perhaps because I am a dog lover and my eldest fur baby was dying of cancer. But it’s also because the movie is emotionally satisfying largely because of Kate Mara who stars in the title role, and director Gabriela Cowperthwaite who brought her documen

      • Common and Ramón Rodríguez Talk About "Megan Leavey"
        “Megan Leavey” opens nationwide on June 9th and you will cry tears of joy! I did! And I had a great time sitting down with Common (who plays Gunny Martin) and Ramón Rodríguez (Matt Morales). We talked about their interest in making the film, their characters, and the ultimate crux of the film – l

      • Why I Love "Wonder Woman!"
        I love, love, love the new “Wonder Woman” from director Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot as our super heroine! Why do I love it? Check out my movie review!

    • May
      • Behind-The-Scenes of My "Wonder Woman" Interviews! Take a Tour!

      • Chris Pine Talks About “Wonder Woman”
        I love Chris Pine! And I love him even more as Steve Trevor. His chemistry with Gal Gadot is palpable and it’s a relationship built on love and respect. In this interview, we talked about his interest in joining the cast, and his “above-average human” scene in the movie where he was, gasp, almost

      • Director Patty Jenkins Talks About “Wonder Woman”
        It was an honor to meet Patty Jenkins, the first female director to helm a superhero movie! And she did a great job! But how did she go from the smaller film “Monster” to the big blockbuster “Wonder Woman?” Check out my fun interview with the director.

      • Danny Huston Talks About “Wonder Woman” and His Villainous General Ludendorff
        It was an honor to meet Danny Huston, son of the iconic filmmaker, John Huston. In “Wonder Woman,” the actor stars as the frightening General Ludendorff who will do anything to win the “war to end all wars” with a little help from his equally crazy doctor sidekick Doctor Maru aka Doctor Poison. In

      • Connie Nielsen Talks About “Wonder Woman” and Her Queen Hippolyta
        Connie Nielsen rocks as Queen Hipplyta in the new “Wonder Woman!” She’s fierce and loving, strong yet gentle, very much like her daughter Diana aka Wonder Woman. I sat down with the actress to talk about her interest in making the movie, her character, and working with Gal Gadot as our new Wonder

      • “Baywatch” (2017) and “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” Movie Reviews

        It’s lifeguards versus pirates at your Memorial Day weekend box-office. Will you find treasure in either “Baywatch” or “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales?”

      • "Alien: Covenant" Movie Review

        Our favorite haunted house in space returns in “Alien: Covenant,” the sixth installment of the popular franchise and the sequel to the prequel “Prometheus.” Is it worthy of the series? Take a look at my movie review.

      • Remembering Chris Cornell
        My homage to the late singer of the bands Soundgarden and Audioslave who also wrote songs for films such as "Casino Royale," "12 Years A Slave," and the recent "The Promise." This aired on Balitang America from The Filipino Channel (ABS-CBN).

      • My Final Interview with Chris Cornell
        I sat down with Chris Cornell to talk about his music contribution to "The Promise." It's the title track of the film and it's beautiful and haunting. I just spoke with him last month, and today, we all heard, Cornell took his own life :sad

        Take a look at my final in

      • “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” Movie Review

        It’s finally here, the sequel to “Guardians of the Galaxy!” Is it as fun as the original? Check out my movie review of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.”

        Here's the official synopsis:

        Set to the all-new sonic backdrop of Awesome Mixtape #2, Marvel

    • April
      • “The Circle” and “How to be a Latin Lover” Movie Reviews

        It’s Tom Hanks and Emma Watson versus a Latin lover! Which one between the sci-fi thriller “The Circle” and the comedy “How to be a Latin Lover” is my pick of the week? Take a look!

      • Christian Bale Talks About “The Promise” and Its Charitable Cause!
        It was great to talk to Christian Bale again! I love him both as an actor and a person! He stars as Chris Myers, an Associated Press reporter who shines a light on the Armenian Genocide. Bale’s character also falls in love with Charlotte Le Bon who is in love with Oscar Isaac. Awwwwww. We’ll we

      • Shohreh Aghdashloo and James Cromwell Interview for “The Promise”
        It was great to be in the realm of greatness with these legendary character actors – Shohreh Aghdashloo and James Cromwell! I have been a fan of both thespians for a while and it was quite an honor to finally meet them! Aghdashloo plays the mother of Oscar Isaac’s character while Cromwell stars as

      • Charlotte Le Bon and Angela Sarafyan Talk About “The Promise”
        These lovely ladies are fun and sweet and both are playing the love interests of Oscar Isaac’s character in “The Promise.” Check out my fun interview with the actresses as they talk about the movie, their characters, and the horrible Armenian Genocide!

      • Chris Cornell Talks About Music for “The Promise”
        First of all, it was such an honor to meet one of the greatest architects of the 90s grunge revolution! Chris Cornell, formerly of Soundgarden, has been busy writing music for films such as “Casino Royale” and “12 Years A Slave.” He contributed music to the upcoming film “The Promise” and it’s a b

      • Director Terry George Explains the Making of “The Promise”
        Director Terry George (“Hotel Rwanda”) creates a film to commemorate the Armenian Genocide. Truth be told, I had no idea about this horrible chapter in our world history until I saw the film! Take a look at my interview with Mr. George about the making of “The Promise” and why it still resonates t

      • “Unforgettable” Interview with the Diabolically Blonde Katherine Heigl
        This was my first time to sit down with the actress, and truth be told, I was nervous! I didn’t know what to expect! Is she mean? Is she nice? All the push and pull of thoughts running through my head. But then, I sat down with her, and she was so receptive and funny and sweet all rolled into o

      • My Fun Interview with the Sweet Rosario Dawson for “Unforgettable”
        This is another lovefest! Rosario Dawson is one of those folks that is so warm and welcoming that you will fall instantly in love with her! She stars as the heroine against the diabolically blonde Katherine Heigl in “Unforgettable.” We talk about her character there, and what lengths she would go

      • “Unforgettable” Interview with Director Denise Di Novi
        We’ve seen Denise Di novi’s name in film credits many times before, normally attached as Tim Burton’s producer. But for the first time, Di novi tries her hand at directing the new drama/thriller “Unforgettable.” What made her take a stab at directing? Find out in my interview with Denise Di Novi

      • “Unforgettable” Interview with Cheryl Ladd! I Told Her I Was a Charlie’s Angel Too! HA!
        I love me some Cheryl Ladd! I’ve been a fan since her “Charlie’s Angels” days, and it was quite an honor to meet the actress! She plays Katherine Heigl’s character’s mom in “Unforgettable,” and she is truly unforgettable! Take a look at my interview with Cheryl Ladd.

      • “Unforgettable” Interview with Geoff Stults, the Man in Between Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson
        Geoff Stults deems he’s very lucky to be the reason Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson are fighting in “Unforgettable.” And in person, I can see the reason why! He’s smart, sweet, and hot in a daddy kind of way! HA! Take a look at my fun interview with Geoff Stults for “A Star is Born.”
      • If You're In Coachella Next Week, You Can Be in the Audience for "A Star is Born" with Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper! But There's a Catch!

        The catch is, you have to pay $10 to get in but it goes directly to the Born This Way Foundation! But you can be in the audience as Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga film scenes in Coachella for "A Star is Born." Details below, or click here for ticket info!

        We are happ

      • “The Lost City of Z” and “The Fate of the Furious” Movie Reviews

        Two big films for this Easter weekend – we have the real-life drama adventure “The Lost City of Z” and the high-octane flick “The Fate of the Furious.” Which one is my pick of the week? Take a look!

      • Charlie Hunnam Talks About “The Lost City of Z” and Losing Weight for the Role!
        I love, love, love Charlie Hunnam! Not only is he, ahem, gorgeous, he’s also a fantastic actor as evident in the new movie “The Lost City of Z” where he plays the real-life Percy Fawcett, the explorer who, along with his on, mysteriously vanished in the Amazon jungle looking for the mythical city.

      • Tom Holland Talks “The Lost City of Z” and “Spider-Man: Homecoming”
        The first time I interviewed Tom Holland, it was for his career-making performance in 2012’s “The Impossible.” Now, the young actor is set to become a household name as he stars in the upcoming “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” But before that, there’s his turn as Jack Fawcett, the son of Percy (Charlie H

      • Sienna Miller Talks About “The Lost City of Z” and Her Powerful Character!
        Sienna Miller fought and lobbied hard for her role as Nina Fawcett in the upcoming “The Lost City of Z.” And she was absolutely right for falling in love with the character, Nina Fawcett, the supportive but ahead of her time wife of Percy (Charlie Hunnam). Take a look at my interview with Miller f

      • Director James Gray Explains “The Lost City of Z!" How He Almost Became Percy Fawcett!
        I regard James Gray as one of the most respected auteurs in American Cinema. From “Little Odessa” to “The Immigrant,” Gray has a unique storytelling voice. He challenges himself to making “The Lost City of Z” to the point of obsession! Take a look at my interview with Gray for “The Lost City of Z

      • Why I Enjoyed "Going in Style!" See My Movie Review!

        Based on the 1979 Martin Brest classic starring George Burns, Art Carney, and Lee Strasberg, the updated 2017 version has Zach Braff directing from a script written by Ted Melfi (“Hidden Figures,” “St. Vincent”) featuring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin. Is “Going in Style

      • Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Alan Arkin Interview for “Going in Style”
        Have I told you how much I enjoyed “Going in Style?” It’s stylishly directed by Zach Braff, and the script by Ted Melfi (“Hidden Figures,” “St. Vincent”) has equal parts heart and laughter. Oh, and action! Take a look at my fun interview with the tres amigos as we talk about the making of the fil

      • Zach Braff and Ann-Margret Interview for “Going in Style”
        I had a great time talking to these two! Zach Braff stepped behind the camera to helm while Ann-Margret stars as the only rose among the thorns, the love interest of Alan Arkin in “Going in Style.” Take a look at our fun interview!

      • John Ortiz Talks About “Going in Style”
        John Ortiz (“Silver Linings Playbook”) stars as Jesus in the new action comedy “Going in Style” starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Alan Arkin, and Ann-Margret from director Zach Braff. The script is from “Hidden Figures” director Ted Melfi based on the 1979 film of the same name. I sat down w

    • March
    • February
      • Your Complete 2017 Oscar Winners!

        Everyone thought it was a joke but it became a historic Oscars gaffe! Presenter Warren Beatty, alongside Faye Dunaway, misread the night's winner and announced "La La Land" as the victorious one, but it was really Barry Jenkins' "Moonlight's" award! W

      • My Complete and Fearless 2017 Oscar Predictions

        Now that the ballots are en route to the 89th Academy Awards, it is time for us to predict who will be the big winners! Damien Chazelle’s “La La Land” dominated the nominations with 14 nods but will it shine on Oscar night at the city of stars? I’m predicting that the romance musical

      • Prepare for the Oscars! See Your 2016-2017 Awards Season Guide! All the Winners and Nominees in One Place!

        The Academy Awards is this Sunday and if you're like me, it's my Super Bowl! So, in order to make the most accurate predictions, I check out all the various guild awards and critics groups winners and then I still vote with my heart. But at least, I'm informed!
    • January
  • 2016
    • December
      • My Top 10 Best Movies of 2016

        From dramas to musicals, 2016 was a year of great filmmaking. Movies that provoked our thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Here are my Top 10 Best Movies of 2016:

        Runners-Up (in no particular order):
        “American Honey”
        “The Witch”
        “The Lobster”

      • Utah Critics Choose "La La Land" for Best Picture

        Here is the full list of winners of the 2016 Utah Film Critics Awards:

        • Best Picture: "La La Land"; runner-up: "Moonlight."

        • Directing: Barry Jenkins, "Moonlight"; runner-up, Damien Chazelle, "La La Land."

        • Lead

      • Kansas City Film Critics' Circle Picks "Manchester by the Sea"

        Winners of the 2016 Kansas City Film Critics' Circle Awards:

        BEST PICTURE: Manchester by the Sea

        ROBERT ALTMAN AWARD FOR BEST DIRECTOR: Kenneth Lonergan, Manchester by the Sea

        BEST ACTOR: Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea


      • St. Louis Film Critics Love "La La Land"

        Here's the complete list of winners of the 2016 St. Louis Film Critic Association Awards:

        Best Film: La La Land
        Best Director: Damien Chazelle - La La Land
        Best Actor: Casey Affleck - Manchester by the Sea
        Best Actress: Isabelle Huppert - Elle
        Best Sup

      • Las Vegas Film Critics Society Chooses "La La Land"

        Here's the complete list of winners of the Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards:

        Best Picture
        La La Land

        Best Actor
        Casey Affleck – Manchester by the Sea

        Best Actress
        Natalie Portman – Jackie

        Best Supporting Actor

      • ‘Moonlight’, ‘Love & Friendship’ Lead London Critics’ Circle Nominations

        Here's the full list of winners of the London Film Critics' Circle. Winners will be announced on January 22:

        The full list of nominees is below:

        American Honey
        Fire at Sea
        I, Daniel Blake
        La La Land
        Love & Fri

      • Phoenix Film Critics Sing Praises for "La La Land"

        La La Land (Winner)
        A Monster Calls
        Florence Foster Jenkins
        Hacksaw Ridge
        Hell or High Water
        Manchester By The Sea
        Nocturnal Animals
        Sing Street

        Damien Chazelle - La La Land (Wi

      • Southeastern Film Critics Honor "Moonlight"

        Top 10 Films

        1. "Moonlight." 2."Manchester by the Sea." 3. "La La Land." 4. "Hell or High Water." 5. "Loving." 6. "Arrival." 7. "Fences" and "Jackie" (tie). 8. "Nocturnal Animals." 9. &qu

      • Chicago Film Critics Choose "Moonlight"

        Here's the complete list of winners (highlighted) and nominees of the Chicago Film Critics Association Awards:


        The Handmaiden


        La La Land

        Manchester by the Sea

        Moonlight -- winner

        BEST DI

      • Indiana Film Journalists Association Picks "Moonlight"

        Best Film

        Winner: "Moonlight"
        Runner-up: "Hell or High Water"

        Other Finalists (listed alphabetically):

        "American Honey”
        “Everybody Wants Some!!”
        “La La Land”
        “The Lobster”

      • Detroit Film Critics Choose "La La Land"

        Here's the complete list of winners (highlighted) and nominees of the Detroit Film Critics Awards:

        Best Picture
        "The Edge of Seventeen"
        "Hell or High Water"
        "Manchester by the Sea"
        "La La La

      • Austin Film Critics Association Nominations

        The Austin Film Critics Association (AFCA) has announced the nominees for its yearly awards. Winners will be revealed on Dec. 28. Here's the complete list of nominees:

        Best Film:


        The Handmaiden

        La La Land

        Manchester by

      • Win These Exclusive "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" Prizes

        Thanks to our friends at Walt Disney Pictures, you can win these exclusive prizes for "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" such as t-shirt, bag, and hat! Relive the movie over and over again! The only catch? You have to be in Palm Springs or watch us live on on Friday aro

      • SAG Awards 2017 Nominations! The Full List and My Loves and Hates!

        The Screen Actors Guild has unveiled its nominations for the best of the year! And as usual, there were as many misses as hits! I love that SAG gave love to the underrated "Captain Fantastic!" I love that "Manchester by the Sea," "Fences," and "Moonl

      • “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” Movie Review – With Minor Spoilers…Sorry!

        For many Star Wars fans, the magic of watching new installments is to witness nostalgia like seeing Luke, Leia, and Han Solo together again in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens!” In the new “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” nostalgia is what you'll get and more! This is billed as a stan

      • St. Louis Film Critics Awards Nominations Announced

        2016 StLFCA Annual Award Nominees

        [Nominations Announced December 12, 2016.]

        BEST FILM
        Hell or High Water
        La La Land
        Manchester by the Sea


      • Nominees of the 2016 Chicago Film Critics Awards

        Here's the complete list of nominees, winners will be announced on Dec. 15:


        The Handmaiden


        La La Land

        Manchester by the Sea



        Damien Chazelle (-) La La L

      • 48th NAACP Image Awards Nominations

        Here’s the full list of nominees for the 48th NAACP Image Awards


        Viola Davis
        Regina King
        Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
        Chance the Rapper


        Outstanding Comedy Series

        “Atlanta” (

      • Another Big Win for "Moonlight"

        Barry Jenkins' "Moonlight" is becoming the darling of critics groups. Besides big wins for Dallas Fort Worth Film Critics and San Francisco Film Critics among others, the moving film took the top spot at the 2016 Toronto Film Critics Association Awards. Here's the f

      • Dallas Fort Worth Film Criitcs Pick "Moonlight" for Best Picture


        2016 Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association

        (Choices listed in order of votes received)


        Winner: MOONLIGHT


      • "Moonlight" Named Best Picture by African American Film Critics Association

        Here's the complete list of winners of the 2016 African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) Awards:


        Best Picture

        Best Director
        Barry Jenkins, Moonlight

        Best Actor
        Denzel Washington, Fences


      • San Diego Film Critics Hail "Hell or High Water"

        The first win for "Hell or High Water" from critics groups this award season. The film won Best Picture, director for David MacKenzie, supporting actor for Ben Foster, cinematography, screenplay, and ensemble.

        Here's the complete list of winners:


      • San Francisco Film Critics Choose "Moonlight" for Best Picture

        Here's the complete list of winners:

        Best Picture

        Best Director
        Barry Jenkins, Moonlight

        Best Actor
        Denzel Washington, Fences

        Best Actress
        Isabelle Huppert, Elle

        Best Supporting Actor

      • Boston Online Film Critics Pick "Moonlight" for Best Picture

        Here's the complete list of winners chosen by the members of the Boston Online Film Critics Association:

        Best Picture

        Best Director
        Damien Chazelle, La La Land

        Best Actor
        Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea

        Best A

      • "Moonlight" Wins Best Picture from New York Film Critics Online

        Here's the complete list of winners as voted on by the New York Film Critics Online:

        PICTURE: Moonlight

        DIRECTOR: Barry Jenkins - Moonlight

        SCREENPLAY: Barry Jenkins - Moonlight

        ACTRESS: Isabelle Huppert - Elle

        ACTOR: Casey Affl

      • Boston Society of Film Critics Love "La La Land"

        Another big win for Damien Chazelle's "La La Land." This time from the Boston Society of Film Critics who gave it the Best Picture award. The romance/musical also received Best Director and Best Film Editing for Tom Cross.

        Here's the list of the winners

      • "La La Land" Leads 2017 Golden Globe Awards Nominations, See Full List!

        Fresh from its success at the Critics' Choice Awards where it took home eight trophies including best picture, Damien Chazelle's "La La Land" continues to dominate the award season with a strong showing at the Golden Globe nominations receiving seven nods. Don Cheadl

      • "La La Land" Wins Big at 22nd Critics' Choice Awards

        Hosted by T.J. Miller, the 22nd annual Critics' Choice Awards was a night of laughter and music. Held at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, CA, the awards show (which was moved up about a month earlier from its regular first week of January date) is a good Academy Awards predictor.

      • AFI Awards: Best of 2016 Film and TV Programs

        The American Film Institute has revealed its annual best list for film and TV programs. ESPN's "O.J.: Made in America" is given a special award. Here's the complete list of AFI winners:



      • I Love Ryan Gosling in “La La Land!” See My Interview with the Actor

        And finally, I was able to tell Ryan Gosling I love him, five times! I saw “La La Land” that much and each time, I could not help but fall in love with the actor. I didn’t think it was possible! Gosling stars as Sebastian in “La La Land,” a struggling jazz musician who falls in love w

      • My “La La Land” Interview with the Lovely Emma Stone

        Emma Stone is such a sweetheart, and she’s amazing in “La La Land” as Mia, a struggling Hollywood actress who falls in love with Ryan Gosling’s Sebastian. In this interview, we talked about her interest in making the movie, her character, and her passion!

      • John Legend Talks About “La La Land”

        It was an honor meeting John Legend! I’ve been a longtime fan of his work and I was thrilled to see him in “La La Land” as Keith, a musician friend of Ryan Gosling’s character. Take a look at my interview with the singer as we talk about his interest in making the movie, and his passio

      • Your Awards Season 2016/2017 Guide

        Here's your guide to Awards Season 2016/2017. The ones highlighted have been announced already (nominees and/or winners). Let the games begin!

        Academy Awards -- The 2016 Oscars! (Nominations announced Jan. 34)
        ACE Eddie Awards -- Best Editing (Nominations announced J

      • Another Big Win for "La La Land"

        Damien Chazelle's "La La Land" is unstoppable! Check out the winners of the Atlanta Film Critics Awards where the musical received the top prize!


        BEST DIRECTOR – Damien Chazelle, LA LA LAND

        BEST ACTOR – Casey Affle

      • Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Love "La La Land"

        Winners of the Washington, D.C. Area Film Critics Awards:

        Best Film: La La Land

        Best Director: Damien Chazelle, La La Land

        Best Actor: Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea

        Best Actress: Natalie Portman, Jackie

        Best Supporting Actor:

      • "American Honey" Wins Big at British Independent Film Awards

        Here's the full list of winners at the British Independent Film Awards:

        Best British Independent Film
        American Honey, dir: Andrea Arnold

        Best Director
        Andrea Arnold, American Honey

        Best Actor
        Dave Johns, I, Daniel Blake


      • Los Angeles Film Critics Pick "Moonlight" for Best Picture

        Here's the list of the winners and runners-up of the Los Angeles Film Critics:

        New Generation
        Trey Edward Shults and Krisha Fairchild, Krisha

        Best Foreign-Language Film
        Winner: The Handmaiden
        Runner-Up: Toni Erdmann

        Best Picture

      • "La La Land" Wins Best Film at New York Film Critics Circle

        Damien Chazelle’s “La La Land” is having a great day. After being snubbed by the National Board of Review and the Gotham Awards, the romance/musical (and my favorite film of the year) led the Critics’ Choice Awards nominations with 12 noms including Best Picture and was picked as the Be

      • "La La Land" Sings to the Top of Critics' Choice Awards Nominations! See Full List!

        The Broadcast Film Critics Association (of which I'm a proud member) has revealed the nominations for the 22nd Critics' Choice Awards! And I'm loving that my favorite film of the year, "La La Land," led the pack with 12 nominations including Best Picture. "

    • November
      • National Board of Review Names "Manchester by the Sea" Best Film of 2016

        "Manchester by the Sea" is off to a great start this awards season. The Kenneth Lonergan film was chosen as the Best Film of 2016 by the National Board of Review. Casey Affleck also won Best Actor and Lonergan took home the Best Screenplay award while Lucas Hedges was named t

      • "Moonlight" Shines Bright at Gotham Awards

        Barry Jenkins' "Moonlight" (and one of my favorite films of the year) was the big winner at the 26th Annual Gotham Awards taking home Best Feature and Screenplay trophies along with Ensemble and Audience awards.

        Here's the complete list of nominees and wi

      • "Zootopia," "Kubo" Lead Annie Awards Nominations

        "Zootopia" scored the most nods in the recently announced Annie Awards nominations with 11 mentions followed by Focus/Laika's stop-motion/CGI hybrid "Kubo and the Two Strings" with 10. Both films are competing for the Best Animated Feature of the year with "

      • "Jackie," "Moonlight," "American Honey" Lead 2017 Independent Spirit Award Nominations

        I'm so glad that Barry Jenkins' "Moonlight" is getting lots of love from the Independent Spirit Awards. It is raw, honest, pure! One of my favorite films of the year! I also enjoyed "Jackie" but largely due to Natalie Portman's wonderful performance.

      • LA LA LAND to Receive the Vanguard Award at Palm Springs International Film Festival

        Yay! One of my favorite films of the year is receiving the Vanguard Award in my own backyard -- the Palm Springs International Film Festival! Woot Woot! Take a look at the press release:

        Palm Springs, CA (November 21, 2016) – The 28th annual Palm Springs International Film

      • Did Miles Teller Stuff a Banana in His Undies? What He Revealed in “Bleed for This” Interview

        From “Footloose” to the “Divergent” series, it was always a pleasure talking to Miles Teller. I sat down with the actor to talk about “Bleed for This” where he plays real-life World Champion Boxer Vinnie Pazienza. Apparently, the boxer told him to stuff a banana in his undies to film h

      • Aaron Eckhart Trained with Manny Pacquiao’s Trainer for “Bleed for This”

        I love talking with Aaron Eckhart, especially with a movie that has “No Fallen” on the title! HA! In “Bleed for This,” he stars as Vinnie Pazienza’s trainer Kevin Rooney. He virtually disappeared in the role as he gained weight and lost his hair. Take a look at my interview with Aaro

      • The Lovely Katey Sagal Talks About Her Role in “Bleed for This”

        We all fell in love with Katey Sagal as Peg Bundy in “Married with Children.” Now, she’s playing a different kind of mom in “Bleed for This.” She plays the kind of mother who goes to her makeshift altar to smoke cigarettes as she listens to her son’s boxing fight on TV. But she comes

      • Director Ben Younger Talks About His Own Comeback for “Bleed for This”

        “Bleed for This” is the true-life story of World Champion Boxer Vinnie Pazienza (Miles Teller) who made one the most incredible comebacks in the world of sports. The writer/director of the biopic, Ben Younger, is also making a comeback of some sorts. He hasn’t made a full feature film

      • My Fun and Insightful Interview with Tom Ford for “Nocturnal Animals”

        It was a great honor to meet and interview fashion icon Tom Ford. Besides being one of the world’s top designers, Ford is an auteur and a master at creating mood as evident in 2009’s “A Single Man” and this year’s “Nocturnal Animals.” Why did the director decide to tackle Austin Wright

      • Jake Gyllenhaal Explains His Dual Role in “Nocturnal Animals”

        Jake Gyllenhaal shows the softer side of masculinity in Tom Ford’s “Nocturnal Animals.” He is Tony Hastings, the fictional character in the book written by Edward Sheffield also played by Gyllenhaal. I sat down with the actor for this one-on-one interview, take a look.

      • Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Inspiration for His “Nocturnal Animals” Character

        Aaron Taylor-Johnson stars as the villainous Ray Marcus in Tom Ford’s “Nocturnal Animals.” When I sat down with the actor to interview him for the film, he revealed the inspiration behind his performance. Take a look at my interview with Taylor-Johnson for “Nocturnal Animals.”
      • Ruth Negga to Receive the Rising Star Award

        The fantastic Ruth Negga from "Loving" is being honored (deservingly I might add), at the upcoming Palm Springs International Film Festival! I sat down with the actress for "Loving," take a look at my interview:

        And here's why you have to

      • Casey Affleck to Receive the Desert Palm Achievement Award

        Casey Affleck is being honored at the upcoming Palm Springs International Film Festival for his fantastic performance in Kenneth Lonergan's "Manchester by the Sea!" I sat down with Affleck and his co-star, Michelle Williams, for the movie at the Toronto International Film

      • I’m Loving Ruth Negga! See My Lovely Interview with the Actress for “Loving”

        From Focus Features, the fantastic studio who brought us Felicity Jones in 2014 (“The Theory of Everything”) and Alicia Vikander last year for “The Danish Girl,” comes Ruth Negga! You will be mesmerized by her powerfully understated performance in “Loving.” And she’s also quite smart a

      • Joel Edgerton Talks about “Loving”

        Joel Edgerton (“Warrior,” “The Gift”) disappears into the role of Richard Loving in writer/director Jeff Nichols’ “Loving.” Together with his on-screen partner, the equally wonderful Ruth Negga, the couple gave the year’s most understated performances. Simply put, I’m loving “Loving!”

      • Terri Abney Reveals Inspiration for Her “Loving” Character

        You will fall in love with Terri Abney when you see her performance as Mildred’s (Ruth Negga) sister in “Loving.” I sat down with the delightful actress to talk about her inspiration behind her real-life character of Garnet.

      • Writer/Director Jeff Nichols Talks about “Loving”

        Writer/director Jeff Nichols creates an emotionally-rich homage to the real-life Lovings, Richard (Joel Edgerton) and Mildred (Ruth Negga) in “Loving.” It’s a biopic about an interracial couple who fought for their right to love one another. It’s a strong Oscar contender. Take a look

      • Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams Interview for “Manchester by the Sea”
        “Manchester by the Sea” is one of the most powerful and emotionally-rich movies of 2016, and I was blessed to have the opportunity to talk to its stellar cast headed by Casey Affleck (Lee Chandler) and Michelle Williams (Randi Chandler). Take a look at my interview with the actors from the Toronto

      • “Manchester by the Sea” Interview with Lucas Hedges
        Lucas Hedges co-stars in the beautifully textured and emotionally rich “Manchester by the Sea.” He is Patrick in the movie, the nephew of Casey Affleck’s character. This is from writer/director Kenneth Lonergan (“You Can Count On Me,” “Margaret”).

        I sat down with the young actor at the

      • Iconic! Tom Hanks to be Honored at Palm Springs International Film Festival!

        Palm Springs, CA (November 10, 2016) – The 28th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival (PSIFF) will present Tom Hanks with the Icon Award at its annual Film Awards Gala for his performance in Sully. The Film Awards Gala will be held Monday, January 2 at the Palm Springs Conventi

      • “OJ: Made in America” Named Best Documentary (Theatrical Feature) and “13th” Named Best Documentary (TV/Streaming) at Inaugural Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards

        (Brooklyn, NY – November 3, 2016) – The Broadcast Film Critics’ Association (BFCA) and the Broadcast Television Journalists Association (BTJA) announced the winners of the inaugural Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards tonight at a gala event, hosted by Penn Jillette at BRIC in Brooklyn.
    • October
      • Ewan McGregor Talks About Directing “American Pastoral”

        Ewan McGregor makes his directorial debut with the adaptation of Philip Roth’s Pulitzer-prize winning novel “American Pastoral.” What compelled McGregor to direct? See the actor’s passion in this interview for “American Pastoral.”

      • Jennifer Connelly Talks About “American Pastoral”

        Jennifer Connelly stars as Dawn Levov in Ewan McGregor’s adaptation of the Pulitzer-prize winning novel by Philip Roth. I sat down with the Oscar winner to talk about her character and the film.

      • Dakota Fanning Interview for “American Pastoral”

        Dakota Fanning is all grown up and she is playing a shocking but heartfelt character in Ewan McGregor’s “American Pastoral.” I sat down with the actress to talk about her interest in making the film, her character of Merry, and her passion!

      • Uzo Aduba Talks About “American Pastoral”

        Uzo Aduba, Suzanne 'Crazy Eyes' Warren of the hit Netflix show “Orange is the New Black, stars as Vicky in Ewan McGregor’s “American Pastoral.” I was so happy to meet the actress for the press junket for the film, and she was a sweetheart! In this interview, we talked about h

      • Timothy Spall Interview for “Denial”

        The incredible English character actor, Timothy Spall (Peter Pettigrew in the “Harry Potter” franchise), stars in “Denial” playing the real-life David Irving, a Holocaust denier who sued American author Deborah Lipstadt for libel. Check out my interview with the actor. “Denial” opens w

      • Tom Wilkinson Interview for “Denial”

        I’ve been a longtime fan of Tom Wilkinson so it was such an honor meeting him in person! The actor rarely does junket interviews but he was bright and cheery at the Toronto International Film Festival where this interview was held. Check out my interview with the actor for “Denial” whe

      • Author Deborah Lipstadt Talks About the Movie “Denial”

        Deborah Lipstadt was as fiery as the on-screen portrayal of Rachel Weisz in the film “Denial.” Lipstadt was sued by an English Holocaust denier, David Irving, and the drama that unfolded were all adapted on the big screen by writer David Hare and director Mick Jackson. Take a look at m

      • Writer David Hare and Director Mick Jackson Talk About “Denial”

        David Hare (“The Hours”) wrote the screenplay and Mick Jackson (“Temple Grandin,” “LA Story,” “The Bodyguard”) directed “Denial,” based on the true-life courtroom drama of author Deborah Lipstadt about Holocaust denier David Irving. I had a great time talking to the filmmakers and I had

      • Critics' Choice Documentary Awards Announced!

        LOS ANGELES, CA (OCTOBER 10, 2016) – The Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) and the Broadcast Television Journalists Association (BTJA) have announced the nominees for the inaugural Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards. The winners will be presented their awards at a gala event on T

    • September
      • A Big Congrats to “La La Land” for Winning People’s Choice Award at TIFF

        Damien Chazelle’s brilliant musical “La La Land” starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (she recently won Best Actress at Venice International Film Festival) took home the People’s Choice Award making it the one to beat this award season! Since 2008 (except for 2011’s “Where Do We Go Now?

      • “Sully” Continues to Soar, Beats “Bridget Jones,” “Blair Witch,” “Snowden”

        It was a horrible weekend at the box-office. According to Deadline, at $89M, the weekend of 9/16-18 was the worst this year. Prior to that, the weekend of 2/5-7 was the lowest with $95M.

        But, Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks made Warner Bros. happy with “Sully” dominating the

      • What I think of "Snowden"

        Oliver Stone returns with the biographical political thriller “Snowden.” Featuring a stellar cast headed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the title role, the film asks the question – is Snowden a hero or a traitor? Take a look at my movie review of “Snowden.”

      • Raw: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Interview for “Snowden”

        I fell in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt! You can see the passion coming out of his pores! He’s passionate to make not only good movies but films that have something to say! And Gordon-Levitt has a lot to say about Snowden the man, and why he thinks the movie is important! Check out

      • Raw: Director Oliver Stone Talks About “Snowden”

        It was truly an honor interviewing Oliver Stone! It was my first time to talk to the director, one of the greatest American storytellers of our time. We talked about making the movie, the NSA, and what he thinks of my home country, the Philippines, where he shot two of his most iconic

      • Raw: Shailene Woodley Talks About “Snowden”

        I just love, love, love Shailene Woodley! She gave me a great big hug as I entered the interview room, and she was very passionate about making the movie! Take a look at our interview where we talked about her interest in the film, her character (the real-life girlfriend of Edward Snow

      • Raw: Melissa Leo and Zachary Quinto Interview for “Snowden”

        I loved talking to both Melissa Leo and Zachary Quinto. Leo plays Laura Poitras, the filmmaker who interviewed Edward Snowden for the Oscar-winning documentary “Citizenfour.” Quinto is Glenn Greenwald, the lawyer/journalist who was also behind the making of the documentary and the rele

      • Raw: Scott Eastwood Interview for “Snowden”

        Oliver Stone’s “Snowden” is set to add intrigue in theatres on September 16th! Scott Eastwood joins the star-studded cast as Trevor, a computer engineer who adheres to the government. In this interview, we talked about Eastwood’s interest in making the film, his character, and how toda

      • “Morgan” & “The Light Between Oceans” Movie Reviews

        It’s a bio-engineered child versus Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander at the box-office! Will the sci-fi thriller “Morgan” succeed over “The Light Between Oceans?” Which one is better? Or do both suck? Take a look at my movie reviews of “Morgan” and “The Light Between Oceans.”
      • "Ignacio de Loyola" Movie Review

        "Ignacio de Loyola" makes its stateside debut and here's hoping our kapamilyas will get to see the Filipino production! It's the first film to be produced by Jescom, the media outfit of the Jesuit community in the Philippines. Starring Andreas Muñoz in the title rol

    • August
      • Top 10 Best Movies of 2016...So Far!
        As we inch closer toward award season, I came up with my Top 10 Best Movies of far! Did your favorite make the cut? Check it out:

        RUNNERS UP: “The Invitation,” “The Fits,” “The Nice Guys,” “Captain America: Civil War,” “The Jungle Book,” “De Palma,” “Deadpo

      • Why "Kubo and the Two Strings" is Magical!

        Laika (“Coraline,” “ParaNorman,” “The Boxtrolls”) is back with “Kubo and the Two Strings.” Let’s travel to ancient Japan to learn the story of a boy, a talking monkey, and a giant beetle!

        Here's the official film synopsis:

        Kubo and the Two Strings

      • Critics' Choice Movie Awards Moving to December 11th!

        That's right folks, the Critics' Choice Movie Awards, given by the Broadcast Film Critics' Association (of which I'm a proud voting member!) is moving to an earlier date making it the first major award show of the season! Yay! Take that Golden Globes HA!

      • A Special Clip of “Kubo and the Two Strings” Starring Me! HA!

        Thanks to Focus Features for giving me an opportunity to be in the movie…at least for this clip! I love “Kubo and the Two Strings” and in this scene, I channeled Matthew McConaughey’s Beetle! Fierce!

      • Art Parkinson aka Rickon Stark Talks About “Kubo and the Two Strings”

        Art Parkinson, who plays Rickon Stark in “Game of Thrones” is the voice of Kubo in Laika’s “Kubo and the Two Strings.” I sat down with the young actor to talk about his interest in the film, his character, working on the movie, and getting to know his story.

      • Travis Knight Interview for “Kubo and the Two Strings”

        Travis Knight, the CEO of Laika Entertainment, steps behind the camera as a director for the very first time. I met the down-to-earth CEO for “The Boxtrolls” before and he is just as excited about “Kubo and the Two Strings.” Let Mr. Knight take you behind-the-scenes for this interview

      • Is "Suicide Squad" Worth Your Time and Money?

        It’s finally here, one of the most anticipated movies of the year! But is “Suicide Squad” worth all the hype? Check out my movie review of “Suicide Squad.”

        Here’s the official synopsis from WB:

        From director David Ayer ("Fury," "End of W

    • July
      • My DC Fanboy Heart is Melting! New "Wonder Woman" and "Justice League" Trailers!

        Warner Bros. and DC Comics, bless their wonderful hearts, released two new trailers to satisfy all the fanboys and fangirls! Both premiered at Comic Con and are nearly three-minutes long!

        First, let's take a look at the new "Wonder Woman" trailer starring the

      • The Secret is Out! We Have a New "Blair Witch!"

        Back in May, Lionsgate released a teaser for the new horror flick "The Woods." Little did we know, it's really the sequel to the genre-defining "The Blair Witch Project" simply called "Blair Witch."

        Some lucky fans at Comic-Con were treate

      • My Movie Pick of the Week! Hint: It's Not "Star Trek Beyond"
        Just this weekend at the North American box-office, we have a deluge of big blockbusters like “Star Trek Beyond,” the animated flick that has run its course “Ice Age: Collison Course,” Edina and Patsy go bigscreen for “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie,” and the inventive horror flick “Lights Out.” Bu

      • “Captain Fantastic” Interview with Viggo Mortensen and Writer/Director Matt Ross

        I loved talking to these two! Truth be told, I love interviewing directors of a movie because I’m very interested in the passion of making the film! Writer/director Matt Ross, who won the Un Certain Regard directing award at the Cannes Film Festival where “Captain Fantastic” received a

      • “Captain Fantastic” Interview with Child Actresses

        These kids, including the child actors who played their brothers in “Captain Fantastic” are simply amazing! I sat down with the child actresses (From L to R: Shree Cooks, Annalise Basso, and Samantha Isler to talk about their fantastic movie starring Viggo Mortensen from director Matt R

      • “Captain Fantastic” Interview with Kathryn Hahn! I Just Love Her!

        I just love Kathryn Hahn! Not only is she sweet in person (and she remembers little old me!), she’s also a great scene-stealer (case in point, last year’s “The Visit”). She plays a small role in director Matt Ross’ “Captain Fantastic” as Viggo Mortensen’s character’s sister, Harper. I

      • And Another Trailer That Made Me Tear Up -- Check Out "Loving!"
        Jeff Nichols ("Mud," "Take Shelter") returns to the big screen with "Loving" starring Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga as the real-life Richard and Mildred Loving. He is white, she is black and they proved their love together all the way to the Supreme Court! Can't w

      • I Just Love "La La Land" Trailer Featuring Ryan Gosling Singing to Emma Stone!
        I can't wait for this film to open in December! Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone star in this new film from the writer/director of "Whiplash,Damien Chazelle! Check out the new teaser trailer and fall in love!

        Starring Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, John Legend, Rosemarie D

      • Your 4th of July Box-Office Weekend!

        It’s Tarzan versus the Big Friendly Giant at the box-office this weekend. Granted Alexander Skarsgard is physically fit as our King of the Jungle but he’s got a strong opponent with the triumvirate of Steven Spielberg, scriptwriter Melissa Mathison (“E.T.”), and beloved author Roald Dah

    • June
      • "Independence Day: Resurgence" -- Cheesy, Fun But Not Enough

        The sequel to 1996’s “Independence Day” invades theatres near you! This one’s called “Resurgence” but alas, Will Smith, who became a major blockbuster star when the original came out chose to not fight aliens again. Apparently, “After Earth” is the last of his out-of-this-world films.

      • Top 25 Best Movies Ever With A Doggie Twist

        Movies have gone to the dogs, at least in my cinematic world. I picked my Top 25 Best Movies Ever and let my dogs be the stars! Meet my four furbabies Nemo, (yes, I’m a big fan of “Finding Nemo” and even named our cat Dory), Tony, Tia, and Twinkle. They were all rescued and now are th

      • Local Filmmaker Debuts “Vigilante Diaries” in Coachella Valley

        Palm Springs director, Christian Sesma, debuts his new action-thriller “Vigilante Diaries” in the Coachella Valley. I sat down with the director last week about the making of the movie and working with stars like Michael Madsen, Jason Mewes, and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

      • No, "Finding Dory" Is Not As Good as "Finding Nemo!"

        Midway through "Finding Dory," as soon as Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) embarks on a mission to find her parents (Eugene Levy and Diane Keaton), I came to the realization that the $200-million sequel was carefully crafted not because there was a compelling story to be told rather due

      • Which Is Better? "The Conjuring 2" or "Now You See Me 2?" Check out my Movie Reviews
        *** As seen from my other home, The Filipino Channel's Balitang America!

        It’s the duel of the sequels at the box-office this weekend, which one between “The Conjuring 2” and “Now You See Me 2” is my pick of the week? Take a look!

      • Woody Harrelson and Mark Ruffalo Interview for NOW YOU SEE ME 2
        Bromance between Woody Harrelson and Mark Ruffalo was blooming when I interviewed the actors for “Now You See Me 2.” They were full of praises for each other, some in jest, some heartfelt, but all are funny! Take a look!

        Official NOW YOU SEE ME 2 Synopsis:

        THE FOU

      • Lizzy Caplan and Dave Franco Interview for NOW YOU SEE ME 2
        I sat down with Lizzy Caplan and Dave Franco for “Now You See Me 2.” She is a newbie to the franchise and he is returning to the world of the Four Horsemen. Check out this video when I told Franco he looks like Sinead O’Connor! HA!

        Official NOW YOU SEE ME 2 Synopsis:

      • Magician Keith Barry from NOW YOU SEE ME 2 Performs Tricks!
        Mentalist, hypnotist, and magician Keith Barry serves as the consultant for “Now You See Me 2!” I sat down with Barry for this interview and he performed some card tricks! Amazing!

        Official NOW YOU SEE ME 2 Synopsis:

        THE FOUR HORSEMEN (Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harre

    • May
    • April
      • The Sweet Bella Thorne Talks About “Ratchet & Clank”

        Bella Thorne voices the character of Cora in the big-screen version of the popular videogame, “Ratchet & Clank.” I sat down with the actress to talk about her fierce character, and her unfulfilled dreams

      • Ratchet Speaks! James Arnold Taylor Talks About “Ratchet & Clank” and Voice Acting!

        James Arnold Taylor is excited that the filmmakers behind “Ratchet & Clank” decided to keep him as the voice of Ratchet instead of going with big-name stars in the big-screen version of the popular videogame. We talked about the movie, being a voice actor, and do I have a chance at

      • What Insomniac Games Marketing Things of “Ratchet & Clank” the Movie!

        I spoke with James Stevenson, Marketing Lead at Insomniac Games about the big-screen version of “Ratchet & Clank.” Does he like the movie? Are there sequels planned? Take a look!

      • Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key (Key and Peele) Talk About “Keanu!" I Love Them!

        I love love love Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key but can I tell you a secret? During the heyday of “Key and Peele,” I was not a fan. Not because I didn’t like them, I was just not a part of their demographic. But now I am a big fan after watching “Keanu” and interviewing the pair.

      • Will Forte Talks About Coachella and "Keanu!" Oh, and His Hairpiece!

        I finally talked to Will Forte, yay! I’ve always been a big fan and it was nice to see him on the big screen with “Key & Peele” for “Keanu” where he plays the mysterious Hulka. In this interview, we talked about pussies, yes, pussies, and a whole lot of craziness. Oh, and Coachell

      • Jason Mitchell Talks About Working with Key and Peele in "Keanu!"

        Jason Mitchell is having a great career trajectory. He wowed us last year with his brilliant performance as Eazy-E and this year, he’s trying comedy with “Keanu” where he plays one of the thugs named Bud. Check out my fun interview with the actor!

      • Director Peter Atencio and A Farting Kitten Talk About “Keanu”

        Peter Atencio, the director of “Keanu,” is a big cat lover! No wonder the film features an adorable kitten named Keanu! Making his debut as a feature film director (he captained the beloved “Key and Peele” series on Comedy Central), Atencio, like the movie and the series, is smart and

      • Advance Happy "Mother's Day!" Check Out My Movie Review!

        Director Garry Marshall ends his holiday trilogy with “Mother’s Day.” After “Valentine’s Day” and “New Year’s Eve,” Marshall gathers big name stars (Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Jason Sudeikis) for this feel good charmer celebrating our first love, our moms.

      • My Fun Interview with Kate Hudson and Aasif Mandvi for “Mother’s Day”

        The moment I walked into the interview room, I heard Kate Hudson saying “we love Manny!” Awwwwww. It melted my heart, and it was fun to see the actress again after sitting down with her for 2011’s “Something Borrowed.” In “Mother’s Day,” Hudson is hiding her marriage to Aasif Mandvi f

      • Jason Sudeikis Talks About “Mother’s Day”

        It’s always fun to talk to Jason Sudeikis! He’s smart and sweet and is always welcoming. In “Mother’s Day,” he plays the character of Mr. Mom who falls for Jennifer Aniston’s Sandy. In this interview, we talked about his interest in making the film, his Mr. Mom character, and rapping!

      • Director Garry Marshall Talks About “Mother’s Day”

        I am fortunate enough to have interviewed the iconic Garry Marshall multiple times culminating with his holiday trilogy “Valentine’s Day,” “New Year’s Eve,” and now, “Mother’s Day.” And let me tell you a secret, “Mother’s Day” is the best of Marshall’s holiday trilogy! It’s fun and the

      • Shay Mitchell Talks About “Mother’s Day”

        I was very happy to meet my fellow Filipino, Shay Mitchell. The “Pretty Little Liars” star appears in Garry Marshall’s “Mother’s Day” as the new, young wife of Timothy Olyphant’s character. We talked about her interest in making the movie, working with Garry Marshall and Jennifer Anist

      • Hector Elizondo and Britt Robertson Talk About “Mother’s Day”

        Hector Elizondo is Garry Marshall’s lucky charm! The actor has appeared in 18 Marshall movies and he, like the director, is showing no signs of slowing down. In Marshall’s “Mother’s Day,” Elizondo stars as the agent of Julia Roberts’ character. I interviewed the actor, together with B

      • Loni Love Talks About “Mother’s Day”

        I love Loni Love. “The Real” hosts stars in the new Garry Marshall movie “Mother’s Day.” I sat down with the comedienne to talk about her interest in making the movie, working with Garry Marshall, and the best Mom advice ever!

      • My Movie Pick of the Week!

        It’s “Criminal” versus “The Jungle Book” at the box-office this weekend. Which one is worth your time and money? Take a look!

      • Get Free Food And Early Premier Movie Tickets To "Barbershop The Next Cut"!
        Join us Monday April 11th at Stuft Pizza in Palm Desert starting at 5pm. We will be giving away early premier movie tickets to Barbershop The Next Cut, having an all night happy hour, and giving away gift cards! Vote below for you favorite Stuft Pizza starter dish and win 1 for free! Everyone wins!<

      • Top 10 Best Superhero Movies of the Last 25 Years

        “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is making a killing at the box-office, but is it one of the Top 10 best superhero movies of the last 25 years? Put on your cape, and let’s get ready to fly.

    • March
      • Sally Field Talks About “Hello, My Name is Doris”
        The great Sally Field is the centerpiece of the new charmer “Hello, My Name is Doris.” Truth be told, the two-time Oscar winner elevates the film and adds heart to her character of Doris Miller. I interviewed Field via satellite and here’s what we talked about:

      • "They're Watching" Movie Review

        “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” are not the only ones vying for your attention this weekend. Let me direct you to a small movie with some pretty big scares, it’s called “They’re Watching,” a film that is so funny, it’s scary. [more]


      • The Good AND The Bad of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"

        Before “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” started during our press screening, we all saw director Zack Snyder making a plea to not reveal any spoilers. So in honoring his wishes, this is a spoiler-free review, I just want to enumerate the pros and cons of the superhero movie.

      • My Movie Pick of the Week!
        Two movies for you this weekend – first, we have the third movie of the “Divergent” series called “Allegiant.” Shailene Woodley (Tris) and Theo James (Four) return along with Zoe Kravitz (Christina), Miles Teller (Peter), Naomi Watts (Evelyn), and Octavia Spencer (Johanna). This one’s based on Ver

      • Clive Owen and Jaeden Lieberher Interview for “The Confirmation”

        Clive Owen and Jaeden Lieberher are both delightful on and off screen! They play father and son in the new fantastic movie “The Confirmation” from “Nebraska” screenwriter Bob Nelson making his directorial debut. Owen plays an alcoholic and absent father to Lieberher’s Anthony. The cru

      • Shailene Woodley Interview “The Divergent Series: Allegiant”

        The lovely Shailene Woodley returns to the role of Tris in the latest “Divergent” installment. And her character is as feisty as ever! But in real life, Woodley is sweet and very down-to-earth, and she gave me a great big hug when I entered the room. Awwwwwwww :)

      • What Theo James Relishes the Most About Four in “The Divergent Series: Allegiant”

        Theo James (Four) was in London during the press junket for “The Divergent Series: Allegiant.” But no matter how far, you could still feel the actor’s energy via satellite interview! And he was fun as always! Check out my interview with the actor and find out what he relishes the most

      • Evelyn Vs. Johanna! Naomi Watts and Octavia Spencer Interview for “The Divergent Series: Allegiant”

        These two fine actresses are as interesting as their characters in the new “Divergent” movie. Naomi Watts is Evelyn, consumed by revenge, power, and love for her son while Octavia Spencer is Johanna whose ferocity is as deep as her scar. Take a look at my interview with the stars for “

      • My Fun Interview with Zoë Kravitz and Miles Teller for “The Divergent Series: Allegiant!” He's Done Paying Student Loans!

        I had a great time interviewing Zoë Kravitz (Christina) and Miles Teller (Peter) for the third film in the popular “Divergent” series. The two were fun and funny and breaking news folks, Miles Teller has finally paid off his student loans! Does this mean the end for the actor and makin

      • The Great Helen Mirren Talks About “Eye in the Sky”

        I am truly blessed and honored to have the opportunity to sit down and interview the great Helen Mirren! And she was wonderful and sweet in person! I’ve talked to her before on the red carpet at various Palm Springs International Film Festival gala events and she’s always a delight! T

      • Director Gavin Hood Talks About “Eye in the Sky”

        Director Gavin Hood (“Ender’s Game,” “Rendition,” “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” “Tsotsi”) return with the thought-provoking political thriller “Eye in the Sky.” I sat down with the director to talk about the genesis of the project, the gender-switch of Helen Mirren’s character, and the im

      • Gerard Butler, Tina Fey, and Talking Mammals Oh My!

        Three big films for you at the box-office this weekend. First, we have “Zootopia” from Walt Disney Pictures featuring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba, Octavia Spencer, J.K. Simmons, and Shakira. We also have “London Has Fallen,” the sequel to “Olympus Has Fallen.” Gerard B

      • Gerard Butler and Angela Bassett Reunite for “London Has Fallen”

        Hands down, Miss Angela Bassett is one of the sweetest folks I’ve ever interviewed! Cordial and lovely! Gerard Butler is also sweet and he was especially talkative this time! He’s relishing his role as both the star and producer of “London Has Fallen,” the sequel to “Olympus Has Falle

      • The Great Morgan Freeman Talks About “London Has Fallen”

        I love to interview Morgan Freeman. Truth be told, he reminds me of my grandpa! I should tell him that the next time I sit down with him! The iconic actor returns to the “Has Fallen” franchise only this time, he’s the Vice President of the U.S.A. Previously on “Olympus Has Fallen,” F

      • Aaron Eckhart Talks About “London Has Fallen”

        Aaron Eckhart returns to the White House as President Benjamin Asher in the sequel “London Has Fallen.” I enjoyed the first film “Olympus Has Fallen” and this one has the same mood and feel of the original, absolutely no pretensions! “London Has Fallen” comes out in theatres this Frida

    • February
      • "Spotlight" Wins Best Picture at 88th Oscars! See Full List of Winners!

        First of all, I'm very happy that my favorite film of the year, Tom McCarthy's "Spotlight," wins big at the 88th Academy Awards! I was losing hope after "The Big Short" won the Producers Guild Award and "The Revenant" zoomed onto the frontrunner s

      • Let's Talk Oscars!

        Join me on my Facebook page about 5 p.m. Pacific and let's talk all things Oscars! Click here, it'll be fun! Grab your favorite drink and finger foods and let's blog the Oscars away! Go to and I'll see you there!


      • "Spotlight" Shines Brightly at Independent Spirit Awards!

        Yay! My favorite film of 2015 was the big winner at the recently concluded Film Independent Spirit Awards taking home the best feature, director (Tom McCarthy), screenplay, and editing. It was previously announced that the film was the winner of the prestigious Robert Altman Award (ens

      • Razzie Awards Redeem Sylvester Stallone, Dis "Fifty Shades of Grey" and "Fantastic Four"

        It has come to full circle for Sylvester Stallone. The perennial Razzie awardee has just been redeemed! The Oscar frontrunner for Best Supporting Actor (see my full Oscar predictions here) won the Razzie Redeemer Award at the 2016 Golden Raspberry Award. It's all good now Mr. Sta

      • "Mad Max," "Revenant" Tied at Golden Reel Awards

        It's all about the sound! The Motion Picture Sound Editors unveiled the winners of the 2016 Golden Reel Awards and "Mad Max: Fury Road" and "The Revenant" tied for the Best Sound Editing: Feature English Language – FX/Foley. For my Oscar predictions, I chose &q

      • My Complete and Fearless 2016 Oscars Predictions!

        The awards season comes to a close with the 88th Academy Awards. And it’s one of the most unpredictable Oscars yet! In order to predict the outcome, I divided each category between the heart (who should win) and mind (who will win).

        Best Picture

      • My Crazy Fun Interview with Casey Affleck for “Triple 9!” Dad Bod and Rainbows!

        The moment I walked into the room, Casey Affleck gave me a great big hug! I just interviewed the actor last month for “The Finest Hours” so yeah, we’re like tight buds now HA!

        But this interview is all over the place in a good way! Affleck was in a playful mood that Friday

      • Aaron Paul and Norman Reedus Together in One Room!

        Jesse and Daryl together in one room! How lucky can I get? “Breaking Bad’s” Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) and “The Walking Dead’s” Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) star as brothers in John Hillcoat’s new crime thriller “Triple 9.”

        I sat down with the actors for this fun interview

      • My Fun Interview with Clifton Collins Jr. for “Triple 9”

        Clifton Collins Jr. stars as the mysterious Jorge Rodriguez in John Hillcoat’s new crime thriller “Triple 9.” When I interviewed the actor for the film, he gave me his new book “Prison Ramen: Recipes and Stories from Behind Bars.”

        When I sat down with the well-rounded actor

      • My Sit-Down Interview with Anthony Mackie and Chiwetel Ejiofor for “Triple 9”

        It’s a treat to sit down with Anthony Mackie and Oscar-nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor for their new movie “Triple 9.” From director John Hillcoat (“The Road,” “The Proposition”), Mackie and Ejiofor star in this engrossing crime-thriller.

        Take a look at my interview (above) with the

      • Director John Hillcoat Talks About “Triple 9”

        John HIllcoat’s new film, “Triple 9,” is an engrossing crime thriller with a star-studded cast. “The Road” director takes us to the gritty streets of Atlanta with criminals, dirty cops, Russian mob, and a big heist!

        I sat down with the director to talk about his interest in m

      • “Race” Interview with Jason Sudeikis

        Jason Sudeikis gives a dramatic performance as Jesse Owens’ coach, Larry Synder. This is a far cry from the actor who starred in “We’re the Millers,” the “Horrible Bosses” movies, and all the other raunchy comedies. In this interview, I asked him why he chose to do the film, and how he

      • “Race” Interview with Stephan James

        Stephan James embodies Jesse Owens in the new biopic “Race.” The actor was so excited to play the part, he claimed that he now runs like Owens after preparing for the role. In this interview, we talked about his two hero characters (“Selma’s” John Lewis and Owens) and what they mean to

      • “Race” Interview with Director Stephen Hopkins

        Director Stephen Hopkins (“The Life and Death of Peter Sellers,” “The Reaping”) gives us the unforgettable true-story of Olympic icon Jesse Owens. I sat down with the director to talk about his inspiration for making the film, cast choices, and shooting the film in Berlin’s Olympiastadi

      • "Deadpool" and "How to Be Single" Movie Reviews

        Two big movies this weekend, we have the comic-book flick “Deadpool” starring Ryan Reynolds in the title role and the romantic comedy “How to Be Single” featuring Leslie Mann, Dakota Johnson, and Rebel Wilson. Which one is my pick of the week? Take a look!

      • Hey Palm Springs Friends -- Watch "Race" Before Anyone Else!

        I love "Race!" The unforgettable true-life story of Olympic Hero Jesse Owens starring Stephan James and Jason Sudeikis! Pick up your passes at Encore Consign + Design Studio on Monday, Feb. 15th from 5 to 7 p.m.

        Our exclusive screening is on Tuesday, Feb. 16th at

      • I Love Rebel Wilson! Here’s Our Interview for “How to Be Single”

        Let me just tell you upfront – I love, love, love Rebel Wilson! I admire her as a scene-stealer on-screen but I love her even more for being a sweet person in real life! She stars as the party-girl Robin in “How to Be Single” and she may hold the key to unlock the secrets of how to be

      • Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson Talk About My Age (!!!) and “How to Be Single”

        I enjoyed talking to Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson for their new romantic-comedy “How to Be Single.” They complete each other’s sentences just like their roles of sisters in the film. In this interview, we talked about their interest in making the film, my age (yup!), and their drink

      • Alison Brie and Anders Holm Talk About “How to Be Single”

        I enjoyed talking to these two actors! They’re as funny in real-life like their on-screen characters. Alison Brie is one of the single ladies in the film named Lucy. She’s a by-the-numbers lady who relies on statistics in finding the right guy. Anders Holm is the “sexual sorbet of a

      • Jake Lacy and Damon Wayans Jr. Talk About “How to Be Single”

        I sat down with Jake Lacy and Damon Wayans Jr. for the funny “How to Be Single.” Lacy stars as Ken, the perfect boyfriend to Leslie Mann’s character, and Wayans Jr. is David, a widower who stars dating Dakota Johnson’s Alice.

        In this interview, we talked about their interest

      • "Hal, Caesar!" and "The Choice" -- My Reviews As Seen On The Filipino Channel's Balitang America

        Two big movies for you to choose from this weekend! First, we have the star-studded cast of “Hail, Caesar!” from the great auteurs Coen Brothers. This one stars George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, Josh Brolin, Ralph Fiennes, Tilda Swinton, Jonah Hill, and Frances McDorm

      • Nicholas Sparks and Tom Welling Talk About “The Choice”
        I always enjoy interviewing Nicholas Sparks! The prolific author, making his first feature film under the banner of Nicholas Sparks Production, is down-to-earth and sweet! Together with Tom Welling (“Smallville’s” Clark Kent, he plays Dr. Ryan McCarthy in the film), we talked about the making of t

      • Teresa Palmer and Benjamin Walker Talk About “The Choice”
        I had a great time talking to Teresa Palmer and Benjamin Walker, the stars of the new Nicholas Sparks film “The Choice.” They play lovers whose relationship is tested by the choices they make. In this interview, we talked about their characters, their interest in making the film, and if they belie

    • January
      • Box-Office Weekend: "Kung Fu Panda 3" VS "The Finest Hours"

        Two big films for you! We have the animated threequel “Kung Fu Panda 3” and the real-life action drama thriller “The Finest Hours.” Which one is worth your time and money? Take a look!

      • "Mad Max," "The Big Short" Win Big at ACE Eddie Awards for Editing!

        George Miller's "Mad Max: Fury Road" and Adam McKay's "The Big Short" were the big winners at the recently concluded ACE Eddie Awards. "Mad Max" took home Best Edited Feature Film (Dramatic) while "The Big Short" won Best Edited Feature

      • So, Will "The Big Short" Win Best Picture Oscar?

        With "The Big Short" winning the Producers Guild Award, it's safe to say the film is now the frontrunner beating awards season darlings like "Spotlight," "The Revenant," and "Mad Max: Fury Road," and lording over the rest of the nominees such

      • “The Finest Hours” Interview with Chris Pine and Ben Foster

        I love being in the company of these two gentlemen HA! They were fun to talk to! Chris Pine aka Captain Kirk stars as Bernie Webber, the unexpected hero who saved the crew of the SS Pendleton off the coast of Cape Cod during a blizzard in 1952. Helping him is Richard Livesey played by

      • “The Finest Hours” interview with Casey Affleck

        I always love talking to Casey Affleck! He’s good-natured and sweet! In “The Finest Hours,” he plays the reluctant real-life hero, Ray Sybert, who struggles to keep the ship and crew afloat. In this interview, we talked about his intentions in making the film for director Craig Gilles

      • “The Finest Hours” Interview with Holliday Grainger

        Holliday Grainger (“Anna Karenina,” “Great Expectations,” “Cinderella”) stars as Miriam, the love interest of Chris Pine’s character in “The Finest Hours.” The character and her relationship with Pine’s Webber is the heart of the film.

        I sat down with the sweet Grainger (she

      • Ignore the New Releases and Watch "45 Years" Instead!

        January is considered Hollywood’s dumping ground, a time when studios release movies they generally don’t believe in. Like this weekend, we have another young adult dystopian thriller in “The 5th Wave,” the mismatched comedy “Dirty Grandpa,” and the evil doll thriller “The Boy.” So, if

      • "Carol" Wins Big at Gay and Lesbian GALECA DORIAN Awards

        Todd Haynes' "Carol" was the big winner at the recently announced Dorian Awards from the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association. And yes, I'm a proud voting member! And yes, I voted for "Carol." Because I love the movie! It's the 4th on m

      • My Favorite Moments From the 2016 Critics Choice Awards!

        Every year I look forward to the Critics' Choice Awards. Seeing the best and brightest in cinema together in one room is exhilarating for movie buffs like me, let alone being there, little old me, live and in person! So yes, it's fun to see the stars, drink a lot and eat very

      • Predict the Oscars Better! Watch the Critics' Choice Awards!

        Yes, I'm a proud voting member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and yes, I'm a little bias, but we've been better at predicting the winners of the Academy Awards! See for yourself this Sunday, January 17th at 8PM ET/5PM PT on A&E, Lifetime, and LMN! Yay!
      • Oh Ridley Scott Where Art Thou? Oscar Snubs and Surprises!

        What do you think of the Oscar nominations? Here are my gripes:

        Steven Spielberg -- a strong showing for "Bridge of Spies" (6 nominations) but no love for Spielberg!
        Ridley Scott -- "The Martian" received 7 noms but alas, Scott is left in Mars!

      • The Oscars! 88th Academy Awards Nominations! See Full List!

        Best motion picture of the year
        “The Big Short” Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner, Producers
        “Bridge of Spies” Steven Spielberg, Marc Platt and Kristie Macosko Krieger, Producers
        “Brooklyn” Finola Dwyer and Amanda Posey, Producers
        “Mad Max: Fury Road” Doug Mi

      • Watch 2016 Oscar Nominations Live Stream at 5:30 AM Pacific

      • Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards Nominations!

        The Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild has announced the nominees of its yearly kudos. Winners will be revealed during the black-tie annual MUAHS Guild Awards ceremony, hosted by comedian Loni Love, on Saturday, February 20th.


      • "Carol" Tops Nominations for the Gay and Lesbian Critics Association (GALECA) Dorian Awards!

        The Gay and Lesbian Critics Association (GALECA), of which I'm a proud voting member, has announced the nominees of the 2016 Dorian Awards! As expected, Todd Haynes' fantastic lesbian romance drama "Carol" led the pack with 7 nominations including Film of the Year, D

      • The Best Directors of the Year! See Complete DGA Awards Nominees!

        The Directors Guild of America has announced the nominees for the 68th annual DGA Awards! Missing were Todd Haynes ("Carol") and Steven Spielberg for "Bridge of Spies." But I'm very happy that George Miller for "Mad Max: Fury Road" got in. While we&#

      • 52nd Cinema Audio Society Awards Nominations

        The Cinema Audio Society has announced the nominees for the 52nd Annual CAS Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for 2015 in six categories and the CAS Technical Achievement Award Nominations. "The Hateful Eight" joins "Bridge of Spies," "Mad Max:

      • "Star Wars" Leads 14th Visual Effects Society Awards Nominations

        J.J. Abrams' "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" topped the recently announced nominations of the 14th annual VES (Visual Effects Society) Awards. The sequel will duke it out with "Furious 7," "San Andreas," "Mad Max: Fury Road," and "The Mar

      • 28th Annual USC Scripter Awards Nominees

        The USC Libraries have announced the nominees of the 28th annual Scripter Awards honoring each year's best adaptation of the printed word to film. And this year, TV category has been added. Winners will be revealed on February 20th.

        Here's the nominees of the 28t

      • "The Martian" Leads 20th Satellite Awards Nominations

        The International Press Academy has revealed the nominees of the 20th Satellite Awards and Ridley Scott's "The Martian" led the pack with nine nominations including Best Film. Winners will be announced on February 21st.

        Here's your complete list of nominee

      • "The Revenant" Tops Golden Globe Awards! See Complete List of Winners!

        And so it goes, Alejandro González Iñárritu's "The Revenant" derails Tom McCarthy's "Spotlight" from dominating award season by winning the most trophies at the 73rd annual Golden Globe Awards! Besides taking home the Best Picture Drama trophy, Leonardo DiC

      • Join In On Some Golden Globes Fun!

        Follow me on Facebook and let's slice and dice the Golden Globes! Click here, or you can also go to

      • Let's Slice and Dice the Golden Globes! Complete Predictions and More!

        The Hollywood Foreign Press is set to hand out the 73rd Golden Globes awards on Sunday on NBC! While I, a voting Critics' Choice member, still feel that we are a better Academy Awards predictor, we cannot discount the Globes for its history and really, fun! And I do have a lot of

      • Intriguing Golden Globes Predictons! It's All About the Schools!

        Stephanie from StudySoup emailed me to share her intriguing theory! Golden Globe winners can be predicted based on the schools the nominees attended! Huh, say you? It's a pretty darn good argument:

        Since the Golden Globes began handing out awards in 1943, alumni and

      • I Said What? Check Out My Dirty Mouth on Phil Hulett and Friends Radio Show!

        So, I'm on the Phil Hulett and Friends show every Thursday! You better listen! Click here for more info.

        Last Thursday's show was all about bears (yes BEARS!!!) and peanuts! Oh, we did talk about my fearless Golden Globes predictions, and my Top 10 Best Movies o

      • "Bridge of Spies," "Carol" Lead BAFTA Nominations! Where's "Mad Max?" What About "Star Wars?"

        Leave it to the Brits! The BAFTA nominations were announced and they gave us a slightly different look at the awards season! For instance, Tom McCarthy's "Spotlight," the leading Oscar contender in the U.S. just received 3 noms including Best Film, Supporting Actor for M

      • Predicting the Golden Globes! See My Fearless Predictions!

        The Hollywood Foreign Press, known to surprise many with its choices, will hand out the winners of the 73rd annual Golden Globes on Sunday! Who will win? Now I’m a Movie Guy and not a TV guy but I did my best and consulted with the TV gods for my fearless predictions!

      • Costume Designers Guild Nominations! "Cinderella!" "The Hunger Games!" "Star Wars!"

        The Costume Designers Guild has announced nominations for its 18th annual CDG Awards! "Mad Max: Fury Road" will duke it out with "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," "Cinderella," "Ex Machina," and "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2" for t

      • Austin Film Critics Embrace "Mad Max," Michael Fassbender

        Here's the complete list of winners (highlighted) and nominees:

        Best Film:
        WINNER: Mad Max: Fury Road

        Best Director:
        Todd Haynes, Carol
        Tom McCarthy, Spotlight
        Adam McKay, The Big Short
      • The American Society of Cinematographers Awards Nominations

        The American Society of Cinematographers has announced the nominees of its ASC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in a Theatrical Release. The Awards night will take place on Feb. 14 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles.

        And the nominees ar

      • Another Big Win for "Mad Max: Fury Road!"

        The Florida Film Critics Circle has announced its winners and George Miller's "Mad Max: Fury Road" was the big winner taking home the Best Picture of the year award. It's kind of interesting that during the nomination phase, "Todd Haynes’ Carol lead the way with

      • Writers Guild Award Nominations -- Some Surprises and Omissions!

        The Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW) and the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE) have announced nominations for outstanding achievement in screenwriting during 2015. Besides the usual suspects ("Bridge of Spies," "Sicario," "Spotlight), there were also so

      • Producers Guild Awards Nominees! See Full List!

        The Producers Guild of America has announced the nominations for its 27th annual Producers Guild Awards! 10 films are vying for the Darryl F. Zanuck Award for Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion Pictures. And sorry "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and "Carol," y

      • Art Directors Guild Nominations Revealed! Yup, "Star Wars" Is Among the Nominees!

        The Art Directors Guild has unveiled the nominees of its 20th anual Excellence in Production Design Awards and "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is one of the contenders in the Contemporary Feature Film category. But it may be hard for the force to beat the magical "Cinderel

      • "Carol" Tops Nominations of Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards!

        The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts has announced the nominees for its 5th annual International Awards and Todd Haynes' "Carol" led the pack followed by Adam McKay's "The Big Short," George Millers' Mad Max: Fury Road," and Alejand

      • Does "Star Wars" Have the Best Cast? It's Among the Nominees of Casting Society of America's Artios Awards! See Full Nomination List!

        The Casting Society of America has announced the nominees of its 31st annual Artios Awards. J.J. Abrams' "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is among the nominees in its Big Budget Drama category. And why not? The film cast the fantastic unknowns Daisy Ridley and John Boyega

      • "Star Wars," "Ant-Man" Among ACE Eddie Awards Nominees! See Full List!

        The American Cinema Editors has announced the nominees of their 66th Annual ACE Eddie Awards and J.J. Abrams' "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is one of the contenders in the Best Edited Feature Film (Dramatic) category while Peyton Reed's "Ant-Man" is a nomin

      • Kristen Stewart Among National Society of Film Critics Winners! See Full List!

        The National Society of Film Critics has announced the winners of their annual awards and Tom McCarthy's "Spotlight" emerged as the Best Picture winner! In the acting categories, Michael B. Jordan won Best Actor for "Creed" while the Best Actress award went to C

      • "Carol" Leads EDA Awards Nominations by Alliance of Women Film Journalists!

        The Alliance of Women Film Journalists has announced the nominees for their 2015 EDA Awards recognizing the amazing work done by and about women -- both in front and behind the camera. According to their site, "the EDAs are named in honor of AWFJ founder Jennifer Merin’s mother, Ed

  • 2015
    • December
      • Wishing You A Fantastic 2016! May All Your Wishes Come True!

      • Have a Lovely Christmas Everyone! And Peace to All Mankind!
        I'm in Rome right now for my Roman Holiday but I just want to wish y'all Buon Natale!

      • Top 10 Best Movies of 2015 -- "Star Wars" Made the Cut!

        I waited until I saw “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” before making my Top 10 Best Movies of 2015 list. I wanted to make sure I’ve seen all that Hollywood has to offer before making my decision. And I’m glad I did! So without further ado, here’s the list of my favorite films of 2015. <

      • What's Coming Out at the Box-Office this Christmas?

        Last minute Hollywood releases just in time for Oscar consideration. We have Quentin Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight,” Jennifer Lawrence in “Joy,” Will Smith in “Concussion,” and Leonardo DiCaprio for “The Revenant.” What do I think of these films and should you see them? Here’s my tak

      • St. Louis Film Critics Association Awards Nominations!

        BEST FILM

        Inside Out

        Mad Max: Fury Road

        The Martian

        The Revenant




        Todd Haynes, “Carol”

        Alejandro G. Innaritu, “The Revenant”

        Tom McCarthy, “Spotlight”

      • San Diego Film Critics Love "Mad Max: Fury Road"

        If it's not "Spotlight," it's either "Carol" or "Mad Max: Fury Road." And the latter was picked by the San Diego Film Critics Society as the Best Picture of the Year! Take a look at the full list of winners:



      • Online Film Critics Embrace "Mad Max: Fury Road"

        Best Picture
        Ex Machina
        Inside Out
        Mad Max: Fury Road -- WINNER
        The Martian
        The Revenant

        Best Animated Feature
        The Good Dinosaur
        Inside Out -- WINNER
        The Peanu

      • "Carol" Leads London Critics' Circle Nominations, Kristen Stewart Receives Nod

        Todd Haynes' "Carol" leads the pack of nominees of the 36th annual London Critics' Circle film awards. The romantic movie receives seven nominations including Film of the Year.

        And yes Kristen Stewart fans, she got a deserving nomination for her supporting

      • Las Vegas Film Critics Love "Spolight!"

        "Spotlight" topped the annual awards of the Las Vegas Film Critics Society. Legendary composer, Ennio Morricone, will receive the
        2015 William Holden Lifetime Achievement Award.

        Here's the complete list of winners of the Las Vegas Film Critics 2015 award

      • Houston Film Critics Society Nominations

        The Big Short, Paramount
        Ex Machina, A24 Films
        Inside Out, Disney/PIXAR
        Mad Max: Fury Road, Warner Bros.
        The Martian, 20th Century Fox
        The Revenant, 20th Century Fox
        Room, A24 Films
        Sicario, Lionsgate
        Spotlight, Open Road Films
      • Another Big Win for "Carol"

        Todd Haynes' "Carol" has been receiving a lot of love from various critics groups and this time, it topped the ranking of the year's best films at the annual Film Comment magazine poll!

        Take a look at the complete list below and then wonder, didn't t

      • "Carol" Leads Austin Film Critics Association 2015 Awards Nominations!

        Todd Haynes' "Carol" led the pack of the Austin Film Critics Association (AFCA) 2015 awards nominations. The film received seven nomination including for Best Picture, Best Director (Todd Haynes) and Best Actress (Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara).

        Winners, as we

      • "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Among AFI's Movies of the Year Selections!

        Now that "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" has been released, we can all go back to Awards Season chatter. First stop, oh wait, it's about "Star Wars" again! The J.J. Abrams flick is one of the chosen ones by the American Film Institute for their yearly AFI Awards

      • Why I'm Saying "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Is Among the Best Movies of the Year!

        I tried my best to keep this review as spoiler-free as possible! You have to see “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” with a fresh perspective to truly admire J.J. Abrams’ craftsmanship! But I’m so glad that Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Harrison Ford are back in their respective roles as

      • Just Saw "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and Here's What I Think!
        Our reviews are embargoed until tomorrow, Wednesday, so meanwhile, here's what I think of the J.J.Abrams-directed film! I saw the movie early in the morning at the Walt Disney Studios Lot in Burbank. So here's my non-verbal reaction to "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

      • Matt Damon to Receive Chairman's Award at 27th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala

        Matt Damon, who was so good in carrying "The Martian," is being honored at the upcoming Palm Springs International Film Festival (PSIFF). He will join previously announced honorees Cate Blanchett, Johnny Depp, Michael Fassbender, Brie Larson, Rooney Mara, Tom McCarthy, Saoirse

      • Phoenix Critics Circle Nominees

        And here are the nominees for the 2015 Phoenix Critics Circle:

        2015 NOMINEES

        Ex Machina
        Mad Max: Fury Road
        The Martian

        The Big Short
      • "Carol" Named Best Film by Toronto Film Critics Association

        Bucking the trend, the Toronto Film Critics Association chose Todd Haynes' "Carol" in their yearly kudos although both "Mad Max: Fury Road" and "Spotlight" were runners-up. Here's the full list of winners of Toronto Film Critics Association Awards

      • Two More Critics Groups Choose "Spotlight"

        Both Detroit Film Critics Society and Indiana Film Journalists Association picked Tom McCarthy's "Spotlight" as the year's best! Here's the complete list of winners of Detroit Film Critics Society:

        Best Picture: "Spotlight"


      • "Spotlight" Receives Another Stellar Award

        The wins for Tom McCarthy's "Spotlight" keep on coming! After taking home the best picture honors from the San Francisco Film Critics Circle and Southeast Film Critics Association, the drama about the Boston Globe reporters and the Catholic Church child abuse scandal rece

      • "Mad Max: Fury Roads" Leads Chicago Film Critics Nominations!

        George Miller's "Mad Max: Fury Road" blazed across the Chicago Film Critics Association nomination announced this morning. The action tale received seven nominations including best picture! Todd Haynes' "Carol" came next with 5 nods.

        Winners w

      • Your Awards Season Guide -- All the Winners We Have So Far!

        Here's your guide to Awards Season 2015/2016. The ones highlighted have been announced already. Let the games begin!

        Academy Awards -- The 2014 Oscars!
        ACE Eddie Awards -- Best Editing
        African-American Film Critics
        Alliance of Women Film Journalists -- ED

      • More Love for "Spotlight!" Complete Lists of Winners of San Francisco and Southeast Film Critics

        Right after the Critics' Choice Awards nominations were announced, two more critic groups revealed their picks and Tom McCarthy's "Spotlight" emerged as the top winner of both the San Francisco Film Critics Circle and the Southeast Film Critics Association. "Spo

      • "Mad Max: Fury Road" Tops Critics' Choice Awards Nominations! See Complete List!

        The Broadcast Film Critics Association, of which I'm a proud voting member, has announced the nominations for the 21st annual Critics' Choice Awards. We're doing something different this year, we're combining both the movie and TV categories for one spectacular night

      • Live from The Filipino Channel's Balitang America -- "In the Heart of the Sea" and "The Big Short" Movie Reviews

        I visited my favorite outlet, The Filipino Channel's (TFC) Balitang America last Friday to attend their fabulous Christmas party and to be live on their taping as well! And I had a blast talking to anchor/producer Henni Espinosa about the big weekend at the movies with the release

      • Golden Globe Awards Nominations! See Full List!

        Like many awards season buffs, I was up early to track the nominations for the 73rd annual Golden Globe Awards! Angela Bassett, America Ferrera, Chloe Grace Moretz and Dennis Quaid revealed the nominees. Brought to us by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), some of the nomin

      • Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominations and It's Full of Surprises! See Full List!

        The 22nd annual SAG Awards nominations were announced this morning and it's full of surprises! Sylvester Stallone, loved by critics and the National Board of Review for his performance in "Creed," was ignored. So was Kristen Stewart's supporting performance in "

      • "Creed" Tops 47th NAACP Image Awards Film Nominations! See Full List!

        Ryan Coogler's "Creed" topped the NAACP Image Awards nomination which were revealed this morning. "Creed" received nods for best picture, director for Coogler, actor for Michael B. Jordan, writing for Coogler and Aaron Covington, and supporting actress noms for

      • Alicia Vikander to Receive Rising Star Award at 27th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala

        Alicia Vikander, who gave two memorable performances this year for "Ex Machina" and "The Danish Girl" is receiving the Rising Star Award at the 27th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival. She will be joining previously announced honorees Cate Blanchett, Joh

      • "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Among Twenty Movies Advancing to Preliminary Oscar Best Visual Effects Shortlist!

        "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is among the movies advancing to the preliminary shortlist in the Visual Effects category for the 88th Oscars! Is the Oscar force strong with this film? We'll see later in the month if the science fiction film will be included in the final

      • Your Awards Season Guide -- All the Winners We Have So Far!

        Here's your guide to Awards Season 2015/2016. The ones highlighted have been announced already. Let the games begin!

        Academy Awards -- The 2014 Oscars!
        ACE Eddie Awards -- Best Editing
        African-American Film Critics
        Alliance of Women Film Journalists -- ED

      • More Wins for "Spotlight," "Mad Max: Fury Road"

        More signs of "Spotlight" and "Mad Max: Fury Road" duking it out for the awards season! Much like the winners of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association awards, "Spotlight" won best picture while George Miller won best director for "Mad Max: Fury Road

      • "Straight Outta Compton" Gets Love from African American Film Critics

        The African American Film Critics Association has announced the winners of their annual awards and F. Gary Gray's "Straight Outta Compton" won for Best Picture with "Creed's" Ryan Coogler deservingly winning the Best Director award. "Straight Outta Com

      • More Love for "Spotlight," "Mad Max: Fury Road"

        Both "Spotlight" and "Mad Max: Fury Road" received equal love from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. Well, sort of. Tom McCarthy's "Spotlight" won the best picture award with George Miller's "Fury Road" as the runner-up. But, M

      • Another Big Win for "Mad Max: Fury Road," Sylvester Stallone, Kristen Stewart!

        Yup, it's kind of getting repetitive now, is it "Spotlight" that will win or is it "Mad Max: Fury Road" in various award-giving bodies? Either or, I'm not complaining. I enjoyed both films!

        And I'm also loving that Sylvester Stallone an

      • Another Big Win for "Spotlight"

        So this awards season, it's shaping up to be a battle between "Spotlight" and "Mad Max: Fury Road." Tom McCarthy's nail-biting film about the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal as seen through the eyes of the Boston Globe reporters has been duking it out wit

      • "Ex Machina" Wins Big at Moët British Independent Film Awards

        Alex Garland's "Ex Machina" was the big winner at the 2015 Moët British Independent Film Awards. The artificial intelligence flick won Best British Independent Film, Director and Screenplay for Garland, and Outstanding Achievement in Craft (Visual Effects) for Andrew Whit

      • New York Film Critics Online Embrace "Spotlight"

        Tom McCarthy's "Spotlight" was the big winner at this year's New York Film Critics Online (NYFCO) awards taking home the best film, director for McCarthy, screenplay, and ensemble trophies.

        Here's the full list of winners:

        PICTURE: S

      • "The Look of Silence" Wins 2015 IDA Documentary Awards

        Joshua Oppenheimer's searing documentary about the 1960s Indonesian genocide won big at the 31st Annual IDA Documentary Awards trampling down award season favorite "Amy." The Best Short Documentary award went to Dee Hibbert-Jones and Nomi Talisman's "Last Day of

      • Michael Fassbender to Receive International Star Award at 27th Annual PSIFF Awards Gala

        Michael Fassbender, who gave two great performances this year for "Steve Jobs" and "Macbeth," is being honored at 27th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival (PSIFF). He will join previously announced recipients Cate Blanchett, Johnny Depp, Brie Larson, Tom

      • New Movies Generating Oscar Buzz!

        We all know you’re watching “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” when it comes out on Dec. 18th, but if you’re an Academy Awards fan, there are other great films to see before the year is over! Take a look at the movies generating Oscar buzz!

      • New York Film Critics Circle Loves "Carol," Kristen Stewart!

        Though beaten to the "best films of the year" punch by the National Board of Review, The New York Film Critics Circle is not far behind, staking its place as one of the first major critics groups to unveil their best of the year. Unfortunately, the group is once aga

      • It's Pixar VS. Pixar at 43rd Annie Award Nominations

        The International Animated Film Society, ASIFA-Hollywood, has announced the nominations for the 43rd Annual Annie Awards and "Inside Out" and "The Good Dinosaur," both Pixar movies, led the pack! "Inside Out" received fourteen nominations while "The Go

      • "Amy" Documentary Makes Oscar Shortlist!

        And then we have 15. Out of 124 documentaries, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has whittled it down and announced the Documentary Feature category shortlist.

        The 15 films are listed below in alphabetical order by title, with their production companies:

      • "Mad Max: Fury Road" Named Best Film by National Board of Review! See Complete List of Winners!

        The National Board of Review has announced its 2015 winners and George Miller's "Mad Max: Fury Road" took the top prize of Best Film of the year although Ridley Scott won best director for "The Martian" with Matt Damon winning the best actor trophy.

      • I'm Teased! New Sneak Peek at "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice!"

        By the way, there's a brand new trailer coming Wednesday night! But either or, I'll be at the front of the line when "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" opens on March 25, 2016.

      • "Spotlight" Shines at 25th Gotham Independent Film Awards

        Tom McCarthy's "Spotlight" was the big winner at the 25th Gotham Independent Film Awards. The true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the child molestation in the Catholic church took home the Best Feature and Screenplay trophies. I love this film! It's ripe f

    • November
      • Watch the 25th Gotham Independent Film Awards Live!

        Here are the nominees! I'm hoping "Carol" will get lots of love!

        Best Feature
        "The Diary of a Teenage Girl"
        "Heaven Knows What"

        Best Documentar

      • Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! Give Thanks, Eat Lots of Turkey, and Drink Goblets of Egg Nog!

      • Movies To See This Thanksgiving Weekend!

        Two big movies for your Thanksgiving weekend! We have the Disney/Pixar flick “The Good Dinosaur” and the Rocky sequel/reboot “Creed.” Which one is worth your time and money? Take a look at my movie reviews of “The Good Dinosaur” and “Creed.”

        Official “The Good D

      • I'm Very Pleased with Independent Spirit Awards Nominees! Check Out Full List!

        Todd Haynes' "Carol" is shaping up to be the movie to beat this awards season. Based on Patricia Highsmith's The Price of Salt, the romantic drama stars Cate Blanchett as an older, married woman who is developing some strong feelings towards a seasonal shopgirl playe

      • "Spotlight" Director Tom McCarthy to Receive Sonny Bono Visionary Award at 27th Annual PSIFF Awards Gala

        Tom McCarthy, the fantastic director who gave us the thought-provoking "Spotlight," is going to be honored at the upcoming Palm Springs International Film Festival. He will join Johnny Depp (Desert Palm Achievement Award Actor for "Black Mass"), Brie Larson (Breakthr

      • Top 10 Best LGBTQA Films Every Non-LGBTQA Person Should See!

        From "Milk" to "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert," the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association, of which I'm a proud voting member, has released the Top 10 Best LGBTQA movies every non-LGBTQA must and should see! And I agree with all th

      • Hey Palm Springs Friends -- Win Collectibles from "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2!"

        Win prizes from "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2" courtesy of Lionsgate! T-shirts, Mockingjay pins, stickers, double-sided posters and much more! Go to and click "contest" to enter! Good Luck and Join the Revolution!

        Here's more info

      • "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2" Movie Review

        It’s finally here! The last chapter of “The Hunger Games” saga! Is “Mockingjay – Part 2” a worthy entry to the consistent series? Does it end with a whimper or a bang? Take a look at my review!

        Here's the film's synopsis from Wiki:

        With the

      • Save the Dates! Your Full 2015-2016 Awards Season Calendar

        The awards season is in full swing and I can't be happier! This is my Super Bowl and I will be paying close attention to each and everyone of the award-giving bodies below! Here's your complete 2015-2016 Awards Season Calendar:

        Academy Awards – Nominations (Jan. 1

      • Johnny Depp to Receive Desert Palm Achievement Award at 27th Palm Springs International Film Festival

        Whether he likes it or not, Johnny Depp is going to be a part of this year's Awards Season for his mesmerizing portrayal of Whitey Bulger in "Black Mass" (See my review right here).

        The actor, previously nominated for "Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse

      • The 2015 British Independent Film Awards Nominees

        The 2015 British Independent Film Awards nominations have been announced and "The Lobster,"Macbeth," and "45 Years" led the pack! But where's Eddie Redmayne who is soooo good in "The Danish Girl?" At least his co-star, Alicia Vikander, received a

      • More Love for "Amy!" Documentary Leads IDA Awards Nominees

        The International Documentary Association (IDA) has revealed the nominees for the 2015 IDA Documentary Awards. Winners will be announced at their annual awards gala to be held on Sunday, December 5 at the Paramount Theater in Los Angeles.

        The nominees of the 31st Annual IDA D

      • Cinema Eye Honors Unforgettables

        Cinema Eye has announced the year's most notable nonfiction film subjects they call "The Unforgettables." Thanks to Variety, we have the list. And The Unforgettables are:

        Peter Anton/”Almost There”

        Amy Winehouse/”Amy”

        Lizzie Velásquez/”

      • Nominees for the 25th Gotham Independent Film Awards

        Winners will be announced on November 30th. Here's the complete list of nominees for the 25th IFP Gotham Independent Film Awards:

        Best Feature
        "The Diary of a Teenage Girl"
        "Heaven Knows What"

      • "The 33" Movie Review

        The true story of the 2010 collapse of a Chilean mine and the rescue of the 33 miners who were trapped underground for 69 days is explored in the new movie “The 33” from director Patricia Riggen. Antonio Banderas, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Juliette Binoche star. “The 33” opens nationw

      • Antonio Banderas Talks About “The 33”

        Honestly? Talking to Antonio Banderas made me feel like a #TBT Madonna way back in “Truth or Dare.” He’s still handsome, and charming, and sweet! In this interview, we talked about his experience watching the Chilean miners live when it happened and his real-life counterpart Mario Sep

      • Lou Diamond Phillips Interview for “The 33”

        Lou Diamond Phillips is fun, sweet, and smart and it was such a pleasure talking to him about “The 33!” He stars as Don Lucho, the shift foreman who knew the mine was in poor condition. In this interview, we talked about making the film, meeting the real-life Don Lucho, and being Filip

      • Rodrigo Santoro Interview for “The 33”

        Rodrigo Santoro stars as Laurence Golborne, a Chilean engineer and entrepreneur who worked as ministry of public works and was instrumental in helping rescue the trapped Chilean miners in 2010. In this interview, we talked about his interest in starring in the film, and being slapped by

      • Interview with Director Patricia Riggen for “The 33”

        Patricia Riggen, one of the few women directors working in Hollywood today, is behind the uplifting tearjerker “The 33.” Talking to her, like watching the movie, will make you cry with passion! I sat down with Riggen for this one-on-one interview about her interest in making “The 33,”

      • "The Peanuts Movie" or "Spectre" -- Which Movie Is Worth Your Time and Money?

        We have two big films this weekend that could elevate Hollywood’s box-office slump. There’s “The Peanuts Movie” featuring Charlie Brown and friends from the folks who gave us “Ice Age” and “Rio.” We also have the 24th Bond film “Spectre” with Daniel Craig making his farewell performanc

    • October
      • Happy Halloween! My Top 10 Best Scream Queens in Cinematic History

        Just in time for Halloween, my favorite scream queens! Did your favorite make my list? Check out the most memorable female characters in the world of terror! Here’s my Top 10 Scary Movie Scream Queens.

      • "The Last Witch Hunter" or "Steve Jobs!" Which Movie Will You See First?

        Two big movies for you this weekend! First, we have “The Last Witch Hunter” starring Vin Diesel. It’s a supernatural thriller co-starring Michael Caine, Rose Leslie, and Elijah Wood. And finally, “Steve Jobs” is now on wide release! See why I’m calling this one of the year’s best!
      • My Fun and Funny Interview with Vin Diesel for “The Last Witch Hunter” – What’s His Favorite Witch’s Power?

        It was fun to talk to Vin Diesel! I sat down with the actor for “The Last Witch Hunter” and we talked about all sorts of stuff including my very first interview in the junket circuit. Yup, it was with him for “The Pacifier!” I also talked to him about why he was not only interested in

      • Elijah Wood Talks About “The Last Witch Hunter”

        The last time I spoke with Elijah Wood was for “Happy Feet 2” and the actor remained as down-to-earth and sweet as ever! He plays Dolan 37th, protector of the last witch hunter, in the Vin Diesel supernatural-fantasy movie. I sat down with the actor in New York to talk about his inter

      • Rose Leslie Talks About “The Last Witch Hunter”

        Rose Leslie, best known for playing Ygritte in “Game of Thrones” and Gwen Dawson in “Downton Abbey,” stars as Chloe in the Vin Diesel-starrer “The Last Witch Hunter.” I sat down with the super-sweet actress to find out what interested her in making the film, the NYC setting, her charact

      • Big Weekend at the Movies! Which Between "Goosebumps," "Crimson Peak," or Bridge of Spies" Will You See?

        Three big movies for you – we have “Goosebumps” based on the popular R.L. Stine children’s book series, the gothic horror flick “Crimson Peak” from director Guillermo del Toro, and the new film from powerhouse duo Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks called “Bridge of Spies.” Which one is my

      • Aaron Sorkin Reveals Secrets of “Steve Jobs!” I Love Him!

        You can feel the brilliance of Aaron Sorkin just by sitting in a room with him! The Oscar-winning writer (“The Social Network”) is also very sweet and down-to-earth! I could not help but tell him that a movie about a genius (“Steve Jobs”) is made possible by two geniuses, he and direct

      • Danny Boyle Explains “Steve Jobs” In This Interview

        I love, love, love Danny Boyle! The Oscar-winning director (“Slumdog Millionaire”) is down-to-earth, friendly, and just an all-around brilliant of a man! Wait ‘til you see “Steve Jobs!”

        In this interview, we talked about Aaron Sorkin’s incredible script, the digital revolu

      • Kate Winslet Talks About “Steve Jobs”

        I’ve been a longtime fan of Kate Winslet so it was an honor to finally meet the Oscar-winning actress! I’ve loved her since 1994’s “Heavenly Creatures!” In “Steve Jobs,” Winslet disappears into the role of Joanna Hoffman, Apple’s head of marketing and Jobs’ confidante. In this intervi

      • Seth Rogen Interview for “Steve Jobs”

        Seth Rogen tests his dramatic skills playing Steve Wozniak in “Steve Jobs,” and you know what? He succeeded! He gets into the layers of Wozniak or Woz as he bears what’s known as Woz’s Crucifix – making Jobs give him and the Apple II development team credit for saving the computer comp

      • Jeff Daniels Interview for “Steve Jobs”

        It was such an honor to meet Jeff Daniels, and this awards season, he’s in both “The Martian” and “Steve Jobs.” In the biopic about the Apple genius, Daniels plays the role of John Sculley, a former CEO of Apple and infamously known as the man who fired Steve Jobs. There’s a lot of lay

      • Katherine Waterston Interview for “Steve Jobs”

        Katherine Waterston is refreshingly honest! When I sat down with her for this interview, she revealed that she hasn’t seen “Steve Jobs” yet! Boy, is she in for a treat! The film is simply…brilliant! Waterston plays the on-again/off-again girlfriend of Jobs named Chrisann Brennan. Sh

      • Michael Stuhlbarg Interview for “Steve Jobs”

        Michael Stuhlbarg stars as Andy Hertzfeld in the new film “Steve Jobs.” Hertzfeld is a member of the original Apple Macintosh development team. The actor met with his real-life counterpart and he shared his experience in this one-on-one interview. He also revealed his initial reaction

      • "The Martian" or "The Walk" -- Which One Will You See First?

        Two big films for the weekend, we have “The Martian” and “The Walk.” Matt Damon stars in “The Martian” from director Ridley Scott. This one’s based on the best-selling novel by Andy Weir.

        In “The Walk,” Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as the real-life Philippe Petit, he’s the h

    • September
      • Should You See "The Intern?" Check This Out!

        Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro team up for the first time for “The Intern” under writer/director Nancy Meyer’s guidance. Is the film worthy of Meyer’s other notable movies such as “Something’s Gotta Give” and “It’s Complicated?” Find out in my movie review of “The Intern.”

      • My Fun Interview with Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro for “The Intern”

        My life is complete. I had finally interviewed the great Robert De Niro! And he’s with Anne Hathaway to boot! The two star in the upcoming fantastic dramedy “The Intern” where De Niro plays the title role and Hathaway is his boss. This is from writer/director Nancy Meyers. In this i

      • Nancy Meyers Talks About “The Intern”

        It was such an honor meeting Nancy Meyers. One of the few women writers/directors who crashed the proverbial glass ceiling. As a director, she has given us “The Parent Trap,” “What Women Want,” “Something’s Gotta Give,” “The Holiday,” “It’s Complicated,” and the upcoming “The Intern.”

      • “The Intern” Interview with Andrew Rannells and Adam DeVine

        Andrew Rannells and Adam DeVine were in high spirits during the press junket for “The Intern” held in New York City. They were both ecstatic in starring in the Anne Hathaway/Robert De Niro movie written and directed by Nancy Meyers. In this interview, we talked about their interest in

      • "Room" Wins People's Choice Awards at 2015 TIFF! See the Complete List of Winners!

        A big congrats to Lenny Abrahamson's "Room" for winning the Grolsch's People's Choice Awards at the recently concluded 40th Toronto International Film Festival! It's safe to say that "Room" will see a future at the Academy Awards. Previous winner

      • Cinema Diverse: The Best of the LGBTQ Filmfest
        Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival, opens its Eighth Edition on Thursday, September 17th and runs through Sunday, September 20th at the Camelot Theatres in Palm Springs. This year the festival is a third larger than ever before, and includes a New Media Spotlight on Saturday, Sept

      • “Everest” and “Black Mass” Movie Reviews

        It’s a good weekend at the box-office with the release of “Everest” and “Black Mass.” But how many kisses does each one get? Find out in my movie reviews of “Everest” and “Black Mass.”

        Official “Everest” Synopsis

        2 Guns helmer Baltasar Kormakur directs

      • "The Visit" or "The Perfect Guy?" Which One Is My Pick of the Week?

        Two big thrillers for you this weekend with “The Visit” and “The Perfect Guy.” “The Visit” is from writer-director M. Night Shyamalan. As we all know, he has been making, um, crappy films lately, but will this movie save his career? And “The Perfect Guy” has a gorgeous cast headed by

      • Fall 2015 Movie Preview – Films I’m Dying to See

        From big blockbusters to small independent films, here are the movies I’m dying to see this Fall. (Official synopsis provided by studios)

        September 18 (Friday)

        About Ray When a young woman (Elle Fanning) decides to transition from female to male, her an

      • 2016 Oscar Producers: Craig Zadan and Neil Meron Are Out, David Hill and Reginald Hudlin Are In!

        LOS ANGELES, CA — Emmy®-winning live television producer David Hill and Oscar®-nominated producer-director Reginald Hudlin will produce the 88th Oscars telecast, Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs announced today. It will be their first involvement with the Academy Awards®, which wil

    • August
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      • "Vacation" or "Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation" this Weekend? See My Pick of the Week!

        Two big sequels for you this weekend namely “Vacation” and “Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation.” In “Vacation,” Ed Helms steps into the role of Rusty Griswold, all grown-up with a dysfunctional family of his own. And he wants to take his wife (Christina Applegate) and two kids (the meek

      • "Pixels," "Southpaw," or "Paper Towns?" Which One Are You Seeing This Weekend?

        Three big movies for you this weekend! First, we have “Pixels!” Yup, another Adam Sandler movie! Is this on par (ahem) with other Sandler films, or can this jumpstart the comedian’s almost “game over” career? We also have “Southpaw” starring Jake Gyllenhaal. This boxing drama is fro

      • Is "Ant-Man" Worth Your Time and Money?

        It’s being called the next evolution of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but is “Ant-Man” worth your time and money? To be honest, I was a bit nervous when Edgar Wright (“Shaun of the Dead,” “Hot Fuzz,” “The World’s End”) left production using the good old “creative differences” excuse.

      • Why I Enjoyed "Minions!"

        Minions attack theaters near you and they are ready to dominate the world BUT, is their movie worth seeing? See my movie review of “Minions” below:

        Here’s the official “Minions” synopsis:

        The story of Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment�

      • "Magic Mike XXL" is a Giant Tease...

        And I love it! The teasing part that is...

        But after teasing us, “Magic Mike XXL” is finally here! But is it as good as the first? Channing Tatum returns, as well as Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, Kevin Nash, Adam Rodriguez, and Gabriel Iglesias. Original director Steven Sod

    • June
      • Why I Enjoyed "Max"

        “Max,” the movie about a heroic dog, arrives in theaters this weekend but is the movie good? And is it worth your time and money? One thing is certain, it will tug at your heartstrings.

        Here’s the official synopsis for MAX:

        A military dog from Afghan

      • A Great Weekend for Movie Buffs

        Two big movies this weekend, we have “Inside Out” for the entire family and “Dope” for those who love dramedies. Which one is my pick of the week? Take a look:

        Here’s the official synopsis of INSIDE OUT:

        Growing up can be a bumpy road, and it's no

      • DOPE Interviews with Shameik Moore and Director Rick Famuyiwa

        Shameik Moore takes the lead in the fantastic film DOPE and he carries the movie from start to finish! He plays Malcolm, an outsider in his city of Inglewood buoyed by the support of his friends Jib (Tony Revolori) and Diggy (Kiersey Clemons). Watch his amazing performance when the fil

      • My Fun DOPE Interviews with Tony Revolori, Kiersey Clemons, Blake Anderson

        DOPE is a must-see and one of the reasons is the affecting chemistry between the three best friends played by Shameir Moore, Tony Revolori (“The Grand Budapest Hotel”), and Kiersey Clemons. Blake Anderson plays their stoner friend Will who helped them commit one of the biggest drug deal

      • Chanel Iman and Quincy Brown Talk About DOPE

        I love DOPE! It’s an intelligent dramedy full of memorable characters like Chanel Iman’s Lily and Quincy Brown’s Jaleel. I sat down with the actors to talk about their brilliant new movie.

      • Is "Jurassic World" Worth All the Hype?

        Welcome to “Jurassic World,” but should you watch the movie? This time, Colin Trevorrow directs the cast that includes multitudes of dinosaurs together with Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Irrfan Khan, Vincent D’Onofrio, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson, Judy Greer, BD Wong, and of course,

      • I Got Quoted for the new INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 Trailer!

        Which quote? Yup, "I screamed like a little girl!" And that's true! Both the third chapter and the INSIDIOUS 4D Experience scared the crap out of me! Take a look at the new TV spot!

        I interviewed the cast of INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3! For my intervie

      • I Went to the “Insidious” Into the Further 4D Experience and This is What Happened

        Simply put, I screamed like a little girl! The 4D Experience is as scary as the latest “Insidious: Chapter 3!” And I couldn’t stop screaming! All the way to the end! So into the further we go, shall we?

        For my interviews with Dermot Mulroney, click here; with S

      • Elise Speaks! My Fun Interview with Lin Shaye and Leigh Whannell

        I always enjoy talking to Lin Shaye (Elise) and writer/director Leigh Whannell who also plays Specs in the “Insidious” films. I spoke to them last year about “Insidious: Chapter 2” and quite frankly, I enjoyed the third installment of the saga more. In this interview, Whannell explains

      • “Insidious: Chapter 3” Interview with Dermot Mulroney

        Dermot Mulroney makes his first ever horror movie with “Insidious: Chapter 3.” He plays a dad whose daughter (Stefanie Scott) is haunted by the demonic man who lives in the vents. In this interview, we talked about why he wanted to make “Insidious: Chapter 3,” why the frightfest works,

      • “Insidious: Chapter 3” Interview with Stefanie Scott

        Stefanie Scott stars as Quinn in the new chapter of “Insidious.” She’s a teen haunted by the death of her mother and the creepy man who lives in the vents. She will need the help of Elise (Lin Shaye) to conquer her demons, so to speak.

        I sat down with the young actress to ta

    • May
      • I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet! Moviegoers Will Tumble Down for "San Andreas!"

        The disaster flick “San Andreas” shakes up theaters near you! This one is from director Brad Peyton who reteams with his “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” star, Dwayne Johnson, for this big blockbuster spectacle! But is “San Andreas” worth your time and money? Find out in my movie re

      • "Poltergeist" or "Tomorrowland?" Which One Are You Seeing This Weekend?

        Two big movies for you – the “Poltergeist” remake for horror fans and “Tomorrowland’ for those who love science fiction! Does “Poltergeist” live up to its predecessor created by Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg? Does George Clooney still have the charm? And which one is my pick of the

      • "Pitch Perfect 2" or "Mad Max: Fury Road?" Which Movie Will You See This Weekend?

        Two big movies seeking to unseat “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” We have the musical/comedy “Pitch Perfect 2” from director Elizabeth Banks and starring Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld, and Brittany Snow. We also have “Mad Max: Fury Road” from writer/director George Miller sta

      • See My Brand New Outlet!

        I am proud to share that beginning last Friday, May 8th, yours truly is now blessed to call OUTTV my new home! Based in Canada, OutTV is the premiere LGBT station full of shows you love! My reviews/celebrity interviews will also be seen in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden! How coo

      • Should You See "Hot Pursuit" This Mother's Day Weekend?

        “Hot Pursuit” drives into theaters near you but is the movie good? All I can say is the movie is blessed for having Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara! Find out why in my movie review:

      • “Hot Pursuit” Interview with Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara

        I love these two! The chemistry of Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara in person is as palpable as their chemistry on-screen for their new road trip buddy comedy “Hot Pursuit!” In this interview, we talked about how they developed their chemistry, working with director Anne Fletcher, w

      • “Hot Pursuit” Interview with Director Anne Fletcher

        The moment I walked into the room of the press junket for “Hot Pursuit,” director Anne Fletcher immediately recognized me and gave me a great big hug! I interviewed her for “The Proposal” a long time ago and she remembered me! I was genuinely touched!

        Like her bubbly and aff

      • Robert Downey Jr. Hates Independent Filmmaking, Throws Mean Shade At Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

        Maybe doing the seemingly endless publicity rounds for "Avengers: Age of Ultron" is getting to Robert Downey Jr. He seems snarky and cranky.

        Last week, Robert Downey Jr. was the darling of the movie publicity world for berating UK journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy

      • "Avengers: Age of Ultron" Movie Review

        “Avengers: Age of Ultron” is upon us but is the sequel worth the hype? And is this better than “Marvel’s: The Avengers?” Find out in my review:

        Here’s the official synopsis from Disney:

        When Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) jumpstarts a dormant peacekeep

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      • Have a Great Easter! Watch My Top 10 Best Easter Movies for Your Viewing Pleasure!

        As we’re heading towards Easter Sunday, what are your favorite movies to see during this season? Films that speak volumes about finding the beacon of hope! Here’s my list of the Top 10 Best Easter Movies. Is your favorite on my list?

      • See "Heathers" In a Whole, New Light!

        So a while back, we posted a fun music video about Julian Sands appropriately called "Prayer for Julian Sands." Well, the fantastic songrwiter, Homer Marrs, is at it again and this time, his focus is on the cult-hit "Heathers." I still love the movie starring Winona

      • Why I Enjoyed "That Thing Called Tadhana!" Watch My Review!

        The new film starring kapamilya idols Angelica Panganiban and JM De Guzman opened in US theaters. Is “That Thing Called Tadhana” worth your time?

        Find out in my review as seen on The Filipino Channel's "Balitang America."

      • Weekly Movie Reviews: "Home" VS "Get Hard"

        Two big movies for you, we have the animated film “Home” from DreamWorks Animation and “Get Hard” from Warner Bros. Pictures. “Home” is based on The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex and the voice cast includes Jim Parsons (Oh), Rihanna (Tip), Jennifer Lopez (Lucy), and Steve Martin (

      • Why I Enjoyed "The Divergent Series: Insurgent!"

        I enjoyed the first film of the series but is the sequel worth the hype? Based on Veronica Roth’s novel, “Insurgent” has Shailene Woodley (Tris), Theo James (Tobias/Four), Miles Teller (Peter), and Ansel Elgort (Caleb) returning to the franchise. One of the new characters is Johanna, t

      • My Fun Interview with Theo James for “Insurgent”

        Theo James is such a doll! There I said it! I’m sure all the girls agree! And he’s sweeter in person! I talked to the actor last year for “Divergent” and it’s fun to talk about his second time playing the character of Tobias Eaton aka Four. In this interview, we talked about his exp

      • I Love This Interview with Miles Teller for INSURGENT! He Talks About WHIPLASH, and What He Really Thinks of DIVERGENT SERIES!

        I’ve interviewed Miles Teller about 3 times now namely “Footloose,” “Divergent,” and now, “Insurgent.” So to my surprise, he actually remembered my name! Yes! It made me feel happy and elated! And yes, we even talked about his interview with W Magazine from last September where he pr

      • Ansel Elgort AKA Ansolo Talks About "Insurgent," His EDM Background, and Madonna!

        When I first interviewed Ansel Elgort for last year’s “Divergent,” he was a bit shy, meek, sort of unsure of his answers. Fast forward to one year later, meet Elgort, the confident leading man (“The Fault in Our Stars”), the mysterious character actor (Caleb Prior in “The Divergent Seri

      • “Insurgent” Interview with Oscar-Winner Octavia Spencer! See Why She Joined the Franchise!

        Octavia Spencer (“The Help”) is a newcomer in the world of “The Divergent Series.” She plays Johanna, the leader of the Amity faction. I sat down with the sweet Oscar-winning actress to talk about her interest in joining the franchise, her character, and what’s beyond the wall? Is the

      • “Danny Collins” Interview with the Fantastic Annette Bening

        I love love love Annette Bening! She’s always sweet to interview and she’s a fantastic actress to boot! In the new movie “Danny Collins” she goes mano-a-mano with Al Pacino as his love interest who doesn’t want dinner…yet!

        In this interview, we talked about her interest in t

      • “Danny Collins” Interview with Bobby Cannavale

        Bobby Cannavale (“Chef,” “Nurse Jackie,” “Boardwalk Empire”) is great in the new movie “Danny Collins.” He plays Tom Donnelly, the estranged son of Al Pacino’s character. In this interview, we talked about his interest in doing “Danny Collins,” working with Pacino (they worked together

      • “Danny Collins” Interview with Writer/Director Dan Fogelman

        I quite enjoyed “Danny Collins!” Writer/director Dan Fogelman created an affecting movie about redemption and second chances featuring a fantastic performance from Al Pacino, and pretty much, the whole ensemble including Annette Bening, Jennifer Garner, and Bobby Canavale.


      • Movie Reviews: “RUN ALL NIGHT” and “CINDERELLA”

        Two big films for you – we have “Run All Night” for action fans and “Cinderella” for the entire family. “Run All Night” has Liam Neeson returning with his “Non-Stop” and “Unknown” director, Jaume Collet-Serra. But if you think this is “Taken 4,” think again! See why “Run All Night” is

      • My Wrestling Match With “Russell Madness”

        “Russell Madness” arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray but what is it all about? Here’s the official synopsis:

        The exciting action-packed adventure introduces 'Russell,' an adorable TALKING Jack Russell Terrier who accidentally becomes a professional wrestling superstar, on t

      • Why You Have to See "Crazy Beautiful You!" Plus, Balitang America's Gel Santos Relos' Fun Reaction!

        Kathniel aka Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are charming in the new movie "Crazy Beautiful You." How many kisses does the movie get and is it worth your time and money? Take a look at my review of "Crazy Beautiful You" below, and then, check out Gel Santos Relo

      • Look! "Zoolander 2" Gets Release Date! See Derek and Hansel Walk the Runway For Paris Fashion Week!

        It's official! Derek and Hansel are returning for "Zoolander 2" and it's quite fitting that stars Ben Stiller (Derek Zoolander) and Owen Wilson (Hansel) made it all official by making a surprise appearance in the Valentino runway show at Paris Fashion Week.


        Two big films for you this weekend! First, we have “Chappie” from “District 9” writer/director Neill Blomkamp. This one’s about artificial intelligence and it stars Hugh Jackman, Dev Patel, and Sigourney Weaver. Sharlto Copley voices Chappie and even Anderson Cooper stars as…himself!

      • Movie About World's First Transgender Woman Starring Eddie Redmayne Gets Release Date

        Isn't she gorgeous? :happy

        Fresh from winning an Oscar for "The Theory of Everything," Eddie Redmayne is set to embody Einar Wegener aka Lili Elbe in "The Danish Girl." All I can say is, Redmayne better prepare for another Academy Award!


    • February
      • "Focus" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses do Will Smith and Margot Robbie Get?

        Will Smith returns to the big screen with the crime-drama “Focus” from the “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” folks, Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. Co-starring is the super-hot Margot Robbie as a newbie who wants to learn from Smith’s Nicky, a slick con artist. Is “Focus” worth your time and money?

      • So Long Mr. Spock!

        The beloved Leonard Nimoy aka Spock of the "Star Trek" series has died. He was 83. According to his wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, the cause was end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

        I had a wonderful chance to meet the actor for the "Star Trek" rebo

      • "Birdman" Tops the 2015 Oscars!

        And the awards season is officially over! Alejandro González Iñárritu's "Birdman" was the big winner at the 87th Academy Awards taking home the Best Picture, Director, Cinematography and Original Screenplay trophies. Its closest competition, "Boyhood," only man

      • 2015 Oscar Predictions in All Categories!


        The question on everybody’s mind is will it be “Boyhood” or “Birdman?” The Oscars this Sunday will be one of the most nail-biting Academy Awards in recent history. In the beginning of the awards season, Richard Linklater

      • The Worst Movie of 2014

        Kirk Cameron's "Saving Christmas" singlehandedly won the Worst Movie of the Year title at the recently concluded Razzies! The film also won Worst Screenplay, Worst Actor (Cameron), and Worst Screen Combo (Cameron and his ego).

        But Ben Affleck has been redee

      • "Birdman," "Boyhood" Top 2015 Independent Spirit Awards

        And the Independent Spirit Awards have revealed the winners and it's looking a lot like the Academy Awards! "Birdman" beat "Boyhood" for the Best Feature trophy but Richard Linklater took away the Best Director award from Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu.

      • Beat My Oscar Predictions, If You Dare!

        Hi Palm Springs friends! Beat my Oscar predictions for your chance to win a free massage from Massage Envy of the Desert&#8203;! Trust me, it's very easy to beat little old me! Here's the link:!

        And here's my complete Oscar predictions! <

      • My Fun “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” Interview

        John Cusack may be gone but the “Hot Tub” magic lives on! Clark Duke, Rob Corddry, and Craig Robinson return to the franchise and joining the cast for the first time is Adam Scott as Cusack’s estranged son.

        I sat down with Duke, Corddry, and Scott to talk about:


      • "Grand Budapest," "Imitation Game," "True Detective' Win Big at 2015 Writers Guild Awards!

        Wes Anderson's "The Grand Budapest Hotel" won the Original Screenplay honor at the recently concluded Writers Guild Awards while Morten Tyldum's "The Imitation Game" took home the Adapted Screenplay trophy. "The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aa

      • Latest 2015 Awards Roundup: "Birdman" Triumphs with Cinematography, Sound Mixing and Editing Awards!

        With one week before the Academy Awards, "Birdman" continues its triumphant march towards Oscar glory. Just this past weekend, the Alejandro González Iñárritu contender won the top awards at the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) awards, the 62nd Sound Editors' Go

      • "Fifty Shades of Grey" Movie Review

        We’ve been talking about it, like, a lot, and finally, it’s here. “Fifty Shades of Grey” is ready to take over the world but is it worth your time and money? Is it better than the E.L. James’ erotic novel? And how’s the chemistry between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson? Find out in m

      • Oh No! John "Adele Dazeem" Travolta Will Present at 87th Oscars!

        John Travolta, bless his heart, is returning to the very same stage where he bludgeoned Idina Menzel's name by introducing her as Adele Dazeem! The Academy has announced that John Travolta along with Jennifer Aniston, Sienna Miller, David Oyelowo, Chris Pratt, and Kerry Washington

      • My Brand New Reel! Celebrity Interviews, Movie Reviews! Watch My Latest Manny Mashup!

        2014 was a fantastic year for yours truly! I saw so many great films (and not-so great), met wonderful celebrities, and worked with interesting folks with various backgrounds as we travailed through this thing we call life.

        So as part of our yearly tradition, I made a new dem

      • From BAFTA to DGA and Everything in Between, the Latest Winners this Awards Season

        From BAFTA to DGA, the Latest Winners this Awards Season

        With the Oscars upon us, the awards season is almost over! But the last trek to the Academy Awards include many guild awards and of course, BAFTA! So here’s the latest congratulatory awards list of the winners from BAF

      • “Jupiter Ascending” & “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water” Movie Reviews

        “Jupiter Ascending” for sci-fi fans and “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water” for those who love animated flicks. Two big movies to choose from! But which one is my pick of the week? Will it be the Mila Kunis-Channing Tatum starrer from the Wachowskis or the “SpongeBob” sequel?

      • Sean Bean Talks About “Jupiter Ascending” and #DontKillSeanBean

        Sean Bean stars as Legion Commander Stinger Apini in the new sci-fi adventure “Jupiter Ascending.” From the Wachowskis, directors of “The Matrix Trilogy,” Mila Kunis is the would-be Queen of the Universe and Channing Tatum is Caine, a genetically-engineered ex-military hunter.

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      • Hope Y'all Have a Very Merry Christmas!!!

      • My Top 10 Best Movies of 2014! Plus, Runners-Up and THE WORST!

        From big-blockbusters to smaller independent films, 2014 was a good year for movie buffs like you and I! I compiled my Top 10 Best Movies of 2014, did your favorite make my list? Take a look at my Top 10 Best Movies of 2014 (scroll below for my runners-up and THE worst!)

      • Will Online Streaming Hurt Theaters Showing "The Interview?"

        It's like Sony's early Christmas present to those interested in watching "The Interview!" First, the comedy-adventure would be in limited theatrical release and now, it will be available online via YouTube Movies and other streaming sites. Will this hurt or help the

      • Sony Saga: "The Interview" Will Be Seen After All!

        Victory for moviegoers everywhere! The James Franco, Seth Rogen comedy will be seen this Christmas day!

      • Steve Carell, Rob Marshall, Chris Rock to Receive Top Honors Plus 10 Directors to Watch!

        Steve Carell, Rob Marshall, and Chris Rock all gave memorable projects in 2014 and it's fitting that the Palm Springs International Film Festival is giving them various honors. Carell, who gave a stunning performance in "Foxcatcher" will receive the Creative Impact in Act

      • The Real Reason to See "Into the Woods!"

        Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, all the big-name stars want to get you into the theaters for “Into the Woods.” But is the film worthy of the beloved Stephen Sondheim musical, and is it worth your time and money? And what should be your main reason to see the musical?

        Take a loo

      • Las Vegas Film Critics Society Flies with "Birdman"

        The Las Vegas Film Critics Society has revealed the winners of their annual awards and Alejandro González Iñárritu's "Birdman" took home the Best Picture trophy. The film also won Best Actor for Michael Keaton, Director, Screenplay, Cinematography, Ensemble, and Score. I

      • Robert Duvall, Alejandro González Iñárritu to Be Honored at Palm Springs International Film Festival

        Palm Springs, CA (December 19, 2014) – The 26th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival(PSIFF) will present Academy Award-winning actor Robert Duvall with the Icon Award and Academy Award-nominated director Alejandro G. Iñárritu with the Director of the Year Award for Birdman at

      • Oscar Shortlist: Best Foreign Films! Academy Says Goodbye to "Two Days, One Night," "Mommy"

        Cannes winners "Mommy" by Xavier Dolan and Nuri Bilge's "Winter Sleep" were snubbed, so was Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne's "Two Days, One Night." But what remained are still exemplary foreign language films.

        The Academy has w

      • Movie Reviews: “Annie” & “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”

        Two big movies to choose from this weekend, we have “Annie” for musical fans and “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” for those who love epics! Is “Annie” worthy of the beloved musical? Is the final “Hobbit” the best of the bunch? Which one is my pick of the week? Find out bel

      • Canceled! No More "The Interview"...For Now!

        The hackers have officially won! Sony cancelled "The Interview" across America! Take a look at their press release below:

        In light of the decision by the majority of our exhibitors not to show the film The Interview, we have decided not to move forward with the pla

      • London Film Critics Love "Mr. Turner," "Birdman"

        Mike Leigh's J.M.W. Turner biopic, "Mr. Turner," topped the nominations for the London Film Critics Circle. The film about the English Romantic landscape painter, water-colourist, and printmaker played by Timothy Spall received 7 nods followed by Alejandro González Iñárri

      • "Selma" to Open Palm Springs International Film Festival

        Paramount's "Selma" from director Ava Duvernay is picking up steam this awards season. The Martin Luther King drama has been announced to be the opening night movie of the 26th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival. The festival will close on Sunday, January 11

      • "Nightcrawler" Tops San Diego Film Critics Society Awards! Film Wins 7 Awards!

        I love Dan Gilroy's "Nightcrawler" and I'm loving it that it's getting major kudos this awards season. The San Diego Film Critics Society chose the modern film noir as the Best Picture of the year. But wait, there's more! "Nightcrawler" also won

      • Online Film Critics Society Enters "The Grand Budapest Hotel"

        Winners for the 18th annual Online Film Critics Society have been revealed and Wes Anderson's "The Grand Budapest Hotel" took home the Best Picture award. The film also won Best Original Screenplay and Best Cinematography but Anderson lost to "Boyhood's" Ri

      • San Francisco Film Critics Hail "Boyhood"

        Richard Linklater's "Boyhood" topped the annual kudos from the San Francisco Film Critics Circle winning Best Picture. The film also won Best Director for Linklater, Best Supporting Actress for Patricia Arquette, and Best Editing.

        Here's the full list of

      • "Birdman" Tops Critics' Choice Awards Nominations! See Full List!

        Alejandro González Iñárritu's "Birdman" tops the nominations for the 20th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards brought to you by the Broadcast Film Critics Association of which I'm a proud voting member! Our deadline to vote for the nomination round was last Frid

      • I Can't Wait for "Insurgent!" See First Full Official Trailer!

        I enjoyed "Divergent" (see my interviews with the cast below), so now, I can't wait to see the sequel, "Insurgent!" I'm a big fan of Shailene Woodley, she anchors the first movie from start to finish. And after seeing "The Fault in Our Stars," I&

      • Movie Reviews: "Top Five" and "Exodus: Gods and Kings"

        Two big films this weekend, we have “Top Five” from actor/writer/director Chris Rock and “Exodus: Gods and Kings” from director Ridley Scott and starring Christian Bale as Moses. Is “Top Five” the best comedy of the year? Will “Exodus: Gods and Kings” erase our memories of “The Ten Com

      • 2015 Golden Globe Nominations: The Complete List

        Kate Beckinsale, Jeremy Piven, Peter Krause, and Paula Patton all got up early, like most of us movie buffs, for the big reveal! The 2015 Golden Globe Nominations! The usual suspects triumphed at the nominations such as "Boyhood," "Foxcatcher," "Selma," &q

      • "Birdman" Leads SAG Awards Nominees! See Full Nominations List!

        Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's "Birdman (Or the Unexpected Virture of Ignorance" topped the Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations with 4 nods including Outstanding Actor for Michael Keaton, Supporting Actor for Edward Norton, Supporting Actress for Emma Stone, and Outstand

      • Your Full 46th NAACP Image Awards Nominees!

        Nominations for the 46th NAACP Image Awards have been revealed and "Belle," "Beyond the Lights," "Dear White People," "Get On Up," and "Selma" are duking it out for the Outstanding Motion Picture Award.

        Winners will be annou

      • Who's Hosting the Critics' Choice Movie Awards?

        I'm a proud voting member of the Broadcast Film Critics' Association and I learned that Michael Strahan will serve as our host of the 20th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards happening on Thursday, January 15th at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT and you can watch on the A&E Network!
      • Best 2014 Movies, TV Shows from AFI!

        The American Film Institute has released its yearly Best List for both movies and television. Did your favorite make the cut? Take a look:

        Top Eleven Films, in alphabetical order (TIE)


      • "Pride" Wins Big at British Independent Film Awards

        "Pride," the true story of how gay rights activists helped miners took home the Best Picture of the Year trophy from the British Independent Film Awards. The fantastic film also won Best Supporting Actress for Imelda Staunton and Best Supporting Actor for Andrew Scott.

      • Another Big Win for "Boyhood," "The Lego Movie"

        Yup, Richard Linklater's "Boyhood" won again! This time from the Washington DC Area Film Critics. The group also picked "The Lego Movie" as the Best Animated Feature of the year!

        Here's the complete list of winners:

        Best Film

      • David Oyelowo to be Honored at the Palm Springs International Film Festival

        David Oyelowo shines as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Ava Duvernay's "Selma" and now, he's being honored at the upcoming Palm Springs International Film Festival! Here's the complete press release:

        Palm Springs, CA (December 7, 2014) – The 26th annu

      • "Selma" Tops African-American Film Critics Awards

        The African-American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) chose "Selma" as the Best Picture of the Year! The first studio film to center around Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. also won Best Actor for David Oyelowo, Best Director for Ava Duvernay, and Best Music for John Legend and Comm

      • More Love for "Boyhood!" This Time From New York Film Critics Online

        It's official! Richard Linklater's "Boyhood" is the movie to beat this award season! Just this past weekend, the film wowed the Boston and LA film critics groups, and now, the New York Film Critics Online is bestowing it as the Best Movie of the Year! And I'm

      • "Boyhood" Tops Boston Society of Film Critics

        Like the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, the Boston Society of Film Critics also chose Richard Linklater's "Boyhood" as the best film of the year! But wait, there's more! "Boyhood" also won Best Film Editing, Best Screenplay (TIE with "Birdman&q

      • Los Angeles Film Critics Embrace "Boyhood"

        It's becoming the year of "Boyhood!" The Los Angeles Film Critics Association chose Richard Linklater's "Boyhood" as the movie of the year. The film won three other awards including Best Director for Linklater, Best Actress for Patricia Arquette, and Best

      • Boston Online Film Critics Love "Snowpiercer"

        The Boston Online Film Critics released their picks for the best of the year and "Snowpiercer" emerged on top winning the Best Picture of the Year award!

        Here's the full list of winners:

        Best Picture

        Best Dire

      • "Citizenfour" Tops IDA Documentary Awards

        "Citizenfour," the Edward Snowden documentary from director Laura Poitras, was named the Best Feature documentary of the year according to the International Documentary Association which revealed the winners of the 2014 IDA Documentary Awards.

        Here's the compl

      • Two Best Actress Contenders – Reese Witherspoon VS Julianne Moore

        The awards season is heating up and two names being mentioned for the Best Actress category are Reese Witherspoon for “Wild” and Julianne Moore for “Still Alice.” Who deserves Oscar glory? Is it Witherspoon, already an Oscar winner for “Walk the Line?” Or is it Moore, always nominated

      • Best Ensemble! "The Imitation Game" Set to Receive Palm Springs International Film Festival Award!

        Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode and company are receiving the Ensemble Performance Award at the upcoming Palm Springs International Film Festival. The cast will join previously announced recipients Julianne Moore ("Still Alice"), Rosamund Pike ("Gone

      • Reese Witherspoon to Receive Chairman's Award from Palm Springs International Film Festival

        Reese Witherspoon was so good in the upcoming "Wild" that she's being honored for the movie at the 26th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival. She will be joining previously announced recipients Richard Linklater ("Boyhood"), Julianne Moore ("Stil

      • 15 Documentary Films Advance in Oscar Race

        The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that 15 films in the Documentary Feature category will advance in the voting process for the 87th Oscars®.

        Out of 134 films, 15 movies have been chosen! Out of these 15 films, Documentary Branch members will select t

      • British Film Institute's Readers Choose "Under the Skin"

        The British Film Institute asked its readers to choose the best films of the year and "Under the Skin" came on top. Starring Scarlett Johansson and directed by Jonathan Glazer, "Under the Skin" is getting lots of Awards Season love even though it opened during the no

      • "A Most Violent Year" Tops National Board of Review Awards

        J.C. Chandor's "A Most Violent Year" is the Best Film of the Year according to the National Board of Review. Its president, Annie Schulhof, said "'A Most Violent Year' is an exhilarating crime drama with a compelling story, outstanding performances, and an

      • "Birdman" Soars High with Gotham Independent Awards!

        Alejandro González Iñárritu's "Birdman" tops the Gotham Independent Awards winning Best Picture and Best Actor for Michael Keaton. Richard Linklater's "Boyhood," my favorite film of the year, took home the Audience Award.

        Gotham Award Tribute

      • "The Boxtrolls" Dominates Annie Awards Animations!

        Yay! One of my favorite animated films of 2014 topped the recently announced 2014 Annie Awards honoring excellence in the field of animation. Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi's "The Boxtrolls" received 12 nominations including Best Animated Feature. The winners will b

      • New York Film Critics Circle Falls in Love with "Boyhood!" See Other Winners!

        The New York Film Critics Circle has spoken and baptized Richard Linklater's "Boyhood" as the Best Picture of the Year! I couldn't agree more!

        Linklater also won the Best Director award with Patricia Arquette taking home the Best Supporting Actress award f

    • November
      • Before You Shop Online, Watch My Top 12 Holiday Scams to the Tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas"

        Robert Siciliano, McAfee Online Security Expert, shared the Top 12 Holiday Scams! And so I sang it with the Rancho Mirage High School Choir! Just in time for the holidays! Take a look!


      • What Movie Should You See This Thanksgiving Weekend?

        This Thanksgiving weekend, let me direct your attention to “The Theory of Everything.” It’s awards season after all, so if I were you, I’ll skip both “Horrible Bosses 2” and “Penguins of Madagascar” for this delightful treat! A tour de force performance by Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Haw

      • Visionary: Richard Linklater to Receive Big Palm Springs International Film Festival Award

        Richard Linklater is a visionary! His "Boyhood" is easily my favorite movie of 2014 for its creativity and heartfelt storytelling. It's very appropriate that the auteur us receiving the Sonny Bono Visionary Award at the upcoming Palm Springs International Film Festival.

      • "Birdman" Tops Independent Spirit Awards Nominations

        Alejandro G. Iñárritu's "Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)" received the most nods from the Independent Spirit Awards! Nominations were announced today, and "Birdman" got 6 noms including Best Feature, Director, Editing, Male Lead (Michael Keaton),

      • The Park is Now Open! Watch "Jurassic World" Trailer Now!

        I've been a longtime fan of the "Jurassic Park" franchise. From the books by Michael Crichton to the first movie by Steven Spielberg (yes, not much of a big fan of the last films, even "The Lost World"), I was looking forward to seeing what director Colin Trevor

      • Beetee aka Jeffrey Wright Talks About "Mockingjay Part 1," Philip Seymour Hoffman

        Jeffrey Wright returns to the role of Beetee for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.” See my in-depth interview with the actor that I admire since “Basquiat!” Wright talks about his role, the political subtexts of the movie, and his good friend, Philip Seymour Hoffman (Plutarch Heave

      • "Gone Girl's" Rosamund Pike To Receive Major Palm Springs Film Fest Award!

        Rosamund Pike nearly stole the show in David Fincher's "Gone Girl" but he stole the hearts of the Palm Springs International Film Festival's committee members. The actress is getting the Breakthrough Performance Award! Last year, "12 Years A Slave's"

      • The Rebellion Begins -- Watch My "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1" Movie Review

        “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” is upon us but is it worth your time and money? And more importantly, will this leave you wanting for more? Based on the popular novels by Suzanne Collins, the third chapter shows the beginning of the rebellion. The seeds planted by Katniss (Jenni

      • Boggs AKA Mahershala Ali Talks About “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1," Jennifer Lawrence, and Gave Me the Three-Finger Salute!

        Mahershala Ali is having a wonderful year! He’s in “Game of Cards” and now, he’s in one of the most successful franchises that truly delivers, movie after movie after movie.

        I spoke with Ali via satellite to talk about “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1,” and he was a hoot!

      • Oscar-Winning Director Mike Nichols Passed Away At 83

        Mike Nichols, the brilliant director of great films such as "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf," "The Graduate," "The Working Girl," "The Birdcage" and many more has passed away. He was 83.

        Married to ABC News Anchor Diane Sawyer for

      • J.K. Simmons Receives Big Honor from Palm Springs International Film Festival

        He has been Spidey's boss, a mean prisoner in "Oz," Juno's daddy, and lately, Farmer's Insurance spokesperson, but now, J.K. Simmons is going to be a Palm Springs International Film Festival awardee.

        The actor is currently making waves for his brillia

      • "Dumb and Dumber To" Movie Review

        Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels team up once again for “Dumb and Dumber To.” I didn’t like the original but through the years, I grew fond of it. So is the sequel more of the same? Take a look at my movie review of “Dumb and Dumber To.”

      • Julianne Moore Becomes Oscar Frontrunner!

        The whole year, I have been looking for THE Oscar season frontrunner for Best Actress. I was hoping Shailene Woodley from "The Fault in Our Stars" would squeak in, but now, the lovely, talented, and ultra-sweet Julianne Moore is the one to beat!

        Her double whammy pe

      • My Fun Interview with Eddie Redmayne for “The Theory of Everything”

        Eddie Redmayne and I go way back! HA! As far back as, oh, “Les Miserables” where the actor starred as Marcus. When I sat down with him for the press junket for “The Theory of Everything,” he remembered me, although I was blonde during the “Les Mis” interview. But needless to say, I c

      • Felicity Jones Talks About “The Theory of Everything”

        Felicity Jones matches Eddie Redmayne emotion-by-emotion in the new movie “The Theory of Everything.” She stars as Jane Hawking, the college sweetheart of Redmayne’s Stephen Hawking, who professes her love for the brilliant man.

        Jones was extraordinary in the movie, and she

      • Eddie Redmayne Gets Big Palm Springs International Film Festival Award

        I am sooo proud of our Palm Springs International Film Festival and equally happy that it's happening right in our own backyard! Just this morning, we heard that Eddie Redmayne, who is sweet and fabulous and a great actor to boot, is getting the Desert Palm Achievement Award for th

      • Movie Reviews: "Interstellar" and "Big Hero 6"

        Two big films for you, we have “Interstellar” for sci-fi fans and “Big Hero 6” for the entire family. Which one is my pick of the week? Take a look!

        Official “Interstellar” Synopsis:

        With our time on Earth coming to an end, a team of explorers undertak

      • And the Title of "Star Wars: Episode VII" is...

        The Force Awakens! Apparently, the Force has been sleeping through the last "Star Wars" movies!

        And predictably, it didn't make everyone happy when it was revealed on the film's Twitter and Facebook accounts.

        Some sample snarkiness:


      • Peter Jackson Shares New Trailer for "The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies"

        Peter Jackson shared the new trailer of "The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies" on his Facebook page and said:

        We previewed this for our lucky Fan Fellowship winners on Monday, but now it’s your turn! Enjoy the new trailer for “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armi

      • New "Into the Woods" Trailer Comes Out But Sorry, I'm Not Impressed!

        The new trailer for "Into the Woods" came out today but somehow, I wasn't thrilled! Look, I'm a die-hard showtunes queen LOL, I celebrated "Chicago," "Mamma Mia," "Les Miserables!" But I wasn't feeling it with the new trailer for &

      • What Are the Animated Films Submitted for Oscar Race?

        Twenty animated films have been submitted for consideration in the Animated Feature Film category for the 87th Academy Awards. So which of these twenty movies do you think will get Oscar glory, at least, a nomination?

        “Big Hero 6”
        “The Book of Life”
        “The Boxtrolls”<

    • October
      • Boo! Check Out My "Nightcrawler" Movie Review -- HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

        The movie might be called “Nightcrawler” but it’s not supernaturally spooky at all! But it does feature the dark side of the human heart! So is this film perfect to see this Halloween season? Find out in my movie review of “Nightcrawler.”

        Official “Nightcrawler”

      • Jake Gyllenhaal Talks About “NIGHTCRAWLER!" See Why He Deserves an Oscar Nomination!

        I love, love, love Jake Gyllenhaal! And I love him especially more after seeing “Nightcrawler.” The Oscar-nominated actor immersed himself into the role of Lou Bloom, an unemployed man who suddenly finds a new career by being a stringer – a freelance journalist who shoots reports and g

      • Rene Russo Interview for “NIGHTCRAWLER” -- I Adore Her!

        I am loving Rene Russo in “Nightcrawler.” She plays the role of Nina Romina, the fierce News Director for KWLA. She’s tough with years of experience behind her but she finally meets her match when Lou Bloom (the wonderful Jake Gyllenhaal) enters the picture.

        And I am very

      • Is "John Wick" the Best Keanu Reeves Movie Since "The Matrix?" Take a Look!

        Keanu Reeves returns to the big screen for “John Wick,” a smashing action film where the actor plays a reluctant assassin. You may say, “I’ve seen that all before,” but there’s more! See why I’m saying “John Wick” is the best Keanu movie since “The Matrix.” Okay, “Bill and Ted’s Excel

      • "Boyhood" Tops 2014 Gotham Independent Film Awards Nominations

        And the Oscar season is off and running! Nominees for the 24th annual Gotham Independent Film Awards have been unleased and Richard Linklater's fantastic "Boyhood" led the pack with four nods including Best Feature, Best Actor for Ethan Hawke, Best Actress for Patricia Ar

      • Nicholas Sparks Talks About "The Best Of Me!"

        Nicholas Sparks, for better or for worse, is a prolific writer about love – familial (which is often the case) and unrequited love (which is often the case). So is his new film, “The Best of Me” one of the best in Sparks’ oeuvre? Or is it horrible? I sat down with the author to find o

      • Why You Have to See "Kill the Messenger!'

        “Kill the Messenger” arrives in theaters near you but is this film worthy of Jeremy Renner’s performance? Here’s what I can tell you. The movie is scary! Why? Because it happened in real life! Take a look at my review!

        Official “Kill the Messenger” Synopsis
      • Late Post: From "Gone Girl" to "The Judge," See My Latest Movie Reviews

        Hi guys, so sorry for my late posts! I was in the Philippines for the last week and a half and I've been busy reconnecting with family and friends that I didn't have time to post. Sorry :sad Please forgive me!

        But better late than never, and there they are. My mov

      • NPH at the Oscars! Actor Set to Host the 2015 Academy Awards!

        So long Ellen, hello NPH! Veteran stage and screen actor will host the 87th Oscars according to show producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron on Sunday, February 22, 2015. He dances, he sings, and perhaps, he can take better selfies than Ellen!

        Here's the rest of the pres

      • Jeremy Renner Talks About "Kill the Messenger!" He's As Smart and Gripping As the Movie!

        Jeremy Renner is mesmerizing and totally unforgettable in the upcoming movie “Kill the Messenger.” He plays the true-life character, Gary Webb, the San Jose Mercury News reporter who exposes the CIA’s role in arming Contra rebels in Nicaragua and then importing cocaine into the mean str

      • My Fun Interview with the Lovely Rosemary DeWitt for "KIll the Messenger!"

        I adore Rosemary DeWitt! She’s always been a fun, sweet, and utterly delightful interviewee. The last time I spoke to her was for “The Promised Land” with Matt Damon. Now, she’s duking it out with the CIA for the fantastic “Kill the Messenger” with Jeremy Renner! In this interview, w

      • THE GOOD LIE Interviews with Arnold Oceng, Margaret Nagle, Kuoth Wiel

        Arnold Oceng (Mamere), scriptwriter Margaret Nagle, and Kuoth Wiel (Abital) were in high spirits for the press junket of “The Good Lie” in Nashville. They are all proud of the film starring Reese Witherspoon. In this interview, we talked about the inspiration in writing “The Good Lie,”

      • THE GOOD LIE Interviews with Ger Duany,Sarah Baker,Corey Stoll

        “The Good Lie” is a powerful movie about the strength of the human spirit. Reese Witherspoon is front and center in the film but the breakout stars are the Sudanese actors like Ger Duany playing the role of Jeremiah. Sitting next to him is comedienne Sarah Baker with Corey Stoll right

    • September
    • August
      • Have a Safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend! My Top 10 Best Labor Day Movies...EVER!

        Labor Day weekend is upon us and to celebrate the working class, I compiled my Top 10 Best Labor Day movies list. These films all pay homage to the labor movement. Did your favorite make it to my list? Check it out!

        Also check out "Blue Collar," "

      • Baby Goats, Brian Wilson, and More! My Fun Desert Adventures This Week!

        Monday began with a visit to Desert Adventures Eco-Tours in Indio, CA. Every time there's an earthquake in the valley, folks want to partake on their tour because they're sitting smack dab on the San Andreas Fault! Take a look:

        Tuesday, I went to Fant

      • Let the Oscar Games Begin -- Check Out "Foxcatcher" Trailer! Steve Carell is Mesmerizing!

        All I can say is WOW! Steve Carrell is the subject of this brand new trailer of "Foxcatcher" from esteemed and respected auteur, Bennett Miller ("Capote," "Moneyball").

        Based on the true story of John du Pont, Carell personifies the multimilliona

      • From Environmentally-Friendly Dog Park to Unusual Musical Instruments, See My Fun Adventures This Week!

        Monday started with my visit to a fun group of Cathedral City residents. They gathered together to build an enviromentally-friendly dog park! Take a look:

        We also took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at our station, KMIR/NBC in Palm Springs:


      • "The Expendables 3" and "The Giver" Movie Reviews

        Two big films for you this weekend – we have “The Expendables 3” for action fans and “The Giver” for drama/sci-fi/fantasy fans. In “The Expendables 3,” Sylvester Stallone gathers his past teammates and combine them with a new cast to battle the big bad villain played by Mel Gibson. Har

      • Kelsey Grammer and Randy Couture Talk About “The Expendables 3”

        Kelsey Grammer is an “Expendables” virgin. Well, was. According to the actor, he campaigned hard for the role of Bonaparte in the movie. Randy Couture, on the other hand, is already an “Expendables” pro. I sat down with both actors to talk about their interest in making the third mov

      • Dolph Lundgren and Terry Crews Talk About “The Expendables 3”

        Dolph Lundgren and Terry Crews return to the world of “The Expendables” in the third and perhaps, final chapter. Lundgren is Gunner and Crews is Caesar. This time, the big bad villain is played by Mel Gibson, a former Expendable.

        In this interview, we talked about inhabiti

      • The New “Expendables 3” Cast Talks About the Movie

        I sat down with the new cast, the young guns of “The Expendables 3.” From left to right are Glen Powell (Thorn), Ronda Rousey (Luna), Victor Ortiz (Mars), and “Twilight Saga’s” Kellan Lutz (Smilee). They are the new breed in the movie, handpicked by Sylvester Stallone’s character Barne

      • My Homage to Robin Williams

        Before “Flubber,” “Patch Adams,” “Mrs. Doubtfire,” “Popeye,” “Good Morning Vietnam,” and so many more memorable characters, I knew Robin Williams in TV as Mork in “Mork and Mindy.” I was a little boy in the Philippines enamored by the comedian’s ability to make the world laugh.
      • Best Movies of 2014...So Far...

        From big blockbusters to small independent cinema, what are your favorite movies of the year so far? I have mine, is your favorites on my list? Take a look!

      • "Guardians of the Galaxy" Movie Review

        A fierce gun-toting raccoon and a talking tree, these are some of your “Guardians of the Galaxy.” But is the movie worth the hype? Find out in my movie review below.

        Official “Guardians of the Galaxy” Plot:

        From Marvel, the studio that brought you the gl

    • July
    • June
      • My Fun Interview with Melissa McCarthy for "Tammy!" I Love Her!

        The last time I spoke with Melissa McCarthy was for her super-hit comedy “Bridesmaids.” Back then, she was laughing because I was bowing down on the would-be Oscar-nominated actress. And she deserves to be bowed down to. In her new movie “Tammy,” the funny actress was multi-tasking to

      • Susan Sarandon Interview for “Tammy” -- She's Back On Another Road Trip Movie!

        Yes folks, she’s my other love! In one day, I was able to interview my film goddesses Kathy Bates and Susan Sarandon, and now, I’m complete. Well, not quite. There are more film goddesses I want to interview. But I had a great time talking to Susan Sarandon, the Oscar-winning actress

      • Kathy Bates Interview for “Tammy”

        I love, love, love Kathy Bates! The respected Oscar-winning actress is a delight and super down-to-earth in person! In the movie, she plays an LGBT member with a committed relationship to Sandra Oh’s character. She’s the voice of reason in “Tammy” as the cousin of Pearl, wonderfully p

      • “Tammy” Interview with Director/Actor Ben Falcone

        Ben Falcone was a glutton for punishment. Not only did he co-write “Tammy,” he also directed the film (his first full-feature directing assignment), and starred as Melissa McCarthy’s evil boss. Oh, and he’s also McCarthy’s husband! He has many titles in the movie that it’s almost a mi

      • “Tammy” Interviews with Gary Cole and Mark Duplass

        Gary Cole and Mark Duplass play father and son in the new dramedy “Tammy.” Cole is the hard-partying daddy named Earl and Duplass is the caring son. I enjoyed the funny road trip film starring Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon, directed by McCarthy’s husband Ben Falcone. In this int

      • My Top 10 Fourth of July Movies! Is Your Favorite On My List?

        If you’re in the mood to stay at home to celebrate 4th of July, I suggest you watch movies. I compiled my favorite films to celebrate Independence Day, some are patriotic and some capture America’s spirit. Here’s my list of the Top 10 4th of July Movies to brighten up your holiday. Is y

      • “JERSEY BOYS” Movie Review -- Is the Movie Something to Sing About?

        “Jersey Boys,” the Tony-winning musical is now a big screen event. But did director Clint Eastwood do justice to the play? Was he an odd choice to helm the film? And how did John Lloyd Young, the only American actor to date to have received a Lead Actor in a Musical Tony, Drama Desk,

      • See Tim Burton's Long-Lost Short Film "Hansel and Gretel"

        Before Tim Burton's first feature-length film, "Pee Wee's Big Adventure," the director created a short movie for the Disney Channel. It's his dark, funky, Burtonesque take on "Hansel and Gretel."

        Budgeted at $116,000, the adaptation premie

      • Sequel Showdown: "22 Jump Street" VS. "How to Train Your Dragon 2!" Which is Better?

        It’s a sequel showdown at the box-office between the action comedy “22 Jump Street” and the animated fantasy “How to Train Your Dragon 2.” In “Jump Street,” Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum or Janning return to team up once again for the sequel for directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lor

      • The Movie That Could Be Michael Keaton's Big Comeback

        We've been inundated with new movie trailers lately like the "Dumb and Dumber To" teaser, "The Penguins of Madagascar," Robert Rodriguez's and Frank Miller's "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For," and "The Interview" starring James Franco a

      • Why You Have to See "Edge of Tomorrow!"

        Tom Cruise returns to the big screen for the sci-fi adventure “Edge of Tomorrow.” Emily Blunt co-stars for the Doug Liman directed flick. Death becomes both a novelty and a necessity in the film but before you say kill me now, hear this, it’s one of the best action movies you’ll see th

    • May
      • Contest Alert: Win Exclusive "Maleficent" Watch, T-Shirt, and Horns!

        Thanks to our friends at Walt Disney Pictures, we're giving away some fun "Maleficent" collectibles like watch, t-shirt, and horns to make you as fierce as Angelina Jolie!

        Click here to enter and Good Luck!

        Winner will be notified on Friday, June 6t

      • Famke Janssen Talks About “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and What She Knows About “X-Men: Apocalypse”

        I was so happy to see Famke Janssen aka Jean Grey aka Phoenix up on the big screen in “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” So I was excited to talk to the actress about the popular franchise. In this interview, we talked about her participation in “Days of Future Past,” if her character has m

      • "Maleficent" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Does Angelina Jolie Get?

        It’s finally here – the long-awaited reimagining of “Sleeping Beauty” as told from the point of view of the self-proclaimed “Mistress of All Evil.” Angelina Jolie rocks as Maleficent and Elle Fanning is enchanting as Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty but is the movie worth your time and money?

      • Jon Favreau Interview for “Chef” – Does He Eat Filipino Food?

        Jon Favreau returns to personal filmmaking with the new indie hit, “Chef!” Not only is he starring in the film, he also wrote and directed the movie that is after my heart as well as my stomach!

        “Chef” tells the tale of Carl Casper (Favreau), a chef who starts up a food tru

      • What I Think of "X-Men: Days of Future Past" and "Blended!"

        Two big movies just in time for Memorial Day Weekend – First, we have the sequel “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” The old and the new converge in this time travel epic tale featuring our favorite mutants. Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Patrick Stewart, Michael Fassbender, Ian McKellen, Jenni

      • My Fun Interview with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore for “BLENDED” -- I Love Them!

        I love, love, love Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. The two have excellent on-screen (witness “The Wedding Singer” and “50 First Dates”) and off-screen chemistry. And I’m glad to report that the two showcased their palpable chemistry in the super-funny “Blended.” Truth be told, I have

      • “BLENDED” Interview with Bella Thorne

        It’s fun to finally meet Bella Thorne, the Disney Channel star (“Shake It Up”) and the voice behind the pop hit “TTLXOX.” Since 2013, Thorne has been concentrating on making movies like the new family comedy “Blended” starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. She stars as Sandler’s dau

      • “BLENDED” Interview with Wendi McLendon-Covey

        I L-word Wendi McLendon-Covey. In “Blended,” the funny actress uses “L-word” as a reference for love. She stars as Jen, Drew Barrymore’s confidante and fellow “Closet Queen.” As always, McLendon-Covey gives a funny performance complete with well-coordinated outfits! I first met her f

      • “BLENDED” Interview with Kevin Nealon and Jessica Lowe

        Kevin Nealon returns to the loving arms of his fellow “Saturday Night Live” alum, Adam Sandler, for “Blended,” a funny comedy about families, love, and Africa! Nealon stars as Eddy and his hot young wife is played by Jessica Lowe. The two steal some scenes as the hottest couple in the

      • So Sweet! Adam Sandler’s Aunt Bobby Loves Me!

        I love talking to Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore! We love them both for their palpable chemistry displayed in movies like “The Wedding Singer” and “50 First Dates,” and you’ll love them more in “Blended.” The movie comes out on Memorial Day Weekend, and I guarantee you, it will make y

      • “GODZILLA” (2014) MOVIE REVIEW -- How Many Kisses Does the King of the Monsters Get?

        We all agree that the horrible and utterly cartoonish 1998 “Godzilla” nearly decimated the franchise. So how does the new version stack up? Director Gareth Edwards (“Monsters”) pays homage to the original 1954 “Godzilla” and takes Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Taylor-Johnson,

      • New Video Interview of Julianne Moore for "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1"

        Lionsgate has released a treasure-trove of new promotional materials for "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1" such as the teaser poster above, and a first look at Julianne Moore and Philip Seymour Hoffman. The studio also released a new video interview with Moore who plays Pr

      • Bryan Cranston Interview for “GODZILLA” (2014)

        We all love Bryan Cranston and we all love him as Walter White in “Breaking Bad.” But did you know that “Godzilla” director Gareth Edwards hired Cranston for his work in “Malcolm in the Middle” and not as White? Intriguing! And in “Godzilla,” I believe Cranston is the heart of the mov

      • Aaron Taylor-Johnson Talks About “GODZILLA” (2014)

        Aaron Taylor-Johnson stars as U.S. Navy Lieutenant Ford Brody in the new big monster movie “Godzilla.” His character’s arc and his relationship with his father, played by Bryan Cranston, is the heart of the film. I sat down with the actor for this one-on-one interview and we talked abo

      • “GODZILLA” (2014) Interview with Elizabeth Olsen

        I love Elizabeth Olsen! She surprised us with her star-making turn in 2011’s “Martha Marcy May Marlene,” and will soon be seen in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” But first, she is set to add credence to the big monster movie “Godzilla.” I sat down with the actress to talk about:

      • “GODZILLA” (2014) Interview with Director Gareth Edwards -- He Talks About “Godzilla” Deleted Scenes!

        Gareth Edwards, the guy who gave us the fantastic “Monsters” in 2010, is perfect as the director of the king of all monsters “Godzilla.” He knows how to effectively blend the drama and the spectacle! I sat down with Edwards in New York during the “Godzilla” press junket and talked to h

      • “Neighbors” (2014) Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Do Seth Rogen and Zac Efron Get?

        Zac Efron and Seth Rogen team up for director Nicholas Stoller’s raunchy comedy “Neighbors.” Rose Byrne co-stars as Rogen’s character’s wife. Completing the cast are Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Craig Roberts, Jerrod Carmichael, Ike Barinholtz, Carla Gallo, and a special part

      • Get Paid Blogging and Making Videos!!!!

        I've been a long-time member of Film Annex, oh gosh, maybe about 7 years now, and I swear by it! I upload some of my stories and videos -- both movie reviews and interviews -- and I have been making some extra cash because of that! You know, maintaining this lifestyle can be a bit

      • “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” Movie Review -- Do We Need Another Spidey Movie? The Answer is Clear!

        Another week, another superhero movie (I know, I’m feeling oversaturated all of a sudden – Captain America last month, the X-Men folks and Spidey this month, argh!) – this time, it’s the sequel to “The Amazing Spider-Man” from the collaboration of director Marc Webb and stars Andrew Garf

    • April
      • Can't Wait to See "Godzilla!"

        The 1998 "Godzilla" movie underwhelmed me, no, make that irritated me, but yet, like most of you, I have a special place in my heart for the giant lizard. So, I'm really, really looking forward to seeing the new version of "Godzilla" opening nationwide on May 16

      • “The Quiet Ones” Movie Review

        “The Quiet Ones,” bearing the mark of Hammer Films, is a scary flick that features the age-old debate between science and the supernatural. Jared Harris stars as Professor Coupland, a professor who thinks he can exorcise demons using science. His subject for his experiment is Jane Harp

      • Outrageous! The Cast of "Jem and the Holograms"

        If you were a child of the '80s, this news is for you! The "Jem and the Holograms" movie has been cast! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Aubrey Peeples ("Nashville") will play Jem while Stefanie Scott ("A.N.T. Farm") will star as Jem's sister

      • My Fun Interview with Sam Claflin, Oliva Cooke, Jared Harris for “The Quiet Ones”

        I enjoyed meeting the three stars from the upcoming film “The Quiet Ones” namely Sam Claflin (“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”), Olivia Cooke (“Bates Motel”), and Jared Harris (“Sherlock Holmes: The Game of Shadows,” “Pompeii,” “Lincoln”).

        The film, bearing the mark of Hamm

      • Watch Joss Whedon's "In Your Eyes" Now!

        Leave it to Joss Whedon to do something cool...again! The hero of my 20s (that's largely because of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," arguably, one of the best TV shows...ever!), is breaking Hollywood norm by inviting you to watch his latest opus, not in theaters, but via digit

      • New "Jersey Boys" Trailer Makes Me Want to See the Movie Now!!!!

        Okay I admit it, I'm a showtunes queen! I love Broadway and musicals, good musicals, that is. And I think "Jersey Boys" is a good musical. The rugs-to-riches tale of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons is captivating and the soundtrack rocks!

        And now comes t

      • “TRANSCENDENCE” Movie Review

        Wally Pfister, the Oscar-winning cinematographer of “Inception,” tries directing a full-feature film for the first time. He brings along Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman to help him with his journey. The longtime Christopher Nolan director of photography chose “Transcendence” as his dire

      • TRANSCENDENCE Interview with Morgan Freeman

        I’ve always enjoyed talking to the great Morgan Freeman but he was especially animated one Saturday afternoon talking about his new movie “Transcendence.” He particularly admired working with Johnny Depp (even though it’s really for one scene – the rest are CGI) and counted the actor as

      • TRANSCENDENCE Interview with Rebecca Hall

        I love Rebecca Hall! Not only is she a memorable actress (“The Prestige,” “Vicky Christina Barcelona,” “The Town”), she is also a very sweet person! In “Transcendence,” she plays Evelyn, the wife of Johnny Depp’s character, who will do anything to bring back her husband to life, even i

      • TRANSCENDENCE Interview with Paul Bettany

        Paul Bettany has always been a reliable character actor and he puts his talent to good use in the new sci-fi thriller “Transcendence.” He stars as Max Waters, the family friend of the couple played by Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall. He’s a pro-technology who warns about society’s relianc

      • TRANSCENDENCE Interview with Kate Mara

        I’ve always been in awe of Kate Mara. The sibling of Rooney Mara has an unforgettable face and can always steal scenes from her fellow actors in movies such as “127 Hours” and “Transsiberian.” In “Transcendence,” Mara is Bree, an anti-technology extremist who will do anything to stop t

      • TRANSCENDENCE Interview with Director Wally Pfister

        Wally Pfister has worked with the great Christopher Nolan as his director of photography in movies like “The Prestige,” “The Dark Knight Rises,” Memento,” and much more -- pretty much in all of Nolan movies. But now, the Oscar-winning cinematographer from “Inception” is branching out an

      • "Rio 2" Movie Review

        “Rio 2” flies into theaters near you but is the sequel better than the first? All your favorite characters return for the second one including original director, Carlos Saldanha. The film is music-tinged no wonder many musicians flock to join the sequel including Janelle Monae and Brun

      • Interview with Director of “The Raid 2!” He Talks About Possible Plot for “The Raid 3!”

        If you’re a fan of the fantastic “The Raid” franchise (the film just received the Critics’ Choice Seal of Approval), you may want to watch this interview. Gareth Evans, the writer/director behind the franchise, talks about the probability of making “The Raid 3” and the possible plotline

      • “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Does Cap Get?

        Chris Evans returns to the role of Steve Rogers aka Captain America in the sequel “The Winter Soldier.” Joining him in the film is Scarlett Johansson (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow), Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson/Falcon), Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes), and Rob

      • Final Films: Watch New Trailers and Say Goodbye to James Gandolfini and Britanny Murphy

        We all miss James Gandolfini but have no fear, if you didn't get a chance to see last year's fantastic "Enough Said," the late star still has a final appearance in the crime thriller "The Drop" from director Michaël R. Roskam and written by Dennis Lehane (&q

    • March
      • Movie Reviews – NOAH, BAD WORDS, CESAR CHAVEZ

        Three films headed near you, we have the raunchy comedy “Bad Words” from Jason Bateman, making his feature-film debut as a director (he acted in the movie too alongside the super-funny Kathryn Hahn); We also have “Cesar Chavez” from actor/director Diego Luna helming his first English-fea

      • Joe Manganiello Talks About “Sabotage” and Working With His Childhood Idol, Schwarzenegger!

        Joe Manganiello teams up with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the new action-thriller “Sabotage” from writer-director David Ayer (“Training Day,” “End of Watch”). Like his book Evolution: The Cutting Edge to Breaking Down Mental Walls and Building the Body You’ve Always Wanted, Manganiello ha

      • Michael Pena Interview for “Cesar Chavez”

        Michael Pena is one of the sweetest, most down-to-earth guys in Hollywood! That’s why his new role, “Cesar Chavez,” is a perfect fit for the actor. Like the activist leader, Pena is humble and speaks the truth. And yes, he gained weight to play the part!

        The last time I s

      • America Ferrera Interview for “Cesar Chavez”

        America Ferrera stars as Helen Chavez, the wife of our hero played by Michael Pena, in the new political drama, “Cesar Chavez.” The last time I spoke with the actress, it was for “How to Train Your Dragon,” four years ago. Now, Ferrera is tackling more grown-up roles that challenge her

      • Diego Luna Talks About “Cesar Chavez” and the Filipino Contribution to the Revolution

        Diego Luna, the actor who made his mark in “Y Tu Mama Tambien,” makes his English-language directorial debut with “Cesar Chavez,” a passionate film about the activist leader. Michael Pena stars in the title role with America Ferrera playing his wife, Helen. John Malkovich, Wes Bentley,

      • Aloe Blacc Talks About “The Voice,” Avicii, Coachella Music Festival and Madonna

        Aloe Blacc is having a great momentum! Starting with his collaboration with Avicii last year, the Billboard smash “Wake Me Up,” Blacc followed that with the addictive “The Man” single, his new album (which I love, by the way) called “Lift Your Spirit,” and then now, he’s on America’s fa

      • "Divergent" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Do Tris and Four Get?

        “Divergent” is one of the most anticipated movies this year but is it worth the hype? Based on the popular novel by Veronica Roth, “Divergent” stars Shailene Woodley as Tris, a teenager in a dystopian Chicago future who must choose a faction – is she Amity, Candor, Abnegation, Erudite,

      • Before My "Divergent" Interviews, These Happened! Fun and Silly Stolen Moments!

        Before we thought the cameras were rolling, check out my stolen moments with the “Divergent” cast namely Shailene Woodley (she’s a hugger), Theo James (he loves Manny Pacquiao), Ashley Judd & Tony Goldwyn (Judd loves the way I said Rosa, my last name), Maggie Q and Mekhi Phifer (Mann

      • Tris Speaks and I Love Her! My Fun Interview with Shailene Woodley for “Divergent”

        I love, love, love Shailene! Not only is she a fantastic Oscar-nominated actress (she received her nomination for “The Descendants”), she is also sweet in person (she’s a hugger!). And super down-to-earth much like her “Divergent” character, Tris. She’s our heroine, she kicks major bo

      • Theo James aka Four Interview for “Divergent” -- Yes, He's HOT!

        Yes, ladies, he’s hot in person! And utterly sweet as well! Theo James is fast becoming a star (he nearly stole the episode he’s in in PBS’ “Downton Abbey”) and many girls are swooning over him when they heard that he’s going to star as Four in the big-screen version of “Divergent.” <

      • “Divergent” Interviews with Maggie Q and Mekhi Phifer

        I love these two! They were fun to talk to – smart and gracious! Maggie Q stars as Tori in “Divergent,” the mysterious Dauntless member transfer from Erudite who gives Tris her test in preparation for the Choosing Ceremony. Mekhi is Max, one of the Dauntless leaders


      • “Divergent” Interviews with Christian Madsen and Ben Lloyd-Hughes

        Christian Madsen and Ben Lloyd-Hughes are rock stars! Actually, all the “Divergent” actors are rock stars! They’re fun to talk to like Madsen and Lloyd-Hughes. Madsen stars as Al and Lloyd-Hughes is Will, they are both Dauntless initiates. So what attracted them to working on “Diverg

      • “Divergent” Interviews with Miles Teller and Jai Courtney!

        Miles Teller kept on referring to me as “sunshine!” Perhaps it was because of my yellow shirt, or maybe it was my sunny attitude when I interviewed him before for “Footloose.” Regardless, he has always been a sweetheart and it was daunting (pun intended) to see him as a villain in “Div

      • “Divergent” Interviews with Ashley Judd and Tony Goldwyn! Meet the Priors!

        Meet the stars who played Tris and Caleb’s parents – the Priors! Ashley Judd is their mom, Natalie, and the wife of council member Andrew Prior (Tony Goldwyn). And truth be told, they’re the hearts of the movie, Natalie specifically. They’re the supportive parents of a Divergent! Wha

      • Ansel Elgort aka Caleb Prior Interview for “Divergent”

        Ansel Elgort stars in “Divergent” as Caleb Prior. He’s the brother of our heroine, Tris (Shailene Woodley), who chooses Erudite over his parents’ faction, Abnegation. In this interview, we talked about his interest in the role, how he prepared, and what faction would he choose if we’re

      • New "Maleficent" Trailer -- Angelina Jolie with Wings!

        I can't wait for "Maleficent!" Back in 2009, we broke this story about Angelina Jolie being offered the role of Maleficent for Disney's retelling of the Sleeping Beauty villain (See original story here)! Planned director, Brad Bird, has since been replaced by Robert

      • "The Single Moms Club" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Does Tyler Perry Get?

        Another year, another new Tyler Perry movie. This one’s called “The Single Moms Club” with Wendi McLendon-Covey, Cocoa Brown, Zulay Henao, Amy Smart, and Nia Long starring as the single moms of the title. Perry wrote and directed this film, but guess what? This one actually works! Wh

      • My Fun Interview with Tyler Perry and Nia Long for THE SINGLE MOMS CLUB

        I always enjoyed talking to Tyler Perry. Say what you want about the prolific writer/director but he’s doing his own thing and marching to his own beat! In his new movie, “The Single Moms Club,” Perry ditched his usual heavy-handedness and gave us a commendable film. Big credit goes t

      • Amy Smart and Wendi McLendon-Covey Interview for THE SINGLE MOMS CLUB

        Tyler Perry’s “The Single Moms Club” is different from most of the director’s films. Yes, this one is also a romantic dramedy but the chemistry of the cast gels perfectly and you can feel a sense of improvisational comedy. And Perry’s trademark of heavy handedness is barely on screen a

      • Cocoa Brown and Zulay Henao Interview for THE SINGLE MOMS CLUB

        I love these two! Cocoa Brown is a delight in the film (her scenes with Wendy McLendon-Covey are truly funny) and Zulay Henao brings the necessary “go girl” attitude. In the film, both play the “single moms” in the title with Brown dealing with an incessant child while Henao is raising

      • My Fun Interview with Jason Bateman for BAD WORDS -- How Do You Spell LOL?

        Jason Bateman makes his first feature-film directorial debut in the raunchy comedy "Bad Words." He also stars in the movie as a spelling bee loser who exacts revenge by finding a loophole and compete with kids! The movie is really an affecting drama masquerading as a comedy.

      • Kathryn Hahn Interview for BAD WORDS -- I Love Her!

        Kathryn Hahn slides into a leading lady role in the new film "Bad Words" from Jason Bateman, making his feature-film directorial debut. Hahn, a scene stealer, nearly stole our hearts in "We're the Millers" as a horny camper, and now, she's playing it straig

      • "Mr. Peabody & Sherman," and "300: Rise of An Empire" Movie Review

        Two big films this weekend, we have the animated film "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" and the action-adventure sequel "300: Rise of An Empire."

        In "Mr. Peabody & Sherman," it feels like the 1950s all over again! The companion piece of "The Ro

      • "12 Years a Slave" Wins Best Picture at Predictable But Entertaining Oscars!

        And in the end, it was a predictable Oscar night! The frontrunners were true frontrunners with "12 Years a Slave" taking home the Best Picture trophy while "Gravity" won all technical awards. In the acting categories, Cate Blanchett won Best Actress, Matthew McConau

      • "12 Years a Slave" Dominates Independent Spirit Awards! See Full Winners List!

        Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" was the big winner at the 2014 Independent Spirit Awards taking home 5 trophies including Best Picture, Director, Supporting Female for Lupita N'Yongo, Screenplay for John Ridley, and Cinematography for Sean Bobbitt.

        The p

    • February
      • REPOST: My Complete 2014 Oscar Predictions!

        The Oscar nominations for the 86th Academy Awards have been announced but who will win and who should win? In a banner year for great movies, 2013 gave us thought-provoking and entertaining experience at the cinema. On Oscar night, Steve McQueen’s “12 Years a Slave” will take home the

      • Oscars Outrage! Top 10 Biggest Oscar Snubs in History!

        We all groaned when we heard that Robert Redford for “All is Lost” and Emma Thompson for “Saving Mr. Banks” failed to get Oscar nominations. Not to mention both Oprah Winfrey and Forest Whitaker for “The Butler,” or Michael B. Jordan and Octavia Spencer for “Fruitvale Station.” They ga

      • God Help Us All" -- Watch the Fantastic New "Godzilla" Trailer!

        Warner Bros. has released the brand new trailer for Gareth Edwards' "Godzilla" and suddenly, I'm hooked! Listen, I saw the teaser, and the first trailer, but now, I can really say, I can't wait to see this new "Godzilla!" It took that long for me to f

      • See Benedict Cumberbatch On All Fours Voicing "Smaug!"

        In my humble opinion, Benedict Cumberbatch gave his best performance last year as the voice of Smaug the dragon in "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug." The actor gave the menacing character its much needed heart!

        But now, if you want to see Cumberbatch on all four

      • “3 Days to Kill” Movie Review

        Kevin Costner returns to the leading man role in the new action-thriller “3 Days to Kill” from producer and co-writer Luc Besson and director McG. Hailee Steinfeld and Connie Nielsen provide support as the family that grounds Costner’s character. But is the movie good or is this just a

      • Hailee Steinfeld Interview for “3 Days to Kill”

        Oscar-nominated actress, Hailee Steinfeld, teams up with Kevin Costner for the upcoming action-thriller, “3 Days to Kill.” The young actress, who received her first Academy Award nomination for “True Grit” at the tender age of 13, plays Costner’s estranged daughter in the McG-directed a

      • New "22 Jump Street" Trailer

        Fresh from the super-success of "The Lego Movie," directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have unleashed a brand new trailer for Sony's "22 Jump Street." I enjoyed the first one, I enjoyed Channing Tatum (don't we all?), and I enjoyed Jonah Hill. So we should

      • See Fantastic "Guardians of the Galaxy" Trailer

        Ladies and gentlemen, the first official trailer for Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy!" From director James Gunn (yes, he directed a segment to the most loathed movie of 2013 "Movie 43" so pray that this one is much, much better), the sci-fi super-hero adventur

      • Top 10 Best Romantic Movie Lines...EVER!

        If you want to get inspired this Valentine’s Day, look no further than the world of cinema! From professing about your undying devotion to the minutiae of this thing we call love, Hollywood has given us a treasure trove of one-liners that provoke and entertain. I bet you that the romanti

      • Happy Valentine’s Day! Watch “Winter’s Tale” and “Endless Love” (2014) Romantic Movie Reviews

        Two romantic films just in time for Valentine’s! First we have “Winter’s Tale” starring Colin Farrell and Jessica Brown Findlay as a couple whose love transcends time. The movie also stars Russell Crowe, William Hurt, Eva Marie Saint, and a cameo by Will Smith as…gasp…Lucifer! This is

      • Awards Season 2014: From Cinematography to Visual Effects, See the Latest Winners!

        First stop, the Annie Awards which honor excellence in the animated world. And the winners are:

        Best Animated Feature:
        Frozen, Walt Disney Animation Studios

        Annie Award for Best Animated Special Production:
        Chipotle Scarecrow, Chipotle Creative Department

      • My Weight Loss Journey

        Let me be personal here and talk about weight. My weight! Exactly one year ago today, I embarked on a journey that changed not only my eating habits but my lifestyle. One year later, I am 30 lbs. lighter but how did I do it? And how am I keeping the weight off? One thing's for sur

      • Why You Have to See "The Lego Movie!"

        If you were like me, when I first heard that Warner Bros. was making a movie based on Lego, I rolled my eyes! Not another movie based on a toy! But then I saw the film, and I ate my words! So how many kisses does “The Lego Movie” get? Take a look!

        “The Lego Mov

      • Chris Pratt (Emmet) Interview for THE LEGO MOVIE

        Ladies and gentlemen, meet my new man crush! Chris Pratt is such a fantastic actor and a lovely, sweet person to boot! He and wife Anna Faris make a perfect pair! It was actually Faris, who worked with writers/directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller before for “Cloudy with a Chance

      • Will Arnett (Batman) Talks About THE LEGO MOVIE

        Will Arnett embodies Batman in the new film “The Lego Movie.” It’s a subversive family film that both kids and adults will love! I traveled to Legoland to interview Arnett and the rest of the cast. So did the actor copied Christian Bale in his intonation of the Dark Knight? Or did he

      • Elizabeth Banks (Wyldstyle) Talks About THE LEGO MOVIE

        Elizabeth Banks voices the heroine of “The Lego Movie” named Wyldstyle, a kickass fighter looking for the chosen one (Emmet voiced by Chris Pratt). From the writers/directors of “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” and “21 Jump Street,” “The Lego Movie” is simply awesome!

        I sa

      • THE LEGO MOVIE Interviews with Writers/Director Christopher Miller and Phil Lord

        First let me tell you how much I enjoyed “The Lego Movie.” It’s fun for kids but grown-ups will appreciate its satirical humor. And big credit goes to writers/directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord (“Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,” “21 Jump Street”)! And they conceptualized it

      • I Can't Wait to see "Divergent!" Check Out New Trailer with Never-Before-Seen Footage!

        Based on Veronica Roth's novel, the buzz surrounding "Divergent" is inescapable! But do you really know what "Divergent" means? No? Well, the new trailer with never-before-seen-footage can help! Check it out now:

        Starring Shailene Woodl

    • January
      • Movie Reviews: “Labor Day” and “That Awkward Moment”

        Two big movies this weekend, we have “Labor Day” for drama lovers and “That Awkward Moment” for comedy fans. In “Labor Day,” Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin star in the film adaptation of Joyce Maynard’s novel. Writer-director Jason Reitman follows “Young Adult” with a movie that is like

      • Lana Del Rey Adds Haunting Mystery to "Maleficent!"

        Walt Disney Pictures has recruited Lana Del Rey for the new trailer to the upcoming "Maleficent" and I say, great call! (see the latest teaser/trailer for "Maleficent" trailer)

        At first I was like, was that Angelina Jolie singing? And then voila, like a v

      • Welcome Nicolas Cage Back Into Your Life

        We love Nicolas Cage very much! And we even love him even though he's been making run-of-the-mill movies geared towards paying his mortgage. But then, recently, the Oscar winner has been foregoing crappy flicks in favor of good stories like the recent "Frozen Ground" wit

      • A Big Congrats to Directors Guild Winner -- Alfonso Cuaron!

        Woot woot! My pick to win Best Director at the Oscars took home the Feature Film trophy at the recently concluded Directors Guild of America awards. And it's truly deserving! Cuaron defied gravity, yes pun intended, to create "Gravity," a movie grounded in sci-fi realis

      • Your Complete 2014 Oscar Predictions! Who Will Win, Should Win in All Categories?

        The Oscar nominations for the 86th Academy Awards have been announced but who will win and who should win? In a banner year for great movies, 2013 gave us thought-provoking and entertaining experience at the cinema. On Oscar night, Steve McQueen’s “12 Years a Slave” will take home the

      • Vanessa Hudgens Talks About “Gimme Shelter”

        Vanessa Hudgens stars in the new movie “Gimme Shelter.” She gained weight to play Apple, a teen mom who must choose between her new life as a mother and her own parents. The movie is a bit melodramatic but Hudgens gave her all to the role much like her memorable performance in last yea

      • It's a Tie! "12 Years a Slave," "Gravity" Top Producers Guild Awards

        Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity" and Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" both won the Darryl F. Zanuck Award for outstanding producer of theatrical motion pictures at the 2014 Producers Guild of America awards. It's an unprecedented tie that just makes the Ac

      • "American Hustle," Matthew McConaughey, Cate Blanchett Triumph at 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards

        David O. Russell's "American Hustle" was the big winner of the 20th Screen Actors Guild Awards taking home the Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture trophy. Matthew McConaughey continues to shine this awards season by taking home the Outstanding Performanc

      • Movie Reviews: "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" and "The Nut Job"

        Two movies for this weekend, we have "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" for action fans and "The Nut Job" for kids. In "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit," Chris Pine steps into some mighty big shoes once worn by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck. The characte

      • Philomania! Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope Talk About Their Oscar-Nominated "Philomena!"

        Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope are having a great week! Their "Philomena" received 4 Oscar nominations including Best Picture, Best Actress for Dame Judi Dench, Best Original Score for Alexandre Desplat, and Best Adapted Screenplay for Coogan and Pope.

        And the Oscar lov

      • Fun Times at 2014 Critics' Choice Movie Awards

        I had a great time at last night's Critics' Choice Movie Awards at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica. I'm a proud voting member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and I always look forward to our Movie Awards!

        It was a great night with an equally great p

      • Actor/Director Peter Berg Talks About His Oscar-Nominated "Lone Survivor"

        “Lone Survivor” was a critical and commercial success, and just this morning, is now an Oscar-nominated film earning two nods for Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing. I interviewed the actor/director via satellite (pardon the pauses – satellite argh!) to talk about the movie and it

      • Your Complete 2014 Oscar Nominations! "American Hustle," "Gravity" Dominate with Ten Nods Each, "12 Years" Gets 9

        We woke up early with Hollywood this morning for the nominations for the granddaddy of the awards season -- the Oscars! Mister Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, along with the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences President Cheryl Boone Isaacs announced the nominations, and there we

      • Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association Announces Dorian Awards Nominations

        The Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association (GALECA), of which I am a proud voting member, has announced the nominees for its annual Dorian Awards named with a nod to the great and gay wit of Oscar Wilde.

        The usual suspects ("American Hustle," "Gravi

      • International Cinephile Society Reveals Nominees

        The International Cinephile Society has announced the nominees for the 11th ICS Awards. Abdellatif Kechiche's "Blue is the Warmest Color," the Coen Brothers' "Inside Llewyn Davis," Spike Jonze's "Her," and Steve McQueen's "12 Years

      • Cinema Audio Society Unveils Nominations

        The Cinema Audio Society has announced the nominees for the 50th Annual CAS Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for 2013. Winners will be revealed on February 22nd in the Crystal Ballroom of the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. The CAS Career Achievement Award will be given to

      • “Transit” Interview and Review – Proud of our Filipino Filmmakers

        First-time feature film director, Hannah Espia, was elated when I caught up with her! My fellow Filipino was visiting Palm Springs for the annual Film Festival where her film, “Transit,” was making its North American Premiere. I interviewed Miss Espia, alongside her producer, Paul Sori

      • New Zealand Director Max Currie Interview for “Everything We Loved”

        My fun interview with New Zealand director Max Currie for his art-house drama “Everything We Loved” which had its North American premiere at the 2014 Palm Springs International Film Festival. The film is beautifully shot even though the subject is dark and haunting. Take a look at my f

      • Women Filmmakers Dominate Directors Guild Documentary Awards Nominations

        The Directors Guild of America has announced the nominees for the DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentaries for 2013, and three of those honored are women! Yay!

        The winner will be announced on Saturday, January 25 for the 66th Annual DGA Awards Dinner

      • Winners of 2014 Golden Globe Awards -- the Predictable and Unpredictable!

        The Hollywood Foreign Press Association celebrated the best in movies and TV in 2013 with the 71st annual Golden Globes Awards. True to its form, the awards night was a bit unpredictable ("Brooklyn 99" beating "Modern Family" and "Girls" for Best Comedy Ser

      • 2014 Golden Globe Awards Predictions

        The awards season just got hotter with the Golden Globes happening this Sunday on NBC beginning at 5 p.m. Like most of you, I am curious to know who will win but I am more excited to see the dynamic duo, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, light up the stage as hosts of the evening.

      • Best Editing -- American Cinema Editors Reveal 64th ACE Eddie Awards Nominations

        The American Cinema Editors (ACE) revealed the nominations for their 64th Annual ACE Eddie Awards for all categories including film, television, and documentaries. We'll find out the winners on Feb. 7 with the ACE Eddie Awards annual ceremony to be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

      • Best Costumes -- See Complete Nominees of 16th Costume Designer Guild Awards

        The Costume Designers Guild has revealed the nominees for its 16th annual awards for film, TV, and commercial categories. We'll find out the winners on Feb. 22nd. Judd Apatow will receive the Distinguished Collaborator Award at this year's ceremony. Costume Designer April Fe

      • 2014 Art Directors Guild Nominations -- See Complete List

        The Art Directors Guild (ADG) has announced nominations in 10 categories of Production Design for movies, television, commercials, and music videos. They are all vying for the Art Directors Guild's 18th Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards. Winners will be revealed on Feb

      • Best Adapted Screenplays -- 2014 USC Scripter Award Nominations

        I was worried that "Spectacular Now," the fantastic coming-of-age dramedy from director James Ponsoldt would be totally forgotten this awards season (well, like "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" last year, this film was just relegated to minor kudos) but leave it to t

      • "The Act of Killing," "Stories We Tell," "Cutie and the Boxer" Dominate Cinema Eye Honors

        Winners of the 7th Annual Cinema Eye Honors, recognizing the best documentaries of the year, were revealed and Joshua Oppenheimer's "The Act of Killing" (one of my faves of 2013) won the Outstanding Achievement in Nonfiction Feature Filmmaking while Sarah Polley took home

      • Manny Mash-Up! Manny the Movie Guy 2013 Reel – Best Star Interviews, Movie Reviews!

        2013 has been a great year for yours truly. I won another Emmy award for Best On-Camera/Host/Personality, met amazing celebrities, featured wonderful folks, helped the victims of Oklahoma tornadoes and Philippine typhoons, and much more!

        It was a busy year, a very productive

      • Cinematographers Pick the Best of 2013! See Full ASC Nominations!

        The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) has revealed the nominees in the theatrical motion picture category of the 28th Annual ASC Awards for Outstanding Achievement.

        “Our members believe these cinematographers have set the contemporary standard for artful, theatrical

      • "Gravity" Dominates BAFTA Nominations

        The British Academy of Film and Television Arts has announced the nominations for the British Academy Film Awards and Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity" led the pack with 11 nominations including Best Film, British Film (who knew "Gravity" was a British movie?), Director

      • 2014 Directors Guild Nominations! Who Were Snubbed?

        In a solid year full of great movies, many directors are bound to be snubbed for award nominations by the Directors Guild of America. And so for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film for 2013 award noms, many were left in the dust such as Joel & Ethan Coen ("Insid

      • "Inside Llewyn Davis" Dominates National Society of Film Critics Awards

        "Inside Llewyn Davis," the fantastic film from the Coen Brothers, was the big winner at the National Society of Film Critics awards taking home the Best Picture, Director, Actor (Oscar Isaac), and Cinematography (Bruno Delbonnel).

        So how do they vote? Here's

      • Snubs Abound! 2014 Writers Guild Award Nominees Announced!

        Both the Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW) and East (WGAE) have announced nominations for the Writers Guild Awards. The biggest omission? Oscar front-runner "12 Years A Slave!" According to IndieWire, "12 Years A Slave, Fruitvale Station, Mandela: Long Walk To Freed

      • Your Palm Springs International Film Festival 2014 Guide

        Hollywood’s A-listers are set to light up the Coachella Valley for the 25th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival. From Sandra Bullock to Julia Roberts, from Tom Hanks to Meryl Streep, from the cast of “American Hustle” to U2, they’re all add glitter to the desert town I call

      • Producers Guild Reveals Nominees, "Inside Llewyn Davis" and Weinstein Ignored!

        The Producers Guild of America has announced the nominees for the 25th annual PGA Awards. In the movie category, the Coen Brothers' "Inside Llewyn Davis" and the awards hopefuls from the Weinstein Company were ignored -- no "August: Osage County," "Fruitval

  • 2013
    • December
      • Top 10 Best Movies of 2013 Plus the Worst Films of the Year!

        Years from now, I think we’ll remember how great 2013 is for the cinema! From foreign language films (“Blue is the Warmest Color,” “Wadjda”) to last minute Oscar entries (“The Wolf of Wall Street,” “American Hustle”), this year was bristling with excitement at the movies. So what are m

      • Win Fun, Exclusive "Anchorman 2" Prizes!

        Thanks to our friends at Paramount Pictures, you can fun prizes from "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" starring Will Ferrell as our favorite anchorman. T-shirts, electronic Anchorman voices, mustaches and more!

        There are two ways to enter:

      • First Oscar Trailer! Ellen is Sooooooo Adorable!

        Goodbye Seth MacFarlane, hello Ellen! Many folks hated MacFarlane's hosting abilities last year and now, I think, the Academy is making the right decisions to replace him with Ellen DeGeneres.

        Just like Dory, Ellen's character in "Finding Nemo" and its u

      • "12 Years," "Dallas Buyers Club," "Enough Said" Big Winners with Women Journalists! Big Loss for "The Counselor," Cameron Diaz

        The Alliance of Women Film Journalists has announced the winners for the 2013 EDA (Excellent Dynamic Activism) Awards! And predictably, by now, Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" took the top honors with McQueen taking home the best director trophy, and Lupita Nyong'

      • “Inside Llewyn Davis” and “Saving Mr. Banks” Movie Reviews

        Two big Oscar-worthy movies are opening in theaters near you. First, we have “Inside Llewyn Davis” from Joel and Ethan Coen. The film is set during the 1960s Village folk scene and it follows a week in Llewyn Davis’ (the fantastic Oscar Isaac) life as he navigates through the ups and d

      • Jon M. Chu Talks About Justin Bieber and “Justin Bieber’s Believe”

        Jon M. Chu returns to direct “Justin Bieber’s Believe.” Previously, he helmed “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” but this time, not only was Chu behind the camera, he was also the creative director of Bieber’s concert. So he knows the boy wonder really well.

        I’ve interviewed C

      • Austin Film Critics Pick Different Best Picture, Actress

        And finally, one of the few critics groups not choosing "12 Years a Slave" for Best Picture. The Austin Film Critics Association gave the honor to Spike Jonze's "Her." They also picked a different Best Actress (take that Cate Blanchett!) and went with Brie Lars

      • Florida Film Critics Embrace "12 Years a Slave"

        Okay I'm running out of verbs to use for various critics groups honoring Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave." I can only use hail, love, embrace for so much! But will the critics love for "12 years" translate into Oscar gold? That's the question!
      • "12 Years a Slave" Tops Las Vegas Film Critics Awards

        Various critics groups are almost unanimous in hailing Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" the best picture of the year! Today, the Las Vegas Film Critics Society (LVFCS)is one of the award-giving bodies crowning the movie as the year's best.

        Here's t

      • Phoenix Film Critics Love "12 Years a Slave"

        Another award-giving body, another win for Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave." The film is, by now, the clear frontrunner this awards season. Let's see if this momentum will carry them all the way to Oscar Night!

        Here's the complete winners of the Ph

      • 2013-2014 Awards Season -- Your Complete Guide


        In order to help you unclutter all the various award-giving bodies this season, here's my 2013-2014 Awards Season Guide with the very latest updates on announced awards or nominations!

        This is my Super Bowl and

      • London Film Critics' Circle Nominations

        The London Film Critics' Circle announced their nominations and surprise, surprise, Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" led the pack with nine nods including Best Picture. Missing in action? David O. Russell's "American Hustle" BUT Jennifer Lawrence wa

      • Big Win for "Inside Llewyn Davis"

        The Coen Brothers' "Inside Llewyn Davis" won big with the Toronto Film Critics Association. The folk-music film took home the Best Picture award and Oscar Isaac won the Best Actor award.

        Here's the complete list of winners of the 2013 Toronto Film Critic

      • "12 Years a Slave" Wins Big with Chicago Film Critics

        Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" was the big winner of the Chicago Film Critics Association annual awards taking home 5 trophies out of 11 nominations. "12 Years" won Best Picture, Director for McQueen, Actor for Chiwetel Ejiofor, Supporting Actress for Lupita

      • Llewyn Davis Speaks! Oscar Isaac Talks About “Inside Llewyn Davis”

        Oscar Isaac (“Sucker Punch”) is sure-to-receive an Oscar nomination for his brilliant portrayal of a struggling folk singer in the Coen Brothers’ film “Inside Llewyn Davis.” Playing the title role, Isaac immersed himself into the character and came up with a performance that is at once

      • Carey Mulligan Talks About “Inside Llewyn Davis”

        I love, love, love Carey Mulligan! She’s a fantastic actress who always turns in memorable performances. Last year, she sang in the movie “Shame” for director Steve McQueen, and this year, she’s part of a triplet of performers (with Justin Timberlake and Stark Sands) ala Peter, Paul, a

      • John Goodman Talks About “Inside Llewyn Davis”

        I just love John Goodman! You can always feel his passion for all his movie characters. In “Inside Llewyn Davis,” Goodman stars as Roland Turner,a drug-addicted jazz performer who shares a car ride from New York to Chicago with Llewyn (Oscar Isaac) and Johnny Five (Garrett Hedlund). H

      • F. Murray Abraham Talks About “Inside Llewyn Davis”

        Oscar-winner, F. Murray Abraham (“Amadeus”), is fantastic in the new Coen Brothers movie “Inside Llewyn Davis.” He plays a small part as a producer but he’s a catalyst of the narrative when he rejects Llewyn Davis’ (Oscar Isaac) audition. In this interview, we talked about:

      • T Bone Burnett Talks About “Inside Llewyn Davis”

        T Bone Burnett helped shape the narrative of “Inside Llewyn Davis” by collaborating with the Coen Brothers on the film’s soundtrack. The music acts as another character in this folk music film dedicated to struggling musicians all over the world! Burnett already won an Oscar for his so

      • Stark Sands Talks About “Inside Llewyn Davis”

        Stark Sands (“Day of the Dead,” “Chasing Liberty”) stars as Troy Nelson, a folk singer who gets drafted, in the Coen Brothers’ “Inside Llewyn Davis.” I sat down with the actor to talk about the movie and here’s what we discussed:

        *** What attracted him to the character Troy N

      • "12 Years a Slave" Tops Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Awards

        Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" is having a great day! The film won the top prize at every film critics groups today, including the nominations for the Critics' Choice Movie Awards. It's also the victor at the annual year-ender Best of 2013 picks from the Da

      • Houston Film Critics Love "12 Years a Slave"

        Houston Film Critics Society hailed "12 Years a Slave" as the Best Picture of the year while "Gravity's" Alfonso Cuaron took home the Best Director award. Here's the complete list of winners of the 2013 Houston Film Critics Society:

        Houston Film

      • "12 Years a Slave" Wins Big with Kansas City Film Critics!

        The Kansas City Film Critics Circle has announced their winners of its annual awards and once again, Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" took home the top prize! But McQueen must share his Best Director award with "Gravity" helmer, Alfonso Cuaron. Oh, and speaki

      • Indiana Film Journalists Love "12 Years a Slave"

        With the Indiana Film Journalists Association, we get the usual suspects -- "12 Years a Slave" winning the top award! But I'm happy to report that the Association also gave the film's helmer, Steve McQueen, the best director award (not the favorite Alfonso Cuaron for

      • Southeastern Film Critics Choose "12 Years a Slave"

        It's becoming a common theme now -- Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" dominating the awards season! And this morning, the Southeastern Film Critics Association honored the movie as the best of the year! Here's the complete list of winners of the 2013 Southeast

      • Online Film Critics Hail "12 Years a Slave"

        The Online Film Critics Society has announced the winners of their 17th annual awards, and Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" led the pack with wins for Best Picture, actor for Chiwetel Ejiofor, supporting actor for Michael Fassbender, and supporting actress for Lupita Nyo

      • "Inside Llewyn Davis" Tops Film Comment Critics Poll

        Film Comment has revealed the results of its annual critics poll, and the Coen Brothers' "Inside Llewyn Davis" easily won the top spot!

        Film Comment's Best Films of 2013

        1. Inside Llewyn Davis

        2. 12 Years a Slave

        3. Before

      • "12 Years a Slave," "American Hustle" Top Critics' Choice Movie Awards Nominations!

        The Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) has announced the nominees for The 19th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards. Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" and David O. Russell's "American Hustle" led the pack with thirteen nominations each including Best

      • "Gravity," "American Hustle," "12 Years a Slave" Lead Satellite Awards

        The International Press Academy has announced its nominations for the 18th annual Satellite Awards and Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity," David O. Russell's "American Hustle," and Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" led the pack.


      • Boston Online Film Critics Really, Really, Really Love "12 Years a Slave!"

        Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" won big with the Boston Online Film Critics Association taking home 7 awards including Best Picture and Director!

        Here's the full list of winners:

        Best Picture
        "12 Years a Slave"

        Best D

      • "12 Years a Slave," "Gravity" Big Winners with San Francisco Film Critics Circle

        Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" took home the Best Picture prize at the annual awards of the San Francisco Film Critics Circle while Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity" won best director, cinematography, film editing, and production design.


      • St. Louis Film Critics Love "Her," "Nebraska," "12 Years a Slave"

        The St. Louis Film Critics have announced their nominees for their annual year-end film awards and Spike Jonze's "Her," Alexander Payne's "Nebraska," and Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" received numerous nominations including Best Film cons

      • Big Win for "Her," Matthew McConaughey, and Scarlett Johansson

        The Detroit Film Critics Society announced the winners of their 2013 awards and "Her" won the top prize of the evening, the Best Picture Award. But the director of the film, Spike Jonze, lost to Alfonso Cuaron who gave us "Gravity."

        Matthew McConaughey won

      • African-American Film Critics Association Announces Top 10 Films, Winners

        The African-American Film Critics Association has announced their Top 10 Films of the year, as well as the winners of their year-end film awards. Here's the full list:

        Top 10 films:

        1. "12 Years a Slave"

        2. "Lee Daniels' The Butl

      • Israeli Film Critics Fall for "Gravity"

        The Israeli Film Critics Association has announced the winners of their very first year-end film awards. And the winners are:

        Best Foreign Film: Gravity, Alfonso Cuaron

        (Leos Carax's Holy Motors and Pablo Larrain's No were runner-ups)

        Best Is

      • San Diego Film Critics Love "Her"

        The San Diego Film Critics Society has chosen Spike Jonze's "Her" as the Best Film of the year. But, Jonze lost to Alfonso Cuaron who took home the Best Director trophy for "Gravity."

        Here's the complete list of the winners of the 2013 San Dieg

      • Women Film Journalists Reveal Best of 2013 List!

        The Alliance of Women Film Journalists has announced the nominees for the 2013 EDA (Excellent Dynamic Activism) Awards! The nominees are in line with the current favorites but I love their SPECIAL MENTION section with categories like ACTRESS MOST IN NEED OF A NEW AGENT -- we're loo

      • "12 Years a Slave" Leads Chicago Film Critics Nominations!

        Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" led the nominations for the Chicago Film Critics Association annual awards with a whopping 11 nods! Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity" and Spike Jonze's "Her" followed with 7 noms each.

        Winners will be

      • Washington DC Film Critics Hail "12 Years a Slave"

        Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" was the big winner at this year's Washington DC Critics Awards taking home the best film, actor, supporting actress, adapated screenplay, acting ensemble, and music score. But McQueen failed to beat "Gravity's" Alfons

      • “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” Movie Review-- It's All About the Dragon!

        Return to Middle Earth with “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” the second chapter of the trilogy. The adventure continues with Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) and his journey with the Wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellen) and thirteen dwarves in their quest to reclaim the lost dwarf kingdom

      • 71st Golden Globe Nominations Are Here!

        The Hollywood Foreign Press has announced the nominees for the 71st Golden Globe Awards this morning from Los Angeles! Olivia Wilde, Zoe Saldana and Aziz Ansari did the announcing honors. David O. Russell's "American Hustle" and Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slav

      • "12 Years a Slave" Leads 20th Screen Actors Guild Award Nominations

        The Screen Actors Guild has announced the nominations for its 20th annual awards and Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" led the pack with 4 nominations including a best ensemble mention and nods for Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender and Lupita Nyong'o.

      • AFI Picks Top 10 Films, TV Programs of 2013

        The American Film Institute revealed their top 10 films and TV programs of 2013! The creative ensembles of each of the selected film or TV program will be honored on January 10, 2014.

        AFI's top 10 movies of 2013 in alphabetical order:

        "12 Years a Slav

      • Online Film Critics Nominations

        The Online Film Critics have announced the nominees for their 17th annual awards! Winners will be revealed on Monday, December 16.

        Here's the complete list of nominations of the 17th Online Film Critics awards:

        Best Picture

        12 Years a Slave

      • New York Film Critics Online Hail "12 Years a Slave!"

        The New York Film Critics Online embraced Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" as the year's best picture! In the acting categories, they honored Chiwetel Ejiofor ("12 Years a Slave") for best actor, Cate Blanchett ("Blue Jasmine") for best actress,

      • Yay! "Metro Manila" Wins Big at British Independent Film Awards!

        Sean Ellis' "Metro Manila," a movie about my homeland, took home the top honors at the 2013 British Independent Film Awards! The movie won Best British Independent Film and Director. James McAvoy received the Best Actor award for "Filth" while Lindsay Duncan wo

      • "Her," "12 Years a Slave" Lead Washington D.C. Film Critics Nominations!

        Spike Jonze's "Her" and Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" dominated the nominations for the Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Associations. Both movies received nods for Best Film along with David O. Russell's "American Hustle," Alfonso Cuar

      • Boston Film Critics Hails "12 Years a Slave," "The Wolf of Wall Street" Always a Bridesmaid

        There were some drama at this year's Boston Society of Film Critics' annual awards! Hayao Miyazaki's wonderful animated film, "The Wind Rises," was called "morally repugnant" by voting member Inkoo Kang from the Village Voice. But in the end, Miyazaki

      • Ties! See Big Winners of 2013 LA Film Critics!

        It was a big win for Warner Bros. at the 2013 LA Film Critics awards announcement. Both of the studio's films, Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity" and Spike Jonze's "Her," tied for the Best Picture award! But wait there's more! Cate Blanchett for "B

      • "The Great Beauty" Tops Europe's Oscars! See Complete Winners List of 26th European Film Awards!

        Paolo Sorrentino's "The Great Beauty" dominated the 26th European Film Awards taking home the best film, director, actor, and editing trophies. The counterpart of the Academy Awards completely ignored the big Cannes winner (and possibly Oscar contender) "Blue is The

      • 2013 IDA Documentary Awards Winners

        Jehane Noujaim's "The Square" edged out Joshua Oppenheimer's "The Act of Killing" to emerge as the big winner of the 2013 IDA Documentary Awards! The documentary about the 2011 Egyptian Revolution also beat Jason Osder's "Let the Fire Burn,"

      • The Fantastic Emma Thompson Talks About “Saving Mr. Banks!" I Love Her!

        I love, love, love Emma Thompson – both as an actress and as a person! And you will fall in love with her performance in the upcoming “Saving Mr. Banks” where the actress plays P.L. Travers, the real-life author of “Mary Poppins,” the book! Thompson has many delicious repartees with To

      • My Fun Interview with Colin Farrell for "Saving Mr. Banks!" I Called Him Daddy HA!

        I love Colin Farrell! First of all, he called me “luv” and there’s nothing wrong with that HA! But truth be told, the last time I sat down with the actor was for “In Bruges,” and after so many years, I sat down with the actor again, and you can see a remarkable, positive change in his

      • “Saving Mr. Banks” Interviews – Jason Schwartzman, Bradley Whitford, B.J. Novak

        Emma Thompson mesmerizes in “Saving Mr. Banks,” but helping her are the fantastic trio of Bradley Whitford (Don DaGradi, co-writer of “Mary Poppins”), Jason Schwartzman (Richard M. Sherman), and B.J. Novak (Robert B. Sherman). Thompson stars as P.L. Travers, the nightmare of an author w

      • “Saving Mr. Banks” Director John Lee Hancock Interview

        Director John Lee Hancock helped give Sandra Bullock her first Best Actress Oscar award for “The Blind Side,” and now, the filmmaker is back with “Saving Mr. Banks,” a behind-the-scenes look at the making of “Mary Poppins” with Emma Thompson as the author P.L. Travers and Tom Hanks as Mr

      • “Out of the Furnace” Movie Review -- Is it Oscar Worthy?

        Christian Bale returns to the big screen for Scott Cooper’s (“Crazy Heart”) “Out of the Furnace.” He plays Russell Blaze, a mill man in the economically-depressed Rust Belt. Casey Affleck plays his brother Rodney, a soldier damaged by the Iraq War.

        The film features an impr

      • Oscar Shortlist: Best Visual Effects

        We all know that Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity" will win this award, but let's pretend we don't know that. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has released the 10 movies shortlisted for Visual Effects Oscar. Besides "Gravity," it's also

      • "Her" Wins Big at National Board of Review Awards

        The awards season just got more unpredictable. The last three award-giving bodies have chosen different movies for their top honors. The Gotham Awards picked the Coen Brothers' "Inside Llewyn Davis" as their top choice while the New York Film Critics Circle awarded David

      • Steve Coogan Talks About "Philomena!"

        Steve Coogan co-wrote, co-produced, and co-starred in one of the year’s best films, “Philomena.” Starring Dame Judi Dench, the film is based on the investigative book by Martin Sixsmith called “The Lost Child of Philomena Lee.” Coogan is Sixsmith and Dench is Philomena in this thought-

      • "American Hustle," Jennifer Lawrence Win Big at New York Film Critics Circle

        The New York Film Critics Circle have announced the winners of their 2013 awards and they crowned David O. Russell's "American Hustle" as the Best Film of the Year! But wait there's more! "American Hustle" also won Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actre

      • Oscar Shortlist: Best Documentary Feature

        The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced the 15 films that will vie for the Best Documentary Feature Oscar. Out of a record 147 films qualifying in this category, we're now down to 15.

        Then, the Academy's Documentary Branch will now select th

      • "Frozen," "Monsters University" Top Annie Awards Nominations!

        Nominations for the 41st Annual Annie Awards were announced and "Frozen" and "Monsters University" led the pack with 10 nominations each. "Despicable Me 2" and "The Croods" followed closely with 9 noms each.

        I am rooting for "Fro

      • 2013 Gotham Awards Winners! Big Win for "Inside Llewyn Davis," Matthew McConaughey! "12 Years a Slave" Ignored!

        Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" received the most nominations at the 2013 Gotham Awards but in the end, the Coen Brothers' "Inside Llewyn Davis" took home the big award of the night -- the Best Feature award. Matthew McConaughey also beat "12 Years

      • Fun Set Visit of Christian Sesma’s “The Night Crew”

        Christian Sesma is a fellow Coachella Valley resident and it’s heartwarming that the accomplished director always gives back to the community every time he’s making a new movie. Sesma’s new flick, “The Night Crew,” is being shot in the valley, and not only did he hire his desert crew, h

      • Awards Season Roundup -- Cinema Eye, Documentary and Much More!

        This is a tough awards season! Lots of great movies to see, so little time! I'm catching up like crazy before we vote for the Critics' Choice Movie Awards for the Broadcast Film Critics Association. So I apologize if I haven't updated you with the latest on the awards s

    • November
      • “Frozen” and “Homefront” Movie Reviews

        Two big films this Thanksgiving weekend, we have “Frozen” for kids and “Homefront” for action lovers. In “Frozen,” Disney returns to what they do best – fairy tales, musicals, and an affecting moral story. Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, and Josh Gad are some of the actors lending their vo

      • Jason Statham and Izabela Vidovic Talk About “Homefront”

        Jason Statham was in high spirits when I talked to him about his new movie “Homefront.” I think it was because of the fun energy his co-star brought into the room. Izabela Vidovic was a sweetheart on-screen and off. She plays Statham’s daughter in “Homefront.” Make that an ass-kickin

      • James Franco Talks About “Homefront” and Much More!

        This was my second interview with the fantastic James Franco. The first time I sat down with him was for the moving “Milk,” and years later, he’s still as quirky and fun as ever, just like his brother Dave. In “Homefront,” the actor plays the deliciously evil Gator Bodine who uncovers

      • Kate Bosworth Talks About “Homefront”

        Kate Bosworth is decidedly unrecognizable as the meth addicted mom named Cassie Bodine in the new action flick “Homefront” starting Jason Statham and James Franco from director Gary Fleder. But in person, Bosworth glows and far from having that good, old meth-addicted look. She was div

      • "12 Years a Slave" Tops 2014 Spirit Award Nominations

        Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" led the pack of the nominations for the 29th Annual Film Independent Spirit Award. The film received 7 nominations including best feature, director, and acting noms for Chiwetel Ejiofor, Lupita Nyong'o, and Michael Fassbender.
      • "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" and "Nebraska" Movie Reviews -- Which One is My Pick of the Week?

        Two very different movies for you this weekend, we have the surefire blockbuster “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and the surefire Oscar contender, “Nebraska.” In “Catching Fire,” the sequel to the popular franchise based on the books by Suzanne Collins, Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence

      • "Gravity" Key Scene Explained! This is Really Cool!

        SPOILER ALERT!!!!

        Okay, if you haven't seen "Gravity" yet and don't want us to spoil your fun, then! I don't want to spoil the fantastic movie for you too!

        Now...if you've seen "Gravity," you may remember th

      • Big Win for Matthew McConaughey and Scarlett Johansson's Voice!

        Scarlett Johansson is already an award-winner for "Her" and she does not even appear in the movie, just her voice! Spike Jonze's science-fiction romance may by the dark horse this awards season. Now, I haven't seen the movie yet but I can't wait!


      • “Dallas Buyers Club” Movie Review -- Why You Have to See This Inspiring Film

        Matthew McConaughey is getting major Oscar buzz for his role as a straight, party animal of a cowboy who contracted AIDS in 1985. Inspired by true events, McConaughey plays Ron Woodruff who decides to travel to Mexico to get alternative treatments. It worked! Soon, he’s selling his co

      • It's Finally Here! See First Official "Maleficent" Trailer!

        Back in May of 2009, we broke the story that Angelina Jolie was being courted by Disney to star as the wicked witch "Maleficent" in the planned retelling of "Sleeping Beauty" tale. (See EXCLUSIVE: Angelina Jolie to Star as Disney's Greatest Villain Maleficent!) <

      • Best Actor Oscar: Matthew McConaughey Interview for “Dallas Buyers Club”

        Matthew McConaughey steady but hard rise to acclaim could be documented in a movie. The once Paparazzi magnet and rom-com graduate began his ascension with “The Lincoln Lawyer” followed by “Bernie,” “Killer Joe,” and Steven Soderbergh’s “Magic Mike.” And this year alone, McConaughey wo

      • Best Supporting Actor Oscar: Jared Leto Interview for “Dallas Buyers Club”

        Oh my gosh you guys, you have to see Jared Leto’s performance in “Dallas Buyers Club.” He plays Rayon, an HIV-infected transsexual who teams up with Ron Woodroff (the equally amazing Matthew McConaughey) in peddling much-needed drugs to AIDS patients during the early years of the diseas

      • Jennifer Garner Talks About “Dallas Buyers Club”

        Jennifer Garner is an absolute sweetheart! Previously known as Sydney Bristow in the drama thriller “Alias,” Garner is now busy making thought-provoking movies like the new “Dallas Buyers Club” and being the lovely wife of Ben Affleck. I know, I wish we were allowed to ask Garner about

      • “The Book Thief” Interview with Geoffrey Rush and Sophie Nélisse

        “The Book Thief,” the beloved novel by Australian author Markus Zusak, is now a movie starring Geoffrey Rush and Sophie Nelisse. Adapted by Michael Petroni (“The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”) and directed by Brian Percival (“Downton Abbey”), the film tells the t

      • "Thor: The Dark World" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Do Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston Get?

        Our favorite Norse god, Thor, returns for his second movie adventure in “The Dark World.” Chris Hemsworth, the thunder from down under, embodies the role again and this time, he must team up with his brother/enemy (can we call it bronemy?), to help save Jane (Oscar winner Natalie Portma

      • Listen to Ed Sheeran's Original Song for "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug"

        Ed Sheeran's original song for "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" is finally here! Called "I See Fire," the track debuted Tuesday, making it Sheeran's first solo single in two years! The singer tweeted his thanks to director Peter Jackson "and his

      • Why I Enjoyed "Ender's Game," Anti-Gay Controversy or Not!

        The long-awaited big-screen adaptation of the popular and beloved book by Orson Scott Card is finally here. Heading the cast is Asa Butterfield (“Hugo”) as Ender, an extremely talented and gifted 12-year-old boy whose destiny is to save our planet from devastating attacks by insect-like

    • October
      • Ender Wiggin Speaks! Asa Butterfield Talks About “Ender’s Game”

        He wowed us in Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo,” and now, Asa Butterfield wants to prove he can also star in a thought-provoking sci-fi blockbuster. In “Ender’s Game,” Asa is the one! The one to save us from the formic aka buggers, the giant insect-like aliens terrorizing our planet. In order

      • Hailee Steinfeld Talks About “Ender’s Game!" I'm Proud of My Fellow Filipino!

        Hailee Steinfeld is growing up to be a fine actress and an equally-fine person! She mesmerized us with her star-making turn in the “True Grit” remake, and now, she’s off to battle giant insect aliens in “Ender’s Game” from the beloved book by Orson Scott Card. She stars as Petra Arkani

      • Harrison Ford Talks in-Depth About “Ender’s Game!" I Love Him!

        I am now Harrison Ford’s biggest fan! The actor has not only carved memorable roles in memorable films, he is also compassionate and speaks volumes about peace much like the movie “Ender’s Game.” The actor stars as Colonel Graff, a manipulative leader who’s in charge of Battle School.

      • Viola Davis Talks About the Many Values of “Ender’s Game,” And I Made Her Say For Realz! HA!

        Talking to Viola Davis is so soothing! The Oscar nominee is cool, calm, and collected but still knows how to drop street lingos like for realz (HA!). In the upcoming film “Ender’s Game” opening Friday, Nov. 1st, Davis stars as Major Gwen Anderson who serves as the heart compared to Har

      • "We Won, He Lost!" Harrison Ford’s Message in Response to “Ender’s Game’s” Author’s Anti-Gay Remarks

        I was nervous bringing this up to Harrison Ford who plays Colonel Graff in the upcoming film, “Ender’s Game” opening Friday, Nov. 1st. I enjoyed the movie’s many great themes including compassion and peace. That’s why it behooves everyone that the book’s author, Orson Scott Card, made

      • Finally, "X-Men: Days of Future Past" Trailer is Here, and It's Fantastic!

        20th Century Fox has unveiled the full teaser trailer for Bryan Singer's "X-Men: Days of Future Past." The director returns to the franchise along with Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Ian McKellen, James McAvoy, and Patrick Stewart. I lo

      • “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” and “All is Lost” Movie Reviews

        Two very different films this weekend, we have the drama “All is Lost” and the raunchy comedy, “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa.” In “All is Lost,” Robert Redford gives a stellar performance as man who must battle the elements to survive. This is from writer-director, J.C. Chandor, who g

      • Watch "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" Trailer #2!

        Behold, the second trailer for "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" has arrived! Our favorite Channel 4 News Team is back! Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) and his buds (Paul Rudd, Steve Carrell, and David Koechner) are returning to the world of broadcasting for a really great idea

      • Leaked 50 Cent Audition Tape for "American Gangster!" Watch Him Cry on Demand!

        Fifty Cent, or the more "actor" name, Curtis Jackson, really, really wants to be a Hollywood star. Now, thanks to Defamer, you can see the rapper in a raw audition tape made for "American Gangster."

        We're not hatin', even though his crying on c

      • "Magic Mike" Stripper in "Endless Love" Remake!

        Remember the original 1981 "Endless Love" starring Brooke Shields and Martin Hewitt? It was a cheesy flick about young love made popular by the sultry goodness song featuring Diana Ross and Lionel Richie.

        Well, Universal Pictures decided to make a remake of the mo

      • Do You Want More "Paranormal Activity?"

        "Paranormal Activity" has officially replaced "Saw" as the franchise that just keeps on ticking, and ticking, and ticking. We're now entering the fifth incarnation of the franchise with "Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones." Frankly, I think it'

      • I Can't Wait to Enter "The Grand Budapest Hotel" from Director Wes Anderson!

        I love, love, love Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom" (See my interview with the director here) and now, I can't wait to see the helmer's new project, "The Grand Budapest Hotel." Fox Searchlight will release the film on March 7, 2014 and it has a great

      • CARRIE (2013) & THE FIFTH ESTATE Movie Reviews

        Two big movies this weekend, we have “The Fifth Estate” about Wikileaks founder Julian Assange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and how an internet startup became the most debated and feared organization. This one’s from director Bill Condon (“Dreamgirls,” “Gods and Monsters,” and the last two “T

      • “CAPTAIN PHILLIPS” and “MACHETE KILLS” Movie Reviews

        Two big films this weekend, we have the true-life story “Captain Phillips” and the action sequel “Machete Kills.” In “Captain Phillips,” Tom Hanks embodies Captain Richard Phillips and his incredible, unbelievable hijacking by Somali Pirates in 2009. Paul Greengrass (“United 93,” “The

      • "Hangover Part III" Outtakes Are Funnier than the Movie!
        Sure, we all bid goodbye to the Wolfpack with last summer's "The Hangover Part III," and we were glad to see them go! The first "Hangover" was still the best of the bunch, followed by two mediocre sequels. But fear not "Hangover" fans, if you haven't picked

      • Lady Gaga's Lyric Video for "Aura," Pays Homage to "Machete Kills"

        Lady Gaga is one of the many faces of the deadly assassin known as Chameleon in Robert Rodriguez's new sequel, "Machete Kills." She's sharing the same persona as Antonio Banderas, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Walton Goggins. The film stars Danny Trejo as Machete Cortez whi

      • My Fun Interview with Danny Trejo and Alexa Vega for MACHETE KILLS!

        Danny Trejo returns to the world of Machete Cortez in Robert Rodriguez’s new sequel, “Machete Kills.” Jessica Alba (Santana Rivera) and Michelle Rodriguez (Luz) also return for the second time. Joining them are Mel Gibson (Luther Voz), Demian Bichir (Mendez), Amber Heard (Miss San Anto

      • "Gravity" Movie Review -- Why You Have to See This Movie!

        Alfonso Cuaron makes his first full-feature film after 7 years. His last movie was 2006’s “Children of Men.” In “Gravity,” he co-wrote the script with his son, Jonas, to come up with the intriguing tale about a medical engineer (Sandra Bullock) and an astronaut (George Clooney) who mus

      • My Fun Sandra Bullock Interview for “GRAVITY!” See How George Clooney Helped Shape the Movie!

        I love, love, love Sandra Bullock! She’s one of the few, big-name stars who reached out and gave both of her hands to shake mine. She’s a humble, down-to-earth human being and that’s why good karma keeps on giving! In “Gravity,” the star is poised for another Best Actress Oscar nomina

      • Alfonso Cuaron Interview for “GRAVITY”

        Alfonso Cuaron is one of those rare directors who can jump from genre to genre and does not miss a beat! From drama with “Y Tu Mama Tambien,” to fantasy with “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” (he changed the tone and course of the “Harry Potter” saga), to dystopian sci-fi thril

    • September
    • August
      • “Getaway,” “Closed Circuit” Movie Reviews! And a Bit About “One Direction: This Is Us” Too!

        It’s Selena Gomez versus Eric Bana by way of One Direction at the box-office this Labor Day weekend. We have “Getaway,” “Closed Circuit,” and “One Direction: This Is Us” vying for your movie money!

        In “Getaway,” Gomez stars as The Kid who must help Brent Magna (Ethan Hawke) s

      • My Fun Interview with Eric Bana for "Closed Circuit"

        It’s always a pleasure interviewing Eric Bana. The Australian actor is always sweet and knowledgeable when it comes to the themes of his films. In “Closed Circuit,” Bana stars as a defense attorney who must team up with his ex (Rebecca Hall) acting as the Special Advocate. But in the

      • The Lovely Rebecca Hall Talks About "Closed Circuit"

        I loved meeting Rebecca Hall! She’s a down-to-earth actress who is able to match Eric Bana, nuance by nuance, in director John Crowley’s “Closed Circuit.” In the film, Hall stars as Special Advocate to the defense, while Bana stars as the defense lawyer. In the U.K. post 9/11 and 7/7,

      • Director John Crowley Interview for “Closed Circuit”

        John Crowley (“Intermission,” “Boy A”) directs “Closed Circuit” from a script written by Steven Knight (“Eastern Promises,” “Dirty Pretty Things”). The film gives us a rare glimpse inside the world of closed trials in the U.K. post 9/11 and 7/7. Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall star as ex-lo

      • "The Frozen Ground" and "The World's End" Movie Reviews

        This weekend at the box-office, it’s Nicolas Cage versus the end of the world! First, we have “The Frozen Ground,” starring Cage as an Alaska State Trooper out to get serial killer Robert Hansen (John Cusack). His one and only lead is an unreliable teenage prostitute played by Vanessa

      • Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Interview for “The World’s End!” They Taught Me How to Drink!

        I love these two! Not only are they great comedic actors, they’re also fun to talk to! “The World’s End” inspired me to imbibe immediately after watching the film. So both Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were teasing me about my own pub crawl (okay, not too much of a crawl, I only visited o

      • Edgar Wright Interview for “The World’s End!’ He Teases Us About “Ant Man!”

        Edgar Wright reteams with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to create their third entry in their Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy (which includes “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz”) called “The World’s End.” I enjoyed this film and highly recommend it to fans and non-fans like! I love how the t

      • Explosive "Escape From Tomorrow" Gets Release Date Despite Disney Controversy

        Billed as guerilla filmmaking at its finest, the controversial "Escape From Tomorrow" gets a release date! The psychological thriller debuted at the Sundance Film Festival to glowing reviews. And now, we'll be able to see it in a limited theatrical release and video-on-d

      • Watch "Lee Daniels' The Butler" and "Jobs" Movie Reviews -- Early Oscar Hopefuls?

        Two big films with Oscar hopes arrive in theaters this weekend, we have Lee Daniels' "The Butler" and "Jobs." In "The Butler," Forest Whitaker stars in the title role as a White House butler who served 8 presidents over 3 decades. The star-studded cast

      • Matthew Modine (John Sculley) Talks About “Jobs”

        Matthew Modine stars as John Sculley in the new movie “Jobs” with Ashton Kutcher in the title role. Sculley used to be the President of Pepsi until he became CEO of Apple from 1983 to 1993. Modine inhabits the Silicon Valley businessman in the biopic from director Joshua Michael Stern (

      • Watch My Brand New Promo on ANC Philippines! It's Fun!

        I’m proud to be a part of the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC). It’s a cable television network in the Philippines and the country’s only English language and the first 24-hour news organization. I appear on Mornings @ ANC at 9 am and ANC Alerts @ 4:30 pm. I provide entertaining movie revie

      • Why Ben Stiller Made "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty!" See His Open Letter!

        So this morning, I was very happy to receive a signed open letter from Ben Stiller and a thumb drive full of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" photos from Fox. The remake of the 1947 Danny Kay comedy based on the 1941 short story by James Thurber will not be released until Chr

      • See Woody Allen as a Pimp in John Turturro's "Fading Gigolo!"

        The last time Woody Allen appeared in a movie not written or directed by him, it was for 2000's "Picking Up the Pieces" for director Alfonso Arau. The prolific writer/director had said he's open to acting in "other people's films" but no one has ever a

      • My Fun Visit to The Filipino Channel's Balitang America

        I visited one of my favorite outlets, The Filipino Channel and its award-winning newscast, Balitang America. Gel Santos Relos, the lovely anchor of Balitang America, and I talked about the big blockbusters and the overcrowded box-office weekend. From "Planes," to "We

      • Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad Interview for "Jobs!" Why the Movie is a Labor of Love!

        "Jobs," one of the most anticipated movies this year, is making its debut in theaters on Aug. 16th. Ashton Kutcher channels the iconic Steve Jobs in this well-made film about the life and times of the man who started Apple and the digital revolution.

        Kutcher is a re

      • Vanessa Hudgens Interview for "The Frozen Ground" -- I Love Her!

        I just adore Vanessa Hudgens! Besides being a fellow Filipino (yay!), she's been very brave with her film choices lately. She was memorable in "Spring Breakers," and now, she's a revelation in the icy hot thriller "The Frozen Ground." She plays Cindy, a stre

      • Nicolas Cage Interview for "The Frozen Ground" -- Explains his Character's Fictional Name

        Meeting Nicolas Cage for the second time is a marvel. He's so larger than life that it's always intimidating, often amusing talking to the actor. I first met him for what I called the "gerbil" movie, "G-Force." And let me tell you, "The Frozen Ground&qu

      • My Take On the Overcrowded Box-Office Weekend -- "Planes," "Percy Jackson," "We're the Millers," "Elysium

        Four big blockbusters arrive in theaters near you -- we have the animated "Planes," the fantasy-adventure "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters," the raunchy comedy "We're the Millers," and the sci-fi thriller "Elysium." But sometimes, big surprises

      • Logan Lerman Talks About "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters"

        Logan Lerman returns as the son of Poseidon in the sequel "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters." This time, he and his demigod friends has one mission -- to find the mythical Golden Fleece. I interviewed Lerman, who was so good in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," about h

      • See Naomi Watts as Princess Di in New International Trailer for "Diana"

        Naomi Watts channels the world's favorite Princess in Oliver Hirschbiegel's ("Downfall," "Five Minutes of Heaven") "Diana." This film chronicles the last two years of Diana's life and her love affair with surgeon Hasnat Khan (Naveen Andrews).

      • Sweet! Audrey Hepburn's "Roman Holiday" Audition!

        "Roman Holiday," the 1953 romantic comedy that made Audrey Hepburn a star and won her an Academy Award for Best Actress, is certainly an iconic film now and one of the best movies ever made. But before all the Oscars (the film also won screenplay and costume design) and before

      • "Muppets Most Wanted" Unveils Official Teaser Trailer

        The Muppets are back in the new sequel "Muppets Most Wanted." Disney has unveiled the new teaser trailer featuring our favorite muppets plus a glimpse of Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, P. Diddy, and Salma Hayek. Does this teaser make you want to see "Muppets Most W

      • "The Smurfs 2" and "2 Guns" Movie Reviews -- Which One is My Pick of the Week?

        Two movies to choose from this weekend, we have the live-action animated hybrid “The Smurfs 2” and the bang bang action of “2 Guns” starring Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington.

        In “The Smurfs 2,” the evil Gargamel (Hank Azaria) returns to wreak havoc once again. This time, h

      • Oscar Hopes for Wahlberg? Check Out New Trailer for "Lone Survivor"

        Universal has just released the trailer for "Lone Survivor" a U.S. Navy Seals drama starring Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster, Taylor Kitsch, Eric Bana, and Emile Hirsch. Now this is from "Battleship" director Peter Berg so tread lightly. But, Berg also gave us the war dra

      • Get Ready for "Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa!"

        Okay, confession time! I have a special spot for "Jackass" and all its incarnations, TV and movies and otherwise. It's a gross-out, raunchy affair that also manages to make me laugh a little, and pout a devilish smile.

        The last time we saw our friendly "

    • July
      • Will This Movie Win Ben Stiller an Oscar? See For Yourself!

        The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, a 1941 short story by James Thurber has been adapted on the big screen before with the 1947 version starring Danny Kaye and Virginia Mayo.

        Now, Ben Stiller wants to capture the good, old Walter Mitty magic with the new adaptation coming to th

      • New Trailer, Clip for Controversial Abortion Documentary

        "After Tiller," the new documentary that was an official selection for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival is going to stir up debates due to its highly controversial subject.

        The film follows the lives of the only four doctors in the United States who perform late-ter

      • "The Wolverine" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Does Hugh Jackman Get?

        Hugh Jackman returns for the seventh time as Logan/Wolverine in Marvel’s “The Wolverine,” a superhero movie that is really more about being a hero than being super. This time, the adventure takes our hero to Japan to say goodbye to a dying billionaire named Yashida. But it’s not just a

      • Michael B. Jordan Talks About “Fruitvale Station,” “Fantastic Four,” and the “Rocky” Spinoff!

        I love “Fruitvale Station.” The Sundance and Cannes Film Festival darling deserves all the accolades in the world. The film tells the true-life story of Oscar Grant, a 22-year old Oakland, California resident who was fatally shot by BART police officers in the early morning hours of Ne

      • Impressive! Second Trailer for "Gravity" and the Single-Shot Scene! All the Floating Astronauts You Need to See in One Sitting!

        Warner Bros. is banking heavily on their Oscar hopeful, "Gravity," from writer/director Alfonso Cuaron starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Bullock even made her very first appearance at Comic-Con last weekend to help promote the movie which many are saying it's no

      • Finally, "47 Ronin" Trailer is Here!

        Universal Pictures has finally given us the trailer for "47 Ronin," the Keanu Reeves samurai flick that has been suffering many setbacks as of late. The rumored $200 million movie from director Carl Rinsch is locked for a Christmas Day release which is already crowded with the

      • Finnick Shirtless! New "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" Picture!

        Because apparently, you want to see Finnick Odair aka Sam Claflin shirtless. Finnick is one of the previous champions who must return to the arena for the Quarter Quell.

        In the book, Finnick is a handsome man who uses his charms to win over other contestants. And he's

      • Weekend Movie News Round-Up

        Please visit my other online blog for the very latest in movie news! Go to for the very latest news such as:

        Dennis Farina dead at 69 -- I know, so sad

        "The Conjuring" scares box-office competition, yup, it was my pick of t

      • What Do You Think of the New "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" Trailer?

        The hot new trailer for "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" was unveiled at the 2013 Comic-Con Saturday and everyone was buzzing! The sequel opens on Nov. 22nd and I can't wait!

        Jennifer Lawrence returns as Katniss Everdeen winner of the first "Hunger Games&

      • "The Conjuring" Movie Review -- Could This Be The Scariest Movie This Year?

        Another week, another scary movie. This one’s a bit different! It’s called “The Conjuring” and it’s not your typical run-of-the-mill horror movie. Directed by James Wan (“Insidious,” “Saw”) and based on actual events, the film tells the tale of two couples – first, we have Patrick Wil

      • Happy 5th Anniversary to the Awesomeness Known as "The Dark Knight!"

        I can't believe it's been five years already since we saw the fantastic "The Dark Knight." The seminal movie from writer/director Christopher Nolan has left an indelible impact in pop culture and film history when it was released on July 18th of 2008, and I believe,

      • Before Comic-Con: Sony Unveils New "Amazing Spider-Man 2" Teaser -- Meet Electro!

        This Friday, Sony's "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is going to invade Comic-Con but the studio has unleashed a new teaser trailer introducing the villain Electro, played by Jamie Foxx.

        Foxx is Max Dillon, a mild-mannered "nobody" who idolizes Spider-Man

      • Marlon Brando's Lost "Rebel Without a Cause" Screen Test

        James Dean famously played the part but once upon a time, Marlon Brando tried for the role of Jim Stark, our rebel without a cause. Thanks to Reddit user ZCatcher via the HuffPost, we can now see the screen test of Brando for the beloved classic. He didn't get the part, but Brando

      • Hot New Trailer: Japanese "Unforgiven" Remake

        "Unforgiven," the 1992 Oscar-winning film by Clint Eastwood is getting a Japanese counterpart! This one is called "Yurusarezaru Mono" which means "A Thing That Can’t Be Forgiven" and stars Ken Watanabe ("The Last Samurai," "Memoirs of a Geish

      • Kaiju Vs. Jaeger! "Pacific Rim" Movie Review

        We’ve been waiting for “Pacific Rim” by writer/director Guillermo del Toro. It was supposed to come out July of last year, and then Warner Bros. moved the film’s release date to May of this year, and then finally, to July 12, 2013. Is it worth the wait? Here’s what you need to know –

      • Britney Spears Schleps for "Smurfs 2!" See Her New Music Video "Ooh La La"

        Britney has released her new video "Ooh La La" which is really a little teaser for "Smurfs 2." Here, she's accompanied by her two sons, Sean and Jayden, as they accompany their mommy inside the magical world of the Smurfs. The sequel, by the way, opens July 31s

      • Christian Bale Gets Revenge! See New Trailer for Searing "Out of the Furnace"

        Relativity Media has just released the official trailer and poster for their upcoming awards bait, "Out of the Furnace," from writer/director Scott Cooper ("Crazy Heart"). The film has an Oscar caliber cast including Christian Bale, Woody Harrelson, Casey Affleck, Fo

      • Will This Movie Give Tom Hanks His Third Oscar? See the Trailer for "Saving Mr. Banks"

        Walt Disney has released the new trailer for "Saving Mr. Banks" starring Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as P.L. Travers, the author of "Mary Poppins." The movie takes us inside the making of "Mary Poppins" and all the hoops that Disney had to go

      • Ben Affleck's Next Role

        Ben Affleck's next project looks intriguing!

        The actor is in talks to star in "Gone Girl" according to Deadline. It's an adaptation of Gillian Flynn's bestselling 2012 novel. It explores the psychology and dynamics of long-term relationships.
      • Ho-Hum or Yay? Sam Mendes Decides to Direct Bond 24, Sony Confirms!

        I was getting tired of this "will he or will he not direct Bond 24" dance that Sam Mendes was doing. Sure, he made the best Bond film ever with "Skyfall" but then, he started doing the "I will direct, I won't direct" bait.

        But finally, Son

      • Porn-y! Trailer for Lindsay Lohan's New Movie "The Canyons" is Out And It Actually Looks Intriguing!

        Wild child Lindsay Lohan is back to try for more acting cred with "The Canyons." The trailer for the movie came out and yup, it intrigued me. First, it's directed by Paul Schrader, the guy who wrote Martin Scorsese's "Taxi Driver" and wrote/directed "

      • Spike Lee's "Oldboy" Gets Red Band Trailer

        Last Monday, Film District released the official poster of "Oldboy" and today, we have the brand new red band trailer. Spike Lee is remaking Chan-wook Park's 2003 original called "Oldeuboi." The Korean art-house hit was based on a Japanese manga series and won t

      • Director Angelina Jolie's "Unbroken" Gets Release Date

        Back in February this year, we told you about Angelina Jolie's new directorial project called "Unbroken" based on Laura Hillenbrand's 2010 biography of World War II hero Louis Zamperini. Jolie replaced Francis Lawrence who left to work on "The Hunger Games"

      • First Look: Tom Hanks as Walt Disney in "Saving Mr. Banks"

        This picture speaks volumes! Thanks to, we have our first look at Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as author P.L. Travers in "Saving Mr. Banks."

        Travers wrote the novel "Mary Poppins" and "Saving Mr. Banks" focuses on Disney&

      • Ron and Bryce Dallas Howard Want You to Direct! Submit Your Short Film Now!

        Eva Longoria, Jamie Foxx, Biz Stone (co-founder of Twitter), Georgina Chapman (designer of Marchesa) and James Murphy (founder of LCD SOUNDYSTEM) created short films inspired by photographs. And their mentor was no other than the Oscar-winning director, Ron Howard ("A Beautiful Min

      • Too Soon? Boston Marathon Bombing Movie...Already?

        There's a book that's about to be published about the Boston Marathon bombing written by Casey Sherman and Boston Herald reporter Dave Wedge. Now, according to Deadline, the movie version is being written by Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasy who received an Oscar nomination for &qu

      • Behold! New "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" Poster

        Here's the first poster for Marvel's "Captain America: The Winter Solder." The sequel opens April 4, 2014 which brings back Chris Evans as our hero, Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Anthony Mackie (The Falcon), Emily VanCamp (Agent 13), Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury)

      • Why is Julianne Moore Blonde?

        It's for a movie Julianne Moore is doing for director David Cronenberg called "Map to the Stars." Moore has dyed her red hair blonde for the film co-starring Robert Pattinson, Mia Wasikowska, John Cusack, and Carrie Fisher.

        The film is being shot on location

      • Spike Lee's "Oldboy" Remake Gets Official Poster!

        Film District has released the first official one-sheet poster for "Oldboy," Spike Lee's American remake of the popular Korean thriller. Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, and Sharlto Copley star with the script written by Mark Protosevich ("I Am Legend," "The C

      • "Despicable Me 2" Triumphs, "The Lone Ranger" Flops!

        The minions beat Johnny Depp at the box-office with "Despicable Me 2" easily winning the 4th of July weekend race against the Disney western "The Lone Ranger."

        The Universal animated sequel sold $82.5 million worth of tickets over the weekend and $142.1 mil

      • Win "Despicable Me 2" and "The Lone Ranger" Prizes! Minions, Masks, Mayhem!

        Thanks to Walt Disney Pictures ("THE LONE RANGER") and Universal Pictures ("Despicable Me 2"), we are giving away collectibles for you to enjoy!

        All you have to do is like my Facebook page, click here, and like the contest post! That's it! It'

      • Will "Despicable Me 2" Triumph Over "The Lone Ranger?" See My Pick of the Week!

        It's one of the biggest movie weekends of the year, the 4th of July holiday! And we have two big films to choose from -- “Despicable Me 2” the sequel to the 2010 box-office hit, and “The Lone Ranger,” the big screen adaptation of the beloved TV series.

        In “Despicable M

      • New "Jobs" Poster and Synopsis Revealed!

        Isn't the poster very intriguing? Ashton Kutcher channeling Steve Jobs? Open Road Films has released today the brand new poster and revealed the synopsis of their upcoming film "Jobs." The movie will be released on August 16th and I can't wait! Yes, I love my Appl

      • Animated Film Trailer Makes Gay History

        A family is a family, that's the strong message featured in the new teaser trailer for "The Boxtrolls" from Laika (see trailer below). The company who brought us "Coraline" and the Oscar-nominated "Paranorman" is pushing boundaries once again by featur

      • Sandra Bullock Movie to Kick Off Oscar Season

        I can't believe that the Oscar season is almost here.

        Last year, at the 2012 Venice Film Festival, "The Master" triumphed winning the Silver Lion (Best Director for Paul Thomas Anderson) and Best Actor (shared by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix) award

      • Steven Spielberg Wants to Remake a Classic

        Yes folks, Steven Spielberg is setting his sights on John Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath" according to Deadline. Spielberg and DreamWorks are in talks with the Steinbeck estate to buy the film rights to the author's beloved 1939 novel. John Ford made a memorable 1

      • Sorry "50 Shades of Grey" Fans
 won't be having your Christian Grey anytime soon.

        Fans have been wanting to know who will play the film's leads -- Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

        And if you think you'll hear this news at Comic-Con (Which is odd right? A sex-infused n

      • More Trouble for "White House Down"

        So we all know that "White House Down" flopped on its debut, earning a disappointing $24.8 million on a reported $150 million budget! Yikes! But now, the action flick starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx is facing more drama.

        This time it's from the conser

      • Sorry Christian Bale/Batman Fans But...

        Christian Bale will not appear as Batman in any upcoming "Justice League" movie. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor said that he's done wearing the Batman costume.

        Yet, if Christopher Nolan comes up with a brilliant idea for "The Dark K

      • Sorry "Hobbit" Fans But...

        "The Desolation of Smaug" is NOT headed to Comic-Con. Awwww....

        According to director Peter Jackson via Facebook, "The Hobbit 2" is still in production and the cast and crew will not be available for the biggest fan convention in the world! And truth be t

      • "White House Down" Flops! What Happened Channing Tatum?

        Yes, folks, "White House Down" flopped at the box-office. Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx were no match for the star power of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy whose "The Heat" triumphed at No. 2 with a $40 million debut. "White House Down?" $25.7 million

    • June
      • Top 10 Best Buddy Movies -- See My Picks in Homage to "The Heat" and "White House Down" Release

        "The Heat" starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy and "White House Down" with Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx are opening this weekend and both are offshoots of the quintessential American genre -- the buddy movie. You know the type -- put two seemingly different

      • "Fifty Shades of Grey" Release Date Announced, Sam Taylor-Johnson to Direct Movie Adaptation

        Fans of "Fifty Shades of Grey" rejoice! The movie version has a release date!

        According to producer Dana Brunetti, the big-screen adaptation of E.L. James' popular S&M novel will be unveiled on August 1, 2014. Sam Taylor-Johnson ("Nowhere Boy") w

      • Get Ready for the Quasi "Mean Girls" Sequel -- "Mean Moms!"

        We all enjoyed "Mean Girls," the 2004 hit starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert. And now, we're in for a treat as New Line Cinema is preparing for the sorta, quasi-sequel to be called "Mean Moms."

        It kinda makes se

      • Celebrities Tweet Reactions to DOMA, Prop 8 Decision

        From Lady GaGa to Ben Affleck, celebrities take to Twitter to react to the historic Supreme Court's decision in striking down the Defense of Marriage Act by a 5-4 vote while dismissing Proposition 8 for lack of jurisdiction. Supporters of gay marriage rejoiced upon hearing the news

      • Liam Neeson Will Get How Much to Star in "Taken 3?"

        It's great to be Liam Neeson! According to Deadline, the actor is set to receive, are you ready, $20 million to reprise his role as Bryan Mills, the ballsy retired CIA agent who rescued his daughter from sex slavery in France. Neeson was hesitant to star in the first sequel but wa

      • Channing Tatum to Play Wolf-Human Hybrid

        No, Channing Tatum will not steal the Wolverine title from Hugh Jackman but the actor is going to play a wolf-human hybrid for the Wachowskis' "Jupiter Ascending." Filming is underway right now and Tatum is co-starring with Mila Kunis. We told you back in April that &quo

      • Complete Winners of 2013 Los Angeles Film Festival Awards

        "Mother, I Love You" and "Code Black" were the big winners at the 2013 Los Angeles Film Festival awards. "Mother, I Love You" won Best Narrative Feature while "Code Black" took home the Best Documentary Award.

        Here's the complete

      • "Monsters University" Tops Box-Office with $82 Million; "Man of Steel" Still Unbeatable Overseas

        Monsters beat zombies and Superman at the domestic box-office. Disney/Pixar's prequel to "Monsters Inc.," "Monsters University" claimed the No. 1 position with $82 million in the U.S. and $54.5 million internationally.

        Overseas, "Man of Steel&quo

      • Anna Kendrick In Talks to Play Cinderella in "Into the Woods"

        Anna Kendrick may soon join Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, and Chris Pine in the big screen adaptation of the Broadway musical, "Into the Woods." According to the Hollywood Reporter, the actress is in talks to play Cinderella in the Disney production with Rob Marshall ("Chica

      • “Monsters University” & “World War Z” Movie Reviews – Which One is My Pick of the Week?

        It’s monsters versus zombies at the box-office this weekend as “Monsters University” and “World War Z” duke it out for your hard-earned money. In “Monsters University,” Billy Crystal (Mike) and John Goodman (Sullivan) return to embody their beloved characters. This time it’s college, a

      • Robert Downey Jr. Will Return for "The Avengers 2" and "The Avengers 3!" What About "Iron Man 4?"

        "The Avengers" fans rejoice! Robert Downey Jr. has officially signed on to star in the next two "Avengers" films according to Variety.

        For a while there, it looked like Downey Jr. would be ditching the iron suit in pursuit of other acting interests. But

      • "Bad Teacher" Sequel in the Works!

        The first "Bad Teacher" made $216 million worldwide so it's no surprise that Sony is moving forward with its plans to make a sequel to the 2011 comedy starring Cameron Diaz. But according to Variety, there's no deal made with the actress yet.

        Justin Male

      • So Long Tony Soprano -- James Gandolfini Dead at 51

        James Gandolfini, who simultaneously elicited thrill and excitement with his portrayal of Tony Soprano on HBO's "The Sopranos" has died after a massive heart attack in Italy. According to Variety, he was vacationing at the time of his death.

        This is a deve

      • The Official "Anchorman 2" Trailer! It's Classy!

        This looks good! The first "Anchorman" was funny up until its last 10 minutes, I think. I hope this one is more consistent! We'll see on December 20th when the sequel opens nationwide. Here's the official "Anchorman 2" trailer:


      • "Man of Steel" Triumphs with $125 Million Opening!

        It's quite super!

        "Man of Steel" vanquished competition with $113 million to come out as the No. 1 movie in America and the world! Add $12 million from Thursday screenings and Zack Snyder's reboot of our favorite superhero had a domestic total of $125 mill

      • Your Weekend at the Movies -- "Man of Steel" and "This is The End"

        Two big films are flying into theaters this weekend. And they're both quite super! First, we have "This is the End" from co-writer/co-director Seth Rogen. It's a truly original movie with the actors playing themselves -- it examines Hollywood in the midst of a cata

      • Henry Cavill Talks About “Man of Steel,” the Influence of Russell Crowe, and Being Superman

        Ladies listen up! Henry Cavill is as hot in person as our favorite man of steel! He also embodies Superman like you’ve never seen him before! So watch “Man of Steel” when it comes out on June 14th. It’s from director Zack Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan. Co-starring are Amy Ad

      • Amy Adams (Lois Lane) Interview for “Man of Steel!” I Love Her!

        Amy Adams is a sweetheart! I love love love her! Not only is she a fantastic actress, she’s also down-to-earth and humble with an edge much like her character Lois Lane in the new movie “Man of Steel.” Henry Cavill is, of course, our man of steel aka Superman and co-starring are Micha

      • Director Zack Snyder Interview for “Man of Steel” and Talks About Justice League and Christopher Nolan

        I love interviewing director Zack Snyder! He’s always animated and full of action, just like most of his movies! I’ve talked to him before for “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” and “Sucker Punch” and boy oh boy, the director hasn’t changed, even though he’s been submerged

      • Antje Traue Talks About “Man of Steel” and Her Fierce Faora-UI

        Antje Traue is fierce and kick-ass as Faora-UI, the female sidekick of the big bad General Zod (Michael Shannon) in the new film we’ve all been waiting for, “Man of Steel” from director Zack Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan. Henry Cavill is our man of steel aka Superman and Amy Ada

      • My Fun Interviews with Dave Franco and Isla Fisher Part 2 -- Franco Says He Loves Me HA!

        I love talking to Dave Franco and Isla Fisher. I met them 3 weeks ago in New Orleans for the press junket of “Now You See Me” but when Summit asked me if I want to interview them again, this time via satellite, I immediately said yes! Of course! I had a great time talking to them befo

      • “The Purge” & “The Internship” Movie Reviews -- Which One is My Pick of the Week?

        Two big films are opening this weekend, we have the thriller “The Purge” and the comedy “The Internship.” From the producer of “Sinister” and “Paranormal Activity,” “The Purge” stars Ethan Hawke as a family man who makes a killing selling home security systems. But his family’s securit

      • So Long Esther Williams -- Million Dollar Mermaid Dead at 91

        Esther Williams, the bathing beauty who tantalized Hollywood in the aquatic Technicolor musicals of the 19402 and 19502 has died. She was 91. According to her longtime publicist, Harlan Boll, the swimming champion turned actress known as the Million Dollar Mermaid died early Thursday in

      • Is Gwen Stacy Going to Die in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2?"

        This is what's getting fanboys and fangirls talking! New photos from the New York set of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" raised speculations about the fate of Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) in the upcoming 2014 sequel.

        In the Marvel Comics comic book series The Amazing Spi

      • The Fantastic Greta Gerwig Talks About FRANCES HA, Gives One of the Most Affecting Performances of the Year!

        Greta Gerwig gives one of the most affecting performances this year in Noah Baumbach’s “Frances Ha.” The actress also co-wrote the film with her “Greenberg” director. Frances is a contradiction of sorts – she lives in New York but doesn’t have an apartment; she is an apprentice for a d

      • "Godzilla" Targets Hawaii

        Godzilla is visiting Hawaii for the latest movie incarnation of the beloved monster. According to HuffPost, Oahu will serve as the backdrop this summer for the new "Godzilla" movie from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures. Filming will begin in July.


      • Oscar Contender? See New "The Butler" Poster!

        Lee Daniels, the guy who gave us the Oscar-winning "Precious," returns with a possible Academy Award contender with "The Butler." It tells the true-life story of Eugene Allen (Forest Whitaker), the White House's head butler who served eight presidents from 1952

      • Check Out the Funny "The Food Ditty" From Our "Final Destination 5" Friends -- Emma Bell and Ellen Wroe

        Previously, I interviewed the lovely ladies Emma Bell and Ellen Wroe for "Final Destination 5." This was in 2011.

        Then, in 2012, both fun actresses created a Kickstarter campaign to create their passion -- a spoof of rap/jazz/R & B parody mocking the "dic

      • "Now You See Me" Beats Will Smith at Box-Office!

        A Will Smith movie that didn't open at No. 1? Impossible! For nearly two decades, Will Smith has held the Summer Movie King crown...but not this season. "After Earth," produced by Smith and wife Jada and starring their baby boy Jaden underperformed at the box-office. T

    • May
      • "Now You See Me" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Do the Four Horsemen Get?

        “Now You See Me” from director Louis Letterier magically arrives in theaters near you. It stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, and Isla Fisher as the Four Horsemen – a ragtag group of magicians who steal from the rich to give to the poor. But the big question is – who i

      • General Zod Makes His Case -- Check Out New "Man of Steel" TV Spot
        I truly can't wait to see "Man of Steel!" Truth be told, of all the summer movies opening, this is the one that I truly wish will be fantastic! From the looks of the TV spots, it could be! In this brand new TV commercial, General Zod (Michael Shannon) shows his motivation. And the

      • Who's Directing "Pirates of the Caribbean 5?"

        Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg, the directing duo who gave us the fantastic Norwegian flick, "Kon-Tiki," will be helming the fifth installment of the popular "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise according to Deadline. And they were given the stamp of approval by

      • Why Aragorn is Not in "The Hobbit" Films, Viggo Mortensen Explains

        If you were wondering why Aragorn was not a part of "The Hobbit" film, wonder no more. Viggo Mortensen, the actor behind the man who would be king, explains why. And it's pretty simple. Because his character does not appear in the J.R.R. Tolkien novel. Duh to you!
      • Disney/Pixar Reveals Ambitious, Mysterious Calendar from 2016 and Beyond

        You may just have to spend your time with Disney/Pixar from infinity and beyond. Walt Disney Pictures has revealed its calendar of planned release dates of new Pixar movies thanks to our friends at HitFlix. But if you want titles and plotlines, sorry, Disney is being mysterious. But h

      • "My Little Pony" Fans Rejoice -- New Movie Gallops Your Way!

        If you're a fan of "My Little Pony" and must see a brand new movie featuring the colorific characters, well, you're in luck! There's a feature film galloping your way this June.

        It's called "My Little Pony Equestria Girls" and it has

      • Henry Cavill's Next Project -- From Superman to "Man from U.N.C.L.E.?"

        Wow, this "Man from U.N.C.L.E." project has already so many dramas even before production begins! But we may have a bit of a good news.

        Henry Cavill aka "Man of Steel" has entered negotiations to replace Tom Cruise in "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." G

      • "Skyfall" Director to Return for Bond 24?

        Sam Mendes might have realized he only lives twice so the director, who created one of the best Bond movies with the Oscar-winning "Skyfall," has begun talks with MGM and Sony to direct the next James Bond film aka Bond 24 according to Deadline.

        Previously, Mendes

      • Cannes Goes "Blue!" Lesbian Romance Tops Festival!

        Abdellatif Kechiche's "Blue is the Warmest Color" was the biggest winner of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. The coming-of-age lesbian drama starring Adèle Exarchopoulos and Léa Seydoux was awarded the Palme d'Or by the fantastic jury including Steven Spielberg, Christ

      • "Fast and Furious 6" Races to the Top of Box-Office Heap This Memorial Day Weekend!

        As I was getting ready to write off the "Fast and Furious" franchise as one too many "Fast and Furious" movies, along comes "Fast and Furious 6," perhaps the best film of the franchise, and the biggest Universal moneymaker debut...ever.

        Starring V

      • Discover your Glyph, Ancestral House and Kryptonian name PLUS See Very Latest "Man of Steel" Trailer

        So apparently, I came from the House of Em! Oooooh. I really don't know what that means but it's fun to see my own glyph, ancestral house, and Kryptonian name. Click here to get your own and here for the "Man of Steel" Facebook page. It's a treasure trove of

      • What I Think of "The Hangover Part III" and Other Memorial Day Weekend Releases Such as "Fast and Furious 6" and "Epic"

        Okay, first, let's talk about "Fast and Furious 6." As I was getting ready to hate this franchise (it will not die!), the latest installment is well, still fast and furious and funny with a twist at the end that sets up the next installment. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and

      • Tom Cruise Disowns "The Man From U.N.C.L.E."

        After briefly being attached to the big screen version of "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.," Tom Cruise has officially left the building according to Deadline. The reason? He would be busy doing "Mission: Impossible 5."

        The Warner Bros. project, an adaptation

      • Morgan Freeman Fell Asleep During An Interview? Actor Blames it On...What?

        Morgan Freeman, during a press tour for the fantastic "Now You See Me" with Michael Caine, apparently fell asleep while being interviewed by a Fox affiliate station in Seattle.

        First, I hope this doesn't happen to me while I interview a star. I would take it

      • New Ryan Gosling Movie Booed at Cannes -- Director Responds! It's ART!

        In 2011 at the Cannes Film Festival, director Nicolas Winding Refn and his star, Ryan Gosling, received so much love for their darkly incandescent flick, "Drive." Refn even won the Best Director trophy for his brilliant film.

        Fast forward to two years later, the dir

      • Doing My Part to Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims

        My station, KMIR (NBC) in Palm Springs, created a drive, in conjunction with the Red Cross, to help the victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes. I've been up since five in the morning to help! And it warms my heart to know that there are many people out there who are willing to help!
      • Who Got Cast in "Transformers 4?"

        Michael Bay and Paramount Pictures have announced that Chinese actress, Li Bingbing ("Resident Evil: Retribution") has been cast in "Transformers 4." The actress joins Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer, Jack Reynor, Nicola Peltz and Sophia Myles in the fou

      • Who's In Talks for "Star Wars 7?"

        Jonathan Rhys Meyers is supposedly in talks to star in "Star Wars: Episode VII" according to our friends at Latino Review. Meyers could be the first actor to join the cast alongside, possibly, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher. J.J. Abrams is directing the new &qu

      • "Star Trek" On Top...But Not That Much, And Yes Old Sport, "The Great Gatsby" Beat "Star Trek" and "Iron Man 3" Overseas!

        So the biggest question this past weekend in Hollywood -- what happened to "Star Trek Into Darkness?" Paramount, the studio behind the latest "Star Trek" saga, predicted, really hoped, that "Star Trek Into Darkness" would open at $100 million. But alas, th

      • Woody Harrelson Talks About “Now You See Me” and Hypnotizes Me!

        Truth be told, I didn’t know what to expect interviewing Woody Harrelson. He’s a fantastic actor, and I grew up watching “Cheers,” but I had no idea that the actor was also a great father (witness how he playfully interacts with his daughter in this interview) and a man with conviction!

      • The Fantastic Mark Ruffalo Talks About “Now You See Me” and Working on “The Avengers”

        I love Mark Ruffalo! The actor is sweet and down-to-earth in real life! We all know him, of course, as Dr. Bruce Banner aka The Hulk in the mega-successful “Marvel’s The Avengers.” But we love him in smaller films like “The Kids are All Right” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Min

      • Jesse Eisenberg Reveals Secrets of “Now You See Me”

        Jesse Eisenberg reteams with his “Zombieland” cohort, Woody Harrelson, for the brilliantly unpredictable movie, “Now You See Me,” opening in theaters May 31st. Eisenberg stars as Michael Atlas, a guy who’s so good in card tricks that he gets invited to join The Four Horsemen alongside H

      • The Lovely Isla Fisher Talks About “Now You See Me” and Her Semi-Hiatus

        Isla Fisher was missing in action. The last time I interviewed the petite star was for 2009’s “Confessions of a Shopaholic.” And then she retired for a little bit, enjoying motherhood with spouse Sacha Baron Cohen. But now, we can’t escape her! Especially this summer! First, she nea

      • Dave Franco Talks About “Now You See Me” – And Shows His Card Tricks

        I love talking to Dave Franco. The baby brother of James Franco is slowly carving his own niche in Hollywood. He has made some Funny or Die videos, has starred in the surprise zombie romantic comedy hit, “Warm Bodies,” and now, he’s part of the fun ensemble in the unpredictable crime t

      • "Into the Woods" Finds Its Baker's Wife?

        Wow, "Into the Woods" is becoming a star-studded affair! We all know Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp are joining the big screen adaptation of the Stephen Sondheim musical from director Rob Marshall ("Chicago"). And then we heard that Chris Pine and Jake Gyllenhaal were

      • Is Christopher Nolan the Next Bond Director?

        He made us love Batman even more with "The Dark Knight" series, and he's about to do the same thing with Superman as executive producer of "Man of Steel," and now, Christopher Nolan may put his magic touch to James Bond.

        According to The Daily Mail, th

      • "Star Trek Into Darkness" Movie Review

        I loved the first “Star Trek” from director J.J. Abrams. And now, the director and his cast are back for “Star Trek Into Darkness.” Like its title, the sequel is darker and yes, bigger. But is it better?

        Chris Pine (Captain James T. Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock), John Cho

      • Pulled Down! Sexified Merida Vanishes From Disney Site!

        Last Monday, we told you about the brouhaha going on about Disney's sexy makeover of Merida, our heroine in "Brave." The studio has announced that Merida would be Disney's 11th princess. That was nice and all, but they had to give her more vivacious curves as well.

      • Look Who's Going "Into the Woods" with Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp!

        No other than Chris Pine and Jake Gyllenhaal! The actors are in early talks to join Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp in Rob Marshall's adaptation of the musical "Into the Woods" according to HuffPost. The two will be playing a pair of self-involved princes in the film. I�

      • Behold, the New "Riddick" Trailer!

        There's a new Riddick movie simply titled, what else, "Riddick!" Unviersal has shared the new trailer for the third film in the "Pitch Black" franchise starring Vin Diesel. This is the first film in the series since "Chronicles of Riddick" opened and

      • New "Rio 2" Teaser Trailer

        I enjoyed the first "Rio," and now, lo and behold, we see the new teaser trailer for "Rio 2!" The plot tells the story of Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) and Jewel (Anne Hathaway) as they enter parenthood and must decide on the best way to raise their babies. Kristin Chenowet

      • Merida Sexified, "Brave" Director Fires Back at Disney

        Just look at the picture above -- before, for the movie "Brave," Merida is tomboyish in stature, even a little chubby with baby fat. Then, when Disney announced that Merida would be the 11th official princess, all hell broke loose. Why? Because the studio sexified the charac

      • What's Going On With "Ghosbusters 3?"

        Dan Aykroyd, talking to Shortlist, revealed that, behold, "Ghostbusters 3" is still moving forward despite many setbacks. Promoting Crystal Head Vodka’s 50th anniversary Rolling Stones edition, Aykroyd said he will be meeting with director Ivan Reitman in June to solidify plan

      • Mark Ruffalo AKA Dr. Bruce Banner Explains "Iron Man 3" Cameo

        If you have seen "Iron Man 3" (and really, unless you're hiding in Mandarin's lair, you should have seen it by now), and stayed for the closing credits nugget, you would have seen...SPOILER ALERT...

        Tony Stark talking to a sleeping Dr. Bruce Banner. It tur

      • Monday Box-Office Actuals: "The Great Gatsby" Drops...But...

        It's still great!

        Over the weekend, based on studio estimates, "The Great Gatsby" opened to a staggering $51.1 million, but by Monday, when the actuals started rolling in, the Baz Luhrmann movie dropped by a mere, $1 million, still putting the film solidly at No

      • Watch the Short Film "Police Guys"

        My friend, actor/filmmaker, Jon Lee Brody ("Pawn," "Star Trek Into Darkness"), has created a short film called "Police Guys" that you guys should see! Brody wrote, produced, directed, and starred in the 15-minute film alongside Stephen Kramer Glickman (Big

      • “The Great Gatsby” (2013) Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Does Leonardo DiCaprio Get?

        It’s dazzling, it’s roaring, “The Great Gatsby” is finally here. It’s a story of man with an extraordinary gift for hope. Based on the beloved classic by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Jay Gatsby, a rich and powerful man who loves spinning tales. He self-mythologizes

      • The Most Surprising "Anchorman 2" Cameo Yet!

        Is Kanye West going to appear in "Anchorman 2?" That's the surprising claim from which reported that West was seen in downtown Atlanta shooting a scene with Christina Applegate and Paul Rudd, both returning to their original "Anchorman" roles. Wes

      • Will Tom Hanks Win Oscar No. 3 for "Captain Phillips?" See New Trailer!

        Tom Hanks may be gunning for Oscar No. 3! The Academy Award-winner of such films as "Forrest Gump" and "Philadelphia" is back in Oscar mode for the new true-life movie "Captain Phillips" where he stars as Maersk Alabama captain Richard Phillips who was take

      • "Jurassic Park 4" Delayed!

        If you're a fan of "Jurassic Park" and couldn't wait for part 4 to come out on June 13, 2014, you're out of luck! Universal has announced that for now, they're closing the gates on "Jurassic Park 4."

        In a statement, Universal said, &q

      • See "The Butler" Trailer -- An Homage to "Forrest Gump"
        Take a look at the new trailer for "The Butler" from director Lee Daniels ("Precious," "Paperboy"). Starring Forest Whitaker as Eugene Allen aka the butler who worked at the White House for 34 years and served the Eisenhower administration all the way to the Reagan pre

      • Ellen Page Returns as Kitty Pryde in "X-Men: Days of Future Past"

        Director Bryan Singer, working on "X-Men: Days of Future Past" has revealed that Ellen Page was returning as Kitty Pryde in the "X-Men" franchise per his Twitter (see the picture he posted above).

        Because the storyline involves time-travelling, all the &q

      • Sorry "Star Trek," J.J. Abrams Will Be Busy with "Star Wars"

        Call it the battle of two "Stars!" We could have predicted this, but the future of "Star Trek" may be put on hold because director/visionary/reboot creator J.J. Abrams will be busy rebooting "Star Wars" for Disney, specifically "Star Wars: Episode VII.

      • "Iron Man 3" Rules the World!

        "Iron Man 3" takes the world hostage over the weekend with a staggering box-office performance. In the U.S. alone, the third film in the "Iron Man" saga opened with $175.9 million making it the second biggest U.S. debut of a film ever! And that is next to Marvel

      • “Iron Man 3” Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Does Robert Downey Jr. Get?

        It’s finally here, the third installment of the popular “Iron Man” franchise. Robert Downey Jr. returns as Tony Stark/Iron Man and this time, he has to duke it out with the mysterious Mandarin (Ben Kingsley). But wait, there’s also Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce), the scruffy nerd who has

      • Summer 2013 Movie Preview -- Movies I'm Dying to See this Summer!

        Sequels, superheroes, big blockbusters, gosh, it must be summer at the movies! From "Fast and Furious 6" to "The Hangover 3" all the way to "Man of Steel," Hollywood is bringing out the big guns to entice you to go see the movies. So which films am I dying t

    • April
      • The New Daddy Warbucks?

        We all know that Jay-Z and Will Smith are producing an urban version of the musical "Annie" and they may have found their Daddy Warbucks! THR is saying Jamie Foxx is in talks to join "Annie," Sony's big screen adaptation of the classic Little Orphan Annie story.

      • "Magic Mike" Sequel? Say It Isn't So!

        So it's been rumored for a long time that "Magic Mike 2" is in the works! Now, the first film's director, Steven Soderbergh, says yes, the sequel to the male stripper movie starring Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum could still happen!

        Soderbergh te

      • Get Ready for "Rocky" the Musical!

        When Rocky looks for Adrian at the end of the first "Rocky," expect more gut-wrenching "Adriannnnnnnnnnn" in the broadway adaptation of the Oscar-winning film. Presented by Stage Entertainment USA and Sylvester Stallone, the show will begin performances on Broadway a

      • When Will You See "21 Jump Street" Sequel?

        The first "21 Jump Street" surprised everyone by being a decent movie! The duo of Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill helped turn the film into a hit grossing close to $200 million worldwide. Now, Sony has revealed that the sequel will open on June 6, 2014. The studio also announc

      • "Iron Man 3" Rules World, "Pain & Gain" Muscles Domestic Box-Office Glory

        It's all muscles and testosterone at worldwide box-office. "Iron Man 3" proved to be a healthy franchise with a massive overseas debut of $195.3 million! Back in the U.S., "Pain & Gain" took the top spot with a $20 million opening.

        Starring Rober

      • Johnny Depp to Play the Big, Bad Wolf in Movie Version of "Into the Woods"

        Say what you will about Johnny Depp's singing prowess in Tim Burton's "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street," but the actor may be back on the big screen with another musical role! This time it's the sexy and very hungry Wolf in the movie version of &q

      • "Wild Things" Sequel Inspired By Amanda Knox Murder Case?

        Remember the 1998 thriller "Wild Things?" The flop that became a cult hit thanks largely to all the salacious goodness of three-way sex scenes, girl-on-girl action, and Kevin Bacon's bacon.

        According to our friends at Huffington Post, "Wild Things" co

      • Will Matthew McConaughey Finally Win an Oscar for This Role?

        I love Focus Features, the indie studio who values storytelling over big-budgeted films. And I'm loving Matthew McConaughey lately especially with his scene-stealing turns in last year's "Magic Mike" and "Killer Joe." So I was pleasantly surprised that Foc

      • Partly Crazy, Quasi-Interesting "50 Shades of Grey" Rumor I've Heard!

        So, will Gus Van Sant get down and dirty and direct the big screen version of E L James' best-selling sex novel? Say it isn't so. "Fifty Shades of Grey" is like "Twilight" for smut. Remove the sex scenes and it becomes less interesting (with "Twiligh

      • "Thor: The Dark World" Trailer

        Thor said he would return and voila, he's back! Marvel has given us a glimpse of what to expect from the sequel with the very first trailer for the sequel "Thor: The Dark World."

        Chris Hemsworth returns to don the outfit as Thor. Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portm

      • I Love This Video -- Anna Kendrick's "Cups" Gets Music Video from "Pitch Perfect" Director

        We all know Anna Kendrick is a good actress and always a scene-stealer, but who knew that she is destined to become a pop star as well. Her new song "Cups" is burning up the charts. And for those who've seen "Pitch Perfect," you'll remember this acapella g

      • "The Purge" Gets New Release Date

        "The Purge" starring Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey gets a new release date. It was going to open May 31st, but now, will be debuting one week later on June 7th. So there you go thriller fans, you have to wait one more week!

        Here's more info on "The Purge&qu

      • Tom Cruise Back On Top -- "Oblivion" Opens With $38.2 Million

        "Oblivion" gives Tom Cruise one of his biggest weekend openers. The sci-fi film sold $38.2 million worth of box office tickets. Overseas, "Oblivion" sold $33.7 million for a worldwide total of $150.2 million.

        Previous weekend's box-office champ,

      • "Oblivion" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Does Tom Cruise Get?

        Tom Cruise returns to the big screen for “Oblivion,” a highly entertaining eye-candy from “Tron: Legacy” director, Joseph Kosinski who also co-wrote the script with Michael Arndt (“Toy Story 3,” “Brave”) and Karl Gajdusek (“Dead Like Me”). “Oblivion” also stars Melissa Leo, Andrea Riseb

      • Did You Like This Year's Oscars? Producers Are Set to Return for Oscars 2014!

        Academy President, Hawk Koch, has announced that Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, acclaimed motion picture, television, and theater producing team behind Oscars 2013, will return next year for Oscars 2014! The Academy Awards will air live on Oscar Sunday, March 2, 2014.

        “Craig a

      • It's Official -- Wesley Snipes to Join "Expendables 3," Stallone Wants Mel Gibson to Direct

        Fresh out of jail, Wesley Snipes will join his "Demolition Man" co-star, Sylvester Stallone, for the third installment of "The Expendables" according to

        So yay for Wesley! But here's the most surprising angle -- Sylvester Stallone tweete

      • Jupiter Ascending: What is the New Sci-Fi Movie from Wachowski Siblings About?

        It's all about being the Queen of the Universe! The Wachowski Siblings have started shooting the new sci-fi film "Jupiter Ascending" starring Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, Eddie Redmayne, Tuppence Middleton, Doona Bae, James D’Arcy, and Sean Bean.

        Like a sci-fi

      • "42" Hits Box-Office Home Run with $27.3 Million Opening

        The Jackie Robinson movie, "42," scored at the box-office with $27.3 million debut. The film stars Harrison Ford as pioneering Brooklyn Dodgers executive, Branch Rickey, who signed Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) despite Major League Baseball's color line.


      • “The Place Beyond the Pines” Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Do Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper Get?

        Ryan Gosling returns to the loving arms of his “Blue Valentine” director, Derek Cianfrance, for the riveting “The Place Beyond the Pines.” It’s a crime drama about how the sins of a father affect his son. Told in three different narratives and set in Schenectady, NY, there’s Ryan Gosli

      • So What's The Worst Movie Of All Time?

        That's right, "Disaster Movie," at least according to IMDB users who voted. The comedy, a send-up of disaster flicks, received 55,112 votes. But here's the more interesting part. Paris Hilton topped the charts with two movies appearing in the Top 10 namely "Th

      • Annette Funicello Dies at 70

        First it was Roger Ebert, then this morning Margaret Thatcher, and now it's the sweet Annette Funicello, one of the best-known members of the original 1950s Mickey Mouse Club, the original Mouseketeer, has passed away. She was 70.

        The Annette Funicello Research Fund for

      • Evil! Westboro Church to Picket Roger Ebert's Funeral!

        Westboro Baptist Church, the infamous anti-gay group, says it will protest outside Roger Ebert's memorial service in Chicago on Monday according to THR. Because apparently, God hates film critics as well!

        The evil church, notorious for picketing the funerals of soldier

      • "Evil Dead" Finds Box-Office Life with $26 Million

        Demons, dinosaurs, and a whole lot of Joes gave life to the weekend box-office. "Evil Dead," the remake of the 1981 Sam Raimi classic debuted at No. 1 with $26 million.

        At No. 2 was a tie between "The Croods" and the action sequel "G.I. Joe: Retalia

      • Movie Reviews -- "Evil Dead' and "Trance"

        Two big movies this weekend, we have the remake “Evil Dead” and writer/director Danny Boyle’s “Trance.” “Evil Dead” tries to catch the charm that elevated 1981’s “The Evil Dead’ from Sam Raimi (co-producing the remake with Bruce Campbell) into a beloved horror classic. The premise rema

      • Goodnight Roger Ebert! See You at the Movies!

        Totally two thumbs down!

        Roger Ebert, the celebrated film critic who pretty much made film criticism part of the popular culture, has passed away from complications from cancer. He was 70.

        Not only was Ebert the first film critic to win a Pulitzer, he was also hig

      • "Thriller" Filipino Prisoners to Thrill You with Big Screen Movie! Yup!

        Remember this YouTube sensation? The group of Filipino inmates dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" inside a prison courtyard? Well, they are bound to be movie stars!

        According to the Huffington Post, the movie will be called "Dance of the Steel Bars&q

      • Too Risque! Will You Watch a Movie Based On the Church Abuse Scandal?

        The horrors! DreamWorks has announced plans for a big film (perhaps an Oscar bait) about the Catholic Church's child sexual abuse scandal in Massachusetts. Controversy!

        The studio and Participant Media have acquired film rights to the story of the Catholic Church's

      • And the Most "Liked" Movie is...

        The "Harry Potter" series! Yay fans!

        The super-successful franchise has the most popular official movie page on Facebook with more than 60 million likes according to

        And the runner-ups are:


      • Get Ready for "Finding Dory" -- the "Finding Nemo" Sequel with Ellen DeGeneres!

        This is the best story I've heard in a while!

        Disney and Pixar are moving forward to making a "Finding Nemo" sequel, this time it's going to be called "Finding Dory."


        Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!
      • "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" Blasts Away Competition with $41.2 Million; "The Place Beyond the Pines" Makes Headlines at Specialty Box-Office

        Good things come to those who wait, at least for Paramount Pictures. The studio shelved "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" and waited nine months from its original release date and voila, the sequel hit box-office gold. The action extravaganza featuring Dwayne "The Rock" Johns

    • March
      • "The Host" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Does the Movie Get?

        Author Stephenie Meyer returns to the big screen with “The Host,” a sci-fi action adventure that is all about love. Much like the “Twilight Saga,” “The Host” features a romantic angle that features Saoirse Ronan as the human/alien Melanie & Wanda, Max Irons as Jared who’s in love wi

      • Saoirse Ronan (Melanie/Wanda) Talks About “The Host”

        I love, love, love Saoirse Ronan! The talented young actress is incredibly sweet and down-to-earth in person. From “Atonement” to 2011’s “Hanna,” Ronan has been proving that she’s a good actress who puts forth her character first. In the new movie “The Host,” Ronan stars as a young wo

      • Max Irons (Jared) & Jake Abel (Ian) Interview for “The Host”

        I loved meeting these two actors from “The Host.” I sat down with Max Irons before for “Red Riding Hood” and it was nice to see him again, this time in the Stephenie Meyer creation “The Host” from writer/director Andrew Niccol. Irons plays Jared, the boyfriend of Melanie, while Jake Ab

      • Diane Kruger (The Seeker) Talks About “The Host”

        Diane Kruger is white-hot blonde perfection as the Seeker in the new film “The Host” from the mind of Stephenie Meyer. Starring Saoirse Ronan as Melanie/Wanda, the “Twilight” creator has a new project and this one’s a science-fiction romance! Writer/director Andew Niccol (“Gattaca,” “I

      • "The Croods" Wins Box-Office Weekend, "Olympus Has Fallen" Opens Strong!

        Moviegoers fell in love with the prehistoric animated comedy, "The Croods." Sure, the film has that old yabba dabba do feeling, but it's still sweet and funny enough for viewers to take it to the No. 1 spot at the box-office. Featuring the voice work of Nicolas Cage, Emm

      • “Admission” and “Olympus Has Fallen” Movie Reviews

        Two big films opening this weekend, we have the dramedy “Admission” and “Olympus Has Fallen.” In “Admission” from director Paul Weitz and based on the novel by Jean Hanff Korelitz, Tina Fey stars as a Princeton admissions officer who’s at a crossroads – admit a student who may or may no

      • The Fantastic Ryan Gosling Talks About “The Place Beyond the Pines” and Being a Mouseketeer!

        I love, love, love Ryan Gosling and who doesn’t? He’s a respectable actor, and a down-to-earth star. He returns to the loving arms of his “Blue Valentine” director, Derek Cianfrance, for the gripping, heartfelt, intense “The Place Beyond the Pines” where he plays Luke, a circus motorcy

      • The Lovely Eva Mendes Talks About “The Place Beyond the Pines” and Working with Ryan Gosling

        Eva Mendes is a revelation in the new Derek Cianfrance film “The Place Beyond the Pines.” She plays Romina, the ex-girlfriend of Luke (Ryan Gosling). Mendes gives a fine and heartfelt performance as a woman caught in the crossfire. In this interview, we talked about:

        *** W

      • Dane DeHaan Interview for “The Place Beyond the Pines”

        Dane DeHaan is a rising star. He gave us a memorable performance in last year’s “Chronicle” and even gave commanding presence in movies like “Lawless” and “Lincoln.” This year, he’s starting off with a blazing portrayal in “The Place Beyond the Pines” as Jason, the son of Ryan Gosling’

      • Emory Cohen Interview for “The Place Beyond the Pines”

        Emory Cohen (“Smash,” “New York, I Love You”) stars as AJ, the son of Bradley Cooper’s character. He plays a petulant, spoiled son who must realize the sins of his father for his road to redemption. I enjoyed this movie from director Derek Cianfrance (“Blue Valentine”). Ryan Gosling r

      • My Fun Interview with the Lovely Lily Tomlin for “Admission” – I LOVE HER!

        I love, love, love Lily Tomlin! The iconic actress is so down-to-earth and witty! And she's fantastic in the new movie “Admission” from director Paul Weitz based on the novel by Jean Hanff Korelitz and adapted by Karen Croner. Tomlin stars as Susannah, the mother of Tina Fey'

      • "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" Movie Review

        There's only one big movie opening this weekend and that is the comedy "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone." It explores the world of magician with Steve Carrell in the title role and Steve Buscemi playing his magician partner, Anton Marvelton. Trouble arises when Steve Gray

      • Gerard Butler & Director Antoine Fuqua Interview “Olympus Has Fallen”

        I am very happy to report that Gerard Butler is back in the mode we love him the most – action! Helping him is director Antoine Fuqua (“Training Day”). Together, the two (Butler also served as producer of the film) created an intense, nail-biting, non-stop action flick that has absolut

      • Angela Bassett & Aaron Eckhart Talk “Olympus Has Fallen”

        I love, love, love Angela Bassett! She’s one of the sweetest, down-to-earth folks I’ve ever interviewed! And Aaron Eckhart is equally sweet and answered my questions with wit! Both star in the new movie “Olympus Has Fallen” with Gerard Butler doing double-duty as producer and actor.

      • My Fun Interview with Rick Yune & Dylan McDermott for “Olympus Has Fallen” – They Reveal Some Secrets

        Rick Yune (“Die Another Day,” “The Fast and the Furious,” “The Man with the Iron Fist”) and Dylan McDermott star in the new action-packed thriller “Olympus Has Fallen.” Yune is Kang, the big bad of the movie, and McDermott is Forbes, one of the agents assigned to protect the President (

      • Why Iran is Planning on Suing Hollywood!

        Uh-oh, Iran is planning to sue Hollywood because of the Oscar-winning "Argo" according to the Huffington Post. Why? Due to the movie's supposedly "unrealistic portrayal" of Iran.

        Iranian media are reporting that French lawyer, Isabelle Coutant-Peyr

      • Halle Berry to Bring Storm Back in "X-Men: Days of Future Past"

        Storm returns!

        Speaking to Jay Leno in "The Tonight Show," Halle Berry confirmed that she would be donning her Storm costume again for "X-Men: Days of Future Past." Why? Because according to her, it's a great role and "those residual checks don’

      • "The Great Gatsby" to Open 2013 Cannes Film Festival

        Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby" is set to open this year's Cannes Film Festival, in glorious 3-D!

        Starring Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role and based on the 1925 novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the film has a French connection! According to Luhrmann, &q

      • "Oz" Great and Powerful at Box-Office with $80 Million Opening

        Sam Raimi's "Oz the Great and Powerful" may not be artistically and creatively great and powerful (it's lacking magic -- see my movie review here), but moviegoers helped the film make box-office magic. The Disney 3-D extravaganza debuted at No. 1 with $80.3 million i

      • "Oz the Great and Powerful Movie Reviews" -- Is the Film Great and Powerful? How Many Kisses Does it Get?

        It’s time to return to Oz with “Oz the Great and Powerful” from director Sam Raimi. Inspired by the ideas of L. Frank Baum and written by Mitchell Kapner (“The Whole Ten Yards”) and David Lindsay-Abaire (“Rise of the Guardians,” “Rabbit Hole”), James Franco is Oz, a two-bit circus magic

      • "Behind the Candelabra" -- What Matt Damon Does Not Want His Wife to See!

        Ladies and gentlemen, here's a first full look at Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in full character! Douglas plays the legendary Liberace while Damon is his young lover, Scott Thorson. The film covers their torrid relationship from 1978 to 1982. This is from director Steven Soderb

      • "Anchorman 2" Cameo with Meryl Streep?

        This week has been abuzz with all things "Anchorman 2" or "Anchorman: The Legend Continues." First, we heard that Harrison Ford is joining the cast, and now, there may be a possibility for the great Meryl Streep to cameo in the sequel. And that's coming from St

      • Meet "Catching Fire's" Johanna Mason

        Isn't she fierce?

        This is Jena Malone in full character as Johanna Mason, Katniss' nemesis in the "Hunger Games" sequel called "Catching Fire." Johanna was a past winner of the Hunger Games from District 7.

        The portrait is courte

      • Mark Ruffalo Says No Hulk for Him Until...

        Mark Ruffalo, who found the perfect balance to play Dr. Bruce Banner/Hulk in last year's hit "The Avengers" is saying, he won't be back as our friendly green giant until..."The Avengers 2."

        That's right folks, there will be no standalone &quo

      • The Truth is Out There? Russell Crowe Finds UFO and Has Video to Prove It...Or So He Says...

        Russell Crowe said he had a close encounter of the third kind and it's all caught on tape!

        According to THR, the "Les Miserables" star saw the unidentified flying object while trying to catch fruit bats on camera over the Sydney Botanic gardens. The video is a

      • "Django," "Ted," "Silver Linings" Top 2013 MTV Movie Awards Nominations!

        Now that the Academy Awards are but a distant past, it's time for the crazy, silly MTV Movie Awards! I love the categories such as Best Kiss, Best Shirtless Performance, and Best WTF Moment. But it's also about the craft with Oscar nominees such as "Django Unchained"

      • Next James Bond Movie? Director Sam Mendes Says NO!

        It's a shame!

        "Skyfall" is the best James Bond Movie ever in my humble opinion (and also the biggest moneymaker of the franchise reaching $1.1 billion, that's with a b, worldwide), but its director, the visionary Sam Mendes, says he's not coming back f

      • River Phoenix's Last Movie to Make U.S. Debut!

        I didn't even know that River Phoenix had made a final movie prior to his sudden death in 1993 of drug overdose. But now, THR is saying that the actor, a shining star during his heyday (and truth be told, he could have given Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr. a run for their money),

      • James Franco Defends Gay Movie From Australian Government -- Watch Video!

        "The Oz the Great and Powerful" actor created a video to speak out against the Australian Classification Board to ban screenings of Travis Matthews' gay-themed film, "I Want Your Love."

        And hurray for the actor for that!

        Franco co-directed &

      • Harrison Ford Joins "Anchorman 2!"

        Han Solo will join Ron Burgundy and the gang!

        THR is reporting that Harrison Ford will play a legendary newscaster ala Tom Brokaw in the sequel to "Anchorman." Wait, didn't Ford already play a legendary newscaster ala Tom Brokaw in the ho-hum "Morning Gl

      • Ouch! Final Box-Office Tally of "Jack the Giant Slayer" Shows Lower Number!

        Over the weekend, "Jack the Giant Slayer" was estimated to make around $28 million at the North American box-office. It was deemed too low for a tentpole picture especially Warner Bros. Pictures forked nearly $200 million to produce the over-budgeted flick.

        Well, we

      • "Jack the Giant Slayer" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Does the Movie Get?

        “Jack the Giant Slayer” leaps into theaters near you. It’s from director Bryan Singer (“The Usual Suspects,” the first two “X-Men” movies, “Superman Returns”) and co-written by the Oscar-winning Christopher McQuarrie (“The Usual Suspects”). It stars Nicholas Hoult as our hero and Elean

    • February
      • Susan Boyle Joins Samantha Barks for Her First Feature Film!

        She's unstoppable! Fresh from singing "One Day More" at the Oscars, Susan Boyle has been hired to make her first feature film!

        According to THR, the global-singing sensation, will join the cast of John Stephenson's "The Christmas Candle." Boyle

      • Cowabunga Dude! "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Gets New Release Date!

        Previously, in the saga of making the new CG hybrid "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," we learned that the original release date was May 16, 2014, but now, it's been moved a few weeks later.

        Paramount is saying the new date is June 6, 2014.

        The fightin

      • Will Ferrell -- Comedic Genius!

        Is Will Ferrell a comedic genius? MTV seems to think so! The network is giving the "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" actor its first-ever Comedic Genius Award at the upcoming MTV Movie Awards.

        Apparently, MTV chose Ferrell because he has “provided a major influ

      • Dwayne Johnson's "Hercules" Moves to Different Date

        So Dwayne Johnson (or if you prefer, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) is starring in "Hercules" for Paramount and MGM. The studios revealed that the film, initially slated for an August 8, 2014 release has now been moved two weeks earlier to July 25, 2014. Brett Ratner is

      • Coen Brothers to Write for Director Angelina Jolie

        So Angelina Jolie, fresh from directing "In the Land of Blood and Honey," is attached to helm the Laura Hillenbrand 2010 biography of World War II hero Louis Zamperini called "Unbroken" for Universal Pictures. Jolie replaced Francis Lawrence who left to work on "

      • Death in Marvel's "The Avengers 2?" Joss Whedon Says Yes!

        Much like "Star Trek Into Darkness," writer/director and all around creative god, Joss Whedon, teased us that Marvel's "The Avengers" will be darker, more personal, and more emotional according to our friends at ScreenRant. So far, all we know about the sequel t

      • Backstage at the 85th Academy Awards -- Read Full Transcripts of Best Picture Winner

        See what happened backstage at the Oscars! The Academy Awards sent transcripts to give you a glimpse of what you didn't see at the Oscar telecast!

        CATEGORY: Best Picture
        SPEECH BY: Grant Heslov, Ben Affleck and George Clooney, Producers

      • "Argo" Tops 85th Academy Awards! Argo F*&k Yourself!

        And in the end, it was the movie with a snubbed director that took the top prize. Ben Affleck's "Argo" rocked the Academy Awards by winning the Best Picture of the year award. The biggest surprise for me was Ang Lee who went home with the Best Director trophy for "L

      • 85th Academy Awards Minute-by-Minute

        Awwww.....Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron rocked it!

        Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt! What a handsome pair!

        Okay, this Flying Nun bit is funny but honestly, can we go on with it?

        Okay, the Best Supporting Actor Oscar! Will it be Tommy Lee J

      • "Silver Linings Playbook" Tops Independent Spirit Awards, Big Win for "Amour," Matthew McConaughey Too!

        David O. Russell's "Silver Linings Playbook" was the big winner at the 28th annual Independent Spirit Awards held in Santa Monica, CA this afternoon and hosted by Andy Samberg. "Silver Linings" took home the Best Feature, Actress (Jennifer Lawrence), Director, a

      • Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman to Present Oscar Night!

        The legendary Dustin Hoffman and Jack Nicholson will be presenting at the Oscars! Both are multiple Academy Award winners and will add a little bit of spark on Oscar Night.

        Nicholson has been nominated 12 times and won Best Actor Oscars for "One Flew Over the Cuc

      • Oscar 2013 Predictions -- My Complete, Fearless Oscar Predictions in All Categories!

        Predicting the Oscars? Whew! It’s a tough one this year! Besides, honestly, Anne Hathaway and Daniel Day-Lewis, there’s no clear-cut favorite at the 85th Academy Awards. Even Hathaway and Day-Lewis are on shaky grounds, okay, not that much. They may be surefire but what about for Be

      • Jane Fonda, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Garner, Kerry Washington to Present on Oscar Night!

        Oscar show producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron ("Smash") have revealed that Academy Award® winner Jane Fonda will join Jennifer Garner, Kristen Stewart and Kerry Washington to present.

        Fonda has earned seven nominations and won two Academy Awards for her roles in

      • Who Will Be Performing at the Oscars? Telecast Gets Happy Ending Courtesy of Seth MacFarlane!

        It's a treasure trove of movie musical who's who -- we have Jennifer Hudson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, Aaron Tveit, Samantha Barks, and Helena Bonham Carter. What? Sacha Baron Cohen is not available? Th

      • Big Win for "Anna Karenina," "Skyfall," "Mirror, Mirror"

        "Anna Karenina," "Skyfall," and "Mirror, Mirror" topped the 15th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards celebrating costume design excellence in film, television, and commercials.

        Here's the complete list of winners (highlighted) and nominee

      • “Burning Love” Interview with Ken Marino and June Diane Raphael

        If you guys haven’t seen “Burning Love” on Yahoo yet, you’re missing out! It’s a super-funny spoof of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” Season 1 featured Ken Marino (who also directed some webisodes) as Mark Orlando, a fireman looking for the perfect woman. Ben Stiller serves as

      • “Burning Love” Interview with Funny Cast -- Michael Ian Black, Adam Brody, Rob Huebel, Joe Lo Truglio

        I love, love, love this show! It’s funny and spot-on as a spoof of “The Bachelor” and other reality TV dating series. This is from Executive Producer Ben Stiller who teams up with Paramount, Yahoo, and E!.

        And just in time for Valentine’s, Season 2 premieres with Julie (

      • Jennifer Aniston, Michael Doughlas, Jamie Foxx, Paul Rudd to Present on Oscars

        Oscar telecast producers revealed that Oscar-winning actors Michael Douglas and Jamie Foxx will join Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd as presenters. Aniston's credits include "The Switch," "Marley and Me," "The Break-Up," "Along Came Polly," &q

      • Another Big Win for "Argo," Oh, and "Zero Dark Thirty" Too! Complete List of WGA Winners!

        And here we are, the last big hurrah before the granddaddy of the awards season, the Academy Awards. As expected, "Zero Dark Thirty" won Original Screenplay but the most surprising winner was "Argo," beating the writing frontrunner, "Lincoln" by Tony Kushne

      • Sound Editors Love "Life of Pi!" Check Out Complete Winners List of 60th Annual Golden Reel Awards!

        Hold on Ben Affleck! Ang Lee's "Life of Pi" also collected trophies over the weekend. The existential film was the big winner at the 60th Annual Motion Picture Sound Editors' Golden Reel Awards claiming Best Sound Editing in Music and Dialogue.


      • American Cinema Editors Love "Argo," "Silver Linings Playbook"

        "Argo" remains the Oscar-frontrunner! The Ben Affleck film was the big winner at the recently concluded 63rd Annual ACE Eddie Awards honoring outstanding editing in nine categories of film, television, and documentaries. "Argo" won the Dramatic category, "Silve

      • "Die Hard" Won't Die! Fifth Installment Debuts on Top!

        "A Good Day to Die Hard" cemented the fact that people love this franchise. Even if the fifth installment is the weakest of the bunch, the film opened strong with a $25 million debut from Friday to Sunday, and $33.2 million if you factor in its Valentine's Day opening Thu

      • Watch “Beautiful Creatures” Movie Review

        “Twilight” gave us vampires and werewolves, “Warm Bodies” brought us zombies, and now, witches or casters are in the forefront in the new supernatural love story “Beautiful Creatures” from the novel by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Starring Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich, the film

      • The Valentine's Couple -- “Beautiful Creatures” Interview with Alice Englert & Alden Ehrenreich

        “Beautiful Creatures” works for me because of the great chemistry between our main leads, Alice Englert (Lena Duchannes) and Alden Ehrenreich (Ethan Wate). Both actors, relatively new, were able to create palpable chemistry necessary for a supernatural love story to work. I was very ha

      • The Lovely Viola Davis Talks About “Beautiful Creatures” and the Supernatural!

        I love Viola Davis! She’s smart and fun and a talented, really talented actress! In the new film “Beautiful Creatures,” Davis stars as Amma, the mysterious librarian who takes care of our hero (Alden Ehrenreich as Ethan). But she also holds a deep, dark secret. In this interview, we

      • The Fantastic Jeremy Irons Talks About “Beautiful Creatures” and Google!

        I can listen to Jeremy Irons forever! The voice of Scar in “The Lion King” (yes!) has a very commanding presence and stature and yes, a soothing voice. Plus, he’s a respected actor having won an Oscar in 1991 for “Reversal of Fortune.” In “Beautiful Creatures,” Irons stars as Macon Ra

      • Emmy Rossum Talks About Being a Siren in "Beautiful Creatures"

        Christine Dae is now all grown-up and deliciously evil! Emmy Rossum, the actress who brought “The Phantom of the Opera’s” Christine Dae to life is now a very bad, very evil witch in the new supernatural love story, “Beautiful Creatures.” In the film, Rossum stars as Ridley Duchannes, L

      • Thomas Mann & Zoey Deutch “Beautiful Creatures” Interview

        Thomas Mann and Zoey Deutch are such lovely creatures when I sat down with them for “Beautiful Creatures.” This was my second time interviewing Mann with “Fun Size” being the first film I got the chance to talk to him. Mann stars as Link in the movie, he’s our hero’s (Alden Ehrenreich)

      • New Oscar Poster -- Special Edition, Commemorative Poster of the 85th Academy Awards!

        In celebration of the Oscars on February 24th, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences unveiled the new poster commemorating the magic of cinema.

        This is a special edition commemorative poster that was designed by English artist, graphic designer, and illustrator, Ol

      • "Chicago" Cast to Reunite for Oscars!

        The Oscar telecast producers, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, have announced that Academy Award® winners Renée Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones will join their “Chicago” cast mates Richard Gere and Queen Latifah to present together on-stage at the Oscars®.

        Here's the comple

      • "Skyfall" Wins American Society of Cinematographers Awards

        Will "Skyfall" cinematographer, Roger Deakins, finally beat his very own version of Oscar curse? Mr. Deakins was honored by the American Society of Cinematographers for his work on the feature film, "Skyfall," for the 27th Annual American Society of Cinematographers

      • Big Win for "Argo," Ben Affleck! Oh Yes, and "Skyfall!"

        Ben Affleck's "Argo" is not only being celebrated in the U.S., it has also been receiving love abroad particularly at the recently concluded BAFTA Awards (British Academy of Film and Television), the U.K. equivalent to the Oscars.

        "Argo" took home t

      • "Argo" Wins Again! Ben Affleck Film Takes Home USC Scripter Award!

        The unstoppable "Argo" takes home another award! The Ben Affleck film won the 25th annual Scripter Award! Voted on by 41 critics, screenwriters, and film professionals, "Argo" beat "Beasts of the Southern Wild," "Life of Pi," "Lincoln,"

      • "Identity Theft" Steals Box-Office Crown with $36.6 Million!

        Melissa McCarthy -- box-office queen!

        The "Bridesmaids" scene-stealer adds a new title to her belt. Her comedy, "Identity Theft," co-starring Jason Bateman, debuted to No. 1 with a $36.6 million opening.

        Despite Nemo, "Identity Theft&

      • "Side Effects" Movie Review -- Why You Have to See Steven Soderbergh's Last Theatrical Film

        Steven Soderbergh’s latest opus is supposedly his last theatrical film. Much like “Contagion,” or heck, even “Magic Mike,” the prolific director explored human frailties under the guise of a bigger picture. In “Side Effects,” it’s the pharmaceutical industry and our society’s addiction

      • My Fun Interview with Jude Law for “Side Effects” – What Makes Him Happy?

        I love Jude Law! There I said it! Not only is he a brilliant actor, he’s also always sweet and eloquent during interviews. Law stars in the new film “Side Effects” as Dr. Jonathan Banks, a psychiatrist who gets entangled in the lives of a young couple, Martin (Channing Tatum) and Emil

      • Rooney Mara Untangles “Side Effects!” See My Fun Interview!

        Rooney Mara (“The Social Network,” “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”) is an incredible enigma. She has a knack for stealing scenes (yes, you remember her as the jilted girlfriend in “The Social Network” and she was only in few scenes) and carried “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” from s

      • Catherine Zeta-Jones Talks About “Side Effects”

        I enjoyed meeting Catherine Zeta-Jones (“The Mask of Zorro,” “Chicago,” “Traffic”)! The lovely Oscar winner was warm and jovial and full of praises for Steven Soderbergh’s “Side Effects.” In the film, Zeta-Jones stars as the mysterious Dr. Erica Siebert who may or may not hold the key

      • The Sweet Vinessa Shaw Talks About “Side Effects”

        You may remember Vinessa Shaw in the Disney Halloween-themed film from 1993 called “Hocus Focus,” or in the 1999 Stanley Kubrick film “Eyes Wide Shut.” Shaw has a knack for being memorable in the films she’s in, and in “Side Effects,” she plays Deirdre Banks, the wife of Dr. Banks (Jude

      • Mental Health and Violence: Real-Life Doctor Explains “Side Effects”

        Dr. Sasha Bardey (“Wonderland”) serves as a co-producer and technical adviser to Steven Soderbergh’s new film, “Side Effects.” He worked with the film’s screenwriter, Scott. Z. Burns (“Contagion”), before for the TV show “Wonderland.” Dr. Bardey used to be a psychiatrist at Bellevue Ho

      • Charlize Theron, Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Daniel Radcliffe to Make Special Oscar Appearances

        Oscar telecast producers, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, have announced that the Oscars will feature special appearances by Academy Award® winner Charlize Theron, Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Radcliffe at the upcoming Awards ceremony.

        This will be Gordon-Levitt

      • Behold -- Selena Gomez in a Bikini!

        It's for a movie called "Spring Breakers," of course it will feature lots and lots of girls in bikinis! Oh, and James Franco in dreadlocks! The film, from director Harmony Korine, opens on March 22, and new posters have been revealed!

        See more posters here,

      • So Long Stuart Freeborn! Thanks for Yoda and Chewbacca!

        Stuart Freeborn, the guy behind the make-up of "Star Wars" creatures such as Yoda and Chewbacca in the "Star Wars" films, has died. He was 98.

        George Lucas, the visionary man behind the "Star Wars" mania, said that Freeborn was "already a

      • Is "Lincoln" Inaccurate? One Congressman Says Yes!

        And the Oscar mud-slinging heats up!

        First, we were questioning inaccuracies of "Argo," then the torture scenes in "Zero Dark Thirty," and now, Steven Spielberg's Oscar-nominated flick, "Lincoln," is being called out.

        According to

      • And "Star Wars" Spin-Off Will Be About...

        Han Solo and Boba Fett!

        According to, the first "Star Wars" spin-off will revolve around Han Solo and Boba Fett! This will be an origin story featuring the timeline explored between "Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith" and "Episode IV -- A New

      • "The Avengers" Invades the Academy Awards!

        Marvel's "The Avengers" is set to fly to the Academy Awards. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Renner, and Mark Ruffalo will present on the Oscar stage, yes, together!

        According to show producers, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, "We a

      • Meryl Streep, Jean Dujardin, Octavia Spencer, Christopher Plummer Return to Oscar Stage

        Meryl Streep, Jean Dujardin, Octavia Spencer and Christopher Plummer, last year's Academy Award® winners, are set to return to the Oscar stage. They will be presenting awards on this year's telecast.

        Show producers, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, said, "We are h

      • "Warm Bodies" Devours Competition with $20 Million Debut!

        Zombies put a bullet to the head of Sylvester Stallone's new film.

        "Warm Bodies," the zombie love story from director Jonathan Levine ("50/50") debuted at No. 1 with a solid $20 million opening. Starring Nicholas Hoult as the zombie and Teresa Palmer

      • Director of the Year -- Ben Affleck Wins Directors Guild of America (DGA) Award!

        Argo f*&k yourself, or should it be, Academy f*%k yourself?

        Ben Affleck emerged as the big winner at the 65th Annual Directors Guild of America (DGA) Awards. Affleck received the Outstanding Directorial Achievement award for "Argo," a movie nominated for a Bes

      • "Wreck-It-Ralph" Dominates Annie Awards!

        Disney's "Wreck-It-Ralph" was the big winner at the 40th Annie Awards held Saturday taking home the Best Animated Feature award. It is now officially the Oscar frontrunner in the Best Animated Film category.

        Here's the complete list of winners/nominees;

      • "Red Tails" Wins Best Picture at NAACP Image Awards! Check Out Complete List of Winners!

        Here's the complete list of winners; for winners/nominees of other award-giving bodies, click here:

        44th Annual NAACP Image Awards


        Motion Picture
        “Beasts of the Southern Wild” (Fox Searchlight Pictures)
        “Django Unchained” (T

      • "Life of PI," "Anna Karenina," "Skyfall" Lead Art Directors Guild Awards

        Bond, Pi, and Anna Karenina were the big winners at the 17th Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards given by the Art Directors Guild. "Skyfall" won the Contemporary category, "Life of Pi" under Fantasy, and "Anna Karenina" for the Period title. <

      • "Warm Bodies" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Do Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer Get?

        Many films try to mix horror and comedy. It’s hard to do! For every “Zombieland” or “Shaun of the Dead,” we get some unsuccessful films like the recent “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.” Now, “Warm Bodies” from writer/director Jonathan Levine tries to add another genre to the actio

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