"My Sister's Keeper" -- Bring lots and lots of tissues! 

I walked into the screening of "My Sister's Keeper" not knowing what to fully expect. All I knew was that the film was based on Jodi Picoult's bestselling book about an 11-year old kid who's suing her parents for medical emancipation. She doesn't want her body to be the lifeline of her dying sister anymore.

And guess what? The movie won me over! I love how Nick Cassavetes and his "The Notebook" screenwriting partner, Jeremy Leven, turn this film into a character-driven study on death and dying and its effects on a tight family unit. If the filmmakers decide to make this a narrative-driven movie, it would have been a melodramatic Lifetime channel fare.

I cried. A lot. And didn't feel guilty about it!

Cameron Diaz shines as the seemingly single-minded mother who has one purpose in life -- to save the dying Kate (the fantastic Sofia Vassilieva).

But the heart of the film belongs to the Oscar-nominated Abigail Breslin (Anna). This girl is amazing! She can go from sweet and precarious, to sorrow and grief in one second!

"My Sister's Keeper" comes out on June 26th, trust me, you'll love this film.

And coming out on www.mannythemovieguy.com, my cast interviews with Diaz, Vassilieva, and Breslin. And of course, my full movie review, just how many movie kisses should I give this film? Stay tuned...

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Watch "Land of the Lost" Movie Review -- Ooooh, Dinosaurs! 

I went to Cabazon, with all those dinosaurs, to shoot my movie review of "Land of the Lost." I love that fun and cheesy place, I'm always up for fun and cheese :happy

(To read my complete movie review of "Land of the Lost" click here)

Here's my review, and have fun!

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Why You Have to See "Away We Go" This Weekend! 

I enjoyed this film! It's a bittersweet comedy about a couple (John Krasinksi and Maya Rudolph) looking for the perfect nest to raise their child. Director Sam Mendes ("Revolutionary Road," "American Beauty") knows how to make searing and memorable films. You will not be able to forget this couple taking a road trip in search of a perfect home.

It's the sweetest movie you should see this summer! The script by Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida is smart and powerful, and I love the original music by Alex Murdoch.

Watch out for Maggie Gyllenhaal's scene-stealing performance as LN, a seemingly progressive mother who may be hiding a thing or two.

I will be posting my interviews with Krasinksi, Rudolph, and Mendes very, very soon. Wait 'til you see those interviews :happy

But for now, make a date for "Away We Go." It opens in limited release this Friday, June 5th.

Visit the official website right here.

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First Look: Josh Brolin as "Jonah Hex" 

As we reported back in October, Josh Brolin is starring as "Jonah Hex." He'll play a former confederate soldier-turned bounty hunter and gunslinger. John Malkovich will play the villain Turnbull. Based on the DC comic book, this film will tell the horrifying tale of "Jonah Hex."

Now, look at Brolin's transformation as "Jonah Hex." Look at that scowl!

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David Carradine Found Dead in Bangkok 

Actor David Carradine, famous for the 1970s TV series "Kung Fu" and starred in Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill Vol. 1" and "Kill Bill Vol. 2" has been found dead in Bangkok.

The U.S. Embassy confirmed the death of the actor but did not provide further details out of consideration for Carradine's family. U.S. Embassy spokesman Michael Turner revealed the actor died either late Wednesday or early Thursday.

He was 72.

Many sources, including the website of the the newspaper The Nation, are saying Carradine was found hanging in his luxury hotel room and is believed to have committed suicide.

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