It's Official! Dakota Fanning Joins "Twilight" Franchise! "New Moon" Here She Comes! 

As we, meaning you and me, knew already since last week, Dakota Fanning's camp officially announced that the actress is joining the "Twilight" franchise and is set to star in the sequel, "New Moon."

The actress is going to play Jane, a mean vampire with a child-like, angelic exterior who works for the Volturi.

This is exciting! Have I told you I absolutely adore Fanning? She was a child prodigy who could out-act any adult, and now that she's in a precarious stage (no longer tween, not yet adult) it'll help her career tremendously being attached to a franchise, and to a role that she can literally sink her teeth into, yes, pun intended :happy

Shooting is set to start later in March.

Nikki Reed, who plays Rosalie Hale, revealed to People Magazine:

"We did just get a script. We're shooting the rest of the films back to back. (Director) Chris Weitz is amazing and I think it's going to be wonderful."

Let's hope and pray!

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"Watchmen" Tops Box Office But Is It Enough? 

Moviegoers watched "Watchmen" and the film sold a staggering $55.7 million in ticket sales putting it on the top spot at the box office! "Watchmen," director Zack Snyder's adaptation of the Alan Moore comic book classic has the biggest opening of 2009 so far, but is it enough?

First, the film fell below Warner Bros.' expectations, and it did not match Snyder's previous box-office opening success, the $70 million take of "300" in 2007.

But, "Watchmen" has 161 minutes running time and an R-rating, making it difficult to further elevate its box-office success.

Meanwhile, previous box-office winner, "Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail," fell to No. 2 selling $8.8 million in ticket sales. "Taken" continues to be a crowd-pleaser, raking $7.5 million and taking the No. 3 spot.

The biggest story of the box-office weekend? Revenue is up 16 percent, with total box-office take at $1.9 billion, proving once again, that when the economy sucks, the movie industry sucks people in!

And the biggest casualty of the weekend? Disney's "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience" dropped from No. 2 to waaaaay below No. 9...oooops!

Here's the Top 10 films for box-office weekend of March 6, 2009:

1. "Watchmen," $55.7 million.
2. "Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail," $8.8 million
3. "Taken," $7.5 million.
4. "Slumdog Millionaire," $6.9 million.
5. "Paul Blart: Mall Cop," $4.1 million.
6. "He's Just Not That Into You," $4 million.
7. "Coraline," $3.3 million.
8. "Confessions of a Shopaholic," $3.1 million.
9. "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience," $2.8 million.
10. "Fired Up," $2.6 million.

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Free Beer, Zombies, Gore! The Backseat Film Festival! 

How would you like to attend a film festival flowing with free bear, flesh-eating zombies, cavemen, and Mexican wrestlers? Sounds great right? You can enjoy those and more at the 7th Annual Backseat Film Festival!

The only catch? It's in Philadelphia, but it sounds like a great film romp! I love B-movies, and being able to watch cheesy flicks and drinking free beer sure beats Sundance anyday :happy

Check out their site right here.

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New "Star Trek" Trailer -- This One Hits the Right Spot! 

If you haven't been interested in watching "Star Trek" this coming May, then the new trailer may just be what the doctor ordered! It's dark, foreboding, and it echoes the heroism theme of last year's "The Dark Knight."

Take a look:

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"Ghost" The Musical to Open 2010 -- the Eurythmics and Alanis Morissette Connection 

Another day, another movie musical! This time, it's the Patrick Swayze-Demi Moore tearjerker, "Ghost."

Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics and Glen Ballard, Alanis Morissette's producer muse for "Jagged Little Pill" will write the music and lyrics.

Bruce Joel Rubin, the screenwriter of the original film, will adapt the musical. Matthew Warchus will direct.

The play will debut on West End in 2010.

No word yet on the cast, or if the Righteous Brothers' "Unchained Melody" will be used. But the producers better use the tune because it plays a big part in the film, it's almost like one of the characters.

And to put you in the right "Ghost" mood, here's a clip of the pottery-making scene in the film, to the tune of, yes, "Unchained Melody."

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