New "Star Trek" Posters 

Take a look at the new posters from our friends at TrekMovie.

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Oscar-winning Isaac Hayes Dies at 65 

Like his Chef character in "South Park," Isaac Hayes has passed away. Hayes, who won Grammy and Academy awards for the the theme to the 1971 film "Shaft" is a true soul legend.

Read the full report here.

And what's up with all these deaths lately? Bernie Brillstein, Bernie Mac, and now, Isaac Hayes. All I can say is, may they all rest in peace :sad

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"The Dark Knight" Stays on Top for 4th Week 

Holy smoke Batman! "The Dark Knight" beat "Pineapple Express" to remain as the the No. 1 film this past weekend!

Batman grossed $26 million putting the stoner-comedy, "Pineapple Express" behind with $22.4 million.

"The Dark Knight" is now No. 3 on the all-time domestic box-office charts with $441.5 million. "Titanic" still remains to be No. 1 ($600.8 million) followed by the original "Star Wars" ($461 million).

Wanna see the Top 10 box-office films for weekend of August 8th? Click read more. Read More...

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Reasons Why I Love "Hamlet 2" 

And why you have to watch this film when it comes out August 22nd.

I had to drive all the way from Palm Springs to Los Angeles to watch Hamlet 2." Traffic drama notwithstanding, the 2-hour trek is all worth it! I laughed out loud watching this film, which is really a parody of a tragedy.

Here are the pluses:

Steve Coogan -- he anchors this film from start to finish. He embodies his optimistic loser role. And those great, broad physical comedy? Wow!

Catherine Keener -- only she can lift a one-dimensional role into a living, breathing, likable bitch :happy

Elizabeth Shue -- I heard that she injected a lot of self-deprecating
scenes into her role, very UN-Hollywood of her!

Musical Scenes -- it's ironic that the play, supposed to be the worst play ever, is the focal point and the bright, shining light of the film.

The "high school" cast -- they each embody stereotypes, and then collectively break through the norms of their roles.

And you know? This is not your "white teacher goes to the ghetto to teach the students life-affirming lessons" film. I applaud the movie for recognizing that, and going one step further.

Irreverent wit -- if you like the UN-PC qualities of South Park, you will love this film! The only minuses I can think of are not enough character development, specially among the kids in school, and Keneer's twist, while predictable, still feels off-center and trite.

But trust me, you'll laugh and have a great time! I went to see Hamlet 2" with a friend of mine who's not into the broad comedy genre and fell in love with the movie!

Honestly? The only folks who will hate this film are the ones who live in Tucson, Arizona :tongue

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Bernie Mac Dies at 50 

This is sad :sad

Bernie Mac, one of the greatest contemporary comedians, died this morning in a Chicago hospital.

Read a heartwarming article about Mac's legacy, from his hometown newspaper, The Chicago Tribune.

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