My Fun One-on-One Interviews for "The Proposal!" Sandra Bullock Says Vajayjay, Betty White Dazzles, Ryan Reynolds is Dreamy, and Director Anne Fletcher is Fun, Fun, Fun!  

I have nothing but love for the cast and director of Touchstone Pictures' "The Proposal." It's a funny film, and it restored my faith in romantic comedy. Catch "The Proposal" when it opens June 19th.


In this interview, Sandra Bullock and I talked about:

*** Why she thinks it's a comedy and NOT a romantic comedy
*** Screwball comedy with a reality twist
*** Why she didn't want to make the movie in the beginning
*** Working with director Anne Fletcher
*** Yes, she said VAGINA!
*** Her chemistry with Ryan Reynolds
*** The strong female character in the center of "The Proposal"
*** Her near-naked scene
*** What's "hard and juicy?"


In this interview, Ryan Reynolds and I talked about:

*** I giggled like a blushing bride
*** How did he get attracted to making the film
*** Working with Sandra Bullock
*** Chemistry with Sandra Bullock
*** 2 big films this summer alone, "Wolverine" and "The Proposal"
*** What can we expect from "Deadpool"
*** Why you should see "The Proposal"
*** spoof


In this interview, Ryan Reynolds and I talked about:

*** Her performance in the movie, that, she hadn't see yet, when I interviewed her 2 weeks ago
*** She's the heart of the film
*** What attracted her to the role of Gammy Annie
*** Why she almost turned "The Proposal" down
*** Her love for dogs
*** Working with Sandra Bullock
*** Working with Director Anne Fletcher
*** Miss Betty has been working for 60 years!
*** Her role as Gammy Annie
*** She's my personal Golden Girl


In this interview, Director Anne Fletcher and I talked about:

*** Why she chose to make "The Proposal"
*** Her dancing background
*** Working with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds
*** The strong female character in the middle of "The Proposal"
*** Babymaker blanket
*** Prop 8 The Musical
*** Funny or Die clip

And of course, for truly comic relief, check out the blooper reel I made with "The Proposal" folks. They seemed to be preoccupied with my shirt :happy

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Hollywood Nurses Another Big "Hangover!" Comedy Tops Box-Office...Again! 

Cheers to Warner Bros.! Their comedy, "The Hangover," took in $33.4 million to remain on top of the box-office for the second weekend in a row! The super-funny flick raised its total to $105.4 million in just 10 days!

But "Up" refused to come down! The splendid Disney-Pixar animated adventure came in a very close second again with $30.5 million. So far, "Up" has grossed $187.2 million. ("Up" is one of the best films this year, check my review right here)

Meanwhile, Denzel Washington and John Travolta settled at No. 3. Their remake, "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3," sold a respectable $25 million worth of box-office tickets.

The sad flop of the weekend? Eddie Murphy's "Imagine That" only opened with a ho-hum $5.7 million. And you know what? This is actually one of the best family comedies that Murphy has done in a long while! (Check my reviews of "Pelham" and "Imagine That" right here)

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False Rumor Alert: Director Stephen Sommers WAS NOT Fired from "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" 

I heard this nasty rumor Thursday! According to some reports, director Stephen Sommers was banned from the editing room to finish "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" because of poor test screenings.

But it's just a rumor y'all!

Variety is saying:

One day you're directing one of the summer's biggest tentpoles, the next you're not. Depending on which websites you read.

Fan sites were in a lather Thursday, running with a rumor that originally appeared on a message board on producer Don Murphy's web site. The claim: Stephen Sommers was fired from Paramount's "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra."

The report said the director had been banned from the editing room and that Stuart Baird was hired to re-edit the film after a string of poor test screenings.

According to the studio and the film's producer, however, none of that is true.

"In this day and age, we are constantly dealing with online rumors that take on a life of their own," says a Paramount spokeswoman. "We love Steve and couldn't be happier with the movie he made."

"G.I. Joe" producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has responded directly to websites saying, "It's very unfair to Steve. It's completely untrue. He was never asked to leave or been fired. That's ridiculous."

Murphy has since removed the posting from his Angry Films site.

Sommers was never let go from the project and is still putting the final touches on the actioner based on the popular Hasbro toyline. In fact, Sommers has final cut as part of his contract. It will be released Aug. 7.

So there you have it folks, IT'S FALSE! Stephen Sommers is still at the helm of "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra."

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"The Proposal" Funny Interview Bloopers! See Me Play with Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, director Anne Fletcher, and the Lovely and Amazing Betty White! 
Take a look at this funny reel. Before my interviews began, Betty White, Sandra Bullock, and Ryan Reynolds were talking about my shirt!

Miss Betty loved it, Ryan was perplexed by it, and Sandra did not believe me that I specially bought that shirt for my interviews! But I swear it's true! I went to the mall the week before just to shop for "The Proposal." Pathetic, I know.

And director Anne Fletcher (I love her!!!!) talked about the Philippines, and The Filipino Channel!

My full, one-on-one interviews with "The Proposal" will be up very soon, so is my review, but for now, have fun with this little, funny morsel.

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Writer of "The Queen" and "Frost/Nixon" Will Work with James Bond! 

Peter Morgan, the genius behind "The Queen" and "Frost/Nixon" has joined the 007 team! Morgan is set to co-write the 23rd Bond film with Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, the writers behind the last four Bond movies.

The three writers will team-up for this new Bond film that will once again star Daniel Craig as Agent 007.

Purvis and Wade previously worked with Paul Haggis ("Crash") for "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace."

Can I just tell you that I'm so excited for this news? I regard Morgan as a brilliant scriptwriter and one can just imagine what twists and turns he'll put our favorite spy in.

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