Who Will be Nominated for an Oscar? Check Out My Predictions! 

Oh yes, the quest for the golden Oscar!

The Oscar night is my Super Bowl night, so I'm soooo excited to find out who will be nominated.

And just a friendly reminder, the nominees are going to be announced tomorrow, Thursday morning at 5:30am Pacific time.

Allow me to make my Oscar nominees predictions:


"The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button," Kathleen Kennedy & Frank Marshall, Cean Chaffin
"The Dark Knight," Christopher Nolan, Charles Roven, Emma Thomas
"Frost/Nixon," Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Eric Fellner
"Milk," Dan Jinks & Bruce Cohen
"Slumdog Millionaire," Christian Colson


Danny Boyle
"Slumdog Millionaire" (Fox Searchlight Pictures & Warner Bros. Pictures)

David Fincher
"The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" (Paramount Pictures & Warner Bros. Pictures)

Ron Howard
"Frost/Nixon" (Universal Pictures)

Christopher Nolan
"The Dark Knight" (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Gus Van Sant
"Milk" (Focus Features)


RICHARD JENKINS/Walter Vale — "THE VISITOR" (Overture Films)

FRANK LANGELLA/Richard Nixon — "FROST/NIXON" (Universal Pictures)

SEAN PENN/Harvey Milk — "MILK" (Focus Features)

BRAD PITT/Benjamin Button — "THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON" (Paramount Pictures)

MICKEY ROURKE/Randy — "THE WRESTLER" (Fox Searchlight Pictures)



ANGELINA JOLIE/Christine Collins — "CHANGELING" (Universal Pictures)

MELISSA LEO/Ray Eddy — "FROZEN RIVER" (Sony Pictures Classics)

MERYL STREEP/Sister Aloysius Beauvier — "DOUBT" (Miramax Films)

KATE WINSLET/April Wheeler — "REVOLUTIONARY ROAD" (Paramount Vantage)


JOSH BROLIN/Dan White — "MILK" (Focus Features)

ROBERT DOWNEY, JR./Kirk Lazarus — "TROPIC THUNDER" (Paramount Pictures)

PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN/Father Brendan Flynn — "DOUBT" (Miramax Films)

HEATH LEDGER/Joker — "THE DARK KNIGHT" (Warner Bros. Pictures)

DEV PATEL/Older Jamal — "SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE" (Fox Searchlight Pictures)


AMY ADAMS/Sister James — "DOUBT" (Miramax Flms)

PENELOPE CRUZ/Maria Elena — "VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA" (The Weinstein Company)

VIOLA DAVIS/Mrs. Miller — "DOUBT" (Miramax Films)


KATE WINSLET/Hanna Schmitz — "THE READER" (The Weinstein Company)


Burn After Reading, Written by Joel Coen & Ethan Coen, Focus Features

Milk, Written by Dustin Lance Black, Focus Features

Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Written by Woody Allen, The Weinstein Company

The Visitor, Written by Tom McCarthy, Overture Films

The Wrestler, Written by Robert Siegel, Fox Searchlight Pictures


"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," Screenplay by Eric Roth; Screen Story by Eric Roth and Robin Swicord; Based on the Short Story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures

"The Dark Knight," Screenplay by Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan; Story by Christopher Nolan & David S. Goyer; Based on Characters Appearing in Comic Books Published by DC Comics; Batman Created by Bob Kane, Warner Bros. Pictures

"Doubt," Screenplay by John Patrick Shanley, Based on his Stage Play, Miramax Films

"Frost/Nixon," Screenplay by Peter Morgan, Based on his Stage Play, Universal Pictures

"Slumdog Millionaire," Screenplay by Simon Beaufoy, Based on the Novel Q and A by Vikas Swarup, Fox Searchlight Pictures

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"Inkheart" Movie Review! How Many Kisses Does Brendan Fraser Get? 

Once upon a time, many moons ago, author Cornelia Funke wrote her beloved best-selling book Inkheart with actor Brendan Fraser in mind. Funke pictured the character Mo with Fraser’s face and voice.

Almost six years later, the film version of the book arrives in theaters bearing Fraser’s marquee name. While Funke was definitely right in being inspired by the actor, the book deserved a far better adaptation worthy of its rich material. Read More...

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Is "The Love Guru" the Worst Film of 2008? Razzie Awards Nominations Announced!  

Mike Myers' mess of a comedy is leading this year's Golden Raspberry Awards aka the Razzies!

"The Love Guru" scored seven nominations including WORST PICTURE of the year! Yikes!

Myers is also nominated for WORST ACTOR alongside Larry the Cable Guy for "Witless Protection," Eddie Murphy for "Meet Dave," Al Pacino, yes THE Al Pacino for both "88 Minutes" and "Righteous Kill," and Academy Award nominee Mark Wahlberg for both "The Happening" and "Max Payne."

Ugh! The Razzie voters are one mean bunch :happy

Wanna know the full list of WORST PICTURE nominees? Click Read More. Read More...

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Marvel Studios Lowballed Mickey Rourke! "Iron Man 2" Offer? $250,000! 

Two weeks ago, we were so excited about the possibility of Mickey Rourke joining the "Iron Man 2" cast as the villain Crimson Dynamo.

Well, the keyword is possibility because folks, it may never happened!

According to Variety, the studios "are using economic hard times to slash talent salaries to the point where, even when the business is back, it won’t nearly be the same as it used to be."

Heck, even Samuel Jackson who was attached to star as Nick Fury in future Marvel productions was heard saying, "there seems to be an economic crisis in the Marvel Comics world."

Variety went on saying:

Then there is comeback kid Mickey Rourke, who is poised to follow his Golden Globe-winning performance in "The Wrestler" with an offer to play the main villain in "Iron Man 2" — but at a lowball opening offer of $250,000 from Marvel; Marvel’s tactics have already prompted Samuel L. Jackson to swear off playing Nick Fury because of a similarly low offer.

Is Mister Mickey that cheap? What can the solution be? Can Mickey take a pay cut and accept gross points instead? Stay tuned...

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Tarantino Adds Seven Minutes to "Kill Bill" 

Both "Kill Bill" versions 1 & 2 are being re-released into one uninterrupted flick with an additional 7-minute sequence!

According to Latino Review:

“We’ve actually added some things to it. We did a whole little chapter that I wrote and designed for the animated sequence, that we never did, because we figured, back when it was gonna be one big movie, it was going to be too long, so we didn’t do it. So when we were talking about re-releasing it, they asked is there anything you can put in, and I said no I put everything in there, but… there’s one sequence that we wouldn’t even have to shoot! So we got together with Production IG and did it, and it’s really cool. So it’s this little seven minute sequence, it’s really cool, it’s in the O-Ren chapter.”

Hmmm...this will be an interesting flick! I enjoyed both versions when they came out, and I can't wait for this full uninterrupted flick!

Check out the full story right here.

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