Agent Michael Jackson -- His Movie You Probably Didn't See! But I Found a Behind-the-Scenes Footage! 

To my surprise, there was a campy 2005 film featuring the iconic Michael Jackson titled "Miss Castaway and the Island Girls." This is a product of the singer's association with B-movie director Bryan Michael Stoller. (Check Stoller's website right here)

Stoller has many interesting nuggets about Jackson's dabbling with the film industry. And he recently came forward with his story to The Hollywood Reporter (for an in-depth look at Stoller's revelations, click here).

Of course, Stoller is also marketing his video, audio, and photos featuring the late, great singer.

The director told THR, "He (Jackson) was very excited about making movies and wanted his hands on everything, from working on screenplays to producing, to writing the music."

And yes, one of their brilliant collaborations is the super-campy movie "Miss Castaway and the Island Girls" also featuring Eric Roberts.

Jackson made a cameo in the 2005 farce as Agent M.J. who rescues different characters arriving on a beam of light! Yes!

Why didn't you see the film? Well, it was a direct-to-DVD release that was sold briefly at Blockbuster stores.

Stoller further added that Jackson wasn't interested in making a blockbuster. "He wanted to do movies the Academy would like," the director added.

That explains the super-funky film "Miss Castaway and the Island Girls." And I've unearthed a behind the scenes footage of the movie. Upon watching this, I felt an odd mixture of creepiness and sadness.

See the behind the scenes footage right here.

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Sam Raimi to Direct "World of Warcraft" Movie 

Sam Raimi is set to direct "Warcraft," a live-action film based on the fantasy videogame "World of Warcraft."

But first, Raimi must finish his directing duties with "Spider-Man 4." And it will be quite a wait since the fourth installment is not going into production until early next year.

No scriptwriter is attached to the project yet, but "The Dark Knight" producer Charles Roven will be one of the brains behind "Warcraft."

Great pedigree! Hopefully it will be a great movie!

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"Drawn Together" the Movie! 

I kind of, sort of, like Comedy Central's "Drawn Together." It's a twisted cartoon spoofing MTV's "The Real World" and most pop culture icons like Betty Boop, Josie and the Pussycats, etc.

Well, Comedy Central just unveiled their plans to release a film based on the show that is slated to go direct-to-video sometime in 2010.

The plot will revolve around Foxxy, a mystery-solving musician in the vein of "Josie and the Pussycats," who suddenly realized that she and her fellow housemates can curse without being bleeped.

Is their show going to be canceled? Is it doomsday for the "Drawn Together" cast? Is their going to be more cartoon sex in the movie?

Stay tuned...

Comic-Con attendees will hear about the plan from Comedy Central tomorrow, Thursday.

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Sam Worthington is Going to be "The Candidate" 

Sam Worthington, the guy who stole "Terminator Salvation" from Christian Bale, is going to work for the house that "Twilight" built.

The actor will star in Summit Entertainment's remake of "The Candidate," a Danish film that is right up there with the best films based on John Grisham novels.

The story follows a lawyer who wakes up in a hotel room with a dead woman in the bathroom. Who is this woman, and why can't he remember her? As he fights to clear his name, he gets embroiled in a mystery connected to his father's mysterious death.

The script will be adapted by Beau Willimon.

That Sam Worthington is one busy dude. He'll be next seen in James Cameron's "Avatar" and the "Clash of the Titans" remake.

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Fast Food Sucks! "Super-Size Me" Gets a Comic Book! 

"Super-Size Me," the 2004 documentary about the evils of fast food, told from the point of view of director Morgan Spurlock, is getting ready to be super-sized into a comic book format!

The graphic novel will act as a companion piece to the documentary. It will feature bizarre stories about Americans' obsession with fast food.

Spurlock will write the stories and will feature script and art from established and up-and-coming artists.

"Super-Sized Me" the comic book, will be available next spring.

Some of the stories that will be featured is that of a fat man who died and was cremated and made the mortuary smell like French fries...yum! :happy

Another one will be about a man who's so obsessed with McDonald's that he built a shrine in his garage featuring the fast food giant's food that never aged. Freaky!

Spurlock tells Variety, "As great as they were on paper, I think they'll be better told in a graphic-novel form."

"They're funny, they're gross, and hopefully they'll be informative too."

The narrator of the comic book will be a clown character called MC Super-Size Me designed in the same fashion as the Crypt Keeper from "Tales From the Crypt."

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