My Movie Pick of the Week! Hint: It's Not "Star Trek Beyond" 
Just this weekend at the North American box-office, we have a deluge of big blockbusters like “Star Trek Beyond,” the animated flick that has run its course “Ice Age: Collison Course,” Edina and Patsy go bigscreen for “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie,” and the inventive horror flick “Lights Out.” But if I were you, I’ll choose a smaller film with a big heart called “Captain Fantastic.” Here’s why:

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“Captain Fantastic” Interview with Viggo Mortensen and Writer/Director Matt Ross 

I loved talking to these two! Truth be told, I love interviewing directors of a movie because I’m very interested in the passion of making the film! Writer/director Matt Ross, who won the Un Certain Regard directing award at the Cannes Film Festival where “Captain Fantastic” received a glorious 10-minute standing ovation! Très fantastique!

And Viggo Mortensen is very passionate about the movie! And it shows! He loves the child actors, and you can see the passion in his eyes! He’s very emotional invested in this film. And why not? He gave one of the most layered performances of the year!

Take a look at my in-depth interview with the star and his director for “Captain Fantastic.”

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“Captain Fantastic” Interview with Child Actresses 

These kids, including the child actors who played their brothers in “Captain Fantastic” are simply amazing! I sat down with the child actresses (From L to R: Shree Cooks, Annalise Basso, and Samantha Isler to talk about their fantastic movie starring Viggo Mortensen from director Matt Ross (Un Certain Regard winner at this year’s Cannes). I love the movie and these kids!

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“Captain Fantastic” Interview with Kathryn Hahn! I Just Love Her! 

I just love Kathryn Hahn! Not only is she sweet in person (and she remembers little old me!), she’s also a great scene-stealer (case in point, last year’s “The Visit”). She plays a small role in director Matt Ross’ “Captain Fantastic” as Viggo Mortensen’s character’s sister, Harper. I love this movie, I love Hahn, and I hope you’ll love this interview!

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And Another Trailer That Made Me Tear Up -- Check Out "Loving!" 
Jeff Nichols ("Mud," "Take Shelter") returns to the big screen with "Loving" starring Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga as the real-life Richard and Mildred Loving. He is white, she is black and they proved their love together all the way to the Supreme Court! Can't wait for this film!

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