"Amelia" Movie Review! 

Check out my interviews with Hilary Swank and director Mira Nair right here, otherwise, watch my "Amelia" movie review and have fun!

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"Amelia" Interviews with HIlary Swank and Director Mira Nair 

I had a great time meeting Hilary Swank and director Mira Nair. Both were very passionate about their film and its subject, the legendary Amelia Earhart.

So here are my interviews and have fun!


In this interview, we talked about:

*** Her involvement with the film
*** How she prepared for the role
*** What interested her in making Amelia
*** What she wants viewers to get from watching "Amelia"

(Click on the picture to access the interview)


We talked about:
*** Her involvement with the film
*** Her inspiration for the movie "Amelia"
*** Working with Hilary Swank and Richard Gere
*** What she hoped for the audience to get watching "Amelia"

(Click on the picture to access the interview)

Here's more info about "Amelia" from Yahoo:

After becoming the first woman to fly across the Atlantic, Amelia was thrust into a new role as America's sweetheart - the legendary "goddess of light," known for her bold, larger-than-life charisma. Yet, even with her global fame solidified, her belief in flirting with danger and standing up as her own, outspoken woman never changed. She was an inspiration to people everywhere, from First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt to the men closest to her heart: her husband, promoter and publishing magnate George P. Putnam, and her long time friend and lover, pilot Gene Vidal.

In the summer of 1937, Amelia set off on her most daunting mission yet: a solo flight around the world that she and George both anxiously foresaw as destined, whatever the outcome, to become one of the most talked-about journeys in history.
Also Known As:
Untitled (Noyce/Swank Amelia Earhart Project)
Production Status: In Production/Awaiting Release
Logline: The story of the relationship between famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart and her husband George Putnam.
Genres: Drama and Biopic
Release Date: October 23rd, 2009 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG for some sensuality, language, thematic elements and smoking.
Fox Searchlight Pictures
Production Co.:
Avalon Pictures
Fox Searchlight Pictures
Filming Locations:
Nova Scotia, Canada
Tornto, Ontario, Canada
Hawaii, USA
Produced in: United States

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Watch My "Astro Boy" Movie Review! See Me Fly! 

I really enjoyed the new "Astro Boy" film, it's flawed, but it was done really well. Check out my written review right here, and my interviews with Freddie Highmore (Astro Boy, Toby) and Eugene Levy (Orrin) right here.

Here's my "Astro Boy" movie review and have fun!

More info about the film from Yahoo:

Set in futuristic Metro City, Astro Boy is a young robot with incredible powers created by a brilliant scientist named Dr. Tenma. Powered by positive "blue" energy, Astro Boy is endowed with super strength, x-ray vision, unbelievable speed and the ability to fly. Embarking on a journey in search of acceptance, Astro Boy encounters many other colorful characters along the way.

Genres: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Kids/Family, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Animation and Adaptation
Running Time: 1 hr. 34 min.
Release Date: October 23rd, 2009 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG for some action and peril, and brief mild language.
Sony Pictures Releasing, Summit Entertainment, LLC

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Get Ready for "Miss Saigon" the Movie! It's About Darn Time! 

The Broadway hit "Miss Saigon" is getting ready for its big screen makeover! Former United Artists CEO, Paula Wagner, is spearheading the project. She has handpicked Lee Daniels to direct.

Picking Daniels is a great choice! His film "Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire" is a fantastic film, and sure to win some Oscar nods including Mo'Nique, yes, Mo'Nique, for Best Supporting Actress!

Wagner is producing the musical through her Chestnut Ridge Productions.

Cameron Mackintosh, the producer of the original Broadway musical, is producing the film with Wagner.

Variety is saying that depending on the script and financial discussions, the film will go into production next year for 2011 release.

Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boublil wrote the tragic tale of a Vietnamese bar girl who falls in love with an American soldier before the fall of Saigon in 1975.

I love "Miss Saigon!" I saw it, probably 5 times, and I memorized all the songs! I've always wondered about its cinematic possibilities, and now, I'm very excited to see this into fruition.

So who should play the part of Kim, the tragic character? May I suggest Miss Lea Salonga, the great Filipina actress who originated the role on Broadway and won a Tony award for it?

Check out her performance of Last Night of the World with Simon Bowman:

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Producers Guild of America to Honor John Lasseter 

John Lasseter is set to receive the David O. Selznick Achievement Award in Motion Pictures from the Producers Guild of America!

Lasseter is the chief creative officer for Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. He's also the principal creative adviser for Walt Disney Imagineering, and of course, the director of the fantastic Pixar films such as "Toy Story 1 and 2," and "Cars," among others.

The honor will be given to Lasseter during the PGA awards show on Jan. 24 at the Hollywood Palladium. Lasseter is the first producer of animated films to receive the award.

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