I've been busy watching movies after movies after movies! It's cramming session time, and I need to watch as much awards-worthy flick before the year ends, so I'm informed when making my Oscar predictions, or choosing the Critics Choice awards (NOMINATIONS WILL GO OUT DEC. 11TH).

For a complete list of my favorite films of 2007 so far, click here.

Last week, I watched two wonderful films that truly inspired me, and one of them made me cry buckets!

Here are two new additions to my list:

"THE KITE RUNNER" -- A reader named Lindsey sent me this last week:

"Where's The Kite Runner on your list? This screenplay adaptation of Khaled Hosseini's best-selling novel is definitely worthy of Oscar buzz."

I stand corrected Miss Lindsey, I did enjoy "The Kite Runner." There were times I felt the film was rushed, and there's a little melodramatic twist towards the end, BUT NO MATTER -- "The Kite Runner" is blessed with having two great child actors (AHMAD KHAN MAHMIDZADA AND ZEKERIA EBRAHIMI), and the back story of Hassan will really break your heart! I also enjoyed the kite scenes (the swooping cinematography by Roberto Schaeffer), and after watching the flick, I read the last few pages of the book (written by Khaled Hossein) aloud, and it tore my heart away.

"LARS AND THE REAL GIRL" -- The premise is off-putting -- A man buys a sex doll for companion. But get past that, and you will see Ryan Gosling's brilliant performance as a guy, who momentarily suffers delusion, and sees a sex doll as a romantic companion. I also love how a small, tight-knit, religious community gathers together in support of Lars. This is the kind of religious folks I'd hang out with!

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