The other writing-directing siblings, the Wachowski Brothers, teamed up once again to bring us the big screen, live-action adaptation of "Speed Racer."

I've always been fond of these bros since "Bound," and I was mesmerized by "The Matrix" (I watched it 5 million times). I didn't like the last two "Matrix" films though, specially the last one, "The Matrix Revolutions," too much information ruined a darn good film!

There were rumors (among many swirling around this dynamic duo) that they stepped in to finish "V for Vendetta." And I enjoyed that flick! "Remember, remeber the 5th of November."

So now, I'm very curious on how they're going to put the pedal to the metal with "Speed Racer." I wasn't a big fan of the cartoon series when I was a child but I did enjoy the brief re-emergence of the character in the 90s with that club song, "Go Speed Racer Go."

We have to wait until May 2008 to see the flick, and right now, we just have to contend with the short trailer.

It's colorful, it's flashy, it looks like it's fun...and Emile Hirsch emerges from "Into the Wild" to speed race, and don the dominatrix-looking white leather outfit!

Have Fun!!!!

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