Apparently, Miss Spears, the paparazzi magnet, is doing a film called "Memoirs of a Medicated Child."

What a fitting title, isn't it?

The movie even has a director assigned already, he's Tommy Parker, who really hasn't done a whole lot of writing or directing.

But wait there's more! There have been rumors that Canadian singer, Samantha Falk, is going to replace Spears. However, in a statement issued Friday, Falk announced her intention to back out of the film and maintains Spears is not part of the project.

She says, "After reading some of the articles and interviews, I would like to say officially at this point that I am removing myself from all dealings with this film/project. I do not appreciate being misled by Tommy Parker in this manner.

"To my knowledge Britney Spears is in no way attached to this film at this time. Tommy Parker can choose to say whatever he wants. However, myself along with my clients will not be a part of it!"


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