It's the number one box-office champion but did the film live up to its hype?

Let's break it down, shall we?

*** The "Star Trek" teaser is great! Truth be told, it was one of the reasons I wanted to see the film, and shell out my own hard-earned cash! I love the "under construction" motiff, and sure enough, we see the Enterprise under construction. I can't wait for Christmas when the film is going to be unveiled.

Now, on to "Cloverfield."

*** The set-up is wonderful! I love the getting-to-know-the-characters technique via the digital camera at the going away party.

*** The performance is not pedantic by any means -- the actors are mostly unknowns, and their anonymity added mystery to the movie.

*** The little monsters that seemed to come out of the big monsters' booties are terrifying.

*** The big monsters, on the other hand, looked very "Godzilla-ish", the horrible 90s remake. I didn't specially enjoy the one scene when we get a closer look at one of the giant creatures.

*** There's one major scene where I actually screamed! So, it's not short on the scream factor.

*** The effects, from what we can see on the shaky, digital camera, are pretty good.

*** It's short (88 minutes) but the middle part is lagging.

*** These are some of the comments I heard from the viewers about the abrupt ending, "WHAT THE HECK," "OKAY....," "THAT'S IT?"

*** It's flawed, for instance, what camera batteries are they using? The film takes place about 12 hours, and I don't think there are any batteries that will last that long! ALSO, if New York City was pretty much wiped out, how did the camera and the tape inside survive?

*** So in the end, it's a pretty good monster film without a pretty good payoff. The film is like an "X-Files" prequel. After the government found the tape, I can see Mulder and Scully investigating the top secret file known as "Cloverfield." Now that's the "Cloverfield" film I'm dying to see.

*** My verdict? :2k

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