If you sniff around various film sites and search the name Uwe Boll, you will get passionate pleas for Boll to stop making movies.

And who can really blame these movie fans?

Let's take a look at Boll's less-than-stellar filmography:

His first high-profile project is "House of the Dead" based on the videogame. The tag says, the dead walk, you run and I suggest you run, fast, away from the theaters.

And then "Alone in the Dark" came with Christian Slater and Tara Reid, yeah, Slater and Reid! This was one of the worst films of 2005!

Then another videogame based film emerged called "BloodRayne." Do you even remember this movie? To punish us further, there are official reports that Boll is going to make two sequels to this movie! The horror!

And now, let me direct your attention to "1968: Tunnel Rats." Based on the trailer alone, this film will be the worst movie of 2008! See for yourself! Read More...

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