The Voice of Chucky! "Child's Play" Remake!!! 

Don Mancini, who spent the last two decades bleeding the "Child's Play" franchise into its last remaining drop (yes, he wrote the original "Child's Play" in 1988), is back to rewrite his own creation, and he's also directing the upcoming "Child's Play" reboot!

Another guy in serious need of creative juice!

Look, I love Chucky, I remember watching the original in a theater by myself, and loving it! The successive sequels sucked, but the original was a B-movie flick made with much love and respect for the genre.

So why the heck is Mancini rewriting his own darn masterpiece?

The best part about this remake is that Brad Dourif will return as the voice of Chucky! He's a good enough reason to watch this movie.

*** NOTE: Isn't it funny how all these horror franchises, after the filmmakers run them to the ground with numerous sequels, they all return to the original, hoping to do the freaking cycle all over again?

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