More Problems for "Australia!" This Time...A Happy Ending? 

Okay, this is sounding more like a "Titanic" redo! A romantic epic plagued by production problems. But I adore director Baz Luhrmann and I'm a sucker for romantic epics, plus I think the pairing of Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman is fantastic, so, just like "Titanic," I hope the film "Australia" will shatter box-office records, provided, that the movie is outstanding just like James Cameron's sinking boat epic!

What are the problems? Here's your litany (props to Guardian UK for info):

1. Russell Crowe who originally agreed to fill Jackman's role pulled out.

2. Filming was delayed by the worst weather in Western Australia.

3. Outbreak of equine flu

But now, one of the film's biggest controversies is the changing of its ending, from sad, to happy!

I, of course, will keep my opinions to myself until I see the finished cut, but the original "sad" ending, where Jackman died, is creating some drama!

According to the Guardian:

The decision was made after negative responses to the movie's initial cut at test screenings.

One reviewer said: "There is no reason to kill off Wolvie [Jackman played Wolverine in the X-Men trilogy]."

Apart from sparing the audience the extra cost of tissues, the studio apparently felt that a more uplifting ending would spell greater success at the box office.

Really? Well there are some angry fans who are questioning Luhrmann's integrity? One of them even said, "Baz clearly has no control of his film, or no ethics when it comes to putting the story he wanted to tell to the screen."

Well, the film opens in the US on Nov. 26th, so let's all reserve our judgment until then!

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