Chris Weitz to direct "Twilight" Sequel, "New Moon" 

I first heard about this a week back from the wonderful Nikki Finke and her blog, Deadline Hollywood.

But it was a rumor then, and the only thing tying Chris Weitz to the film is his friendship with Summit president of production Eric Feig.

But now, it's confirmed!

Weitz who co-directed "American Pie" and "About a Boy" with his brother Paul (both movies I enjoyed), and who helmed "The Golden Compass" on his own (was missing the creative guidance of his brother in this film, Paul was credited as Executive Producer), is ready to helm "New Moon" and perhaps "Eclipse," if they shoot the sequels back to back.

He even wrote a letter!

But first, let's not forget Chris' drama in making "The Golden Compass." He resigned from that film, then changed his mind -- one could see that his heart was not fully in it.

Read all the drama about "The Golden Compass" here.

So the bottomline? Let's hope Chris takes his brother, Paul, with him, make this a strong, strong Weitz collaboration. Then, work closely with Stephanie Meyer to bring out the best and greatest elements from the two books, heck, maybe even for "Breaking Dawn," the fourth novel of the franchise.

Then, choose a great, insightful script that will showcase the wonderful relationships of the characters. To me, the "Twilight" franchise is more about their interesting relationships than vampires and werewolves. The supernatural aspects of the books become more relevant when the characters' connections with one another are drawn well.

So, keeping my fingers crossed, because I really hated the fact that I didn't like "Twilight" the movie. BECAUSE I REALLY WANTED TO LOVE THE FILM!

So once again, thanks to our friend Miss Finke, here's the letter that Chris Weitz is going to send to "Twilight" fans confirming his upcoming role as the director of "New Moon" and beyond!

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