Frank Miller to Direct Again! This Time? "BUCK ROGERS"!!! 

Confession Time! I'm a comic-book geek, and I adore Frank Miller! BUT, I adore him as a writer and NOT as a director! "The Spirit" coming out this Christmas is a mess of a movie, and for all the great creative vision known as Miller, the film has no SOUL!

Then I heard Miller is now itching to direct a film version of "Buck Rogers." Huh? And more Huh?

The best part of this news? Miller is going to take "Buck Rogers" into a darker territory full of greed and corruption -- a Miller trademark!

So that's good.

But can you please leave the directing in the hands of a great helmer that understands your vision?

Look, "Sin City" was amazing because Robert Rodriguez understood the cinematic value of Miller's vision. Yes, Miller was credited as co-director of the film, but truth be known, Rodriguez and ghost-director Quentin Tarantino put their creative stamps on the movie.

"The Spirit?" Solely credited to Miller? Was just an imprint version of "Sin City" with lesser, far lesser punch!

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