I Implore you Dear Readers -- Watch "Let the Right One In" 

I love this film! I've seen this movie twice now!

"Let the Right One In" is the BEST FOREIGN FILM OF 2008 (I'll post my TOP 10 later).

The story of Oskar, a 12-year old human boy who falls in love with Eli, a vampire who's been 12-year old for a long time, puts "Twilight" to shame!

It's an engrossing Swedish film who takes advantage of the magic of light and sound to get its point across.

It's moody, atmospheric, and just PLAIN BRILLIANT!

Oh yeah, it's violent and creepy too, thanks largely to the wonderful acting of Lina Leandersson as Eli, the vampire.

And it's also a hopeful love story, told from the perspective of the little boy, Oskar, played with such hope by Kåre Hedebrant.

I'm telling you, watch this movie when you can, before Hollywood buy the rights to the film, and mess it all up!

FOOTNOTE: Rumors have been swirling that JJ Abrams and his Bad Robot Company are angling to remake this movie! Look, I adore "Lost," have a spot spot for "Cloverfield," and high hopes for the "Star Trek" reboot, but please, Mister JJ, stop it! "Let the Right One In" doesn't need to be remade.

It's beautiful and glorious as it is!

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