You May Have Heard it! Eddie Murphy as Riddler, Shia LaBeouf As Robin? Oh yeah, Who's Going to be Catwoman? 

These "Dark Knight" rumors are just too good to be true!

The internet was abuzz with an "exclusive" report from a certain U.K.-based tabloid reporter. According to Gordon Smart of The Sun:

1. Eddie Murphy will be the Riddler
2. Shia LaBeouf will star as Robin
3. The title of the new movie is going to be "Gotham"

I did like rumor No. 3, that title is catchy. But really? Murphy and LaBeouf? Riddler and Robin? Did Warner Bros. folks remember what happened to the once-great "Batman" franchise that Tim Burton built once the Riddler (Jim Carrey) and Robin (Chris O'Donnell) showed up?

Well, according to

Warner Bros., director Christopher Nolan and various high-level execs attached to the franchise have all gone on record saying that there’s been absolutely no movement on the film, let alone a script or preliminary casting.

Whew...all is well...for now!

But then, Mister Smart defended his "exclusive" report by saying that, hey, he was the one who first called Daniel Craig Agent 007!

Uh-oh...does Smart know something we don't? Or is he just bluffing?

Either or, I hope it's not true! Please movie gods! No Murphy as Riddler! I just named "The Dark Knight" the Best Picture of the year, let's not ruin this fantastic franchise!

Okay, moving on to Catwoman!

Another week, another Catwoman-wannabe.

First it was reported that Angeline Jolie will be the feline villainess. (I like this one)

Then, Rachel Weisz! (I kinda sorta like this one too)

Now, Kate Beckinsale says, she wants to purr and meow too! Apparently, she wants to do more action-oriented roles (she's brilliant in the new film, "Nothing But the Truth," by the way).

She reveals to, "Absolutely, that would be awesome. I'd love to do that."

Whoa! Hang tight y'all.

I suspect more rumors will come out even before Christopher Nolan write the first sentence of the third Batman script!

Oh, and don't even get me started on the past rumors that Cher will play Catwoman and Johnny Depp as the Riddler.

But hhhmmmmm, on second thoughts...

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