New Castle Entertainment Hearts Michigan Film Commission! Their Film Incentive Really Works! 

I received this press release from New Castle, and I normally don't post these things, but I read Eric Roberts' note about the Michigan film incentives and it was heartwarming.

The actor who starred in two films filmed in Grand Rapids, MI says, "Anything that inspires creativity and artistic expression needs to be expanded."

I couldn't agree more!

So read this love letter from New Castle to the Michigan Film Commission.

Michigan Film Incentives Work As New Castle Gets Paid

(March 20, 2009) Lansing, MI - The Michigan Film Commission confirmed today that New Castle Entertainment is the first company to receive money under their new 42% film incentive program, started in April of last year.

New Castle's film, Intent, was shot and edited exclusively in Michigan. Clint Eastwood also made his way to Michigan to shoot Gran Torino, in addition to many of Hollywood's elite. Under the incentive program, a total of 36 films were shot in Michigan in 2008.

“I think the program is outstanding. Anything that inspires creativity and artistic expression needs to be expanded,” said Eric Roberts, who starred in Intent and the Steam Experiment which filmed in Grand Rapids.

The Michigan hospitality also plays a part in Hollywood's love of the state. “The people here are easy going and very helpful. Everyone went out of their way to make our film a success,” said Intent's Director, Tim Crockett.

Michigan currently offers the most generous film incentives in the country. “The film office and the treasury have both been amazing to work with. They helped us throughout the whole process. We have four more projects on the slate for this year and they're all coming to Michigan,” said T.V. Tran - Managing Partner at New Castle.

The state has hosted everyone from Will Ferrell and Jack Black to Drew Barrymore and Hillary Swank. “We're glad that the program works and excited for what the future holds,” said Janet Lockwood, Michigan Film Commissioner.

For more information on Michigan film incentives, please visit their site here. To learn more about New Castle Entertainment, click here.

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