It's Official! "The Three Stooges" the Movie! Meet MGM's Dream Cast 

As we reported last year, MGM is getting ready to produce a big screen film featuring "The Three Stooges." This Farrelly Brothers film (they wrote the script, and will also direct and produce) will not be a biopic, but more along the lines of the Stooges' characters doing their antics as popularized on TV and film.

So far, the studio has set Sean Penn to play Larry.

MGM is also negotiating with Jim Carrey to star as Curly! According to Variety, "the actor is already making plans to gain 40 pounds to approximate the physical dimensions of Jerome "Curly" Howard."

And the studio is putting Benicio Del Toro on top of their wish list to play Moe!

This is an intriguing cast! Serious actors working in a comedy. The result can either be golden or disastrous. But both Penn and Del Toro have worked in a comedy flick before.

Penn in the so-so 1989 film "We're No Angels" with Robert DeNiro, while Del Toro showed his comedic chops in "Snatch."

But the biggest surprise is Carrey to play Curly. Hopefully, his performance will far exceed his planned weight gain!

By the way, Johnny Depp was once upon a time rumored to play Moe.

Production is set to start in the fall with the film's release date sometime in 2010.

Let's go and do the Curly shuffle!

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