My Fun One-on-One Interviews for Disney/Pixar "UP!" Have I Told You How Much I Love This Movie? 

So Disney/Pixar did it again! Their 10th film "UP" is perhaps, one of their best and funniest yet.

(Read my "UP" movie review, right here)

I was invited for the press junket for the film, and I was happy as a clam! (Take a look at me flying with balloons right here)

So here are my fun one-on-one interviews:

First stop, the legendary Ed Asner (Carl Fredricksen). We talked about:

*** Why he joined the cast of "Up"
*** The beautiful film called "Up"
*** The sad moments of the film
*** The funny parts of "Up"
*** The moral of the story

Next, we have Jordan Nagai (Russell) and producer Jonas Rivera. We talked about:

*** How they become interested in working on "Up"
*** Jordan's favorite scene
*** How Jordan was motivated by director Pete Docter

And we have the great director, Pete Docter. We talked about:

*** His inspiration for the film
*** Why he chose to do "Up"
*** Why they made "Up" a 3-D flick

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