Sam Raimi is a Genius! "Drag Me to Hell" Single-Handedly Restored my Faith in Horror Genre 

Sam Raimi returns to his "Evil Dead" roots with "Drag Me to Hell." A movie so funny it's scary, or is it the other way around?

Alison Lohman shines in the role of Christine Brown who, initially, only have one thing in mind -- to become the Assistant Manager at the bank where she works.

Justin Long adds the funny and the heart with his role as Christine's supportive boyfriend.

When Christine fails to extend a mortgage loan to an old lady (the talented Lorna Raver), thus evicting her from her home of 30 years, an evil curse falls upon our heroine. Will Christine be dragged to hell?

I LOVE THIS FILM! You can practically see Raimi's evil eyes squinting with monstrous glee as he's concocting this scary flick with his co-writer, brother Ivan Raimi.

"DRAG ME TO HELL" IS WHAT HORROR MOVIE IS ALL ABOUT! This puts all the other horror films to shame with its return to the purest form of the word horror -- to entertain you while scaring you.

No cell phones or homes with grudges, no vengeful ghosts coming out of wells, "Drag Me to Hell" is all about one thing -- the curse!

In the hands of less-gifted directors, the film would have been schlocky at best, but Raimi knows how to manipulate sound, visuals, characters, and narrative arcs to give a truly compelling and satisfying movie!

GO DRAG YOURSELF TO SEE "DRAG ME TO HELL" -- or you'll be cursed :happy

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