The Black Dots on "Twilight's" Robert Pattinson's Face Explained! The Diamond Effect! 

So why was Robert Pattinson's face covered with black dots? This picture was part of the "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" shots released last week.

Calm down "Twilight" fans -- it's all for the diamond effect! You know, the film's (and the book's) conceit that vampires glisten, no make that glitter, under the sun! The scene in "Twilight" where Edward shows off his diamond skin to Bella (Kristen Stewart) in the forest.

So the black dots are for the effects for the sake of the Edward Cullen character.

Radar Online is reporting:

Animation pro Mar Elephano says the dots are for Moon's CGI team, used as markers in creating the diamond effect that Twilight saga vampires experience when exposed to sunlight.

"These are markers to help the person who is creating the effect put the diamonds on his body later and it will be composited,² Elephano, production supervisor in the animation department at USC's School of Cinematic Arts, tells us.

"When he moves the diamonds stay with him in 3-D space, farther and closer, the shape of the diamond will change depending on how far or close he is when he moves from the camera.²

While the effect certainly makes audiences swoon, it doesn't come cheap.

"This CGI can cost $5,000 a second!" Elephano reveals. If last week's shots of Kristen Stewart's
Bella running into Edward's arms by a fountain in Montepulciano is about eight seconds long--that's $40,000!

What? It cost that much? Well, I hope that the diamond effect in "New Moon" is better than "Twilight" because frankly, I don't think it was well conveyed in the first film, as much as it was gloriously described by author Stephenie Meyer in the book.

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