As If It's a Surprise, Sacha Baron Cohen is Being Sued, Again! What Did "Bruno" Do Now? 

Can Sacha Baron Cohen ever work in peace? He was sued so many times for "Borat," and with his upcoming film "Bruno," more lawsuits are emerging, like this one. According to Variety:

LANCASTER, Calif. (AP) -- Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie isn't in theaters yet, but it's already producing the same sort of buzz and legal backlash that his last hit, "Borat," created. Richelle Olson sued the 37-year-old actor and NBC Universal on May 22, claiming an incident at a charity bingo tournament that was filmed for the upcoming "Bruno" left her disabled.

Olson claims she was severely injured after struggling with Cohen and his film crew at the event, held in Palmdale, Calif., two years ago. The lawsuit states she now needs a wheelchair or cane to move around.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages of more than $25,000.

See the complete article here.

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