Out of Respect, Michael Jackson Scenes Cut from "Bruno!" What You Won't See in Theaters  

Universal Pictures decided to cut a Michael Jackson-related sketch from "Bruno" moments before the film's Los Angeles premiere! The studio made the decision out of sensitivity to the Jackson family.

The scene that was cut featured Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno interviewing LaToya Jackson, and of course, Michael Jackson was one of the topics.

Some of the jokes in the sketch revolved around Michael's high-pitched voice, and his trademark white glove.

With the Michael Jackson scene cut out, you will now see the film's sequence go from Paula Abdul's beleaguered interview to a focus-group for Bruno's fake reality show.

But still, director Larry Charles was heard saying that they might still reassess before "Bruno's" release date in two weeks whether to put the scene back in or not.

I'm against censorship of any kind, but in this case, I applaud Universal's decision to remove the scene. But we shall see if the studio edits it back into the final print when "Bruno" arrives in theaters July 10.

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