Do We Want Another Film Based On a Toy? Get Ready for "Max Steel" the Movie! 

The "Transformers" franchise is a big success, and now, Paramount Pictures, weeks before unleashing "G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra," is teaming with executive producer Joe Roth to give us "Max Steel" another action figure-based film!

Mattel introduced the toy line in 1999 and then an animated series from 2000-2002. But "Max Steel" became more popular in Latin America where it proved to be the No. 1 action figure!

The mythology behind the toy revolves around a 19-year old extreme sports junkie who's infected with nanobots. The mysterious infection turns Max Steel into a superhuman.

Now, Variety is reporting that Mattel, together with Roth, are looking for screenwriter and director (translation: slaves) to develop the characters and storyline "to match the company's plans for the franchise."

So much for creativity...

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