Susan Sarandon, John Goodman Join Al Pacino in Dr. Kevorkian Movie! 

Al Pacino is an absolute great pick to star as Jack Kevorkian in the HBO Films' biopic "You Don't Know Jack."

Now, fellow thesps Susan Sarandon and John Goodman are set to co-star for director Barry Levinson's film.

As we all know, Kevorkian is labeled as Dr. Death for he assisted in more than 130 suicides. He went to prison in 1999 for second-degree murder and was paroled in 2007 for good behavior.

Loosely based on Neal Nicol and Harry Wylie's book "Between the Dying and the Dead: Dr. Jack Kevorkian's Life and the Battle to Legalize Euthanasia," the movie fill follow the doctor's rise to infamy as he waged legal battles for the patient's right to die.

Goodman will play Nicol, Kevorkian's friend. According to the UW press website:

Neal Nicol has been a friend and coworker of Dr. Kevorkian since 1961. He was a willing guinea pig in the doctor's research in cadaver blood transfusion and chromium 51 cell survival studies. His medical training as a corpsman and laboratory technician enabled him to assist Dr. Kevorkian on many occasions, while his laboratory supply company often provided materials necessary for Dr. Kevorkian's efforts. Nicol regularly visits Dr. Kevorkian in prison and continues to be a steadfast supporter of the right to die.

Sarandon will play Janet Good, an Hemlock Society activist who becomes one of Jack's supporters. When she is diagnosed with cancer, she asks Kevorkian for help with dying respectably.

Levinson will be working from a script by Adam Mazer.

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