Black Beauty! Seth Rogen Unveils "The Green Hornet" Car at Comic Con! 

What a beauty! "The Green Hornet" fans got a super treat at San Diego's Comic Con from Seth Rogen! The actor unveiled the car, which is a central character of the film. It's known as Black Beauty!

The automobile is a '66 Imperial and will be used as the masked avenger's ride in the film set to open next summer to be directed by Michel Gondry.

Rogen co-wrote the script, and is set to star as our hero Britt Reid. Nicolas Cage and Cameron Diaz are negotiating for the parts of the villain and the girlfriend, respectively.

The role of Kato, Reid's assistant, is still open since actor Stephen Chow left the production.

Black Beauty arrives complete with hood- and door-mounted machine guns, missile launchers, smokescreen and bullet-proof sheet metal and glass.

Rogen told that "it was important that it seemed like a guy could actually build this car. This looks like something you could actually use on the streets... and I think it's going to be incredibly badass to see it in action."

Hhhmmmm....In my humble opinion, Rogen and company should not focus too much on the technology of the film, but put more effort and creativity on the story and characters. You know, if "The Dark Knight" focused too much on Batman's Batmobile toys, it would not have been a powerful film that it truly is!

If you want to see more pictures of Black Beauty, click here.

And look below for the video of the unveiling!

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