I Can't Wait for Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland!" The Trailer Teases the Heck Out of Me! 

Every time I'm ready to write off Johnny Depp, along comes a new, wicked performance. I wasn't particularly impressed with his Dillinger role (blame goes to the script which failed to give his real-life character depth), but then I was teased by his performance as The Mad Hatter in the upcoming Tim Burton extravaganza, "Alice in Wonderland."

(Check out the pictures right here)

Just seeing his Mad Hatter shake a finger to Alice and say, "naughty" is enough for me to wait patiently for the film's March 5, 2010 opening.

And I'm glad Depp is back with his perennial partner, Burton, although, again, their last collaboration "Sweeney Todd" was not one of my favorites! I know right? Show tunes and I wasn't loving it? (I did enjoy Helena Bonham Carter in the film, and she's also co-starring in "Alice" as The Red Queen)

So I'm waiting with bated breath for "Alice in Wonderland." It seems like a perfect movie for Burton's wizardry, and Depp's brilliance as a character actor! For now, let's be teased by the teaser/trailer:

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