Be the First to See 16 Minutes of Footage of James Cameron's "Avatar" 

You can tell everyone you were one of the first to see 16 minutes of footage of James Cameron's upcoming sci-fi thriller, "Avatar."

This coming Monday, Aug. 17th, 20th Century Fox will give free tickets to see a super sneak peek of the futuristic film that will be shown in more than 100 Imax 3-D theaters around the world!

How can you get tickets? Simple, by being the first to log on to "Avatar's" official website

Here's the breakdown:

*** 2 screenings will be held Friday, Aug. 21 (6pm and 6:30pm)
*** You will see a special introduction from Cameron
*** New footage not shown during July's Comic-Con

The film, starring "Terminator Salvation's" Sam Worthington, opens Dec. 18th. The movie's budget is a steep $240 million! But Cameron performed miracles with "Titanic" which came with a pretty expensive price tag.

So if you want to see new footage of "Avatar," don't forget to check its website and here it is again, just point and click:

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