"Twilight's" Stephenie Meyer's Next Film That's Not About Vampires or Werewolves, But Aliens! 

"The Host," the first adult novel from "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer, is set to become a full-feature film! Producers Nick Wechsler and Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz have acquired screen rights.

Variety is saying that the producers have used their own money to purchase the rights. Wow, they must really, really love the book!

Andrew Niccol ("Gattaca," "Lord of War") will write the script and direct.

"The Host" is a science fiction/romance novel about an alien race, called souls, who take over Earth and its inhabitants. But the drama begins when one human host refuses to be taken over by a soul.

Here's more info about "The Host" from wikipedia:

The idea for The Host originated on a trip from Phoenix to Salt Lake City. Bored, Meyer made up stories to entertain herself, and was halfway through outlining the story of The Host in her head before realizing what she had created. She notes that the story grabbed her attention, and that she "could tell there was something compelling in the idea of such a complicated triangle." Originally meant to be a side project, The Host eventually became a priority.

The character of Ian was originally meant to play an extremely small role. As a matter of fact, Meyer had no plans for a romance between Ian and Wanderer until Jared "got on [her] last nerve", and Ian "refused to be ignored".

The title "The Host" comes from the perspective of the main character, Wanderer, because her "host" Melanie forever changes the way she sees the world.

So Meyer, at first, wasn't interested to turn the book to film, having been busy with her "Twilight" book-to-movie excursions. But the producers eventually won her over with a significant offer she couldn't refuse PLUS they have a strong vision for the project!

Additionally, Variety is reporting that Niccol came on board after the producers asked Meyer her favorite science fiction films. They just so happened to include "Gattaca" (Niccol wrote and directed that film) and "The Truman Show" (he wrote that Jim Carrey extravaganza).

Well it sounds like it's going to be a collaborative effort, so more power to y'all! Hope the movie is good :happy

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