"Where the Wild Things Are" Movie Review! See Major Differences Between Book and Movie! Spoiler Alert!  

When I heard that Warner Bros. was going to produce a film version of the beloved children’s classic “Where the Wild Things Are,” I was skeptical at best. How could director Spike Jonze adapt a book of only 20 pages and 10 sentences into a full-feature film?

The result is a visually compelling adventure that is respectful of the 1963 children’s picture book. Jonze and company capture author Maurice Sendak’s psychoanalytical tone and expound on the theme – how kids master various feelings.

As a child, I identified with the main character Max. In the book, he is sent to bed without dinner but then a forest starts to grow in his room and an ocean tumbles by with a private boat to sail to where the wild things are. After taming the wild things and being hailed their ruler, Max sails back home just in time for supper. Who doesn’t want to be Max? Read More...

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