Oh No! Disney Cancels "20,000 Leagues" Movie! 

Disney has cancelled "Captain Nemo: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea!"

Back in January of this year, we told you that director McG was set to helm the film. But now, the production, set to begin in February, has been halted! And McG is no longer the captain of the movie.

Walt Disney Pictures confirmed to Variety that it won't proceed with the film for now. When Dick Cook was the studio chief, "20,000 Leagues" was on fast track. There were even rumors that Will Smith was set to star.

Under the new guidance of Rich Ross, the studio revealed that big adventure films like "20,000 Leagues," "John Carter of Mars" and "Tron" are still priority.

Variety told us that Disney's next big water-based shoot will likely be the fourth installment of “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Pic is expected to set sail in May, with Rob Marshall in talks to direct.

So what about McG? Well, the "Terminator Salvation" director may work on other projects such as the Warner Bros. drama "Dead Spy Running." McG is also working "Borat" director Larry Charles on a new NBC comedy.

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