What a Stretch! Taylor Lautner to Star as "Stretch Armstrong" in 3D! 

Universal Pictures has signed Taylor Lautner to star in "Stretch Armstrong." It's another film based on a toy!

Stretch Armstrong's history, per Wikipedia, says:

Stretch Armstrong was in the shape of a well-muscled blond man wearing a pair of swimming trunks. Its most notable feature was that its arms and legs could stretch outwards, presumably without breaking.

The doll was re-issued in the 1990s with a canine sidekick, "Fetch Armstrong".[1][2] He also has an evil brother named Evil X-ray Wretch Armstrong who has a skull face, sports a mohawk and also stretches. Wretch Armstong seems to be a redesigned, smaller remake of Stretch X-Ray from 1977 who had an over sized exposed brain, alien creature looking face with a see through body that shows his internal organs.

Other similar releases were Stretch Monster, a reptilian green nemesis released by Kenner in 1978 and Fetch Armstrong, the figure's pliable canine counterpart released in the early 1990s by Cap Toys. Cap Toys also released Stretch Vac-Man while ToyQuest released Super Morphman, both of which were filled with a granular solid instead of the viscous liquid found in the other figures. A vacuum pump which attached to the heads of these figures removed the air from within and allowed for considerable, but not unlimited, stretching ability.

The film version, which is being planned in 3D, will open sometime in 2012. The logline for the film has an uptight spy who stumbles upon a stretching formula -- thus, enabling him to stretch and fight big bads!

Well, Lautner sure has charm, but can he pull off carrying a film on his own? I still don't think he can truly act, I believe, in my humble opinion, that most of his scenes in "Twilight" and "New Moon" as Jacob were barely passable, sometimes, laughable, sorry Twihards.

Among the "Twilight" cast, at least Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are both stretching their acting skills. Stewart, who was so memorable in "Into the Wild," continues to choose edgy roles such as her much-buzzed role as Joan Jett in "The Runaways."

Pattinson also has admirable career choices such as the film adaptation of the 1885 novel "Bel Ami" and will also star in theatre production for producer David Pugh.

Lautner, on the other hand, seems to be choosing the action star path. He's using his martial arts background to star as Max Steel for Paramount, and now, as Stretch Armstrong.

He sure has the charisma, and the buff bod to star as a super hero who stretches, but Lautner really needs to stretch his acting muscles now. It's time for Jacob to take a cue from Bella and Edward.

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