Barbara Walters Says Goodbye to Oscars! Her Annual Celebrity Interview Special is Ending! 

An Oscar tradition will soon close its curtains.

Barbara Walters is saying goodbye to her annual Oscar night celebrity interview special. This will be her last year for her ABC special. On "The View," Walters said, "ABC has asked me to keep doing these specials as they have been so successful -- and I'm thrilled we have such great stars and have such a wonderful show -- but to be honest, I feel like I've 'been there, done that,'" Walters said.

Could it be that Walters is ending the special because ABC has announced the return of Oprah Winfrey's own Oscar special? We may never know, but this we know, Sandra Bullock and Mo'Nique will be some of the final guests of Walters.

She just can't go on with the show anymore, and feels "enough is enough."

Aw, I've always enjoyed watching Walters' show, just because yes, it's been a tradition.

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