So, I met Mike Vogel, One of the "Captain America" Contenders! And He Said... 

I interviewed Mike Vogel for his upcoming funny film "She's Out of My League" due March 12, and I just couldn't resist to ask him about "Captain America." (I'll post my interviews as soon as I get out of this messy New York's Armageddon here! "The Day After Tomorrow" re-enactment!!!)

You see, Vogel is one of the many hopefuls to play Steve Rogers aka Captain America. (See all the other "Captain America" contenders by clicking here)

So when I asked Vogel about the screen test, he said, "I don't want to jinx it, but yes, I'm very excited to test for the film."

So the actor, who has the aw-shucks charm, and good-looking All-American boy qualities in person, opened up about the long, arduous audition process to hopefully land one of the most coveted gigs in Hollywood for young actors right now!

Let's keep our fingers crossed for him, meanwhile, maybe if we make "She's Out of My League" a hit, Marvel Studios may consider Vogel!

Just saying...

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