They Found "Captain America's" Girlfriend! 

It's one of the most coveted roles this year -- the female lead in Marvel's "Captain America!" Last week, we told you that British actress, Alice Eve ("She's Out of My League"), was the front runner. But her fellow Brit, Hayley Atwell ("Brideshead Revisited," "The Duchess"), was also making waves. Both actresses screen-tested for the second time in London, and the winner is Atwell!

She will be Captain America's girlfriend, Peggy Carter. In comic book mythology, Carter dates Captain America but she is also an agent helping the French Resistance. In the character's later reincarnations, Peggy becomes the aunt of Sharon Carter, Captain America's love in modern times. Wow, that Captain America is one hot playboy :happy

Atwell also beat out Emily Blunt and Keira Knightley for the role, so congratulations!

Chris Evans is playing our spandex-clad hero and his alter-ego Steve Rogers while Sebastian Stan is set to star as Captain America's sidekick Bucky Barnes. Right now, Hugo Weaving is still negotiating to play the big bad Red Skull. What are you waiting for Mr. Weaving?

Director Joe Johnston is shooting the film in England this summer.

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