Who's Directing "Clash of the Titans 2?" 

"Clash of the Titans," the remake of the 1981 original, was one of the biggest moneymakers this year, so now, we're talking sequels. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jonathan Liebesman has signed a deal to direct the sequel for Warner Bros. and Legendary.

Louis Leterrier directed the much-maligned remake starring Sam Worthington, and I heard, Liebesman and company will try to improve on the second film. First, this one will NOT be converted to 3-D, but instead, will be shot in three dimension. That's good!

Second, smart scriptwriters are supposed to be attached to the sequel such as Greg Berlanti (the upcoming "Green Lantern"), Dan Mazeau (he worked for WB on "The Flash" and "Jonny Quest"), and David Leslie Johnson (the upcoming thriller "Red Riding Hood"). Mazeau and Johnson are working on the script right now.

Apparently, Liebesman nabbed the directing gig from the strong footage of his upcoming "Battle: Los Angeles," an alien invasion flick from Sony. This footage also wowed the crowd from Comic-Con this year. But this is also the guy who gave us the horrible "Darkness Falls" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning" so I'm proceeding with caution.

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