Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson to Reunite? 

Who can forget the memorable scene between Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson in the 1992 hit "A Few Good Men?" Get ready for some more truth you can't handle as LA Times exclusively reported that Cruise and Nicholson are set to team up again!

The film is an action comedy called "El Presidente" and it's about a dedicated secret service agent assigned to protect a bumbling and degenerate ex-president. According to the LA Times:

In "El Presidente," the Cruise and Nicholson characters, while opposites in temperament, wouldn't be antagonists — they'd actually be on the run together when a threat is made on the life of the ex-president. But Nicholson would get to play a colorful, flawed older man against Cruise's devoted idealist. Now that's a truth we've handled before.

Nicholson already received an offer from Warner Bros. to play the presidential part, while Cruise will star as the agent.

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