Robert Pattinson to Play Multi-Billionaire in David Cronenberg's "Cosmopolis" 

Goodbye Colin Farrell, hello Robert Pattinson!

The "Twilight" actor stepped into the role that once belonged to Farrell. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pattinson has signed to star in "Cosmopolis" from director David Cronenberg based on the novel by Don DeLillo.

A Wikipedia entry reveals the plot as:

Cosmopolis is the story of Eric Packer, a 28 year old multi-billionaire asset manager who makes an odyssey across midtown Manhattan in order to get a haircut. The stretch limo which adorns the cover of the book is richly described as highly technical and very luxurious, filled with television screens and computer monitors, bulletproofed and floored with Carrara marble. It is also cork lined to eliminate (though unsuccessfully, Packer notes) the intrusion of street noise.

Like James Joyce's Ulysses, Cosmopolis covers roughly one day of time and includes highly sexed women and the theme of father-son separation. Packer's voyage is obstructed by various traffic jams caused by a presidential visit to the city, a funeral procession for a Sufi rap star and a full-fledged riot. Along the way, the hero has several chance meetings with his wife, seeing her in a taxi, a bookstore, and lying naked in the street, taking part in a movie as an extra. Meanwhile, Packer is stalked by two men, a comical "pastry assassin" and an unstable "credible threat". Through the course of the day, the protagonist loses incredible amounts of money for his clients by betting against the rise of the yen, a loss that parallels his own fall. Packer seems to relish being unburdened by the loss of so much money, even stopping to make sure he loses his wife's fortune as well, to ensure his ruin is inevitable.

This is an interesting project for Cronenberg, known as the King of Venereal Horror or the Baron of Blood, since "Cosmopolis" is more of a character study rather than an out-and-out bloody tale. But I am looking forward to seeing the director's vision.

It's also interesting to note that Pattinson will be back to explore the father-son theme that was heavily pronounced in his last dramatic vehicle, "Remember Me," with Pierce Brosnan playing his distant dad. (Check out my interview with Pattinson for "Remember Me" by clicking here)

Cronenberg is planning to shoot "Cosmopolis" in Toronto in mid-May. Pattinson will be joining Paul Giamatti and Marion Cotillard who are both already on board.

As for Farrell? Well, the "Ondine" actor chose to do Columbia's remake of "Total Recall" instead. Really Colin? (Watch my interview with Farrell for "Ondine" right here)

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