Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are Bringing "Evil Dead" Back to Life! 

"The Evil Dead" is being resurrected.

Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are infusing life back into the iconic 80s horror flick. Raimi got his start in the movie industry writing and directing the original 1981 film, and Campbell starred in the movie (and the sequels) as Ash.

Both actor and director are teaming up with original "Dead" producer Rob Tapert for Ghost House according to The Hollywood Reporter.

And Diablo Cody is revising the script.

But, Raimi is not directing the film. Both he and Campbell will produce the remake with Tapert. It's still unsure whether Campbell will star in the film.

So who is directing it?

No other Fede Alvarez, the South American filmmaker who gave us the brilliant short film "Panic Attack." (See below)

Alvarez also co-wrote the remake with Rodo Sayagues which Cody is revising.

I love "Evil Dead" and the sequel (not much of a fan of the third though, "Army of Darkness" but still...) and with Raimi and Campbell attached to produce, this should be a worthy remake.

As for Alvarez? Well, judging from his short film, he has the eye, ear, and spirit to pay homage to the original!

So I found his short film online, see for yourself! This is the ticket that got Alvarez his first big Hollywood job!

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