Brett Ratner to Produce the Oscars! Really? 

The Academy must be really desperate! Ratings fell (this year's telecast was down 10% compared to 2010's), and the coveted demographic, adults 18 to 49, pretty much ignored the awards show.

So the Academy's answer? Let's bring someone who hasn't been nominated before produce the Oscars! Bring in Brett Ratner!

I don't know about you but I am not a fan of Ratner. He's a visual but shallow director in the vein of Michael Bay. But I guess the Academy believes that Ratner's razzle-dazzle technique will bring in the young 'uns.

But you know what's gonna happen? Next year's telecast will be more of the same! Why? Because Ratner will co-produce with veteran show producer Don Mischer. So the look and flavor may change, but the content will remain the same. Huh...just like a Ratner movie!

The stellar director of such classics as the "Rush Hour" movies promises that next year's Oscars will entail...comedy!!! Wow, I'm laughing already. Take a look at this excerpt from his phone interview with EW:

In the announcement, Dawn Hudson said you had “a really smart and fresh take for the show.” What did she mean?

BR: Oh God, I just got hired! You’ve got to give me a little bit of time. But I can tell you it entails comedy. The key to this show is making it funny. But respecting the pedigree and the old Hollywood history. Comedy is what I do. I know how to entertain people. I want to laugh when I’m watching a show like this. But I’m not looking to come in and shake it up and reinvent it. I can’t change the Academy; I can just do a great show.

And The Hollywood Reporter compiled the 10 best Twitter reactions to Ratner's Oscar producing. But here's my favorite:

"Brett Ratner producing the Oscars is like letting Thanos manage the Justice League - not just wrong 'side,' wrong UNIVERSE."
-- the_moviebob

Yes, wrong universe, I hear 'ya moviebob! But let's give Ratner the benefit of the doubt. Let's see on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012, if Ratner, the Oscar producer who hasn't even directed live television, will be able to energize the Academy Awards!

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