So What Does Kevin Bacon Really Think of the New "Footloose?" You May Be Surprised! 

We loved Kevin Bacon as Ren in the original "Footloose." And the actor has been quiet regarding the new remake...until now...

I enjoyed "Footloose" the remake, you enjoyed it too, and apparently, Bacon thinks the new film "rocked it!"

Bacon tweeted, "F-Loose! Just saw it. Congrats to Craig, Kenny, Julianne, Dennis,Andie, Miles, and the rest of the cast. U guys rocked it!"

It's kind of cool that Bacon paid for his own ticket to see the film (he tweeted the picture of his ticket stub, check it out here). But why did he not attend the premiere instead? He was probably waiting until the hype surrounding the Craig Brewer remake subsided before cutting loose, HA!

But thanks Mister Kevin, we still love you as Ren, but we enjoyed Kenny Wormald's moves as well!


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