Live Blogging the 2011 Golden Globe Awards! 

The 69th Golden Globe Awards in 3 minutes!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....

Here comes Ricky Gervais!!!! Can't wait!!!!

Wow, first zing, NBC -- America's third biggest network! Now, it's the Golden Globe that's being targeted, and then...Eddie Murphy! Go Gervais Go!

LOL, Adam Sandler and Eddie Murphy played all the parts in "The Help!" Now, it's Jodie Foster's Beaver!

Well, so far the Golden Globe celebrities are enjoying Gervais.

Gervais seems a little less acerbic, less raw, more rehearsed.

5:08 Johnny Depp being asked by Gervais if he had seen "The Tourist" yet, to which the actor replied no! Okay that was funny!

Depp introducing the first nominated movie, Martin Scorsese's "Hugo."

And the Golden Globe Best Supporting Actor goes to Christopher Plummer for "Beginners!" I'm glad he won! I love the movie, and his performance is truly deserving of the honor! Great speech Mister Christopher!

And the Best Performance by an actress in a Television Series is Laura Dern for "Enlightened!"

The teleprompter can't keep up with Julianne Moore and Rob Lowe!

And the Best Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television goes to "Downtown Abbey" from PBS.

The Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television goes to...Kate Winslet for "Mildred Pierce!"

You know, I love Kate Winslet! Humble, sweet, talented!

The pretty Freida Pinto introduces Best Picture nominee, "Midnight in Paris." Plus, more Ricky! Really?

Okay, Jeremy Irons and the President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association...Dr. Ila ila ilala...I didn't get her name...

Jake Gyllenhaal introduces Best Picture -- Comedy or Musical nominee, "My Week with Marilyn."

Okay, Ricky's back...but did anyone get his joke?

I love Melissa McCarthy!!!!!

Kelsey Grammer ("Boss") wins Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series -- Drama!

And the Best Television Drama is...."Homeland" from Showtime!

Adam Levine and Jimmy Fallon presents Best Original Score and Song!

Best Original Score -- Motion Picture goes to Ludovic Bource for "The Artist" because "Drive's" Cliff Martinez was not nominated.

And Best Original Song goes to "Life's a Happy Song" from "The Muppets," oh wait, it wasn't nominated :(

Ooops, really? Madonna won for "W.E.!" The Hollywood Foreign Press really LOVES Madonna! I do too, but I think Blige was more deserving! Madonna looks hot though!!!!

So the Hollywood Foreign Press loves Madonna more than Elton John! Sorry dude!

Who was that lady that just showed up? I didn't quite get her :)

Have I told you I enjoyed the pilot of "Smash?" It was fun, more like "Glee" for adults :)

And Idris Elba for "Luther" wins Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television.

Brad Pitt introduces a clip of Best Motion Picture Drama nominees, "The Ides of March." I'm sorry, but I was not that much of a fan of the movie. It was lifeless, and really has nothing new to say. I love George Clooney though!


Williams referred to the 1960 Best Motion Picture Actress Comedy/Musical win of Marilyn Monroe for "Some Like it Hot"

What the heck is Buffy wearing? Some blue plant?

Peter Dinklage for "Game of Thrones" wins Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series, or Motion Picture Made for Television.

George Clooney walks in with Brad Pitt's cane! Then introduces "Moneyball!"

Jessica Alba and Channing Tatum present the Best Animated Feature Film to..."The Adventures of Tintin!" Sorry "Rango!" Steven Spielberg accepts the award!

Ewan McGregor introduces the fantastic film "50/50."

Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman present the Best Screenplay Award to...Woody Allen for "Midnight in Paris!" Sorry Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin of "Moneyball."

The lovely and talented Jessica Lange wins Best Supporting Actress TV for "American Horror Story!" I really have to catch-up with that show, I'm only in Episode 3.

Pizza break!

Madonna: "If I'm just like a virgin Ricky, then why don't you come over here and do something about it. I haven't kissed a girl in a while, on TV."

The Queen of Pop ("not you Elton") is presenting the Best Foreign Film award!

And the Best Foreign Language Film goes to...Iran's "A Separation!" Director Asghar Farhadi dedicates his win to his fellow Iranians.

Dustin Hoffman presents the Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series Drama award to Claire Danes for "Homeland" who won this award before as a fifteen-year old actress in "My So Called Life."

Emily Blunt introduces Best Picture Comedy/Musical nominee "Bridesmaids."

Matt LeBlanc, looking very maturely, wins Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series -- Comedy or Musical -- as presented by Tina Fey and Jane Lynch

Bradley Cooper is presenting the Best Supporting Actress award!

Octavia Spencer, radiant in a purple dress, wins Best Supporting Actress for "The Help!"

Reese Witherspoon looking HOT introduces Best Picture Drama nominee "The Descendants."

All hail Sidney Poitier! The iconic actor is presenting the Cecil B. DeMille Award to Morgan Freeman, truly deserving! Queen Helen Mirren presents the best clips of Mister Freeman's amazing career!

It's truly an honor to be able to interview a Cecil B. DeMille awardee! And Morgan Freeman was truly a wonderful person in life! Check out my interview with the actor for Dolphin Tale."

Aw...Freeman calls the DeMille Award the Poitier Award...

"The party's still going strong..." yeah! Vodka break!

Robert Downey Jr. introduces Best Picture Comedy/Musical nominee "The Artist."

Brad Pitt seems mighty happy seeing Angelina Jolie up there on the stage! By the way, is it just me or does she look weird?

And the Golden Globe Best Director goes to....Martin Scorsese for "Hugo!"

Did they just cut out Ricky Gervais' bit on Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas? It was a long cut!

"Modern Family" wins Best Television Series -- Comedy or Musical!

Michelle Williams is still hot, but I'm not loving her hair style! The actress introduces Best Picture nominee, "War Horse."

Jessica Biel and Mark Wahlberg present Best Actor Comedy or Musical to Jean Dujardin for "The Artist."

Jean Dujardin: "It is not my fault my eyebrows are too independent!" HA!

Colin Firth is next...

Wait, is that Tilda Swinton? She looks mannish! Much like her character in "Orlando!"

Queen Latifah introduces Best Picture nominee, "The Help!"

Colin Firth is very racist according to Gervais! HA! The "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" actor is presenting the Best Actress Award to...Meryl Streep for "The Iron Lady," sorry Viola Davis and Tilda Swinton.

And then...did they cut off Streep's speech? Was she censored?

But I love how the great actress gave love to "Pariah" and "Jane Eyre." And called Harvey Weinstein god...and the second mention of the night, The Punisher!

Jane Fonda presents the Best Picture Comedy/Musical to "The Artist!" YAY!

The "very foolish" Natalie Portman presents the Best Actor award to....George Clooney "The Descendants!"

Michael Fassbender's new job, according to Clooney, a Golf player in the buff! But why was Clooney looking oooohhhhhh.....

Will "Hugo" win best picture now that Scorsese was awarded best director? Stay tuned....

And the winner for Best Picture is Alexander Payne's "The Descendants!"

So what's the verdict? Was Ricky Gervais funnier last year? I say...yes!

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