Live Blogging: 2012 Oscars Red Carpet 

Okay I had a late start, and now I'm watching some special of some sorts...

Oh wait, there's Milla Jovovich who hosted the Academy's sci-tech awards!

She's also no longer an Oscar virgin!

Also watching the Oscars red carpet live online right here:

All Hail, the King of Disney, Bob Eiger!

Oooh, and Prince Albert of Monaco! Where's "The Dictator" when you need him?

Love Emma Stone but she should have shown more shoulders! That dress looks like it's eating her!

I got tired of waiting for Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator to arrive on ABC's Oscars Red Carpet Live so I went to E!

Here's his picture!

I love Viola Davis' look! And that Vera Wang dress! And the no-necklace thing! Pretty hot!

Wow, Michelle Williams is rocking her Mia Farrow look! Love her red outfit!

Awww...the legendary Christopher Plummer! It's about time he wins an Oscar!

Another awww....the mommies of the nominees!

And then...cut to Melissa McCarthy and her mommy! And Melissa is crying! Awww...

And I love, love, love Melissa McCarthy! I bow down upon thee!

And I did bow down upon her, in this funny satellite interview I did with Miss Melissa for BRIDESMAIDS, click here

And then's Miss Melissa's "Bridesmaids" cohorts, co-star and writer, Kristen Wiig, and co-writer Annie Mumolo.

One of the Oscars presenters of the evening, Tina Fey! And no necklace again! Loving the whole naked trend!

And I also want to see Billy Crystal's big production number!!!

And last year's Best Actor winner, Colin Firth! I adore him!

The little kid from Modern Family and his mommy catching up on Oscar-nominated films!

Oh look, my pick for Best Actor, Jean Dujardin from "The Artist!" He looks weird in color HA!

And then...there's Jennifer Lopez...

Nick Nolte is trying pull the Jack Nicholson shades look! What do you think?

And I'm glad he received Oscar nod for "WARRIOR!" Hollywood loves redemption stories!

Zach Galifianakis looks clean!

Penelope Cruz always looks hot!

Ooops, I was freaking 30 more minutes HA!

Okay, Cameron Diaz didn't get the no-necklace memo!

Aw...THE MUPPETS folks! Jason Segel and Nick Stoller!

And we all know they will win Best Original Song!

Bradley cooper says a possible "The Hangover 3!" Really?

I like Gwyneth Paltrow, but not loving her white cape! Is she promoting MIRROR, MIRROR?

Oscar-nominee Glenn Close looks phenomenal!

All hail the PriceWaterhouseCoopers dudes!

Both past Oscar winners are now commercial models for Dior -- Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman! Watch out Viola Davis!

18:10 before The Oscars!

George Clooney and girlfriend arrive, who is she again?

Oh okay, Stacy something...Keibler!!!!

And now...Brad Pitt and his "Troy" hair!'s Sandra Bullock!!!!!!

Sandra Bullock is planning Sexy Times!

I'm rooting for The Oscars to begin!

The nominees are taking their seats...are you taking yours?

Commercial Break -- that upcoming MISSING show from ABC looks like "Not Without My Daughter" the action edition!

Natalie Portman looks gorgeous...being a mommy is doing great wonders for her!

Tom Hanks takes us to the Oscar winners walk!

And here's one of the telecast producers, Brian's time for him to change his hairdo! LOL :)

And then there's Don Mischer...I'm sure they're all sitting on pins and needles!

Former Oscar-host, Chris Rock! And he's wearing Fubu LOL!

And on that note...we're leaving the Red Carpet and going inside the Kodak Theatre for the 84th Academy Awards!

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